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THE WEBSITE IS ABOUT the Miracle-Working Prophet of Lebanon: Doctor Dahesh. He was born in Jerusalem in 1909 as Salim Moosa Awshee ("Peaceful Moses Cook"), the son of Christian Assyrian immigrants from Mosul, Iraq. He grew up in Bethlehem ( in the Summer months) Palestine, and Beirut Lebanon; choosing Beirut as His home for most of his adult life. He flew to New York City in 1975; spending the last nine years of His life there. Hundreds of people, many of them still alive today, have testified in writing of eye-witnessing the supernatural miracles they saw performed by Doctor Dahesh. He died in New York City in 1984. In Arabic "Duktur Dahesh" means "Teacher of Wonder" or "Wonderful Counselor". His followers (Daheshists) believe that Doctor Dahesh was a reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Revelations and Miracles

Doctor Dahesh (1909~1984) was the most prolific worker of supernatural miracles of all time. Hundreds of people are still alive today who witnessed some of them, acts which no magician would be able to perform. The articles below will tell you a little more about Him, His miracles, and His teachings. His body of teachings is called "Daheshism". He wrote five books of Revelation called:

My Testament
The Inferno
The Gospel of Love
The Book of the Divine Guide

These books are in Arabic, and yet unpublished, but extensive excerpts from these books are being published in The Book of Daheshism, in Arabic and English, in the near future.

Books By Doctor Dahesh

Doctor Dahesh was the author of 150 books: five Books of Revelation, about 100 "parabolic" books (very long parables), and books of poetry and prose. Doctor Dahesh was the first author I know of that wrote of ancient civilizations on Earth during the Ice Age, and also how "people from other planets" visited the Earth, and some of the Biblical prophets, in ancient times. He also wrote that mankind's evolution has been influenced by "higher races" from other worlds. He wrote about this in the 1930s and 1940s. Doctor Dahesh was also the greatest collector of 18th and 19th century European Academic Art, and His vast collection is now housed in the Dahesh Museum of Art in New York City.

Only a few books by Doctor Dahesh have been translated into English thus far, such as Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth which is Jesus writing in the first-person, about His life between the ages of 12 and 30. "Dahesh Heritage Fine Books" in New York City publishes a large number of books by and about Doctor Dahesh, but most of these books are still only in Arabic.

The Noble Spiritual Faith

In 1943, Dr. Dahesh founded His own religion, called "The Noble Spiritual Faith" or "The Daheshist Faith". There are about 2,000 Daheshists in the world today: mostly in Beirut Lebanon and in and around New York City, and some others scattered throughout North America. Once a film is made about Doctor Dahesh, and shown worldwide, then the number of Daheshists will increase dramatically.

Judged By Works NOT By Beliefs

Doctor Dahesh taught that we are judged not by our beliefs, or what religion, church, or caste we belong to, but "by our actions". We are judged by how we treat other sentient beings only, and by absolutely nothing else! We are not judged on how well we know the Bible, or the Qu'ran, or the Torah, or the Talmud, or how ritually "clean" we are. We are not judged by our earthly accomplishments. We are not judged by what day we keep the Sabbath, nor by how we keep the Sabbath or weather we keep it at all. We are not judged by our religion, or which church or sect we belong to. We are not judged by what creeds, doctrines, or teachings we accept or reject. We are not judged by if we accept the Pope or not. We are not judged by how we keep the laws of the Torah or the Shariah or the Laws of Manu. We are not judged by how well we obey our mortal religious leaders. We are not judged by whether we believe Jesus is the Son or God or Savior. The devils also believe, and tremble! We are not judged by whether or not we believe in Evolution or Creationism. We are not judged by how smart or stupid we are. We are not judged by whether we believe in God or not! We are not judged by our knowledge nor our "beliefs".

We are judged solely by how we "treat" other sentient beings. A "sentient being" is any creature who can feel joy and sorrow (i.e. all creatures except for insects and fish--whales and dolphins are mammals and NOT fish). The Atheist or Agnostic who does more "good works" than the Christian or the Muslim or the Buddhist, will receive a much better reward in the Afterlife than the Christian, or the Muslim, or the Buddhist who does fewer good works.

Our current mortal life is our "Day of Judgment" for our actions toward other sentient beings in our last mortal life. Our next mortal life is our "Day of Judgment" for our actions toward other sentient beings in this mortal life.

Heaven and Hell

Doctor Dahesh taught that "heaven" is a literal "Kingdom" of heavenly planets far advanced than the Earth, and "Hell" is also a "kingdom" of worlds that includes Earth-like planets in various degrees of advancement; where the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun "burns" and ages the skin, and where there are "demons" (sociopaths, tyrants, criminals) who torment the righteous, and where there is famine, war, injustice, hunger, pain, sorrow, separation of loved ones, ageing, and death. Earth is the highest type of Hell-world. There are many worlds far worse than Earth. Our souls reincarnate on the Hell-worlds endlessly until we are "liberated" and then may return to the Kingdom of Heaven. Doctor Dahesh describes life on the Heavenly planets and the lower Hell worlds in detail in His books.

Evolution and Creation

Daheshism accepts the reality of evolution, but that evolution has been "guided" by higher Intelligences from other planets. "Adam" was not the first human being on Earth, but the first "man" with a God-Breathed Soul. "Adam" was not just "one" man, but a God-Breathed Soul that has had many lifetimes on this planet. During one of these incarnations "Adam" was an Egyptian Pharaoh who lived in the "Garden of Aten"; a real walled garden, with a small zoo and fruit trees of many kinds, built about 1350 B.C., in what is know Amarna, Egypt. The Garden of Eden story is "based" upon this particular incarnation of "Adam" in ancient Egypt about 1350 B.C. The foundations of this garden still exist to this day. This will be explained in detail later.

The Garden of Eden story is based upon the true historical story of Pharaoh Ay and Queen Khiyah, who dwelt in a walled garden called "Maru-Aten" about 1350 B.C. in what is now Tel Amarna, Egypt. The walled garden included fruit trees of many kinds, evaporation ponds, and a small zoo.

Adam (Adapa of Eridu) was not the first "man" on Earth, but the first Man with a God-breathed Soul. The descendants of Adapa were called the "Adamu" by the Akkadians. The Adamu spread their DNA throughout the world, and this is still happening today. The Soul that dwelt in Adapa of Eridu later dwelt in Melchizedek king of Salem, and later as Ay son of Yahyu, who became an Egyptian pharaoh. He was the uncle of Pharaoh Ankhenaten and the father of Nefertiti. Ankhenaten built the City of Aten, and below it the garden of Aten which he called "Meriaten".

The Flood of Noah

About 2800 B.C. a comet hit the Indian Ocean, about 700 miles southeast of Madagascar, sending billions of tons of water vapor into the stratosphere; which circled the Earth and gradually came down as snow and rain all over the planet. The mammoths of Siberia all died, as did the giant animals of North America. Millions died in floods, but millions survived. The Aras Valley in Armenia was flooded by 15 cubits (about 40 feet) of water, and torrential rains, but a man called Nakht (Noah) had been warned, and he built a huge wooden ship, and secured it to the ground with strong ropes and large stone anchors, and he, his family, and many animals survived this flood. The remains of his Ark still survive today, along with petrified pitch covered wood, animal dung, and the stone anchors, near the slopes of Mount Cudi ("Little Ararat") in Turkey. The tomb of Noah can still be seen to this day on a hill near the city of Nakhtchevan ("The Place of Nakht").

A boat shaped mount on the slopes Mount Cudi ("Little Ararat) in Turkey, in the Aras Valley near Armenia. Thousands of ancient iron rivets have been found on sight, along with petrified wood, and the petrified remains of dung and hair from many different animals. Near this sight have been found ancient anchor stones: used to moore ships to the floors of harbors. Had the Ark of Nakht (Noah) been allowed to "float" freely it would have crashed against the slopes and been ripped apart. It would have to be anchored to the bottom of the valley floor or to a slope in order for it to have survived the flood. There were "floods" all over the planet when a comet hit the Indian Ocean about 2800 B.C.E., and there is massive evidence of these local floods which covered the entire Earth in rain or snow. Otsee, the 5,000 years old "Ice Man" found frozen in the Alps, died from an onslaught of "ice rain" at the time the Valley of the Aras was flooded.

The Great Flood did not kill all humans and animals on Planet Earth save Noah and those on the Ark. But the Great Flood (caused by a comet hitting the Indian ocean) did cause the Valley of Aras, which is surrounded by high mountains, to flood, and all life (save those on the Ark) in that "land" (Hebrew: "eretz" which is translated "whole earth" but means "entire land") perished. The Hebrew words translated "whole earth" does NOT refer to the entire planet Earth, but to the "entire land" where Noah lived: the Valley of the Aras River, in what was called the Kingdom of Urartu. The Hebrew Bible does NOT say that the Ark rested on Mount Ararat! It says that the Ark rested on "the high places of Urartu". The Hebrew word hariym can mean mountains, or hills, or slopes, or benches.

The comet that hit the Indian Ocean in 2807 B.C., sent billions of tons of water as "vapor" into the high atmosphere, which circled the globe, and came down as freezing rain all over the planet; which caused massive flooding in many areas. But the entire landmass of the planet was never under water; only valleys and low-lying areas. The Aras Valley filled up like a bath tub after the torrential rains caused massive mud-slides which chocked off the Aras River Gorge; not allowing it to drain out of the Valley. The Ark "floated" on the water, but it was stationary; tied to heavy stone anchors so it would not be dashed against the mountains that surround the valley. Everyone who tried to survive by living on the slopes of the mountains perished within weeks; because the slopes were covered with ice from the freezing rain. Their animals soon died of starvation, and they died from exposure and starvation as well. All "flesh" who lived in that "land" perished, except for those on the Ark. The remains of the Ark can still be seen today on the slopes of Mount Cudi. The Tomb of Noah can be visited, and is located in the city of Nakhtchevan ("The Place of Nakht[Noah]"), in the southern part of the Valley of the Aras River.

The 24 Sinless Prophets

Doctor Dahesh was Number 20 of 24 Sinless Prophets in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt. The Christ-Spirit is not a man, but the WORD/Logos of God, the Creative Principle of the Cosmos. This Christ-Spirit can "dwell" in sinless Men we call "Sinless Prophets". Jesus of Nazareth was Number One, the "Firstborn" of these 24 Sinless Prophets. In the Apocalypse of John, these 24 Sinless Prophets are called "The Four and Twenty Elders" who sits on thrones, wear crowns, and surround the Throne of God. Any Man in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwells has "power" over the elements. This is why Jesus, and Dahesh, and all the 24 Sinless Prophets were able to work supernatural miracles. The 21st Sinless Prophet is due about the year 2030 A.D. He will appear in Nazareth, Israel. He will "come down from Heaven" just like the first time: via the womb.

Doctor Dahesh was Number 20 of these 24 Sinless Prophets. The 21st Sinless Prophet will arise in the city of Nazareth, Israel, sometime between 2024 and 2031 A.D.; according to a prophesy of Doctor Dahesh found in His book Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth. Nazareth is a city consisting of Arab speaking Muslims and Druze. The Druze believe in reincarnation. The 21st Sinless Prophet will be born of a woman, like everyone else is. He will be able to perform supernatural miracles at a young age. He will "announce" Himself at the age of 30. It is not known if He is alive today, or if He will be born sometime between 2024 and 2031. People will be able to video tape His miracles with their cell phones, or observe them in person, should they go to Him. It is not known what His birth name will be, or what "title" He shall take.

The Final ("Omega") Sinless Prophet, the 24th Sinless Prophet, will arise in the 2300s. He will fulfill the Christian and Muslim expectations of the Second Coming of Christ.

Jesus As Savior of the Soul

Doctor Dahesh did teach that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, and that Jesus' shed blood on the Cross "saves" all men and women (not just Christians) from soul-death (the Second Death) in the Spirit-World. All men and women are saved from eternal death in the Spirit-World by the blood of Jesus, and this is a free gift of God. Jesus saved our souls on the Cross, and not when and "if" we recite "The Sinner's Prayer" and not "when" or "if" partake of the Eucharist. Jesus saved all souls from Sheol (soul-death in the Spirit-World) not just the souls of Christians. Salvation from Sheol (soul-death in the Spirit-World) is a "free gift" of God to all mankind.

Between the Fall of Adam in the Garden of Aten in Egypt (c. 1350 B.C.E.) to the atonement of Jesus on the Cross (c. 33 A.D.) ghosts did not exist, and the dead were completely unconscious (soul-dead) in the Spirit-World. This is why the Old Testament teaches Soul-Sleep. However, from 33 A.D., the souls of the dead have been "alive" in the Spirit-World, and remain alive there today.

Salvation from soul-death in the Spirit-World is a Free Gift via the Grace of God, to all mankind: Believer and Unbeliever alike. This free gift of Salvation from Soul-Death comes to us all, via the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross. However, liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth, and being "born again" into the Kingdom of Heaven, is not a free gift, but a reward to those who have achieved "mokshah" (liberation) from the Wheel of Rebirth.

Liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth

Doctor Dahesh taught that a chorus of angels "murmured" against God in the Kingdom of Heaven, and as punishment they were sent to the Kingdom of Tartarus: otherwise known as the Hell-worlds. Our souls are these fallen angels. We spend life after life on the Hell-worlds, places of pain and suffering and ageing and death, until and "if" we become "liberated" from the Wheel of Rebirth and return to the Heavenly planets in the Kingdom of Heaven. This "liberation" (moksha) from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell worlds, such as Earth, is not a free gift of God, but is accomplished by walking "The Straight and Narrow Path" which is called "The Way". Following "The Way" is very difficult, and few will accomplish this during their lifetimes on Earth. Just what "The Way" is, and how to walk it, will be explained.

Our Day of Judgment

Doctor Dahesh taught there is One God, and many types of heavenly beings above angels. He taught the Law of Karma is operative upon all things, and that we all have many lifetimes on many planets. He taught that "Heaven" refers to heavenly planets and "Hell" refers to the "Hell worlds". The Earth is the highest type of Hell world. There are many, many "lower" types of Hell worlds. Doctor Dahesh taught that our current life is our "Day of Judgment" for our previous life, and our next life will be our "Day of Judgment" for our current life. The "good" and "bad" that happen to us in this life, is our "reward" and "punishment" for our actions toward other sentient beings in our previous life.

The Way to the Heavenly Planets

Doctor Dahesh did not come to die for our sins. Jesus already did that. Doctor Dahesh came to teach us THE WAY to the Heavenly Planets. Your body can never get there. No space ship will ever take you there. The only way you're going there is via your soul, and "The Way" there is not as easy as reciting The Sinner's Prayer nor by eating consecrated bread and wine. Doctor Dahesh told us "how to get to" the Heavenly planets.

Healing Via the Raamz

Doctor Dahesh taught His disciples the RAAMZ ("rahmzz") RITE, by which the Holy Spirit is called upon to miraculously heal others of diseases, disfigurements, and addictions. The Noble Spiritual Faith will produce a Holy Order of "Mothers" and "Fathers" trained to use the Raamz to heal others.

Dahesh Knows More

Doctor Dahesh knows more about God and the Heavenly planets, and the Hell worlds, and "salvation", and Jesus, and the Bible, than does the Pope, or the Patriarch of Moscow, or Protestant pastors, or the Watchtower, or Bible scholars, or any Indian guru, because the Christ-Spirit dwelt "in" Dahesh, like water in a glass. Doctor Dahesh performed thousands of supernatural miracles, and wrote five Books of Revelation. We hope that you'll want to know more about Him and His teachings. Enjoy your read!

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