FROM 1948 UNTIL 1994, South Africa was controlled by an all-white government, specifically, the Nationalist Party. The NP implemented and enforced Apartheid ("Separateness"), a form of "Jim Crow" where whites were separated from other races, and whites were given preference in university and in high paying jobs. Although East Indians, Blacks, and Coloreds (part white and part black) could attend their own universities, their job opportunities were limited. Only whites had the right to vote. In 1994, African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, was released from prison, serving twenty-five years for terrorist activities. The National Party was pressured by the United States and other countries to end Apartheid and hold elections where every person over the age of 18 had the right to vote. This was done, and Nelson Mandela was elected the first black President of South Africa, and the African National Congress (ANC) took control of the country.

The Afrikaner word for "farmer" is "boer" (also spelled "boere"). However, the term "Boer" is also used by most blacks in South Africa to refer to any Afrikaner (white person of Dutch/French/German ancestry) no matter what their occupation is.

In recent years, the African National Congress has implemented "Black Economic Empowerment" (B.E.E.) laws, a form of extreme Affirmative Action laws, in which all companies that have government contracts (most companies in South Africa) must have 25% black ownership and 80% black employeeship by certain dates. The result of this has been that hundreds of thousands of skilled white workers have been thrown out of the world force, and into extreme poverty; along with their children. The African National Congress (which controls the government) has specifically targeted white South Africans of Dutch/French/German ancestry: a group sometimes referred to as "Afrikaners". Their native language is "Afrikaans": a combination of Dutch, German, French, and !Xhosa (a native African language); with Dutch being the primary contributor to that language.

About 80,000 to 100,000 Afrikaners (whites of Dutch/German/French ancestry who speak Afrikaans and English) are now homeless, and living in about 800 "tent cities" throughout the country. They (usually) have no clean running water, no schools, no textbooks, no hospitals, no clinics, no electricity, no cows, no chickens, no land to farm, no seed to plant, no jobs, no hope for jobs. Their condition will not change: because the economy of South Africa is getting worse, and any new jobs that do become available in that country, go to blacks first, coloureds and East Indians second, and whites third. The African National Congress is taking their "revenge" upon the poor white South Africans: who had nothing to do with implementing or enforcing Apartheid.

The white men who implemented or enforced Apartheid are now either dead, or retired in gated communities in South Africa. They became very wealthy men, becoming rich on cheap African labor. However, the poor White South Africans did not become rich. They are/were simply working people: working hard every day to support themselves and their children. Now, they have been tossed out of their jobs. Their small savings are gone. They have NOTHING: no job, no hope for jobs, no schools, no hospitals, no clinics, no clean running water, no hope ever that their children will ever work at any job or even step foot on a university campus.

These families are NOT "camping". This is their home....FOREVER!

The African National Congress is punishing the wrong people! Poor working white South Africans never had "control" of the National Party, nor are/were they responsible for Apartheid. Nor were they responsible for exploiting cheap black labor during the Apartheid years. During those years, these men and women worked every day, making a living, and they never became rich. Now, they have no jobs, and are living in extreme conditions in tents, or shacks, with no hope for themselves nor their children. Many of them have been raped and murdered by black Communists gangs and this is only getting worse! The South African Government has taken away their guns, and refused to protect them from anti-White gangs who continue to murder them, and rape them, at "war time" rates.

The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, tells black Africans to "shoot the whites" and "machine gun the whites" at his ANC political rallies! This has been documented dozens of times. The Liberal American Media ignores this and never reports it. This would be like President Trump saying to his supporters "Shoot all black people!" at his Trump Rallies, but NO reporter every reporting it! Afrikaners are being murdered and raped at WAR TIME rates! More so than Syrians or Rohingya!!! Much more so! Yet, the Liberal Press does NOT report it in the U.S. or the U.K.! Note: if the video does not appear below then right-blick on REFRESH or RELOAD:

The President of South Africa sings (badly) his followers (in the !Xhosa language) "Kill the Boer! which is an open call to MURDER white Afrikaners: men, women, and children!

MILLIIONS UPON MILLIONS of "refugees" from Africa and the Middle East are pouring into Europe every year. Yet, these homeless white South Africas, who have it far, far worse than most other "Refugees", are refused "Refugee" status. Germany, the Nederlands, France, the U.K., the U.S., and Canada all REFUSE to accept them as refugees. Why? Simple answer: because they are WHITE. That's all.

The Liberal Media of North America and Europe simply refuse to coverr the plight of the Homeless Afrikaners. They refuse to let the public "know" what is happening to them. Why? Because they are WHITE. Many Liberal journalists feel that these white Afrikaners, and their small children, are "getting their just reward" (payback) for Apartheid: even though these poor (formerly) working White Afrikaners had nothing to do with Apartheid: especially their children who were born long after Apartheid ended.

"Farmlands" by Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern is a quite adorable 22 year old Canadian "independent journalist". She used to work for Rebel Media of Canada. She was in South Africa in January of 2018, interviewing lots of people, about the anti-white Afrikaner farm murders and also about the Homeless Afrikaners. Just go to YouTube and type in:

"Lauren Southern" and "Farmlands"

Or just click on the link in the links section at the bottom:

FARMLANDS is a shocking but true documentary about the thousands of white farmers being murdered and attacked each year by black Communists in South Africa, and also about the tens of thousands of homeless Afrikaners, men, women, and children, thrown out of their jobs and homes because of the color of their skin,

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is a well-known British journalists, who was also in South Africa in January, filming about the black-on-white farm murders, for Rebel Media. She too is working on a documentary, which will be released via Rebel Media on YouTube. When? Probably around March or April of 2018. Just go to YouTube and type in:

"Katie Hopkins" and "South Africa"

Watch both these documentaries, when they come out (March or April 2018), and tell your friends about them.

UPDATE!!! (feb. 27, 2018)

President Zuma has resigned, and the new President of South Africa is Mr. Ramaphosa of the African National Congress. He immediately called the "the confiscation of all white land without compensation" and the Parliament of South Africa voted in favor of this, to change the South African Constitution to allow this. This change of Constitution must be ratified by a majority of the Supreme Court of South Africa: which has a black majority. If that happens, the white farmers say they will STAND AND FIGHT to the death, to prevent the government from confiscating (stealing) the land they have worked all their lives, and where their parents, grand-parents, great-grand-parents, and great-great-grandparents are buried in.

Civil and Race War in South Africa seems to be fast approaching (unless the Supreme Court disallows the land-grab).

A similar confiscation of white farms in Zimbabwe (formerly "Rhodesia") led to the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy, super-hyper inflation where Zimbabwe was printing 100 Quadrillion dollar notes, which became worthless, and it also led to 4 million black Zimbabweans fleeing into Bostwana and South Africa looking for food.

Race war is quickly approaching in South Africa

How Can the Homeless Afrikaners be Helped?

In central South Africa there is a small town called "Orania". It is an Afrikaners-only town on the Orange River, in the Northern Cape Province. It was founded by white Afrikaners who disagreed with Apartheid, but who also did not wish to live next to the Bantus (blacks). They did not wish to "oppress" the blacks, nor did they want to live with the blacks (because of the high incident of violence and crime among the Bantus). So, in the early 1980s, a small group of these AFrikaners formed the town of ORANIA. Since that time, ORANIA has grown to become a town of about 1500 people (late 2017 estimate). However, the Council of Orania wants to expand the town into a city of about 50,000 people. I've been in contact with the Town Council of Orania, They are willing to accept 100% of the Homeless Afrikaners as permanent residents of Orania! However, they need help to do that.

I have suggested two things:

FIRST: A "Campaign to Help the Homeless Afrikaners" should be formed with an Executive Committee. YouTube videos must be made and promoted on YouTube. Perhaps someone should appear on radio talk shows around North America. The Committee should open a GO FUND ME campaign, and make a "goal" of $300,000. Once that amount is amassed (if it is), then it can be given to the Town Council of Orania, with the stated purpose that they could have to use it to build 5,000 homes, to house 20,000 homeless Afrikaners (men, women, and children).

SECOND: If you want to help the Town or Orania, then contact Sebastian Biehl at:

Sebastian is the "Correspondant" for the Town Council of Orania.

What can YOU do?

I (Darrick Evenson) CANNOT accept any donations! However, YOU CAN HELP by simply "informing" others of this website, and also the upcoming YouTube documentary FARMLANDS by Lauren Southern. Just go to Twitter and Facebook and put in: #FARMLANDS and

These people need to be relocated to Orania, and/or to return to Europe. They should have a "Right of Return" to Europe, the land of their ancestors. The United Nations must be pressured. Germany, the Netherlands, France, the U.K., must be pressured to accept these people as the true "REFUGEES" who need refuge! If you want to HELP...then "share" this webpage link with others on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). The webpage URL is:

Please watch the 12 minute video below. If the video below does not appear (blank space) then right-click on "REFRESH" or "RELOAD" with your computer mouse. Please share the video on social media (twitter, Facebook, etc.). The best way to help the Homeless Afrikaners is to TELL THE WORLD what is happening to them. Thank you.


Suidlanders ("sight-landers") is the Afrikaner (white South Africans of Dutch/German/French descent) civil defense organization. They are NOT a "right wing militia". They are Preppers: preparing for civil war when food, water, fuel, will become scarce. They have enough guns. They have enough sleeping bags. They have enough dried food. They need DIESEL (fuel) to run their vehicles, so they can transport NON-COMBATANTS (old people and children) to pre-designated Safe Areas, in the event of a Civil War (which is now very likely). Your donation will help them buy diesel so they will have it for their vehicles, and for their water-well purfiers, at the "safe zones". If they don't take women, the elderly, and children to the Safe Zones, then they too will be murdered by EFF (communist) gangs. You can make your donation at

Donate to Suidlanders HERE

Simon Roche has appeared on the Stefan Molyneux program, and many other YouTube programs in the last year. Even a donation of 10 dollars would go a long way.

Note: No, you cannot send them weapons or ammunition. That is illegal. If you have medical skills, and would be willing to go to South Africa in the event of Civil War, please tell that to Simon Roche.

Tell Others About This Website

The best thing YOU can do to help the Homeless Africaners is to inform others about this website, and about "Farmlands" by Lauren Southern on YouTube. Please share a link to this webpage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you want to help these homeless Afrikaners, then please "share" this webpage with others! That is all we ask of you. Thank you.

Darrick Evenson

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