Based Upon True Events


The script is NOT copyrighted! Anyone can put their name on it and try to get it made into a film. You may edit/rewrite it anyway you want to. My goal is to get my story, via the character "Eric Stevenson", on film. I don't care who gets credit. I don't care who makes money from it. I just want the story out there. Daniel Kayse is helping get the word out. You can contact me at the email address above. Thank you.

Darrick Evenson


In 2004, Mark Hofmann, currently serving a 15 year to life sentence at the Utah State Prison, was voted as "the greatest forger ever caught" by the National Association of Document Examinders. Mark Hofmann was the great forger of all time.

On October 15th, 1985, two people will killed by pipe-bombs in Salt Lake City, Utah. The next day Mark Hofmann, a Mormon old documents dealer, was seriously injured by a third bomb. Police immediately suspected Hofmann had dropped his own bomb. After months of intensive investigation, police gathered evidence that Hofmann made the bombs and also forged hundreds of documents in order to become wealthy selling them to the Mormon Church and to collectors. When Hofmann believed that a Mormon bishop named Steve Christensen discovered his deception, he killed Christensen, and then a woman named Kathy Sheets--in order to deflect police from suspecting him (Hofmann). After evidence was presented at a Preliminary Hearing that clearly showed that Hofmann was a forger, and to avoid the death penalty, Hofmann plead guilty to double-murder and hundreds of counts of theft by deception.

Included in the story is the story of "Eric Stevenson"; a man who tried to warn Mormon leaders about Hofmann as far back as 1981. Hofmann was forging documents making Joseph Smith look like a fraud, knowing that Mormon leaders would secretly buy the documents to hide them from the public and Church members. This is exactly what happened. Mormon Church leaders lied, equivocated, and deceived the public and Church members in regards to their secret dealings with Hofmann. Mormons are told from birth that Mormon leaders are "prophets" and that they have the "Spirit of Discernment" whereby they know the intents of the heart of all who appear before them. In other words, they can't be fooled. Mormons believe that to "fool" Mormon leaders is like "fooling" God. It can't happen. Yet, it did. Mark Hofmann was "the man who fooled God".


I am looking for a professional screen-writer to be the co-author of The Man Who Fooled God; someone who can make the script look professional. Half of all royalties once (and if) the screenplay is sold. I don't want to change the script, but to make it look professional. Half of all royalties.

Darrick Evenson

A flashback is designated by a [1] symbol, and continues to the next [2] symbol. All flashbacks are silent unless otherwise specified.

The Opening Sequence

12 minutes.

The opening of the film should show a black screen, then the following in white letters:

The following story is based upon true events that transpired in Salt Lake City, Utah, from April 1980 until April of 1987. All the names of those involved have been changed to protect their privacy...except for Mark Hofmann. Maintain caption for 20 seconds.

(fade out caption...pause for 2 caption)

On October 15th 1985, in Salt Lake City, Utah, two separate pipe-bombs exploded, killing Scott Christian, a Mormon bishop and rare book collector, and Katie Shears; a Mormon housewife and mother of four.

Maintain for 20 seconds.

Fade out. Pause for 2 seconds.

The next day, on October 16th, 1985, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a third pipe-bomb expoded, seriously wounding Mark Hofmann, a Mormon collector and dealer in rare Mormon and Americana books and documents.

Maintain for 20 seconds.

Fade out. Pause for 2 seconds, then new caption:

Hofmann created controversy within the Mormon Church after discovering "The Salamander Letter" and other old Mormon documents which questioned the divine origins of the Mormon Church.

(Maintain for 20 seconds)

Blank screen for 2 seconds, then new caption:

The bombings and later police investigations would rock Utah and the very foundation of Mormon Church for years to come. Maintain caption on screen for 20 seconds.

Blank screen again for 2 seconds then:
This film is based upon the true story of the greatest forger of all time and how he almost succeeded in bringing down the Mormon Church.
Screen goes black again for 2 seconds, then the title:


Or the alternate title:


Then a blank screen for 2 seconds and caption:

The Home of James and Rosalie Stevenson, Santa Monica, California, April, 1970Maintain for 10 seconds.

Cut to scene of 11 year old boy in his bedroom, raging with a fever. Sweating. Hair wet. Very white skin. Dark circles around his eyes. Just in the hallway two people, a man and a woman, are arguing:

ROSALIE (blonde woman about 40--almost in tears) "Jim! Jim! God damn it! I want to take Eric to the hospital! He has a temperature of 104! I WANT TO TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL! NOW GIVE ME THE KEYS OR I'M CALLING AN AMBULANCE!"

JAMES (man about 45--dark hair): "Look! Don't worry about it! Kids get fevers all the time! He'll be fine! The fever will break don't worry! Don't worry about it!"

Cut to the boy on the bed. The boys breathing is very load (exaggerated). He tries to talk but cannot. He tries to say "Mom! Mom" but only a little is coming out. The boy (Eric--aged 11) rolls his eyes back into his head and closes his eyes. His breathing stops. His spirit raises up out of his body. He looks down at his body and starts to rise up to the cealing of his bedroom. As his spirit approaches the cealing it says:

ERIC-at-11: "No! No! I'm NOT READY TO GO!"

His spirit rushes back downward into his physical body. The boy on the bed opens his eyes and GASPS for air! The screen goes black for 3 seconds.

Black screen caption:

The home of Aaron Tippetts, age 14, Holladay, Utah, October 15th, 1985. 3am Maintain for 10 seconds.

A 14 year old boy sleeping in bed. A disembodied voice says "Aaron!" which wakes up the lad. He looks around, then gets up (he has pajamas on) and goes into the kitchen. He gets a glass and goes to the sink and fills the glass half way with water. Then he hears what sound like a loud Volkswagon van come down the street. He opens the kitchen curtains and looks out, noticing a VW van. The van turns off its lights and parks in front of a driveway of an expensive home directly across the street from the Tippetts home. Aaron looks at the van.

A man, about 5'10", 170 pounds, with dark brown hair. His face is not shown. He is wearing a green high school letterman's jacket with no letter, blue jeans, and sneakers (1985 variety). He gets out of the van in a hurry, but does not close the door. He goes to the passenger side (blocked from Aaron's view) and opens the passenger door. He steps back into view, walking toward the garage of the house; which has a large (but not long) driveway. A two car garage. The man (face not shown) is being very careful with the package; the size of a shoe-box. He places the package 3 feet from the garage door, carefully on its side, very cautiously. He walks away slowly for a few steps, then jogs back into the van, shuts the door slowly, and drives away, with the lights off. Camera shot of Aaron looking at the van drive away.

Cut to black screne, fade-in of caption:

Judge Building, downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. October 15th, 1985, 6a.m.Maintain for 10 seconds.

A street view of the Judge Building, about 6am. Sun just coming up. A VW van pulls around to the side (or back) or the buiding. The same man with the green letterman's jacket gets out (face not shown), and closes the driver's door. He gets another package out of the passenger side (very carefully), and walks through a door inside the Judge Building (camera view from back). He throws two white surgical gloves into the trash. He walks on the elevator--no one else is on the elevator. He pushes "5" (fifth floor). We see the elevator go from 1 to 2 to 3 then a bell rings, and it stops. Two men, janitors, father and son, get on. In janitor attire, man is 50ish. Son is 18 to 20ish. The father says:

OLDER JANITOR: "Good morning!"

The man in the green jacket remains silent (face not shown).

OLDER JANITOR: "Buddy, could you punch the 6th floor for us please?"

The man in the green jacket punches "6" swiftly three or four times.


The elevator is shown going to 4 and then 5 then the bell rings again. The doors open, and the man walks onto the 5th floor, carrying the package in both arms. The camera follows him as he walks down the hall until he comes to suite 5C. He then stops. The camera shows the door of 5C:


Financial Consultant

The man in the green jacket very carefully stoops and places the light brown wrapped package (the size of a shoebox) in front, on its side, of 5C. Pats it VERY gently once or twice. Carefully backs up, and walks carefully down the hall back toward the elevator. Face never shown. Camera on emphasis of green letterman's jacket without letter. Back of head ok. No side of head. No face at all shown. Camera shows man step into the elevators (facing toward back of elevator away from doors), and breathing hard and bowing his head slowly (as if he is about to cry) forward about 6 inches as elevators doors close.

Cut to black screen then fade-in caption:

The Home of Scott Christian, a Mormon bishop and rare book collector. Salt Lake City, Utah. October 15th, 1985, 7am. Maintain for 10 seconds.

Cut to bedroom of Scott and Tori Christian (based upon Steve and Terry Christensen). The bedroom is dark. An alarm is heard, a male hand turns on a lamp and the alarm off. Scott Christian and his wife Tori are in bed. They are both wearing solid white pajamas. His wife says: "Scott, you promised you'd spend more time with the kids this week and not work so many hours!"

SCOTT: "I know honey! But I have an important meeting this morning! It's a new start for us! A new company! It's gonna be bigger than Consolidated. It's gonna work this time! I won't have to sell my book collection, and we won't have to sell this house. I can't be late!"

SCOTT getting dressed (5 second scene)

His wife Tori says: "Scott, don't forget! I love you!" and Scott says "I love you too!" (4 seconds)

Scott gets into his car and drives away.

JANE DORMANN (based upon witness Janet McDermott) has an office in the Judge building across the hall from Steve's office) on the 5th floor. She gets off the elevator and walks on the 5th floor hallway and heads for her office. She is carrying a briefcase and is looking at her watch, she's in a hurry. She notices a large package is wrapping paper (on its side) with "To: SCOTT CHRISTIAN" in large print, next to his office door. Janet looks down and takes hold of the package but doesn't move it saying (to herself):

JANE: "Oh well, Scott will be in here soon, I'll let him pick it up himself! I'm tired of picking up his mail for him!"

Jane walks to her office door, unlocks it, and goes inside (6 seconds).

Scott is shown parking in front of the Judge Building, getting out and walking inside (6 seconds); he has a package of little chocolate donuts and a 6-pack of diet soda in his hands, as well as a briefcase. He is in a hurry too, but he is eating and drinking as he walks.

Jane is shown putting some papers into her briefcase inside her office. (3 seconds)

Scott is shown in the elevator eating a small chocolate donate and drinking a soda (4 seconds)

Janet is in her office on her land-line telephone saying:

JANE: "Look! I'm not going to be late for the meeting but I REALLY need to make one more call! I'll see you soon!" (hangs up the phone)

Scott walking off the elevator and down the hall toward his office (6 seconds)

Cut to Christian home, kitchen, morning scene at dawn. Two young boys, about 5 and 8 at the table eating cereal. Tori inside her kitchen buttering some toast, she is WAY pregnant (8 and 1/2 months), telling her children:

TORI: "You guys ned to hurry-up and eat if you want to make th e bus on time."

Back to Jane in her office.

Jane looks at a number in her black book, and starts to make another call on her land-line telephone in her office (4 seconds)

Scott in the hall-way walking towards his office, with diet coke and a box of small chocolate donuts in his arms (half eaten). Scott heads for his office, but notices the large brown package in the hallin front of his office door and goes to pick it up. He then hears a whispery--

THE VOICE: "Nooooooo!"

Scott is startled and looks around, but sees nobody. He shrugs, and then and picks it up placing it under his shoulder (8 seconds)

HUGE EXPLOSION! Steve is blown up (this is where special effects come in) and the door to his office is blown inward (4 secs)

The explosion rips her door into Jane's office, and she is thrown into the far wall, with dust, smoke, and shrapnel everywhere (3 secs)

Jane is covered by her door, and other pieces of wood and dry-wall. She hears the phone: "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again!" She begins to crawl from under the door, in shock. She hears what she thinks is a baby-girl crying in the hall. (6 secs)

Jane says, "Oh my God! A baby is dying!" and gets up and goes out into the hallway. She can hear what sounds like a baby girl dying in agony. (4 secs)

Janet gets up and walks out into the hall, she rushes to a dark figure in the hallway. The figure's face is covered in black smoke and blood. His cries are getting deeper. Finally, he gives one last long exhale. (7 secs)

Jane says, "Oh my God! It's Steve! It's Scott Christian! Call the police! Call the ambulance!"(4 secs)

Other people are seen down the hallway looking toward the scene, a few of them leave in a hurry (to call the police) (3 secs)

The horrified face of Jane as she looks down at Steve (3 secs) Screen goes blank for 2 seconds. Then caption:

Jerry Shears was a former Mormon bishop and the Chairman of Confederated Financial Systems. Scott Christian was his former parnter and former President of Consolidated. (hold caption for 15 secounds then fade out)
New caption:
In September of 1985, thousands of investors in Confederated have lost tens of millions of dollars when the company went bankrupt due to bad investments...including Jerry and Katie Shears, and Scott Christian.

(Maintain on screen for 30 seconds).

Cut to upscale suburban neighborhood, with large homes (upper middle class). Two women are walking briskly, Katie Shears (about 50) and Liz Smith (about 30). Both in jogging apparel.

Katie Shears is walking briskly along a toney residential street in the early morning with a friend LIZ SMITH toward her home. The dialogue takes place while they are walking.

LIZ: "Katie, I'm really sorry about what happened to your husband's business! I mean, it was all going so well!"

Kathy: "Well, that's life! God sends us challenges to overcome them I guess. That's how he makes us strong. I just feel sorry for all those investors! They think my husband is a thief, but WE LOST EVERYTHING TOO! The economy just goes South sometimes, that's all! They got hit. We got hit. So did his partner Scott Christian! His wife Tori is pregnant you know! Poor Tori and Scott. They're gonna have to seel their house. Scott is gonna have to sell his huge rare book collection just to pay off debts! Over 30,000 books. He LOVES that book collection of his! And, of course, everybody blames losing their money on my husband Jerry! My GOSH! We're victims in this too! We're gonna have to sell the house, move into a cheap apartment, until Jerry can start another business! It's just UNFAIR!"

LIZ: "Oh dear! I hope none of those investors decide to do something to Jerry! I mean, I hope none of those people decide to try to HURT Jerry!"

Kathy: (Smiles) "I don't think so! He WAS a bishop in the Church until just recently you know! He had to resign because of what happened with Confederated. Anyway, I'm not worried for his safety at all! He's a former Bishop for Gosh sakes! The Lord will protect him! Anyway, here I am!"

Both women stop walking, they take a moment to rest-- they are in front of the Shear's home--Katie's home--an 8 room mansion with a car port in front with a wide--but not long-- drive-way--2 or 3 oe 4-car garage)

KATIE: "Well Liz, I need to start packing today. We gotta be out of here in three days. I'm REALLY going to miss this place!"

LIZ: "Ok Katie! I'll see you tomorrow! Everything will be fine! You're too good a person to have anything else BAD happen to you!"(Liz starts walking briskly away and waves good-bye)

Katie: " Well Liz, its rains on the just and the unjust alike! Tomorrow! Same time! Same place! Maybe for the last time!" (Katie waves goodbye to her friend).

Kathy walks across her driveway and then notices a brown package on its side in the center of the driveway. It is lying on its side, with "TO: JERRY SHEARS" in bold black print written on it. Her face looks puzzled! As she goes to pick it up she hears a disembodied voice saying "Nooooooooo!" (like a long whisper) She jumps up, is startled, then looks around? She says: "Liz, is that you?" She looks around. Nobody is around! She thinks for a moment, shrugs, then picks up the package under her arm and walks away. The camera is behind her, as she turns the package from side-ways to an level position and ______BOOM!!!_______.

Cut to friend a block away still walking briskly then she hears a massive BOOM! She stops immediately, and turns around the runs swiftly back towards Katie's driveway.

Cut to scene of bombing. Liz stops and looks down and sees leaves from a tree falling all around. Katie is lying on her back with her eyes open, gazing upward. She is dead. Her her arm and the left side of her rib-cage blown away! Liz SCREAMS! Note: the scene should be horrifying, with Katie's left arm gone, rib-cage half gone, some internal organs out of her chest, and massive amounts of blood.

As Liz screams then cut to honking of horn, exterior day, on a street, next to a gymnasium with "DESERET GYM" on it (Mark Hoffmann car bomb explosion scene).

A loud car HORN is heard just after the scream starts; sequencing the two. The horn is the same tone as the woman's scream. The new scene is of a car honking its horn at a man crossing the street from Deseret Gym to his car (the Mark Hoffmann car--a small blue sports car) on the opposite side of the street from the Gym. A man from the car honking sticks his head out his window and yells:

HONKING MAN: "Watch where's you're walking next time buddy!"

The man (Hoffmann) takes no notice. His face is wet. He is in a white shirt and tie and dark business slacks. His mind in a fog. He looks and moves like s zombie. He walks across the street and to the his car and gets inside, leaving the driver's side car open. He places his right knee on the driver's seat. With his right hand he reaches over the seats into the back and grabs something, but we can't see what he is grabbing. He is sweating, and is quite nervous. He is breathing hard. Sound effect of fast beating heart which is getting faster.

A metermaid is shown marking a car tire that has parked too long, she notices Hoffmann's car door still open and wonders what he is doing. She stares at Hoffmann while he is half-way in his car, with his right knee on the driver's seat, with her driver's side door open.

A florist with a bunch of flowers is heading down the street and notices the car door open. He sees Hofmann bring a package from the back of his car to the front. His face reads his is curious what is going on.

BOOM! The car explodes! Hofmann goes flying, in slow motion, from his car (he is kneeling with one knee on his front seat, halfway in his car and halfway out). He is blown 10 feet into the air and back into the street about 2 or 3 yards. Several perspectives of the explosion are given.

Cut to metermaid. The metermaid SCREAMS and gets on her radio to call for police and an ambulance:

METERMAID: "This is Traffic Enforcement Unit 17. Code Three--come in dispatch!

DISPATCHER (voice): "Dispatch--go ahead!"

METERMAID: "Some guy just got blew up right in front of me! His car blew up! He's at 2nd North Street between Main and West Temple, next to Deseret Gym! Get the paramedics and a unit here now! NOW!"

The florist drops his flowers and rushes to Hofmann, who is in the middle of the street. He and several other men drag Hofmann out of the street into the grassy area between the street and the sidewalk. Hoffmann rolls his eyes and stops breathing. He appears to be dead.

One of the men (all the men middle-aged men in dark suits--except the florist who is about 30) say: MORMON MAN #1: "Forget it! This guy is dead!"

MORMON MAN #2: "Who here knows CPR? Who here knows CPR?"

FLORIST: "I got a better idea! If there are any Melchizedek Priesthood holders here, please assist me! I'm going to give him a Priesthood blessing!"

The other men shake their heads in agreement and make a circle around Hoffmann and the Florist They all raise their right hands to the square.

The florist reaches into his pocket and takes out a vial of holy oil (all good Mormon men carry), opens it, and pours it on top of Hoffmann's head, then places his both his hands on Hoffmann's head. The other three men, who are also Mormons, place their left hands over the hands of the florist on Hoffmann's heads, while their right hands are to the square (like they are swearing an oath in court), and all the men bow their heads as if in prayer: FLORIST: (his hands on Hoffmann's head, bowing his head and closing his eyes): "In the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Melchizedek priesthood, WE COMMAND THEE TO ___LIVE___!!!"

Hoffmann opens his eyes WIDE and a load GASP is heard as he gasps for air.

The screen goes blank. A caption:

24 years later. The home of Eric Stevenson. Santa Monica California. April, 2009. (maintain for 6 seconds)
Eric is asleep on his couch, with pieces of notebook paper strewn all over the place. Empty cans of Dr. Pepper, and old Pizza, on his coffee-table. The places is a mess, dirty clothese strewn about. The TV is on but the volume is off.

The telephone rings. Eric jumps up and searches for the telephone (under the pizza), and answer it.

ERIC: (tired) "Hello? Hello?"

The Producer (Gabriel Marconi) in a nice car, on his cell phone, driving (day exterior).

PRODUCER: "Hey! Hey is this Eric? This is Gabriel! Hi! Is it still on today? We were gonna meet for lunch and you were gonna tell me the Mark Hofmann story. Remember? You wanted to meet for lunch so I could hear your pitch! Is that still on? ERIC: "YES! YES! Sorry...YES! Am I late?"

PRODUCER: "No, no, just wanted to make sure you're gonna be there. We're supposed to meet in about 20 minutes! You gonna show?"

ERIC: "Yes! Yes! Absolutely! I've got the address here....(look around for it)...the restaurant...I got the address!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, good enough! I'll meet you at 1:30 at the restaurant in Studio City. See you then!"

ERIC: "Ok! Great! See you at 1:30!"

Eric frantically throws up pices of paper looking for the address..finally finds it, then rushes around to get ready.

Restaurant Sequence 01

3 minutes.

Cut to restaurant, interior. People at lunch. Producer is sitting at a corner booth looking at a menu, the waiter is looking at him ready to take his order.

Eric walks into the restaurant, looks around, notices the Producer in the corner. Walks over to the Producer and says:

ERIC: "Hi, are you...are you Gabriel?"

PRODUCER: "Yes! You must be Eric Stevenson right?"

ERIC: "That's right!"

PRODUCER: "Please have a seat Eric. Please take a look and order anything you want--as long as its under a dollar!"

The producer chuckles, Eric smiles, returns the menu immediately to waiter and says:

ERIC: "I just want a Dr. Pepper and a ceasar salad with Italian dressing please. That's all."

PRODUCER: "I'll have my usual my good man with some red wine--the usual."

The waiter bows his head slightly, takes the menus, then walks away.

PRODUCER: "So, Eric. I read your outline! I must say I was facinated by this Mark Hofmann guy. I mean, I'm a book collector myself. This guy, Mark Hoffmann, kills two innocent people on the 15th of October 1985, then, the next day, the 16th of October he blows himself up by dropping his own bomb in his car!"

ERIC: "That's right!"

PRODUCER: "I'm curious, I mean, there's been six books written on this guy Hofmann, but no film yet; not even a TV movie. I mean, why do you think nobody's made a film on him yet?"

ERIC: "Well, a major network was going to do a mini-series back in 1989, but, the Church made a few telephone calls, and soon afterwards the network cancelled the miniseries."

PRODUCER: "You mean the Mormon Church has that kind of power?"

ERIC: "YES! They do!"

PRODUCER: "Hmmmmm! So, tell me, Eric, how did you get involved with this anyway?"

ERIC: "Well, I joined the Mormon Church when I was 18 years old. I was attracted to their lifestyle. No smoking or drinking. Moral. Honest. I wanted that! So, I was baptized. Then, several years later, in 1982, I was inside a Mormon Church in Santa Monica, my home town, and I noticed a copy of the CHURCH NEWS..."

PRODUCER: "The Church has its own newspaper?"

ERIC: "Yes, the Church owns the DESERET NEWS in Utah, and they produce a CHURCH NEWS section."

PRODUCER: "Ok, go on!"

ERIC: "Anyway, I read in the CHURCH NEWS a large article about a man who discovers the first known document by the [1] hand of Joseph Smith--the Mormon Prophet and Founder--in an old Bible once owned by the Smith family. Anyway, to make a long story short, this guy--this Mormon [2] named Mark Hofmann--goes to Nauvoo Illinois and purchases this old Bible--once owned by Joseph Smith's [3] brother--from this used bookstore. Later, [4] he looks inside the Bible and notices an old folded piece of paper in it. He unfolds it, and sees Joseph Smith's signature on it."[5]

1. Joseph Smith sitting in a chair as if posing for a photograph.

2. -Mark Hofmann standing facing camera--grinning.

3. Hofmann buying an old Bible from an old woman at a used bookstore.

4. Hofmann openning old Bible seeing folded old document, unfolds it.

PRODUCER: "Ok, and this Joseph Smith is again...a Prophet right?"

ERIC: "Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. That [1] he had a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ, in 1820, who told him to restored the true Church upon the Earth. [2] In 1823, the Angel Moroni (mor-row-nai) appears in his bedroom and tells him about a set of gold plates, that Moroni buried about 415 A.D., near Palmyra New York. [3] The book is supposed to be the history of a colony of Jews who lived in ancient America, but were all killed in a battle on the Hill Cumorah, near Palmyra, about 415 A.D. [4] Moroni, the last survivor, takes a set of gold plates--the history of his people--the Nephites (nee-fights) and buries them in a hill.[5] Later, as an Angel, Moroni appears to Joseph Smith, whose only 17 at the time, and tells him about the gold plates buried in the hill." [6]

1. Joseph Smith kneeling in grove of trees, great light appears to him as he looks up. Joseph Smith about 15 at this time.

2. Angel Moroni (man about 50 with white hair) in white robe, standing beside bed of Joseph Smith (appears to be 17 or 18) talking to him. Moroni is glowing.

3. Back to Eric.

4. Moroni, dressed in old Jewish-style clothing (first century), carries gold plates (gold sheets about 6 by 8 inches held together by three rings of gold) and buries them on the side of a hill).

5. Angel Moroni in Joseph Smith's bedroom (glowing) instructing him.

Back to Producer.

PRODUCER: "Sounds like the script to a bad movie!"

ERIC: "Anyway, Joseph Smith was just the son of a poor farmer. He didn't have any money. So, Joseph Smith asks his neighbor, [1] Martin Harris, a wealthy farmer, to finance the first priting of The Book of Mormon. [2]Harris' wife tells him that Joseph Smith just wants their money, and demands proof that the gold plates are real. [3] Martin Harris asks to see the gold plates. Joseph Smith refuses. But, [4] Joseph Smith copies some charaters, some symbols, from the gold plates onto a sheet of paper. Gives them to Martin Harris. [5]Harris takes them to Charles Anthon of Columbia University, for his professional opinion, and Anthon says to Harris--[6]"

1. Martin Harris standing facing camera, in 1830 clothing. Man about 55, Amish type clothing and beard.

2. Woman in 1830's dress, pointing finger at Harris mouthing words (this is a silent flashback) 'You tell Joseph to let you see those gold plates or else!'

3. Harris pleading with Joseph Smith to see gold plates, but Joseph shakes his head no. NOTE: All flash-backs are silent unless otherwise specified.

4. Joseph Smith writing down symbols from the gold plates (not seen), and handing them to Harris.

5. Harris walking into very old building (i.e. Columbia University in 1830).

6. Cut to office of Prof. Charles Anthon (pronounced "an-tawn").

Harris-Anton Sequence

1 Minute.

Martin Harris, dressed in 1830s clothing, meets with Prof. Charles Anthon of Columbia University, in an office (looks 1830s). Both men are dressed in period clothing. Anthon is examining document with a magnifying glass, shakes his head and looks at Martin Harris saying--

ANTHON: "I'm sorry Squire Harris! The symbols on this piece of paper are not any known ancient language I've ever seen! Where do they come from?"

HARRIS: "Well, there's from gold plates. An angel dun shown 'em to a neighbor of mine named Joseph Smith. They were buried in a hill near his farm."

ANTHON: (seems shocked) "Squire Harris. I think someone is trying to pull the wool on you! This entire affair sounds to me like--like IMPOSTURE! I'm afriad someone is trying to beguile you! Angels don't give farmers gold plates. I'm sorry, I can't help you!"

Charles Anthon gives back the document to Martin Harris.

Martin Harris drops his jaw and looks confused.

Restaurant Sequence 02

1.10 Minutes

ERIC: "But, for some reason, Martin Harris decided to give Joseph Smith the money to print the Book of Mormon anyway! In 1829, thanks to Martin Harris, the Book of Mormon is published in its first English edition. The Anthon Transcript--the document written by Joseph Smith and given to Martin Harris-- containing drawn copies of Book of Mormon symbols--was lost."

PRODUCER: "Huh! Sounds a little like Lord of the Ring! (shaking head) So, this document, this Anton Transcript, was rediscovered by this guy--Mark Hofmann--in 1980, and he sold it to the Church."

ERIC: "That's right! Mark Hofmann claimed he found it in an old Bible once owned by the Smith family. He found it in a used bookstore in Nauvoo Illinois--which was a Mormon city back in the days of Joseph Smith. When Mark Hofmann openned the Bible, he found two pages stuck together with old glue. He removed the glue, and claimed to find the Anton Transcript--the same document Joseph Smith gave to Martin Harris in 1830--the oldest known writing by the pen of Joseph Smith."

PRODUCER: "Ok, so what's the big deal? Joseph Smith scribbles on a piece a paper and now its become like the Lost Ark?"

ERIC: "Well, I'll give you an example. Suppose someone located the original writings of Moses, or someone found a letter Jesus wrote to a king! That would be BIG wouldn't it!"

PRODUCER: "Ok...I see your point! So, the Mormon Church wanted this Anton Transcript from Hofmann?"

ERIC: "They did! This document confirmed a portion of Mormon history, and also, Mormon leaders at the time wanted to PROVE they weren't hiding any portion of Mormon history. So, they invited Mark Hofmann and the Utah Media for photo op inside the office of Church President Jordan V. Hinckley. This was late April, 1980, and it was a VERY big deal--"

Hofmann Meets Stinkley Sequence

3 Minutes

Interior day. Mark Hofmann in white shirt and tie, meets with Mormon leaders for a photo op. He shows them the Anthon Transcript. Scene should show this:

There are a number of journalists present. One photographer says:

CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHER: "Brethren, could you please hold that pose just for a moment! President Stinkley, could you please point at the old Bible--where Brother Hofmann discovered the Anthon Transcript? (he takes a few photos). Thank you."

Younger men (20 to 40) in black suits and white gloves (Church Security Officers) come by and take all the Mormon leaders away except for Stinkley. The Mormon leaders are very old and senile and frail.

Then, Jordan V. Stinkley (character representing Gordon B. Hinckley--the one pointing at old Bible) takes Mark Hofmann to the side and says:

STINKLEY: "Brother Hofmann, I'm President Jordan V. Stinkley, but you probably already know that."

MARK: "Oh...OF COURSE President Stinkley. Everybody in the Church knows who you are!"

They shake hands.

STINKLEY: "Very good to meet you Brother Hofmann, may I call you Mark?"

MARK: "Please do!"

STINKLEY: "Unfortunately the other Brethren are inactive for health reasons. I'm running the Church now on a day-to-day basis. I've been told that you're going into the old Mormon documents business as a dealer and collector!"

MARK: "Yes, I was planning to go on to medical school, but, I'm putting that off for a few years. I think, well, I think I have a knack for this, finding old letters and journals and stuff. I want to pursue that for awhile. Maybe save up some money for medical school later."

STINKLEY: "Very good! Very good! Listen Mark, we in the Church want to work with you. ___I____ would like to work with you---one on one. We've done this before. Members of the Church sometimes find old journals or letters, some of these materials are quite sensitive, and we like to SEE these things before they are released to our historians---you understand don't you?"

MARK: "Yes, of course!"

STINKLEY: "So, in the future Mark, if you could do me and the Church this favor, in the future, if you happen to find an old Mormon document or letter, or journal, please...let US see it first before you sell it to some library or let Mormon historians see it. Can...can I ask that favor of you Mark?"

MARK: "Yes, of course!"

STINKLEY: "Mark, we would ask to keep our trust here. That means, we COUNSEL you to NEVER to discuss the contents of the documents that you may find. If the Church wants a document public, __WE___ will make it public. Until then, everything must be held in STRICT confidence. You can't even speak to your beloved wife about these things. Can we trust your'll be discrete and confidential in these matters Mark?"

MARK: "Yes President Stinkley! I will let the Church see it first, whatever I find---absolutely! I won't talk about my find unless you give me the ok first!"

Stinkley pats Mark on the shoulder like 'at-a-boy'.

STINKLEY (smiling): "Very good Mark! Very good! You can bring your discoveries to me personally. Here in this office. (Stinkley takes out a small piece of paper). This is my private number, direct to me here. Only a few other souls on earth have this direct number. Call me anytime day or night. I already have your numbers."

Mark takes the paper and looks at it.

MARK: "Thank you, President Stinkley, I'm highly honored, and I promise you---I will NEVER betray your trust!"

STINKLEY: (smiling) "Thank you Mark! (shakes Mark's hand), and may God richly bless you and your family in these latter-days! We'll be seeing each other soon! Good day!"

Stinkley walks off and speaks with one of the aids, saying (off-screen): "Make sure that President Kimberly has a chance to go potty before you take him back home, and make sure he gets his oatmeal before bed."p> Mark says under his breath:

MARK: "I'm sure He will bless me President Stinkley. I'm SURE he will!"

He clinches his fist like 'Yeah...I got 'em!' He puts the piece of paper in his shirt pocket and grins and shakes his head up and down.

Back to Restaurant Sequence 03

1 Minute.

PRODUCER: "How much did Mark Hofmann get for this...Anton Transcript?"

ERIC: "About $30,000 dollars!"

PRODUCER: "Wow! Just for a piece a paper somebody probably wiped there ass on one or twice! Anyway, what happened next?"

ERIC: "Well, for the next five years, Mark Hofmann becomes the most successful collector and dealer of old Mormon documents of all time! In five years he makes more than a million dollars. He buys his parent's home, has three kids in succession, buys a sportscar, and hires two of his friends from Utah State University to help him find old Mormon and American documents."

PRODUCER: "Wo! I thought you said this Mark Hofmann guy was a forger--that he forged his documents in his basement?"

ERIC: "He did---but not all of them! He did discover a few old documents, and he bought many too, just to resell them for a profit, often to the Mormon Church. But, not all of his finds were bogus."

PRODUCER: "Ok, anyway, tell me about this guy--Mark Hofmann. You say he was an active Mormon--went to Church every Sunday, but in reality he was a closit Atheist. Is that right?"

ERIC: "That's right! Mark Hofmann was a Atheist since he was 13 years old. But he never left the Church. He was always active in it. After he confessed, in 1986, Hofmann told investigators WHY he became an Atheist when he was 13."

PRODUCER: "And why was that?"

ERIC: "Charles Hofmann--the father of Mark Hofmann."

Mark-at-13 Sequence

6 minutes.

Note: this should be shot in black-and-white if possible, to give the audience the "feel" of 1968.

Characters: Charles Hofmann, Linda Hofmann, Mark Hofmann at age 13, Beth Hofmann (aged 9).

Cut to Hoffmann home, dinner table, about 1968 when Mark Hoffmann is about 13 years old. At the table, Charles Hoffmann, Linda Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann, and his sister Beth Hoffmann (about 9). Dressed very conservative for 1968. No cleavage for Linda. Sun-dress. Hair is mid 1960s conservative style.

MARK-AT-13: "Dad, I have a question."

CHARLES HOFFMANN: (eating) "Go ahead Mark!"

MARK-AT-13: "In school my science teacher said that Adam and Eve weren't the first humans, but that we all evolved from lower forms of life, but on Sunday the Church teaches us that Adam and Eve were the first human beings on Earth, white people, and that all black people came from Cain who killed his brother Abel, and was cursed with a black skin and kinky hair. But, but what about the Oriental people in China, and...."

CHARLES HOFFMANN: (getting angry as Mark talks) "Mark, don't pay ANY attention to the lies they tell you in school! Believe what the Church teaches! Lucifer tells people that evolution is true, and some people believe it. But the Church teaches differently. The Brethren are the closest men to God on Earth! Nobody can deceive them! THEY, and THEY ALONE, have the Spirit of Discernment. They've told us that Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth. They were white people like us. The Negroes are Cainites, descendants of Cain. God changed Cain [1] from a white man into the first Negro because he killed his brother Abel. That's why Negroes are black and have kinky hair.[2] Brigham Young taught that.[3] All leaders of the Church have taught that. You KNOW that! Don't pay ANY ATTENTION to what those liberal Mormons are teaching you at school. Listen to the Brethren [4]. What THEY SAY is truth! Always! They cannot lie...[5] Remember Mark, the Brethren would NEVER lie to us! They would NEVER lie to us!"

1. An Arab-looking man in simple middle-eastern clothing (Cain) changing into a full-Negro with spear and loin-cloth.

2. A Brigham Young sitting in a chair that looks like a throne.

3. Back to Hoffmann dinner table.

4. The 15 leaders of the Mormon church sitting for photo. 15 old and middle-aged men in dark suits.

5. Cut back to Chalres Hoffmann lecturing Mark.

Cut to Linda at the table.

LINDA HOFFMANN: "Charles, Mark was asking about the Oriental people! We know that Negroes are black because God cursed them with a black skin. We know that the Lamanites have red skin because God cursed them, that's what The Book of Mormon teaches. But Mark is asking about the Oriental people. Why do THEY have yellow skin?"

CHARLES: (looking at Linda) "Linda...we don't KNOW why! It's NOT our place to ask such questions! We are to OBEY THE BRETHREN--the leaders of the Church! They would NEVER lie to us! Never! They speak for God Himself. When THEY speak, it is as if God Himself was speaking! You know that!"

LINDA: "Mark, finish your dinner dear."

MARK-AT-13: "But Dad, my science teacher said that we all come from Africa, that all the human races come from the African race, but the Church teaches...."

CHARLES: "MARK! STOP listening to those blasphemous LIES! WHY do you listen to such lies? You're in Junior Seminary, what has your Seminary teacher told you?"

MARK-AT-13: "He tells us that, that the Church teaches that the Earth is 6,000 years old, and that Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth, and that, that, that Cain was a white man until God cursed him to become the first Negro. But, but... where did Cain get his wife?"

Charles is rolling his eyes.

LINDA: "Well Mark, the Church teaches that Cain married his sister! Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters. They were the only people on Earth, so, they had to marry their own brothers and sisters."

BETH HOFFMANN: "Ooooooowwwww yuck! I'm NOT gonna marry Mark when I grow up!"

MARK-AT-13: "I wouldn't marry YOU either!"

Beth sticks her tongue out at Mark.

LINDA: "Kids don't be silly! That's against the Law of God, to marry your own brother."

MARK-AT-13: "But, why wasn't it against..."

CHARLES: (eating) "Mark?!?"

MARK-AT-13: "I mean, if Cain was a Negro, the first Negro ever, and he married his sister, who was white, why aren't all black people in Africa half-white and half-black?"

1. Cain standing next to blond-haired white woman (i.e. sister of Cain).

2. Back to Hoffmann dinner table.

CHARLES (stops eating) "BECAUSE Mark...[1]when Cain married his sister, God changed her [2]from a white woman into the second Negro. She was cursed with the Curse of Cain too, because she married Cain! All of their children were Negroes too, because they all inherited the Curse of Cain, which the Negroes have to this day." [3]

1. Negro Cain and white blond sister.

2. Negro Cain and sister now a full-blooded Negro too.

3. Back to dinner table.

LINDA: "That's right honey! That's why Negroes aren't allowed to enter our Temples, and that's why Negro men can't hold the Priesthood, because all Negroes are cursed with the Curse of Cain. They are the children of Cain. Everybody in the Church believes that Mark!"

CHARLES: (eating) "Except those damned liberals in the Church. Those yawhoos who read that rag magazine 'Cornerstone'. I saw Marvin reading one today at work!"

LINDA (looking at Charles): "I've never heard of that magazine. Does the Church put it out?"

CHARLES: (eating and responding to Linda) "No! No! It's a new magazine by apostates in the Church. They sell the magazine in taverns and other places were apostates gather. Marvin showed me his copy. The people who publish it are apostates who haven't been excommunicated yet, that's all. They think they know the mind of our Heavenly Father better than the Living Prophet does!"

LINDA (looking back at Mark): "Mark, to finish what I was telling you, the Negroes inherited the Curse of Cain, and the Mark of Cain, which is a black skin and kinky hair..."

CHARLES: "And BIG lips!"

LINDA: "And big lips. That's why Negroes look the way they do. That's why they look so odd! They're under God's curse. That's why they're banned from our temples and priesthood. It's called the Priesthood-Ban."

MARK-AT-13: "So black people can't become Members of the Church?"

LINDA: "Sure, they can still become Mormons if they want. They just can't enter our temples. They can't be sealed in the temple. They can't have the priesthood."

CHARLES (eating): "I've never seen a black Mormon".

LINDA: (looking at Charles) "Well, I think my cousin Gertrude saw a black Mormon once in Ogden, but she's not sure."

MARK: "Tommy's dad told us about that, but he said that the Curse of Cain Doctrine was never an official doctrine of the Church, just some folklore or something."

CHARLES: (stops eating...shaking his head negatively) "He's lying to you Mark! The Church has taught the Curse of Cain Doctrine from the beginning! They've always called it A DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH. Our leaders assure us that one day--far into the future--after Abel is rusurrected---some time AFTER the Millennium is over-- the Curse of Cain will be removed, and Negroes will become white people just like us, but that won't happen in OUR lifetimes. That's what the Brethren have taught us, and they simply CANNOT be wrong!"

MARK-AT-13: "But....can't black people get into heaven, the highest heaven, the Celestial Kingdom, like Mormons can?"

CHARLES: (eating) "Mark...WHO CARES?" (goes back to eating)

LINDA: "Well Charles, let answers him...Mark, the Church teaches that Negroes were created to serve us, the white people. We're the chosen people! Adam and Eve were made in the image of God, because Heavenly Father and of Heavenly Father's Wives are white and delightful like we are. Negroes are to be our servants. Sure, there are 'some' good Negroes...."

CHARLES: "Not many!"

LINDA: "There are a few good Negroes who'll reach the Celestial Kingdom. Of course, but they're not going to become Gods and Goddesses like good Mormons are. They'll be our servants there. Servants in Heaven. That's what the Church teaches us."

CHARLES: "And the Church is led by Living Prophets!"

MARK-AT-13: "But Dad, why can't I believe in evolution and in God and the Church too? Why can't I believe in all of them at the same time?"

CHARLES: (JUMPS up very very angry) "BECAUSE YOU CAN'T that's why!....(very angry)

LINDA: "Charles, Charles! Please...sit down. Please...finish your dinner."

Charles Hoffmann calms down and sits back down, then points his finger at Mark:

CHARLES HOFFMANN: (sitting and pointing his spoon at Mark) "Mark, do NOT defy me! You CANNOT believe in Lucifer's lies and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the same time! It can't be done! I told you what the Church has to say about evolution! It's a's a LIE of Lucifer, and anyone who belives following Lucifer, the father of lies! (calms down more and starts to eat again). If you keep on asking questions---well, people will call you a 'Questioner'. That's like an adulterer, or fornicator, or...God forbit... homosexual! People at Church will begin to wonder WHY you're asking questions.... Mark! To question Church leaders a SIGN of someone NOT living the Gospel! It's a sign of unrepentent sin! They'll begin to TALK about you. Do you want that Mark?"

Mark shakes his head in the negative.

CHARLES: "Very MUST ___STOP___ QUESTIONING THE BRETHREN! They know the Mind of God. We do not! We are to obey them, without question! Without comment! Now, forget all these questions and eat your dinner. Afterwards, you can finish your homework. I don't want to hear another WORD about evolution! EVER! Now, be quiet and finish your dinner."

Mark looks very sad, almost ready to cry. He just lost faith in God and the Church. He eats a little more from his plate.

Back to Restaurant Sequence

Section 4

?? Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Ok, so Mark becomes an Atheist at 13 thanks to his A-hole of a father. But WHY did Mark continue to go to Church?"

ERIC: "Utah Mormon culture, and family pressure. You need to understand Mormon culture in Utah. Mark Hofmann was an 8th generation Mormon. Both parents were active in the Church. His mother was the Relief Society President in her local congregation; a high position for women in the Church. They simply would NOT have LET Mark leave the Church until he was on his own! And, if Mark left the Church afterwards, his Mormon family, Mormon friends, Mormon roommates, Mormon co-workers, would have SHUNNED him...perhaps for life."

PRODUCER: "I had no idea Mormons were so...cliquish".

ERIC: "Not just clicquish! They believe that anyone who leaves the Church has done so because they have some terrible SIN in their life they refuse to repent of! Mormons who leave the Church, at least in places like Utah, are looked upon by other Mormons as lepers--people to be avoided at all costs."

PRODUCER: "Ok, so Mark Hofmann stays in the Church to please his parents and to avoid shunning by other Mormons--and just about everybody he KNOWS is a Mormon."

ERIC: "Exactly! So, when Mark Hofmann turns 19, he goes on a full-time two-year MISSION for the Church--every Mormon male is required to do this--to the south of England. Remember--secretly he's an Atheist--but outwardly he's a believing Mormon, a Mormon missionary. But, [1] while in England, he visits these old dusty used bookstores, and starts buying old anti-Mormon books, which present a VERY ___DIFFERENT__ picture of Joseph Smith and the origins of Mormonism than the Church does. [2] Not being a believer, Mark believes what the books tell him."

1. Hofmann dressed as a Mormon missionary in an old bookstore reading through an old book--looking shocked.

2. Back to Eric.

PRODUCER: "Were the books telling the truth?"

ERIC: "Sometimes yes....sometimes no. But, that DIDN'T matter! Mark was a Atheist. To him, there was no god! There was no afterlife. There were no angels giving 15-year old farm boys gold plates! So, Hofmann believed everything he read. He learned enough about TRUE Mormon Church history to know that Mormon leaders had been changing and re-writings Mormon history for 100 years--taking out the bad stuff, and leaving in the good stuff."

PRODUCER: "I bet THAT pissed Hofmann off!"

ERIC: "IT DID! Hofmann spent two years trying to convince people that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, while at the same time he was reading books on how Joseph Smith was a fraud, and reading many things that Mormon leaders had covered-up over the years. HE WAS PISSED!"

PRODUCER: "Let me guess...he wanted to PAY BACK a Church which had lied to him since birth, and a CULTURE that had FORCED him to live that lie every day of his life."

ERIC: "Exactly!"

PRODUCER: "So, Hofmann begins to think of ways to get back at the Mormon Church--so he decides to forge documents that make Joseph Smith look bad--look like a fraud--and sell them to Church leaders."

ERIC: "Correct!"

PRODUCER: "But WHY would the Church WANT such documents anyway? Didn't they just want the good stuff, not the bad stuff?"

ERIC: "The Church wanted ALL of it, so it could publish the good stuff, and HIDE the bad stuff!"

PRODUCER: "Ohhhhhh....ok! So, in other words, the Church wanted to buy Hofmann's forgeries--THINKING they were authentic--in order to supress them--to hide them away!"

ERIC: "Precisely! And Mark Hofmann KNEW that long before he forged the Anton Transcript!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, but WHY did the Church publicly buy the Anton Transcript for all the world to see? Why not purchase it secretly then hide it away?"

ERIC: "Hofmann wasn't stupid! He KNEW that his FIRST forgery had to be something that would engraciate him with Church leaders! The Anton Transcript CONFIRMED official Church history, so, Church leaders would buy it pubicly, with the Media invited, as a way to tell everyone--'Hey, look...we've got nothing to hide!'

PRODUCER: "But they DID have something to hide! Tell me about 'The Vault'!"

ERIC: "Well, Mormon Church Headquarters used to be a bank. The Church bought it after the Crash of 1929--when all sorts of banks closed. [1] Inside is a HUGE Vault, which 99% of Mormons don't know about.[2] This is where Church leaders stash those old Mormon documents and diaries which they don't even what their own historians to see."

1. The Vault opening and President Stinkley going inside with an assistant, with Church Security guarding it.

2. Back to restaurant.

PRODUCER: "So, the Church has full-time paid historians, and the Church leaders don't let their own historians looking at what's inside The Vault?!"

ERIC: "God no! Church leaders don't want anyone looking at many old Mormon diaries, journals, letters. There's just too many skeletons in early Mormon history! Church leaders only want the good stuff-the faith-promoting materials--reviewed and published."

PRODUCER: "Ok, makes sense, so Mark Hofmann starts to forge other documents making Joseph Smith look bad and selling them to the Church--secretly."

ERIC: "That's right! Over the next five years Hofmann meets privately with President Stinkley--in Stinkley's office--alone!"

Hofmann-Stinkley-Salamander Sequence

3 Minutes.

Hofmann and Stinkley are alone in Stinkley's plush office in the "First Presidency Building" (Mormon Church Headquarters). Stinkley is behind his desk, and Hofmann is sitting in front of it. Stinkley is dark suit. Hofmann in suit pants, white shirt and tie. Hair combed neatly.

STINKLEY: "Mark, I feel like you're my neighbor...we've met so many times here in my office..just the two of us."

MARK: "I'm again honored President Stinkley."

STINKLEY: "Oh...I think we can do away with THAT formality! Call me Jordan! All of my close friends call me Jordan!"

MARK: "Ok...Jordan...thank you for the honor!"

STINKLEY: "You mentioned on the phone Mark, about this new letter--the Salamander Letter you called it? Do you have it with you?"

MARK: "I do President Stink....ah...Jordan! (Mark reaches into a briefcase and pulls out the Salamander letter and places it on Hinckley's desk). Jordan, this letter was written by Martin Harris to another Member of the Church. In the letter, Harris claimed that Joseph Smith told him that the Angel Moroni transformed into a white salamander and struck Joseph Smith three times on the hand, when Joseph first dug-up the gold plates from the Hill Cumorah in 1827."

STINKLEY: "Wha....? Why would the Angel Moroni do that?"

Note: pronounced "mor-roe-nai".

MARK: "Well, I don't know! Perhaps...perhaps Joseph Smith wanted to use the gold plates for some other purpose than the Glory of the time."

STINKLEY: "So...WHY do YOU think that publishing this letter would be detrimental to the Church?"

MARK: "Oh...well! As you may already know, the enemies of the Church--the anti-Mormons--have claimed for over 100 years that Joseph Smith dabbled in black Magick and in spirit-incantations. There IS something in black Magick about spirits turning into white"

STINKLEY: "That's GOOD! I can SEE your point! You're right! This letter can't be published. We can't even let our own historians view it. (opens his desk drawer and places the letter inside) This 'Salamander Letter' can never again see the light of day. I gotta make another deposit."

MARK: "In the Vault?"

STINKLEY (looks surprise)"Who told YOU about the Vault?"

MARK: "Oh,'s just a rumor I heard!"

STINKLEY: "You see Mark! THAT is why I don't trust my own assistants! That is why I don't trust Church Security! Loose lips...sink ships! (shakes his head negatively) But....Mark...can I TRUST __YOU___?"

MARK: "Oh....ABSOLUTELY Jordan! Absolutely!"

STINKLEY: "You know, last Thursday, I was in the Temple--in the Upper Room--and I prayed to Heavenly Father--(Stinkley looks upwards)--'Father, can I trust this young man--Mark Hofmann--to keep the secrets of Thy kingdom?'--and...Mark...I got an answer!"

MARK: "Oh!" (Mark swallows hard and looks nervous but smiles nervously)

STINKLEY: "Do you KNOW what Heavenly Father told me Mark!? He told me--in a still...soft...voice...(Stinkley whispers)Mark Hofmann is my servant...I have raised Him up! Can you BELIEVE that Mark?"

Hofmann smiles and looks like the weight of the world is off his shoulders.

STINKLEY: "Mark, I KNOW that Heavenly Father has raised YOU up in these latter-days to do a GREAT and WONDERFUL work among the children of men! Why....HOW ELSE would you be able to find all these hundreds of old ducuments...if the LORD was not behind you?"

MARK: "Oh...ah...I don't know!"

STINKLEY: "The LORD Himself is behind you Mark! The the most successor collector of Mormon documents of all time--bar none! a SIGN! It's a SIGN that the LORD is behind it! Any kind of success! Success in sports. In business. A successful man, and WEALTHY man, is a SIGN--a sign that the LORD is PLEASE with you, that you are living a good and righteous life! Just like YOU Mark--that is how I know I ___CAN___ trust you!" MARK: "Thank you...Jordan...I feel that the LORD is (Mark puts up his right hand) guiding my hand every day!"

STINKLEY: "You know Mark, even some of the Brethren still believe that God favors the poor--that the poor are somehow--closer to God than the wealth! (shakes his head like 'how could they believe such a thing').But, WE KNOW BETTER don't we?"

Stinkley takes out a check from his desk.

STINKLEY: "Mark, here is another check, just like the dozens of other times. It's for $35,000."

MARK: "Thank you...Jordan!"

STINKLEY: "Oh, don't thank me! It's isn't MY money! (laughs) The checking account on which this check is drawn is not connected in any way to the Church. The money is not from Tithing, but from a small group of very wealthy Members of the Church. We asked them years ago to set up this special account for 'special purposes' like this, and they faithfully obeyed that counsel. In return, we....initiated them into a special most Members are not aware of."

MARK: "The Second Anointing?"

STINKLEY (smiles): "Well, Mark, I see you know a LOT more than I first thougt. But, I can't discuss that. That can only be discussed in the Temple, and only for those who receive it. But....we'll see. When you get older, and remain faithful...we'll see. Until then, it cannot be discussed. Do you understand?"

MARK: "Yes Jordan...of course!"

STINKLEY: "Please also note, the Church has NEVER bought any Salamander Letter! You see! The check I gave you in on an account not connected to the Church. The Church NEVER bought it. And...the Church does NOT HAVE the Salamander Letter in it's position! Do you understand?"

MARK: "Yes Jordan...the Church doesn't have it. YOU do!"

STINKLEY: (winks) "Very good Mark! Very good! (holds his right hand up toward Mark) May the LORD richly bless you Mark, for helping the Church and doing His Will in these latter-days!"

MARK (looking at his check) "Oh...He HAS Jordan! He HAS!"

Back to Restaurant Sequence 05

2 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Ok, so Hofmann is making tons of money from selling the Church these forged documents, and life is good! So...what's the problem?"

ERIC: "No problem yet. But, a few hours after Hofmann sells the Salamander Letter to President Stinkley---he places photoscopies of the letter in envelopes and anonymously mailed the envelopes to journalists and historians in Utah."

PRODUCER: "WHY? I mean....he's making why take the chance of leaking the document?"

ERIC: "Because Mark Hofmann just didn't want to make money! He wanted to PROVE TO THE WORLD that Mormon leaders were HIDING Mormon documents--even from their OWN historians!"

PRODUCER: "He wanted PAY-BACK! Old story. He just didn't want to get rich, he wanted to fool Mormon leaders and then let the world know what he did at the same time."

ERIC: "Exactly!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, do YOU come into this story?"

ERIC: "Well, like I told you in my e-mails. In 1982 I was living with my parents in Santa Monica. I'd joined the Church in 1979. I was at my Ward--my congregation--in the foyer, and I noticed a copy of the CHURCH NEWS. An old copy. I picked it up, and read about how Hofmann had 'discovered' the Anton Transcript in April of 1980. Well...while I was looking at a photograph of Mark Hofmann in the paper, I heard a Voice..."

PRODUCER: "A voice?"

ERIC: "Yes, an audible Voice, which said--"

Eric-Voice Sequence

Eric in 1982 (21 years old), in white shirt and tie, holding a CHURCH NEWS article about Mark Hofmann finding the Anton Transcript. Suddenly a whispery Voice says: THE VOICE: He is a liar and a Atheist!".

Eric is startled, frantically looks around in the foyer, down the hall in each direction, and sees nobody. Looks at the article again. Camera closeup on black and white photo of Hofmann in article.

Restaurant Sequence 06

1 Minute.

PRODUCER: "Ah...I you hear voices do you?"

ERIC: "Not very often. Perhaps 3 or 4 times in my entire life. This was one of those times."

PRODUCER: "Ok, so...this Voice warned told you that Mark Hofmann was a liar and Atheist--which he was--but nobody KNEW that until year later. Did....did a Voice warn you about 9-11 too?"!

ERIC: "Yes!"

PRODUCER: "Ok...then...WHY didn't you WARN people?"

ERIC: "I did...but THAT is another it not?"

PRODUCER: (a little shocked)"Hmmmmm.... ok, so ANYWAY you heard a Voice that warned you about this Hofmann guy. Did you try to warn Church leaders?"

ERIC: (drinks from soda)"Ohhhhhhhhh...yeeeaahhh! I drove to Salt Lake City and tried to speak to President Stinkley--or anybody else-- at Mormon Church headquarters."

Eric-Hughes Sequence

4 minutes.

Interior-day-inside Church H.Q. (First Presidency Building) in Salt Lake City. Eric Stevenson, in casual dress, is sitting in a chair in front of the desk of Elder Pinnacle Hughes--who comes into the room a few seconds after the scene begins, holding his Chinese food lunch. He is dressed in suit and tie and jacket.

HUGHES (coming in through door and puts down his briefcase and lunch-sack and soda--Mormons don't drink coffee, on his desk then sits down): " must be...."

ERIC: "Eric Stevenson...from California. Bishop Case [fictional name]--the bishop of my Ward--the Santa Monica 4th Ward-- called you a few weeks ago about me coming to Salt Lake to briefly speak with you!"

HUGHES: "Yes! Yes! Daniel Bernard Case! How is good old 'DANBO' doing these days?"

ERIC: "He seems well."

PRODUCER: "Yes, he and I went to the "U" together before he moved to California. Never thought HE'D become a bishop! Anyway, how may I help you Eric--I only have a minute or two at most."

ERIC: "Brother Hughes, I've been trying for a LONG time to speak to President Stinkley about Mark Hofmann. (Hughes looks shocked!) Back in 1982...well...I KNOW that Mark Hofmann is forging documents to make the Church and Joseph Smith LOOK bad. I know he's a liar and an Atheist. He's just PRETENDING to be a good member of the Church."

HUGHES: "I see.......Brother Stevenson, just WHAT makes you THINK that?"

ERIC: "I just know it."

HUGHES: "Really? How?"

ERIC: "Well....back in 1982, I heard a audible Voice, tell me that Hofmann was a liar and Atheist. know..there's just NO WAY he could be finding ALL those's too coincidental don't you think?"

Camera shows Hughes reaching under his table and pressing a red 'panic' button while he talks to Eric.

ERIC: "Well! A VOICE did you say!? Hmmmmmm....very interesting. Now Brother Stevenson, what makes you THINK that the Church has had dealings with Mark Hofmann since the Anton Trascript back in 1980?"

ERIC: "Well...everybody knows it. It's an open secret in the Mormon the Mormon Collectors community...everybody knows about it."

Eric begins to tremble.

Hughes presses a red 'panic button' making sure Eric does not notice.

HUGHES: "Brother Stevenson....are you ok? Brother Stevenson...would you like a glass of water?"

Eric's eyes roll back in his head and his mouth opens WIDE, and a strange Voice (not his own) comes out of him--

THE VOICE: "Mark Hofmann is a lying spirit. The shepards of the Church are blind by their own conceit and lust for power. The blind leading the blind. They call me Lord with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Innocent blood shall be shed. The right hand of the deceiver shall wither like a fallen leaf. The blindness of the shepards shall be exposed for all to see."

Note: 'The Voice' must be male but very 'UNusual' sounding. Actor who plays Eric lip-sinks the words of 'The Voice' while his eyes are rolled back and his head is as far back as it can go comfortably.

Eric pops his head back--recovers quickly and looks around.


The door FLIES open with two MASSIVE white men, LDS Church security (black suits and ties, white shirts, wearing white gloves and ear-piece communicators), with MARTIN CROW, chief of Church Security, behind him.

Hughes jumps up and offers his hand to Eric.

HUGHES: "Sorry Brother Stevenson I really have to run...these gentlement will show you out. GOOD BYE, and may the LORD richly bless you!"

As Eric reaches to shake Elder Hughes hand the two massive Church Security men grab Eric forcefully and take him out of the office, with MARTIN CROW saying:

MARTIN CROW: "No worries Elder Hughes...I'll have a security office posted at your door for the rest of the day."

Elder Hughes smiles and waves as Eric is take out by security and Martin Crow follows them and closes the door behind him. Hughes and sits down in his chair shaking his head and says:

HUGHES: "WOW! What a ___NUT___!!!!"

Next scene:

Scene is day--interior and exterior-- first inside "First Presidency Building" hallway--Eric is being escorted out--forceably--by two HUGE Church Security officers (both very large and burly white men in black suits, with black ties, white gloves--with ear-piece communicators--and sunglasses on inside the building) down a long hallway, then outside of the building being taken down the stairs to the sidewalk. Behind Eric and the two burly Security Men is Martin Crow--chief of LDS Church Security--

ERIC: "HEY...I JUST want to give President Stinkley a won't take TWO minutes!"

MARTIN CROW: "Brother Stevenson...listen carefully...DO NOT CALL OR WRITE any of the Brethren again....DO NOT come upon this Church property again, or we'll have you arrested for trespassing! Thank you, and may the LORD richly bless you!"

Security officers smile shakes their heads like 'this guy is a nut' and they and Martin walk back into the building. Eric looks stunned.

Back to Restaurant Sequence 07

0.30 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Sounds like they didn't believe what you had to say. Why'd you do the Voice thing anyway? For dramatic effect?"

ERIC: "I....I had absolutely NO CONTROL over it! It was if somebody else was possessing my body."

PRODUCER: (sceptical look..then shrugs it off) "Ok...anyway...whud you do next?"

ERIC: "I drove back to Santa Monica. Over the next 4 or 5 months I continued to write to President Stinkley, and I'd try to call too. I told everyone there I could that Hofmann was a liar and Atheist and that he was forging the documents."

PRODUCER: "Was there a response from Stinkley?"

ERIC: "There WAS! But...not the response I wanted. My bishop called me into his office one Sunday, and said--"

Bishop Case Sequence

4 minutes.

Bishop Daniel B. Case is a heavyset man with glasses, short hair, in a suit and tie. He is sitting behind a small gray desk. Eric is sitting in a chair facing the desk, in a small spartan room (the bishop's office--Mormon bishops are laymen who work for the Church for free part-time-- they have regular secular jobs--they are always married). Eric is whearing a white shirt, dark tie, and dark slacks, black shoes. Businesslike combed hair. No facial hair.

BISHOP: "Eric, it was a MISTAKE of mine to call my friend Pinnacle Hughes for you to arrange a meeting! A BIG mistake! Now...I've been getting some calls and letters from Salt Lake. They are NOT pleased with you OR me! They want you to STOP calling them, and to STOP trying to contact President Stinkley! I've been COUNSELLED to tell you this: If you DO NOT obey this counsel, they told me to hold a Church Court on you! That could mean your Church membership."

ERIC: "WHAT? WHY???? I'm just trying to tell President Stinkley that Mark Hofmann is--a liar! He's FORGING those documents he's finding! That's all!"

BISHOP: "Eric, I don't know who this Mark Hofmann guy is..."

ERIC: "Remember, the one who found the Anton Transcript back in 1980 and sold it to the Church!"

BISHOP: "Oh...ok...whatever! That doesn't matter. The FACT IS...Salt Lake does NOT want any further contact from you. They want it DROPPED! Do you understand.? I'm supposed to COUNSEL you--ORDER you--to stop calling and writing. If you diobey this counsel, then you'll be excommunicated. Do you want that?"

ERIC: "No! But why...."

BISHOP: "Eric. WHY has nothing to do with it! You're counselled to CEASE AND DESIST! Will you obey this counsel!"

ERIC: "I'll obey Bishop, but, I KNOW that Mark Hofmann is a fraud and a liar. I KNOW he's forging documents to make the Church look FOOL Church leaders...."

BISHOP: "WHAT????!!! Eric! Look! The Brethren--Church leaders--are Prophets-Seers-Revelators! Everybody KNOWS they just CAN'T BE FOOLED! They have the Spirit of Discernment! You KNOW that! The Churches teaches that. try to FOOL the Brethren is like, well, like trying to FOOL God Himself! You're trying to tell me that this---Mark Hofmann--can ___FOOL___ GOD! Eric----It just ___CAN'T___ HAPPEN! If this Mark Hofmann fellow is a fraud like you say, then the Brethren would have discerned him IN AN INSTANT---like THAT (snaps his finger)! They HAVE the Spirit of Discernment! Did they? Why haven't THEY discerned him?"

ERIC: "I don't know, but I hear from people that Hofmann is still meeting with President Stinkley on a regular basis!"

BISHOP (shakes his head as if 'I cannot believe this guy'): "Look! Eric! LET IT GO! ___DROP IT!!!___ That's my final counsel to you. If you can't, I gotta put you in a Church Court. You're a nice kid, I....I __don't___ wanna do that Eric! Help me out here!"

ERIC: "But what about Hofmann? I've had flashes. If something isn't done...innocent blood will be shed!"

BISHOP: "ERIC? Are you THREATENING someone if they don't listen to you?"

ERIC: "NO! NO! I would saying that I've had these flashes...psychic flashes...I've SEEN things!"

BISHOP: (shakes his head) "Eric, PLEASE! The ONLY men who can receive Divine Revelation for this Church are the Brethren. Why haven't THEY seen anything? Why are YOU the ONLY one who can SEE things in this situation?"

ERIC: "I don't know why."

ERIC: "Eric, let me ask you a question. Do YOU believe that the Church is run by Living Prophets?"

ERIC: "Yes"

SMITH: "So do I Eric! ALL IS WELL! All is well in Zion! So... don't WORRY about it! Forget these visions--they are NOT from Heavenly Father I can ASSURE you of that--start living the Gospel, and the Lord will richly bless you! Follow the Brethren! All is well!!!

Eric thinks hard for a moment and then says:

ERIC: "Bishop Smith, are you saying 'All is Well in Zion'?"

Close up on the face of Bishop Smith.

SMITH: "The Church is run by living Prophets isn't it? can ANYTHING ever go wrong?"

Eric sits in stunned silence thinking 'oh my God, what am I going to do'.

Restaurant Sequence 07

1 Minute.

PRODUCER: " was Mark Hofmann doing at this time?"

ERIC: "He was continuing to forge documents in his basement. [1]He would go to the library and cut out sheets of paper from really old books, [2] then he would age ink by mixing old ingredients himself and adding amonia to it. [3] Then he'd use an old quill pen and copy old writing styles. [4]He was quite good. He was making money hand over fist. He was travelling to New York City to attend collector's conventions. [5] He was buying real documents and re-selling them for profit. Life was good."

1. Hofmann inside a library using a razor to cut out a blank sheet from the back of a very old book.

2. Hofmann mixing something, putting ammonia into a mixture of black ink.

3. Hofmann with old quill pen in right hand writing in old style on an old piece of paper.

4. Hofmann on a plane in first class drinking champagne with smile on his face.

5. Back to restuarant.

PRODUCER: "Ok, so life was good for Hofmann, so WHY then did he kill two innocent people if life was so good for him?"

ERIC: "Well, life was good for a long time--for 1985, Hofmann was broke! In fact, he was almost a MILLION dollars in debt!"

PRODUCER: "WOW! How did this guy screw up so bad?"

ERIC: "Greed. Extravagance. Too many trips to New York City--staying at the best hotels. He also had two full-time employees at the time. He also bought $300,000 dollars worth of rare first editions---Moby Dick, Call of the Wild, Oliver Twist, that sort of thing. He was also buying a huge house in Emigration Canyon--sort of the 'Hollywood hills' section of Salt Lake City."

PRODUCER: "Ok, so...let me guess...he owed these two people all sorts of money, and, to not have to pay them back, he blows them up...right?"

ERIC: "Nope! Hofmann didn't owe a dime to either of them."

PRODUCER: "Ok, then here's the MILLION DOLLAR question: WHY did he blow them up?"

ERIC: "To buy time.

PRODUCER: "He KILLS two people to BUY TIME?"

ERIC: "He was being pressured by the Mormon investment group who gave him almost a MILLION dollars. Mark BLEW the money on---his employee salaries--his sports car--his many trips back East--his rare book collection--he was now broke, he was UP TO HIS EARS in debt, and the Mormon investors wanted their money back...NOW!"

Angry Investors Sequence

3 minutes.

Exterior day and interior day. Group of angry men, all white, in front of Mark's house--day--with Molly at the front door holding a child in her arms.

ANGRY MAN#1: "DAMIT Molly, we want to know where Mark is! He should have paid us months ago! He's got our money. We've tried to call him for a month! He never calls us back! We're FED UP with this. We wanna know where Mark is...NOW!"

MOLLY: "Mark is NOT HERE! He's in New York City making another deal. You can reach him on his mobile car phone..."

ANGRY MAN#1: "No! No! We've tried that a million times! He NEVER calls us back! Ever! We want to know where Mark is NOW! Right NOW! (men saying "Yeah! Yeah! Where is he? We want our money!)

MOLLY: "Brethren! [note: Mormon women refer to a group of Mormon men as "Brethren"] Listen to me! You're all Members of the Church. You're all Priesthood-holders. You're scaring my children! Is THAT anyway a priesthood-holder is supposed to act? (men begin to look embarrassed and some look downward as if ashamed). I'm going to half to ask all of you to leave my property. The SECOND that Mark returns from New York, I'll make SURE he calls each and every one of you! I promise you that! Now, please leave."

Some of the men begin to leave, but others shake their heads and stand.

ANGRY MAN#1: "Ok Molly, we'll leave! But, I can promise YOU this! If Mark doesn't call us in two days--TWO DAYS--we're coming back here with legal papers for you and him to sign--signing over this house and yoru two cars, and that book collection Mark loves so much, to our investment group! That was part of the deal! TWO DAYS! If we've scared your young ones, well, well, we apologize. But, if Mark does not call in two days (puts up two fingers), we'll be back with the legal papers in 3 days (puts up 3 fingers). Good day!" (he turns around and leaves and the other men follow him)

Molly shuts the door, and takes the child (2 years) back to a playpen in one of the rooms, then hurries downstairs to the basement where Mark has his secret "work room" with a heavy metal door and a security camera. Molly knocks a secret knock heavily on the door ("SOS" in morse code). After a 2 second pause, the heavy metal door slowly opens and Mark peeks his head out, making sure that Molly cannot see inside.

MARK: "Have they all left?"

MOLLY: "They're all gone, but they said that if you don't call them back in two days they'll be back in three days with legal papers. Mark! They want to take away this house, our cars, your book collection! EVERYTHING! I HATE lying for you over and over again! I HATE this Mark! Lying is against the Gospel! It's against what the Brethren [note: "The Brethren" is a term for the top 15 Mormon leaders] have told us. They've told us to ALWAYS be totally honest with our fellow man, in ALL matters! Mark...what are we going to do?"

Mark comes out totally and carefully closes the metal door, making sure Molly can't see inside. He locks the door.

MARK: "Molley, honey! It's gonna be ok! Everything is gonna be just fine! I've got 2 big deals about to close. The Library of Congress is gonna give us 1.5 million dollars for the OATH OF A FREEMAN--the first printed English document in North America. It's's like the Holy Grail of Americana! Remember? I told you. [1] On my last trip to New York City I found it in an old book in a used book store. What a LUCKY find eh? As soon as they authenticate the OATH, then we'll have enough to pay off all our debts, and, after taxes of course, probably $300,000 left over! We can make a down-payment on the house in Emigration Canyon, and still have lots left over! It'll be OK! Trust me!" (Mark hugs his wife and comforts her).

1. SF-Hoffmann in an old used bookstore opening an old used book and finding OATH OF A FREEMAN in it. (note: this never happened but was a Hoffmann lie--he forged the OATH).

Back to basement:

MOLLY (grabs Mark's shoulders, looks up at him, almost in tears): "Oh Mark! How much longer? How much longer do I need to lie for you? How much longer do we need to wait until this is all over?"

MARK: (Mark hugs her and comforts her) "Maybe a few days! That's all! A few weeks at most!"

Molly is shocked and breaks his hug and looks at him and puts her hands on her hips!

MOLLY: "A FEW WEEKS? But those men said they'll be back in THREE DAYS to take this house and our cars and your book collection! Where are we gonna live?"

MARK: "Don't worry! Don't worry! I'll call them tomorrow! Everything is gonna be FINE! (Molly goes back into his arms). Everything is gonna be just fine! Trust me! I'd NEVER EVER lie to you!"

Restaurant Sequence 08

2 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Ok, so Hofmann needs! Let me guess...he goes back to the Church for it!"

ERIC: "Correct! In early 1985 Hofmann tells Church leaders that he's found a farmer in Texas who owns a box. Inside this box are old documents--letters-affidavits--journals--stuff like that. The box was once owned by a man named William Mclellin--one of the original Mormon apostles in the days of Joseph Smith. Anyway, in 1836, McLellin leaves the Mormon Church, and swares to EXPOSE the truth about Joseph Smith and Mormonism to the world! He spends years collecting DIRT on Joseph Smith--from all over the place--and places all his evidence in this old box about yea big (Eric holds out arms to show a box about two feet by one foot). But he never publishes it. William McLellin dies, and the BOX disappears."

PRODUCER: "Until Mark Hofmann discovers it!"

ERIC: "Correct! Mark Hofmann finds a man in Texas, an old farmer, who was the descendant of William McLellin, who still has possession of the BOX."

PRODUCER: "Ok...I follow you...and the BOX has stuff in it that will make Joseph Smith look like a con-man and will make Mormonism look like a big early 19th century con-job!"

ERIC: "Correct!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, so, is this guy in Texas REAL or is this another Hofmann lie?"

ERIC: "It's another Hofmann lie...of course! There IS NO old Texas farmer! In FACT...the Church bought the REAL McLellin Collection back in 1905, and hid it in the Vault, but the current leaders of the Mormon Church--in 1985--didn't KNOW that! They didn't know that the BOX was in their own Vault, and had been since 1905!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, so Hofmann told 'em some old farmer in Texas had the Box, and they wanted it so they could hide it in the Vault---but in fact the Box was in the Vault already and had been since 1905!"

ERIC: "Exactly!"

PRODUCER(shaking his head like 'wow..i can't believe this)" Hofmann doesn't know the Church already has the box, and the Church doesn't know that it already has the box, so Hofmann invents this story about an old farmer in Texas who has the box."

ERIC: "Right"

PRODUCER: "And by this time Hofmann has forged the entire McLellin Collection and put it in an old box--intending to sell it all to the Church for a nice penny!"

ERIC: "No!"

PRODUCER: "What? Why not?"

ERIC: "Hofmann had INTENDED to forge the McLellin Collection, but....he'd gotten SO busy with other forgeries and legitimate deals...he ran out of time. He also ran out of money. By late 1985, he owed almost a MILLION dollars to Mormon investors."

PRODUCER: "What did he do?"

ERIC: "What he always did...he asked the Church for money! He told them that the old farmer in Texas wanted $185,000 for the Box, but Hofmann couldn't buy it because he was broke, so...he asked the Church for the money to buy the McLellin Collection from the old farmer in Texes."

Hofmann Asks Church for Loan Sequence

2 minutes.

Hoffmann sitting in a chair in front of a large desk. The three leaders (Stinkley/Oatfield/Hughes) sit behind the desk listening to Hoffmann.

MARK: "Well Brethren, I'm buying a new house and, I'm broke basically. I need money to purchase the McLellin Collection from my contact in Texas who owns it. He's an old farmer--a descendant of William McLellin. He wants $185,000 for the Collection. He's got an offer from an Anti-Mormon group in California for $175,000. I'm afraid the Anti-Mormons in California plan to publish the entire Collection. I'm doesn't look good! There are things in the Collection--letters from Joseph Smith--affidavits--that make it appear that Joseph Smith wrote The Book of Mormon himself as a way to make money--based upon a very similar manuscript by Solomon Spaulding. I'm afraid....there are other things--even worse."

STINKLEY: "How can we trust this man in Texas to keep his mouth shut should he sell the Collection to you?"

HOFFMANN: "Oh! I..I trust him completely! He's an old timer. He's a old Scottish Rite Freemason! They're good at keeping secrets! Keeping their word! He's given me his WORD OF HONOR as a Scottish Rite Mason, that he will keep quiet and not reveal to anyone that the McLellin Collection ever existed, after we pay him of course!"

OATFIELD: "Brother Hoffmann, would your contact in Texas be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement should he sell you the Collection?"

MARK: "Oh, I'm SURE he would! Yes! But I'm sure his word of honor would be sufficient, but I can get a non-disclosure agreement signed if you wish."

OAKFIELD: "Brother Hoffmann, the Church doesn't want this Collection to fall into the hands of our enemies. Therefore, we'll make SURE that you get the $185,000. Once you secure the Collection we'll have a good Member of the Church--a very BLESSED [i.e. rich] Member who owns quite a few supermarkets around the country--buy the Collection from you--we'll make sure you make a handsome profit on the deal--then the good Member will confidentially donate the Collection to the Church. That way, nobody needs to know, and we can keep the Collection from being published and from potentially harming some of our good church members whose testimonies may not be that strong.... (Oatfield looks at Elder Hughes). Elder Hughes, do you still have friends at Beehive State Bank who might be willing to help us in this situation?"

HUGHES (smiling confidently): "Yes sir Elder Oatfield, I do! Mark, let me make a few phone calls, and I'll have your $185,000 in your hands by this afternoon!"

STINKLEY: "Mark, the Lord has raised you up to do the Church a great service in these latter days! May the Lord richly bless you!"

Mark is grinning shaking his head up and down in agreement.

Restaurant Sequence 09

1.30 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Ok, so now Hofmann has $185,000 from Beehive State Bank, and uses it to pay back his investors."

ERIC: "Some! He pays them a few thousand each, just enough to get them from harrassing him for the moment."

PRODUCER: "Ok, he's got some money for the moment, but---there IS NO old farmer in Texas--so he has to forge the McLellin Collection in his basement."

ERIC: "Correct, but time has run out! The Church arranged a paperless loan for $185,00o from Beehive State Bank--a secret loan--expecting Hofmann to buy the Box from the old famer in Texas--the McLellin Collection. They expect Mark to walk into their offices on October 15th 1985--WITH the Box!"

PRODUCER:"The day Scott Christian and Katie Shears were blown away."

ERIC: "Correct!"

PRODUCER: "Ok (thinking hard)....ok....Hofmann has some money, but not enough TIME to forge the Collection! Church leaders want the BOX, but the BOX is empty--because Hofmann hasn't had the time to forge the stuff yet...right?"

ERIC: "Correct. That's why he goes to Scott Christian's office on October 13th--two days BEFORE the bombings. He goes to Scott Christian to ask for more time. The Church wanted the Box--the McLellin collection--in their hands by October 15th, 1985. Mark needed more least another MONTH--to forge the Collection."

PRODUCER: "Ok, does Scott Christian fit in?"

ERIC:" Scott Christian was secretly appointed by President Stinkley a few years before to examine the letters that Hofmann had been discovering."

PRODUCER: "Ah..ok...Scott Christian was a Mormon historian."

ERIC: "NO! Not professionally. Scott Christian was a bishop in the Church, and an amateur Mormon historian, but a DAMNED good one! Stinkley didn't TRUST real Mormon historians. He believed they were too liberal to be trusted. Scott Christian was a well-known collector of old Mormon books. NOBODY knew Mormon history like Scott Christian! He owned over 30,000 books on Mormon and American history, and read 'em all!"

Producer: "Wow!"

ERIC: "Mormon bishops are not paid you know. It's all volunteer. Scott's REAL job had been working with Jerry Shears, the husband of Katie Shears, at Confederated Financial Systems. By late 1985, CFS had gone under--thousands of investors had lost millions of dollars---including Jerry Shears and Scott Christian. Scott was facing losing his house and his beloved book collection."

PRODUCER: "Ok, so Hofmann goes to see Scott to see if the sale of the McLellin Collection to the Church could be delayed so he could finish forging the Collection."

ERIC: "Correct! But...the Church thought Mark already HAD the McLellin Collection. After all, weeks before they had arranged a paperless loan for $185,000 dollars for him to be able to buy the Box. Mark told them he'd go right over to Texas and buy the Collection from the old Texas farmer..."

PRODUCER: "Who didn't exist."

ERIC: "Right, but, of course, Mormon leaders believed everything Hofmann told them...hook, line, and sinker. But, Mark had no Collection! Mark was making his own box, and forging the Collection, but he's only begun! He he needed more time...another month at least! So, he goes to see Scott Christian--to ask for more time."

Mark-Scott-Patrick Sequence

11 minutes.

Mark Hoffmann sitting in a chair facing the desk of Scott Hanson, in Hanson's office in the Judge Building. Office is nice but not plush. Scott has a white shirt and tie. Mark is dressed casually.

MARK: "I really want to than you for letting me meet you hear today Scott....I need to ask you a HUGE favor! It's about the McLellin Collection. I need more time! We have to postpone the meeting with Elder Hughes and Elder Oatfield on the 15th."

SCOTT: "Mark...before we get to that... as you know, President Stinkley appointed me--secretly--in confidence--to authenticate the letters you're been finding and selling to the Church. Besides President Stinkley, Elder Oatfield, Elder Hughes, I'm the only other person alive he trusts enough to view photocopies of the letters you've sold to the Church."

Mark gets a little nervous, but nods yes.

SCOTT: "Before I go over my conclusions, I have to tell you...that...that about a week ago a guy called me, I don't know how he got my number, he called me and told me that...that Mark...that you're an Atheist, and that...that you've been forging the documents you'll been selling to the Church."

Mark jumps up abit in his chair and laughs nervously and says-

MARK: "C'mon Scott! EVERYBODY KNKOWS that guy's a NUT JOB! Ask anybody! The entire Mormon Underground knows it. LDS Church Security knows it! Just ask Brother Crow, chief of Church Security...."

SCOTT: "I know Mark! I know!" (pause)

Scott stands up and opens his desk drawer and takes out a photocopy of the Rigdon-Spaulding Contract (one of Mark's forgeries that he sold to the Church) and hands it to Mark.

SCOTT: "Mark, do you recognize this letter?"

Mark looks over it for about 3 seconds and says--

MARK: "Yeah! Sure! This is the contract between Sidney Rigdon and Solomon Spaulding. The Church wanted this BAD! I sold it to the Church almost...almost two years ago! You know that."

SCOTT: "You know Mark, the enemies of the Church have been looking for evidence like that letter for over 100 years now. As you know, one theory the Anti-Mormons have in regards to the origin of The Book of Mormon is that it was REALLY written by Sidney Rigdon, the advisor to Joseph Smith, based upon a manuscript by Solomon Spaulding. Rigdon and Spaulding lived in Pittsburg in the early 1800s. But... to date... nobody has found any evidence that Rigdon and Spaulding ever knew each other, or ever met each other...."

MARK: "Until this letter!"

SCOTT: (Pause...looks at Mark) "Until this letter. (pause for 2 seconds). Mark, what's the date on the letter--the business contract--between Rigdon and Spaulding. Just the year. What YEAR does the document say?"

Mark looks at the letter for about 3 seconds and says-

MARK: "Ok.....ah....1822...yep....1822!"

SCOTT: "Are you SURE it says 1822--clearly 1822 and not any other date?"

Mark looks again carefully.

MARK: "Yes! I'm sure! It says 1822 very clearly, why?"

SCOTT: "Why? That's the 64,000 question! WHY? This is WHY Mark..... (pauses and walks over to Mark and bends down and gets 8 inches from Mark's face) Mark, Solomon Spaulding DIED in 1816--SIX YEARS ___BEFORE___ he signed this contract with Sidney Rigdon!!"

Mark bulges his eyes. (Scott stands back erect and folds his arms---looks angry) Mark is shocked, squirms, nervous...nervous laugh--

MARK: "Oh! Ah! Hahahaha! Damn!...I guesss...I guess...the letter...this contract must be phoney! I must have...I must have bought a phoney contract! Man!" (shakes head back and forth)

SCOOT: "Mark, how many OTHER of your 'discoveries' are also PHONEY like this one?"

Mark starts to sweat, squirms in his chair more...


SCOTT (angry) "NONE?"

MARK: "That's what I said...NONE!"

SCOTT: "NONE MARK!?! HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THAT? How do you KNOW there are no more BOGUS letters that you're sold the Church???"

MARK: "Scott, look, I'm not the one who found this letter. It was Jake, Jake Lindy, HE found it! Not me!"

SCOTT: "But Mark, YOU claimed to have found it...PERSONALLY!"

MARK: "Ah...I know...I know, but, it wasn't me, it was Jake who found it."

SCOTT: "Mark, SOMEBODY has been FABRICATING--FORGING--many of the letters you've 'discovered' and sold to the Church. Maybe half of them. Maybe MOST of them!"

MARK: "No! No! Scott...LOOK!..."

SCOTT: NO MARK....""""YOU"""" LOOK! You'd BETTER stop BULL-SHITTING ME right here and NOW! There is no FETCHING WAY that dozens of your 'discoveries' can all be bogus, but THEY ARE! Whoever forged them KNEW how to get old paper and how to make ink look old, but he did NOT know Mormon history like "I" do Mark! (Pause) "For gosh sakes, the Church leaders don't know Mormon history like I do! Most Mormon historians don't know Mormon history like I do! (Pause) Whoever FORGED these letters you've 'found' was an EXPERT forger, no doubt about that, but 'he' was an AMATEUR Mormon historian! THEY didn't do their homework....'Mark'! Sure, they knew how to make documents look old, but...BUT...'they' didn't learn enough Mormon history---the 'DEE-TAILS' Mark! The Devil is in the 'DEE-TAILS'!"

MARK: "Scott, it wasn't me. I didn't..."

SCOTT: "C'Mon Mark....PLEASE!"

MARK: "It wasn't was..."

SCOTT: "Mark....STOP!!! (Pause). Look, do you have the McLellin Collection?"

MARK: "Ah, no, not yet. I need a little more time to close the deal--about three weeks...maybe four..."

SCOTT: "For WHAT MARK??? In order to give you enough time to creat it out of thin air??? You were supposed to sell a wealthy Mormon 'collector' the McLellin Collection in TWO DAYS--two days from TODAY, the day after tomorrow! Then the so-called 'collector' was going to donate it, secretly, to the Church, and the Church would put it in the Vault, NEVER to see the light day, right?"

Mark shakes his head up and down, then bows his head, still breathing heavily.

MARK: "Scott, please listen. It was Jacob Lindy. He's gay you know..."

SCOTT: "Ah....EVERYBODY knows that Mark--Jake's the tooth fairy!"

MARK: "Jake HATES the Church. He HATES the Church leaders. He wants to punish them for defeating the Equal Rights Amendment, and getting involved secretly in Anti-Gay politics and then lying about it publicly. I found this out a few months ago--he's been forging the documents. Pretending to find them. He confessed this to me several months ago. I didn't believe it at first...."

SCOTT: "C'mon Mark! If Jake confessed to you several months ago, then WHY didn't you tell President Stinkley?"

MARK: "Look Scott, I OWE all kinds of people---Members of the Church! Some of them are bishops and even a few Stake Presidents! I OWE ALMOST A ___MILLION___ DOLLARS! Good people! Members of the Church. I would have been ruined! The Members would have lost their investments with me! What good what it do for me to be ruined--not being able to pay back what I owe? It would have hurt a LOT of people---good people---good Mormons! Not just me! Please understand!"

SCOTT: "Mark, all I ___'understand'___ here is that the day after tomorrow, October 15th, 1985, at 10:30 am, YOU are going to meet with me, and Elder Oatfield, and Elder Hughes, inside the office of Elder Hughes at Church headquarters downtown. There, you're going to tell them what you've told me today (Mark starts to shake his head no), and later, you'll probably have to confess also to President Stinkley, whose out of the country for two weeks. If we believe you Mark. IF we believe you are sincerely remorseful, and repentent, THEN, the Brethren may forgive you and NOT excommunicate you."

MARK: "Scott--I CAN'T--I CAN'T!! I'll be RUINED! Nobody will ever trust me again! I'll lose my home, my cars, my book collection--I CAN'T LOSE THAT COLLECTION SCOTT! You're a collector--YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE BOOKS MEAN TO ME!! Scott...we....look...WE CAN HIDE THIS...."

SCOTT: "MARK...YOU ___CAN'T HIDE THAT___!!! (Points at Mark in fury...then 3 second Pause and then sits down and calms down) Look Mark! I haven't told the Brethren yet! I haven't told them that most or all the documents you've sold them are bogus. I want it to come from YOUR mouth. If it comes from you, they MIGHT forgive you if it comes from you. But, as far as your business goes--that's over with. I can't save that. My suggestion, you declare bankrupcy. Sell your books to pay off what debts you can. Move on. Look, I KNOW you love your collection! You have...what...30 books? (Mark nods yes). I have 30,000! I'm gonna have to sell MY collection because of the CFS thing! I KNOW how you feel! But you gotta do it, cuz it's the RIGHT THING to do! It's the ONLY thing to do! (pause) Do something else with your life. Move out of Utah for a few years. (pause) Look Mark, I'm TRYING to save your Church Membership here, and probably your marriage too! If you confess, and they believe you, then you probably won't be excommunicated. promises. (Pause) Mark, you gotta confess, and I mean on October 15th--to Elder Oatfield and Dler Hughes. You GOTTA tell them EVERYTHING! Don't hold anything back. I haven't told them antying yet. I want them to hear if from you. But, if you don't show up, I'll tell them everything, and you'll be excommunicated for sure!"

MARK: "I just CAN'T be exed Scott...I'll LOSE everything!"

SCOTT: "Mark...listen! Do you THINK that President Stinkley is going to excommunicate you? You KNOW him! He doesn't want the bad press! He doesn't want people asking questions! But, I can PROMISE YOU this...if you don't show up...he's GONNA excommunicate you! So, show up!" (gets up and walks behind Mark and places both hands on his shoulders) Mark--are you gonna be there?"

Mark shakes his head up and down. Scott pats Mark on the shoulder then walks slowly over to the door and opens it.

SCOTT: "Mark, we all make mistakes, but if we confess them, and truly repent of them, the Lord forgives us. I'll see you on the 15th at Elder Hughes office--10:30am--sharp!"

Hoffmann gets up, with head down, and walks out the door into the hall. Scott closes his door. Mark walks down the hall, 5th floor, Judge Building, staggering as he goes like he is drunk, with his head down like a ruined man-- hits the wall once, and gets on the elevator down (30 seconds)

Cut to Mark in his car. He is quite upset and starts to cry.

MARK: "O my God! It's's ALL OVER!!!"

Mark bangs his right hand on his steering wheel a five or six times, then puts his head down and cries. Then he lifts his head straight up jerkingly and stops crying. He seems angry. He gets on his mobile phone and calls Patrick O'Shannihan.

Cut to Patrick who is dressed in camophlage in his room and watching a video COMMANDO or some war movie. He hears his phone ring, and turns down the movie.

PATRICK: "Hello, this is agent 00197, what's the secret password?"

MARK: "Patrick, this is"

PATRICK: "I cannot continue this communication unless you give me the secret password!"


PATRICK: "Ok're in a bad mood this morning!"

MARK: "Look Patrick, do you have any more of pipe-bombs left or did we use them all during our last trip to the desert?"

PATRICK: "Yeah, we got about 2 or 3 left, why, do you wanna go out to the desert and blow up a few more junkers today?"

MARK: "Yeah, but I'm going alone today."

PATRICK: "WHAT? Why Mark? What....whud I do? Are you mad at me??"

MARK: "Patrick NO! NO! Look, I just need to be alone today ok? Look, I want you to wrap some of those concrete nails--the big ones--around one of them ok?"

PATRICK: "OOOOhhh wow! Anti-personnel weapon. All right! Can do, but I REALLY wish I could go with you! I got nothin' to do today, my Mom is out of town..."

MARK: "No Patrick. Not today! Look, if you do this thing for me, I'll take you to a strip club next time we're in New York City ok? I'll buy you TEN lab dances ok? On me! OK???. Give me all the pipes we got left ok?"

PATRICK: "Wow! Ok Mark, it'll take me about an hour or so. But I'll do it."

MARK: "Don't arm them now! I'll do that myself when I get to the desert ok?"


MARK: "Patrick, do you remember our Danite oath--to keep each other's secrets--no matter what---even in the face of torture or death!"

PATRICK: "Of course Mark!"

MARK: "Patrick, listen carefully, do you SWARE to keep your oath, and to keep OUR secrets forever--no matter what?"

PATRICK: "Mark--OF COURSE! You don't have to go over that again! We keep each other's secrets no matter WHAT! They could torture me for a month--tear off my balls with tweezers--I AIN'T NEVER TALKIN'!!!!"

MARK (releaved): "Ok Rambo ok! I believe you! You know, you're the BEST FRIEND I've EVER had---friends for life--friends forever!"

PATRICK: "Friends forever Mark!"

MARK: "Ok Patrick, I mean Agent 00197, I'll be there in a couple of hours."

PATRICK: "What's the secret Password?"

MARK: "The secret password is...SALAMANDER!"

PATRICK: "Correct! See you in two hours!"

Mark hangs up the telephone, then starts the engine and drives away like he's a bat out of hell (20 seconds)

Restaurant Sequence 10 2 Minutes.

ERIC: "So, [1]Mark drives to Patrick O'Shannahans home and gets the pipe-bombs from Patrick O'Shanahan, [2] goes back to his basement workroom and arms the pipebombs with Mercury switches he bought under the name of Mike Hansen from Radio Shack. [3] Then, at 2am on the morning of the 15th of October, 1985, he puts on blue jeans, his green letterman's jacket with no letter, and sneaks out of the house. [4] Driving his van, he goes to the home of Jerry and Katie Shears, places a pipe-bomb addressed to Jerry Shears in their driveway--[5]not knowing that Aaron Tippetts is looking at him from accross the street, and the kid has photographic memory--gets his license plate number. [6] Then, he takes another pipe-bomb--this one wrapped in 5 inch concrete nails--and goes to the Judge Building in downtown Salt Lake City. For SOME REASON--does not disguise himself[7] --gets on the elevator. Probably did NOT expect anyone to be there. Two janitors, a father and son, get on the elevator with him.[8] Hofmann gets off on the 5th floor,[9] places the bomb-package in front of Scott Christian's office, [10]then heads back down."

1. Mark meeting with Patrick and getting three pipe-bombs (8 inch pipes filled with gun-powderwith pipe-caps with wires sticking out of both ends). One pipe is wrapped in tape with concrete nails.

2. Mark in his basement connecting wires to Mercury switches.

3. Mark dressing in his living room in letter's jacket and sneaking quietly outside.

4. Mark driving in front of the Shears home, getting out, taking package from passenger side, and putting it side-way on the driveway.

5. Aaron Tippetts looking out his kitchen window.

6. Mark driving up to Judge Building, in alleyway, getting out and going into the building with the package.

7. Mark getting on elevator, then janitors getting on. Mark's face is shown this time, unshaved. He looks angry and like a zombie at the same time. He looks...possessed!

8. Mark getting off the elevator and walking down the hall.

9. Mark placing the package in front of Scott Christian's office door.

10. Mark heading back down elevator--with his head down.

11. Back to Producer.

PRODUCERS: "So...ok...that's why he kills Scott Christian. Scott has figured out the documents are forgeries--suspects Hofmann or this guy Jake Lindy--or both--and tells Hofmann he's gonna have to confess in two's all over."

ERIC: "Correct!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, but WHY did he kill Katie Shears? Whud SHE ever do to him?"

ERIC: "Easy! Hofmann knew that Scott Christian used to be partners with JERRY Shears--founder of Consolidated Financial Services--which--only a few months before--went bankrupt--loosing tens of millions of dollars. Thousands of CFS investors were PISSED--some of them wealthy men with Italian last names who lived in Las Vegas...."

PRODUCER: "Oh..ok...PERFECT! Kill Jerry Shears and the cops will think the Vegas mob did it. But poor Katie Shears just happened to pick up the package intended for her husband."

ERIC: "Exactly!"

PRODUCER: "But what about the THIRD bomb, the one that blew up Hoffmann in his car? Who was THAT meant for?"

ERIC: "Months later during Hoffmann's confession to police and the DA, he said that the third bomb was for himself, that he just couldn't live with himself anymore after killing two innocent people, and decided to commit suicide with the third bomb."

PRODUCER: "Do you believe that?" ERIC: "No! No way. Hofmann parked only two blocks away from the Crossroads Mall when the bomb went off in his car. That very moment, Brian Ash, a Mormon lawyer and avid collector of old historical documents, was on his way to the Crossroads Mall to pick up a package he thought contained old documents eft for him at a table he and Mark met at dozens of times in the previous 5 years. Brian Ash called Hofmann a few hours after the news reported that Scott Christian was killed--in the evening of October 15th, 1985."


2 Minutes.

Cut to the inside of the of the living room of Brian Ash (lawyer and wealthy Mormon collector), with all sorts of framed old documents on the walls. Expensive living room. Ash is on the phone with Mark.

ASH: "Hey Mark this is Brian, Brian Ash."

MARK: "Yes..Brother Ash, how are you doing today?"

ASH: "Well Mark, not too well! I've sure you're heard about the bombings--you probably already know about Scott Christian being killed don't you?"

MARK: "Yes! Oh is horrible! Just horrible!"

ASH: "Alot of us in the Mormon Collectors community are scared Mark. I mean, it was an open secret that Scott was appointed by President Stinkley to authentic your letters."

MARK: "Brian, I don't think so! As you know Scott was the President of Confederated Financial Systems, and Jerry Shears was the Chairman. I'm no expert, but these look like mob hits to me! I mean, rumor was that the Vegas Mob had a LOT of money invested with CFS."

ASH: "True Mark, true. Maybe your right. But, I need to ask you....Mark! We need to talk. I got a call a few weeks ago from some Church Member in California telling me that you've been forging the documents you'll selling to the Church and everybody else. I didn't believe him of course. In fact, I hung up on the guy. But.... this rumor gets out, then I won't be able to re-sell anything you've sold me. As you know, I've got about $250,000 invested in the documents you're discovered. Most of your other investors are friends of mine. We need to talk, and soon!"

Mark on his mobile phone in his car.

MARK: "Ok Brian ok! Look, the guy from California is a NUT, everybody's knows that! Don't worry about him. I've got plans for him. (Pause) Hey...I got those documents you wanted, remember? But I can't meet you as usual. I gotta meeting with Elders Oatfield and Hughes tomorrow at the Church Offices. I'll have someone drop off those documents you wanted at our usual table--next to the window- at Crossroads Mall tomorrow at 2:30pm."

ASH: "Why can't one of your assistants meet with me tomorrow?"

MARK: "Ahhhhh...can't do Brian. Can't do. They've got stuff they gotta do too. I'll have one of them leave the package on our usual table. I'll write a note on the package: DO NOT TOUCH--FOR BRIAN ASH ONLY! I'll have Jake or Patrick give the busboy $20 bucks to make sure nobody messes with it ok? Be there at 2:30pm to get it. Not before, not later."

BRIAN: "Ok Mark ok. 2:30pm. Crossroads Mall, tomorrow October 16th. Usual table. Fine. But we WILL have to have a face-to-face to discuss these rumors!"

MARK: "Absolutely Brian! Absolutely! In a few days after I clear up a few things ok?"

BRIAN: "Ok Mark, I'll be there tomorrow, 2:30pm. I sure hope nobody takes them, they're worth a LOT of money! I can't pay you anything if they get lost!"

MARK: "Don't worry Brian, they won't get lost! Nobody will take them! 2:30pm tomorrow, usually table."

BRIAN: "Ok Mark. Ok! Call me tomorrow evening!"

MARK: "Very good Brian. I'll call you tomorrow evening sometime after I meet with the Brethren."

Mark hangs up mobile phone.

Restaurant Sequence 11

0.05 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Ok, I see. So... Mark Hofmann is trying to get rid of ANYBODY who might even SUSPECT the documents are forgeries!"

ERIC: (drinks his soda shakes head affirmatively) "So, of course, Brian goes to Crossroads Mall, only two blocks from the Hoffmann car bombing, and three blocks from Mormon Church headquarters. Naturally, there is no 'package' of documents. Hofmann was on his way to deliver the package when he dropped it on his passenger seat."


1 Minute.

Food court in a mall. Table is next to a window. Mexican busboy, about 20 to 40 (doesn't matter), cleaning tables. A few other people (all white--this is Utah) eating at other tables.

Cut to Brian Ash looking on and under the table and around other tables for the package. A Mexican bus-boy goes by and Brian stops him--

BRIAN: "Say, Amigo, do you speak English?"

BUSBOY: "Jes, a liddo."

BRIAN: "Do you see a package on this table with some writing on it?"

BUSBOY: "No, no senior. Nobody seet dis tey-bool today. I heer frawm fa--eeb too-dey. Early! Nobawdee sit heer!"

Brian: "Are you SURE? Are you SURE you didn't see a package on this table--a small package. A small box or envelope?"

BUSBOY: "Si senor, I shoor! Nobody sit heer. No-ting on top! No box. No ley-traws. No-ting Senor. I shoor!"

BRIAN: "Ok, thank you".

BUSBOY: "De Nada Senor!"

The busboy walks away and cleans another able. Brian continues to frantically look around at other tables, under the table again, scratches his head and looks around.

Restaurant Sequence 12

0.05 Minutes.

ERIC: "No package!"

PRODUCER: "Why not?"

ERIC: "Because Hofmann had dropped the package, on his passenger seat, only about an hour before that!"

Car-Bombing Sequence

3 minutes.

Mark parked in his small blue sportscar (his was a Toyota--but the car can a CRX or whatever--anything small with no back seat). He is sweating. He looks in his rear view mirror and sees a metermaid. He knows he can't bring the package for Brian out yet. He gets out and goes into the Deseret Gym and drinks a little water from a fountain. Puts water into his hand and washes his face. He goes back out and crosses the street without looking. A car SLAMBS on its breaks, and honks his horn.

HONKING MAN: "Watch where's you're walking next time buddy!"

Mark pays no attention, is like a zombie. He opens the car door, puts his left knee on the driver's seat, reaches into the back, grabs the the package (addressed: "DO NOT TOUCH! TO: Brian Ash"). He SLOWLY brings the package to the front when a disembodied whispery Voice says: "MAAAAARRRRRRRK". He is STARTLED and drops the package...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!! Hofmann flies through the air in slow motion.

Restaurant Sequence 13

0.20 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Mark Hofmann dropped the pipe-bomb package meant for Brian Ash! Lucky Brian Ash!"

ERIC: "Not too lucky!"

PRODUCER: "What do you mean?"

ERIC: "I'll tell you! Anyway, after Hoffmann blows himself up, and he recovers for a few weeks, he calls up Brian Ash and says--


1 Minute.

Mark sitting in his living room recovering. Clean of blood, but right-hand bandaged, forehead with bandage, right leg in cast with pillows propping up his leg. He is on his land-line telephone (in Mark's left hand) with Brian Ash (who still has no idea that Hoffmann wanted him dead).

MARK: "Look, Brian, I'm TELLING you! Somebody is trying to kill ANYBODY associated with the McLellin Collection! An old pick-up truck follow me for THREE DAYS! I think that nut from California--the ones whose been bad mouthing me for the past few years--I think HE might be behind this! I think he's here in Salt Lake! I think he's the one whose been following me around."

ASH: "I'm telling you Mark, everybody in the Mormon Underground is as [1]scared as HELL! They're all leaving Salt Lake City for destinations unknown. They think this nut from California is here in Utah trying to kill anybody associated with you."[2]

1. Scenes of various people packing anything they can and trying to escape before they are bombed as well.

2. Back to Mark Hoffmann living room, Mark on telephone.

MARK: "Brian, I think you need to get yourself and your family out of Salt Lake City for awhile. There's no telling what this NUT will do next!"

ASH: "Already done Mark! Unfortunely, I gotta stay here for business reasons, but I've sent my children down to stay with relatives in San Diego, until this NUT can be found and arrested. I hope it's soon! I can't believe I almost believed that NUT when he told me you were forging the documents! I really have to apologize to you!"

MARK: "Accepted Brian! Fully accepted! We'll talk later, Goodbye!"

Mark hangs up phone, and wipes his face (covered in sweat). Back to restaurant.

Restaurant Sequence 14

0.35 Minutes.

Eric: "After Mark spread that rumor about a mad Mormon bomber, [1] dozens of people, perhaps tens of dozens, members of the Mormon Underground, members of the Mormon collectors community, all FLED their homes and got out of Utah as fast as they could!" [2] 1. SF--scenes of people fleeing madly in their cars.

2. Back to Producer.

Producer: "They believed Hofmann. He lied again! And they all believed him...again!"

Eric: "Of course! Brian Ash stayed in Utah because of his work, [1] but he sent his family to live with relatives in San Diego. The first Sunday there, his 10 year old son was out riding his bike. He was hit by a car and killed."

1. scene of a 10 year old boy riding his bike on a street in San Diego, but a car comes around the corner and and hits the boy (do not show boy hit, but camera approaches as if it is the car and child screams then back to restaurant).

Producer: "Oh my God! Poor guy! Not TOO lucky I guess! All because he believed Hofmann's lies. Where were YOU at this time?"

ERIC: "I was still in California, working at an all-night gas station. I decided to try, ONE MORE TIME, to convince the Church that Hoffmann was the enemy and not me."


1 Minute.

Cut to scene of Eric at his home--wearing a mechanics shirt with car-oil stains and "Eric" on it, (day) on the telephone with the chief of Mormon Church security MARTIN CROW.

CROW: "Brother Stevenson, everything is under control. The Church is in no danger from conspirators! Brother Hoffmann is a VICTIM, not the perpetrator of these bombings!"

ERIC: "Brother Crow. PLEASE listen to me! Mark Hoffmann is the bomber! He FORGED these documents in order to make money and make the Church look bad! Please believe me! You're the head of Church Security! Didn't you look into Hoffmann--have someone investigate him--during the five years he sold documents to the Church?"

CROW: "I see. Ok. Well, Brother Stevenson. If Hoffmann is the killer and forger as you say, why couldn't the Brethren discern him? These men are Men of God? Had they ASKED me to investigate him, then we would have. But they didn't ask. Do you know WHY they didn't ask Brother Stevenson? Because...they are Prophets, Seers, Revelators! They have the Spirit or Discernment. Nobody can lie to these men about anything! They'd be detected IMMEDIATELY! (snapes his finger) You're a Member of the Church. You KNOW that! If what you are saying is true, then WHY couldn't THEY discern him on day one? Brother Stevenson, I'd like to ask you: Why are YOU seeing things here NOBODY ELSE is able to see? Not even the Prophets of God?"

ERIC: "Look! I don't know why! All I know is that a Voice told me back in 1982 that Hoffmann was a liar and atheist. He planted the bombs! He forged the documents!"

CROW: "A.....Voice????"

ERIC: "Yes! A voice. An audible disembodied voice."

CROW: "I SEEEE..... Well! Brother Stevenson, have you ever considered seeking professional help? You know, there are medications that can help you STOP hearing those voices! Maybe you should speak to your Bishop, he might be able to help you by recommending...."

Cut to Eric looking shocked and slowly hanging up the telephone with a look of semi-shock on his face.

Restaurant Sequence 15

0.25 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Wow! So, in other words, you're a NUT because you hear voices."

ERIC: "Exactly! Only the Prophets of the Church can hear the Voice of God. Anyone ELSE who claims to hear voices, is, either lying or crazy. That's how they think."

PRODUCER: "Ok, so on the 16th of October, 1985, Hofmann drops his own bomb--meant for Brian Ash. Then what?"

ERIC: "Hofmann is rushed to the hospital with serious but not fatal injuries. The newspapers and TV were already reporting that the suspect in the Judge Building bombing the day before--on the 15th--was a white male--about 5'10"--dark brown hair--wearing a green letterman's jacket with no letter. Well, some 'anonymous caller' called this reporter, Larry Larter, at the Salt Lake Herald...with a tip-"

Don Race Sequence

4 Minutes.

Newsroom of the "Salt Lake Herald" (fictional newspaper based on the Salt Lake Tribune). 2 or 3 other journalists, typing on old computer terminals (1985) or electric typwriters. Newsroom with desks, telephones, etc. Spartan living room with TV, telephone, couch, coffee-table. Larter is working at his desk, his line rings. He picks it up.

LARTER: "Hi, this is Larry Larter! What?.....the car-bombing on 200 North...right? Yeah! (Larter begins to take notes) REALLY?......REALLY?.....and Mark Hofmann is WHO now?.....o.k....right....Anton Transcript......Salamander Letter.....WHAT? You think this guy? letterman's jacket with no letter.....I see. So, he BLEW HIMSELF UP?.....o.k.....o.k...No, I will! And YOUR NAME is.....oh....o.k......ok...thank you. Bye!"

Larry shakes his head and hangs us. Don Race is across from Don at another desk, and hears the conversation is is curious. Don looks at Larry and says:

RACE: "Who was that?"

LARTER: "Oh, just some nut! He claims that the guy who got car bombed on 200 North earlier today--this guy Mark Hofmann--blew HIMSELF up! Says Hofmann was the suspect at the Judge Building bombing--that he always wears a green letterman's jacket with no letter. Geesh! HEY! I'm gonna go get some you want some?" DON RACE: "No thanks. I'm good!"(thinks for a moment then goes over and reads Larter's notes--quickly). Then goes back to his desk and calls Detective Ringer.

Cut to Detective Ringer is in a Intensive Care Unit hallway of LDS Hospital, just outside the room where Mark Hoffmann is hooked up to monitors. His mobile phone rings and he answers it.

Cut to Don Race at his desk in the Tribune newsroom.

DON RACE: "Is this Detective Ringer? Bill, hi! This is Don Race at the Herald. Yeah! Yeah! I know! Look! Look! I know you're extremely busy, but I just got a tip--did you know that Mark Hofmann--the latest bombing victim-- always wears a green letterman's jacket without the letter? (Pause) Yeah, just like the suspect in the Judge Building bombing. Yes! Yep! Sorry man, can't reveal my sources! Hope this can help! Uh huh! If I hear anything else, I'll let you know! And, hey, do me a favor ok? I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine ok! I mean...I give you some good tips and you keep me informed on what's going on in the bombing investigation ok? Confidential of course! I NEVER reveal my sources to anyone! Never! Not even under court order! Never! Ok? Deal? You have my number right? Yeah. Don Race, Salt Lake Herald. Ok.... Yeah! I will! Hope you hear from you soon! Thanks, bye."

Don Race hangs up and smacks is own hands and rubs them like 'Yeah! I gotta exclusive now!'

Hospital Sequence

3 Minutes.

Detective Ringer turns off his mobile phone and puts it in his pocket (not a cell--this is 1985 but large mobile phone). He is standing in the hallway in the Intensive Care Unit outside of a room where Mark Hofmann is hooked up to all sorts of monitors. A nurse comes out of the room.

RINGER: "Hon! Look, I REALLY need to speak with Hofmann now!"

NURSE: "Ok, but only for a minute!" (she leads him in to see Hofmann, who lying on a hospital bed,is bloody. His right hand is bandaged, tips missing from some of fingers on his right hand. His head is bandaged (large gash on forehead). His right leg is being held, and his right knee is blown off but they have not bandaged it because they need to operate on it soon. Mark can barely hear in his right ear.

Detective Ringer bends down to Mark's right ear.

RINGER: "Mark! Mark? Can you hear me? I'm Detective Ringer with the Salt Lake Police Department. I'd like to ask you a few questions."

MARK: "Awwwww! You need to speak loader, I can't hear in that ear too well." (Ringer goes to his left ear)

RINGER: "I'm Detective Ringer with the Salt Lake Police, can I ask you a few questions?"

MARK: "Go ahead!"

RINGER: "Mark, do you know who did this to you? Do you know anybody who'd want to hurt you?"

MARK: "No!...No! I don't know anybody."

RINGER: "Mark, where you planning to meet anyone this morning? What did you do this morning? Where did you go?"

MARK: " wasn't planning to meet anyone this morning. I was, I was, this morning? I was just driving around."

RINGER: "Where were you going?"

MARK: "Nowhere, I was just driving around!"

RINGER: "What for?"

MARK: "No reason. I just needed to think."

RINGER: "Do you remember the bomb going off? What were were doing there?"

MARK: "I...I...I went to Deseret Gym to get a drink of water. I came out and got back into my car and sat down, and I noticed...I noticed there was a brown package on the passenger seat propped-up against the stick shift. I...I never saw it before. I was going to grab it, but I closed my door, and the package fell on the floor...on the passenger side floor, and that's all I remember. I remember a bright flash and a huge noise, but I can't remember anything after that. That's what happened."

RINGER: "And you NEVER saw that package before?"

MARK: "No, never!"

RINGER: "And you say you reached for the package and grabbed it and it fell on the passenger side floor and exploded?"

MARK: "No! No! I never touched it! When I closed the door, the package fell on the floor, on the passenger side floor, then it went off! I don't remember anything after that."

RINGER: "Mark, how did the package get into your car? Was your car unlocked?"

MARK: "Ah, ah....yes, YES! I just went into the Deseret Gym to get a drink of water. I was only gone minute...maybe two. I...I...didn't bother to lock the car. It's a good area, only a block or two from Church headquarters, so, I didn't bother to lock my car door (gives a fake smile and looks at Ringer) pretty stupid of me wasn't it?"

RINGER: "Mark, you need to think VERY carefully. Do you know of anyone, anyone at all who may be angry at you, who might want to hurt you or kill you? Think before you respond?"

MARK: "No! No! I told you already! Nobody!"

Ringer stands straight up and looks as if he begins to suspect Mark is lying to him. He grits his teeth and bends down to speak into Mark's left ear again and says:

RINGER: "Mark, listen to me. Do you own a green high school letterman's jacket with no letter on it?"

Mark's eyes BULGE open huge, and starts shaking. Suddenly the hospital monitors start going crazy, and the nurse walks in saying:

NURSE: "Sir, officer, I'm going to have to ask you to LEAVE NOW!"

RINGER: "Mark! Mark! I think YOU did it! I think YOU are the one who made the bombs!"

MARK: "NO! NO! I didn't do it! You got the wrong guy (bells and whistles of machines going crazy---Mark is shaking and extremely agitated) I'm innocent! I'm innocent!"

NURSE: "DETECTIVE PLEASE...I won't ask you again! LEAVE NOW!" (points to the door)

Ringer starts to walk out, but turns around and says to the nurse with a smile or grin.

RINGER: "That's ok hon, you patch him up, and we'll stand him up and execute him!"

Gary Naylor Sequence

4 Minutes.

DET. RINGER shows up at the Mark Hoffmann car-bombing scene. Burned out Hoffmann car, fire-trucks, fireman washing down the car, some people observing the scene. GARY NAYLOR (ATF agent) runs into the scene toward a fireman washing down the car and says:

NAYLOR: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Pal! Don't wash that down anymore ok! You might be washing away evidence. I need that! Do me a favor ok? The fire is out already!" (the fireman shakes his head in agreement and turns off the hose)

Naylor goes over to Det. Barns and says:

NAYLOR: "I LOVE the smell of gun-powder in the morning!"

BARNS: "It ain't morning Gary! It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon!"

NAYLOR: "Well..WHO CARES? You know what I mean!"

Detective Ringer approaches Det. Barns and Agent Naylor and says:

RINGER: "I just spoke to Hoffmann at LDS Hospital. He's in BAD shape, but they think he'll live. NAYLOR: "What are his injuries?"

RINGER: "Oh, lacerated forehead, the tips of a couple of fingers on his right hand blow off, his right kneecap totally blown away, right ear no good, some other cuts and bruises!" (Naylor nods and thinks)

BARNS: "What do ya think?" (to Ringer)

RINGER: "Well, I think he's dirty! In fact, I KNOW he's dirty! I gotta tip from a reporter at the Herald that Hoffmann owns a green letterman's jacket with no letter."

BARNS: "Just like the suspect at the Judge Building bombing!?!"

RINGER: "Uh! Huh!"

BARNS: "Did Hoffmann tell you what happened?"

RINGER: "Yeah! He said that he went into Deseret Gym across the street here (points toward Gym) to get a drink of water. He came back to his car, which was unlocked, and noticed a package on the front seat leaned up against the stick shift. He shuts his door and the package falls on the floor on the passenger side, and explodes."

NAYLOR: "You SURE he told you that!"

RINGER: "Sure I'm sure Naylor, I'm NOT making this stuff up as I go along!"

NAYLOR: "Then you're got your bomber!"

Detectives look at each other, then at Naylor.

BARNS: "Gary, how SURE are you?"

NAYLOR: "Look Barns, I'm Gary FUCKIN' Naylor! I've worked for ATF for the last 20 years Ok? I've seen more bombs, or what's left of 'em, than a 80 year old whore's seen cocks! I KNOW what the Hell I'm talking about! Look....the driver's door was OPEN when the explosion occurred, otherwise the victim would have been blown through the roof of the car! Seen it a thousand times! The driver's door was OPEN when the bomb went off, and the victim had the bomb in his RIGHT HAND (Naylor mocks his right hand as it holding a bomb) when it went off! The victim here, what's his name?"

RINGER: "Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann!"

NAYLOR: "This Mark Hoffmann guy DID IT! I'm telling you, his STORY he told of what happened DID NOT HAPPEN! You're got your bomber! (1 sec. pause..Naylor looks at detectives, and they look at each other) Look, here's what REALLY happened ok? [1] Hoffmann comes back to his car and opens the driver's door, but he doesn't sit down. [2] He leans on one knee--his right knee-- upon the driver's seat, [3] and with his right hand grabs the package in the rear area, [4] then slowly brings it forward to the the front, but the fool drops it! [5 maintain for 5 seconds] [6]It has a mercury switch, which means when the bomb is tipped the mercury travels from one connection to the other, making an electrical circuit, and detonating the bomb! [6]

1. Hoffmann walks across street toward car and almost gets hit, guy honks and sticks his head out and yells at Hofmann (this flashback is silent) Hoffmann walks and look like a zombie.

2. Hoffmann opens the door and leans upon his right knee on the driver's seat.

3. Hoffmann reaches into the back and grabs the package with his right hand with his left hand on the steering wheel, and very carefully and slowly brings the package to the front.

4. While Hoffmann holds the package he uses his left hand to tie two wires that are sticking out together (which arms the switch) looks around to see if anybody is looking at him. Suddenly, a whispery bodinless Voice says "Mark!". This startles Mark who looks around franticly to see who called his name, and he drops the package (with the pipe-bomb inside).

5. (NOT silent) Slow motion of Hoffmann accidently dropping the bomb, the package falls onto the passenger seat (not floor). This is NOT a silent flashback, but one can hear the explosion in slow motion for 5 seconds as Hoffmann is blown out of his car into the air and lands 3 yards away into the street.

6. (NOT silent) Slow motion of the explosion and Mark slowly flying through the air and the car coming apart. This flashback is not silent--loud explosion.

Cut back to Hofmann car explosion scene exterior day, Naylor, Barns, and Ringer still talking.

NAYLOR: "He HAD to be holding the bomb with his right hand, that explains the missing finger-tips. And his KNEE had to be facing the bomb, that explains the missing kneecap!"

RINGER: "What do you think happened? If this guy builds bombs he's supposed to be super-careful. Why did his drop his bomb! He should have known better!"

NAYLOR: "Who knows? Call it bad luck. Call it an act of God, but, I guarantee you, you've GOT your serial bomber!"

BARNS: "Great! Fantastic! Now, all we gotta do is prove it!"

NAYLOR: "I'll do my part! You just make sure nobody gets in my way" (he walks away toward the burned-out car, as he walks toward the car he turns around and says):

NAYLOR: "HEY! You guys can start helping by grabbing some evidence bags (Naylor gives detectives one evidence bag each) and pick up EVERYTHING you see in the gutter and around the blast area. Hopefully there's something left, if these fuckin' firemen haven't washed it all away by now!"

Det. Barns heads toward the gutter on one side of Hofmann's burned-out/wet vehicle and starts looking around. Ringer walks a few steps, and his mobile phone rings.

RINGER: "Yeah, this is Ringer! What????? Yes, the Judge Building bombing yes!.....ok.......yeah....(Ringer waves Barns to come over and takes out his notepad and begins to write franticly) Yeah! Scott Christian was appointed by who?.........yeah.....and he knew Hofmann.....yeah......yeah....selling what?......a McLellin Collection...How do you spell that? Ok.......ok........what is what? Elder Hughes--like in Howard? Ok...ok......yeah......yeah....ok......Yeah...who is this.....ok.....yeah......yeah.......ok.....OK Please do!" (hangs up mobile phone)

BARNS: "Who was that?"

RINGER: "Some guy calling himself DEEP THROAT! Said he heard about the Judge Building and Shears bombings yesterday on the news and has information about says that this Mark Hofmann guy was at a meeting today with Church leaders at Mormon Church headquarters--had a meeting with this Elder Hughes, and that Scott Christian was appointed by the Church to authenticate something called the McLellin Collection--something Hofmann was supposed to give to Elder Hughes at Church headquarters yesterday. Said it's all conntected to the bombings."

BARNS: "Anything else?"

RINGER: "Nope! He said he'd call me again."

BARNS: "Well...we're only two blocks away from Mormon Church headquarters. Let's go talk to this Elder Hughes guy!"


4.30 Minutes.

Character: Elder Pinnacle Hughes, a Seventy (deputy Apostle), has an MBA from Harvard, takes care of "confidential financial matters" for the Church (i.e. hush money and pay-offs and secret paperless loans from Beehive State Bank). Age is about 50 to 55. Always has a smile on his face. Based upon Elder Hugh Pinnock (now deceased), the man who secured a paperless secret loan for Mark Hofmann for $185,000 from First Interstate Bank (now defunct). Detectives Ringer and Barns.

Location: Interior day. Office of Elder Hughes, inside the First Presidency Building. Small but well furnished. Has a photo of President Stinkley and Joseph Smith behind his desk. Harvard MBA diploma on wall.

RINGER (looking at an MBA from Harvard diploma on the wall with "Pinnacle C. Hughes" written on it): "MBA from Harvard. You must be proud of that Elder Hughes."

HUGHES: "Well, that was a LONG time ago! I'm much more proud to be a humble servant of the Lord here in Salt Lake City, working for the Lord's true Church."

Ringer goes and sits down.

BARNS: "Elder Hughes, do you know a man named Mark Hofmann?"

HUGHES: "Mark Hufmann?"

RINGER: "Hofmann! You know, the guy who was blown up in his car a few hours ago...two blocks from here?"

HUGHES (thinking hard): " detectives! (smiling) Sorry, I don't know him! Was he the one killed in the car explosion next to Deseret Gym?"

RINGER: "He's not least not yet."

BARNS: "Elder Hughes, we just came from Elder Oatfields' office--your boss down the hall-he told us that you KNOW Mark Hofmann."

HUGHES: "OH!!! ohhhhhh...You mean THAT Mark Hofmann! (looks shocked) Well....yes...was HE the one that was blown up?"

RINGER: "He's the one!"

HUGHES: "Oh my....... I'm in....detectives...I'm in SHOCK! I had NO IDEA you were talking about that Mark Hofmann! Sure, I....sure...Mr. Hofmann and I have had several meetings about his selling some old documents to a friend of mine--a wealthy Member of the Church whose a collector of old Mormon documents. Yes!"

BARNS: "Tell us about that please!"

HUGHES: "Alright. Ah...where do I start? Oh yes! So, this fellow, Mark Hofmann, comes in to see me about selling this collection of old documents to the Church. So, I go over to Elder Oatfield's office--he's my immediately supervisor--and I ask Elder Oatfield, this guy wants to sell the Church some old Mormon documents, do we want them? And Elder Oatfield tells me, No, the Church doesn't want to buy them. So, I tell this fellow, Hey, sorry, the Church doesn't want to buy them. And the fellow says, Do you know anybody who may want to buy them? So, I think for a moment, and I tell him, Yes, I have a wealthy Member of the Church whose a collector of old Mormon documents, maybe HE would be interested. So, I call up my friend."

RINGER: "What's the NAME of this wealthy Mormon collector?"

HUGHES: "Oh....ah.......Theodore Barlow the Third...the owner of the Barlow Buy-Low supermarket chain in all 50 states and Puerto Rico."

The detectives look at each other like 'wow...we're impressed'.

HUGHES: Anyway, I call up Brother Barlow , and say, Hey, there's a young man in my office selling old Mormon documents, are you interested, and Brother Barlow says, maybe. So, I gave Brother Barlow this fellow's phone number, and the young man left. That is all....all I can tell you. That's all that happened."

BARNS: "Was the collection Hofmann was selling called the McLellin Collection?"

HUGHES (thinks hard) "Hmmmmmm....maybe....McEwen?"

BARNS: "McLellin!"

HUGHES: "Oh...yes...McLellin. That does SOUND familiar, but, of course, I can't be sure. I was sort of acting as go-between between this fellow---Hufmann..."

RINGER: "HOFmann!"

HUGHES: "Right...Hofmann. I was sort of acting as a go-between between Hofmann and my friend--Theo Barlow--my friend from Harvard. It was a personal--non-Church-related thing. Just doing a favor for a friend--my friend--Brother Barlow."

RINGER: "Elder Hughes, do you think that the bombings last week had anything to do with a certain McLellin Collection?"

HUGHES: "Oh! NO! No!No!No! I can ASSURE you officers that the bombings were NOT related to that! I'm convinced the bombings were CFS related--Confederated Financial Systems--Scott Christian and Jerry Shears ran that company for years before it went bankrupt a few months ago."

BARNS: "Was Mark Hofmann connected to Confederated Financial in some fashion that you are aware of?"

HUGHES: "Hmmmmm, I wouldn't know that. I...I only met the man once or twice. Really don't know anything about him, other than that he's a dealer in old Mormon documents. I'm sure that the bombings are related to CFS. That Hofmann is also a victim...well...I can't explain it."

RINGER: "We've heard that Scott Christian and Mark Hofmann knew each other, and that Scott Christian was appointed by President Stinkley to authentic certain old Mormon documents that Hofmann was selling to the Church. Can you confirm that?"

Elder Hughes slowly puts his feet on his desk, and folds his hands into a praying position under his chin.

HUGHES: "Officers....Detectives...I can state to you...UNEQUIVOCALLY...that President Stinkley did NOT appoint Scott Christian to anything. I knew Scott. He was a bishop in the Church until a short while ago. I used to buy suits from Scott when he worked for his father at his father's clothing store across the street from here. I was at his Mission Farewell, before he went on his mission to Australia. His death last week was a HORRIBLE shock. But, again, Scott Christian was NOT appointed by President Stinkley to do anything, but be a bishop in this Church. I knew Katie Shears too. Jerry Shears and I were college roommates when I attended the University of Utah many years ago--before I went to Harvard. Very sad...very sad indeed!"

BARNS: "Can we meet with President Stinkley?"

HUGHES (staightens up) "Unfortunately no. President Stinkley is out of the country for another week or so. I'll make sure he knows you wish to speak with him when he returns."

RINGER: "Elder Hughes, we have heard from our sources that Mark Hofmann had quite a few meetings with President Stinkley over the years."

HUGHES (smiling and shaking his head): "! Never! You see detectives, people meet me here in this little office. Then they go home and tell people 'I've met with President Stinkley'. You know, they don't want to tell people that they've met with little old Elder Pinnacle Hughes! I'm a NOBODY! I'm....way...way down on the totem pole! So, they make up stories. I can ASSURE YOU that this---Huffmann..."


HUGHES: "Right...I can ASSURE both of you that this fellow has NEVER met with President Stinkely! Now, can I help you detectives with anything else?"

Both detectives get on their feet.

BARNS: "No, but we may have to interview again."

HUGHES (smiling): "I'm always here! (he gets up and shakes the detectives hands and walks them to the door) So please to meet both of you! May the Lord bless you in your search."

Hughes closes the door, walks back FAST to his desk and punches a button (speed dial):

HUGHES (very aggitated): "Hello Theo? Theo! This is Pinnacle. Listen to me, don't ask questions. Get on a plane and go to Rio for the next few weeks. Why? I'll explain later. can consider this coming from President Stinkley himself! Two Salt Lake detectives want to talk to you about Hofmann and the McLellin thing. DO ___NOT___ talk to them! Tell them to speak to your attorney ok? No, no, you're NOT in trouble. Just DON'T talk to these clowns ok? Just go! Thank you. Thank you. The Lord is going the bless you for this. Thanks. I will. Goodbye!"

Hughes hangs up and punches another number.

HUGHES (nervously tapping the fingers of his left hand on his desk): "Elder Oatfield. Yes, I spoke to them. They left already. Elder...WHAT did you tell those idiots?"

Cut to Detectives outside of First Presidency building.

RINGER: "Man...that Hughes guy is one bull-shitter isn't he?"

BARNS: "Wow! But, before we can pursue this McLellin deal thing, we need to follow the book."

RINGER: "Friends and family interviews."

BARNS: "Yep! Let's hope Deep Throat calls you back!"

The men walk off as if to their vehicle.

The John Galt Sequences

NOTE: The John Galt Sequences includes the Mark-Jill-Car Sequence

8 Minutes.

Cut to JOHN GALT, roommate with Mark Hoffmann for four years at Utah State University in Logan. He's dressed in a shirt and tie, nice slacks. He's speaking to the two detectives in a lunch room (i.e. the office he works at). Galt has a soda and a muffin in front of him, half eaten.

GALT: "Sure, you can say Mark and I were friends. Not close friends, but I don't think Mark ever had CLOSE friends, if you know what I mean?"

BARNS: "Thanks John for meeting with us during your lunch hour, we appreciate it."

GALT: "Like I said, no problem! When I heard Mark was blow up in his car--Man--it was like...'I' was BLOWN AWAY!"

BARNS: "Mr Galt, how long did you know Mark Hoffmann?"

GALT: "Ever since high school--Mount Olympus High School in Salt Lake. We had tract together, sometimes ran together after school. Mark's parents wanted Mark to go to Brigham Young University, but I convinced Mark we'd have more fun at Utah State in Logan. BYU is know...stuffy. Too many rules."

RINGER: "John, what can you tell us about Mark. About his...personality?"

GALT: "Well, the guy was nice enough. He had abit of a temper sometimes, but, usually really nice. He...he was actually a pretty much of a loner. I mean, he never talked about his feelings much."

BARNS: "Mr. Galt. Did you know that Mark was an Atheist at this time, and didn't believe in the Church?"

GALT: "Oh sure! Yeah, most of the people Mark hung around with knew that, but, you know, hey, this is Utah! If you're a Mormon in Utah, you gotta play the know what I mean? You know, like the saying goes: 'Whoever thou art, play well thy part!' And Mark played it well, better than most."

RINGER: "John, did Mark EVER talk to you or in front of you about making pipe-bombs, or, did he ever talk about forging documents during the time you knew him?"

GALT: "Wow! No!....Wait! He...he had another friend, [1] Patrick O'Shannihan, yeah. We called him Rambo [2] because he liked to go out into the desert and shoot guns and blow up things. Yeah, he was a weird guy. Most people just laughed at him. He thought he was James Bond or something. [3] He always like to read Soldier of Fortune magazine. Most of us just steared clear of Patrick, but not Mark. [4] I mean, Mark was the only one who paid any attention to him, and that meant alot to Patrick, so, yeah, they hung out alot. [5] I think he and Mark made some kind of bombs, small ones, and went out into the desert sometimes and set them off in old abandoned cars and things, [6] just for the kick I guess. You know."

1. Patrick O'Shannihan. Fat Pillsbury Dough-boy type, dressed in white shirt and tie.

2. Patrick dressed like Rambo running out in the desert shooting a UZI (or tech-9 or whatever).

3. Patrick in bed, naked from the waste up, reading a Soldier of Fortune, the camera goes up, and the audience is led to believe that Patrick might be masturbating (this is NOT shown) while he's reading Soldier of Fortune in bed.

4. Mark and Patrick, dressed in regular clothing, with backpacks, on a college campus, talking near a tree.

5. Mark and Patrick in the desert shooting semi-automatics and blowing up abandoned cars and laughing and hi-fiving.

6. Back to Galt with the the detectives writing notes.

BARNS: "What about forgery? Did Mark ever talk about forging documents?"

GALT: "No, no, not that I...wait...wait...I remember he used to like to read this book. What was the name? What WAS the name? It was by this guy...Wallace, Mike Wallace...NO! NO! Irving yeah! Irving Wallace! It was called, yeah, it was called....THE WORD. That's right...THE WORD. IT was about this French dude who forged something, and how he went to the Devil's Island, I can't remember. I'd see him read that alot! I mean, he must have read that book 100 times! He seemed to almost WORSHIP that book! He tried to get me to read that book once, but it would put me to sleep. So I gave it back to him."

BARNS: "Oh right! THE WORD by Irving Wallace. About an ingenious forger who tries to get rich by extorting the Catholic Church with his forgeries."

Ringer looks at Barns all amazed.

RINGER: "You read books! I'm impressed!"

GALT: "Hey, Detectives, I was Mark's friend sure, but we really weren't that close. Mark's best friends were Patrick O'Shannahan and this guy named Jake Lindy. Both of them worked for Mark--he hired them to help him find old Mormon documents after tht Anton Transcript thing."

RINGER: "What can you tell us about this--Jake Lindy."

GALT: "Well...he's gay. [1]I mean, it's no big secret really. It's pretty obvious. I mean, the way he talks and acts--and the ear-ring--pretty wild for Utah."[2]

1. Jake Lindy at a gay bar (presumably New York City) sipping a drink, approached by another gay man, they talk.

2. Back to Ringer.

BARNS: "Did Mark have a lot of gay friends?"

GALT: "! You know...this is Utah. Most people who are gay here don't let others know--unless they're gay too I guess. But, Jake didn't care. He wasn't hiding it like others do."

RINGER: "You know how we can contact Jake and Patrick."

GALT: "Yeah, I got their numbers at home somewhere. I'll call you later after I get home and give 'em to you."

RINGER: "Can you think of anybody else we need to speak with--people who would know Mark intimately?"

GALT: "Well--there's Mark's girlfriend when he was at Utah State."

BARNS: "We've already spoken with Molly Hofmann."

GALT: "No, not her! I meant Jill....Jill Everhard."

RINGER: "Jill Everhard?"

GALT: "That's right! [1] She was a student at Utah State too, and belonged to the same student Ward as Mark and I. Everybody called her JILL THE THRILL! [2] Man! All the guys wanted her, but Mark got her, and I mean...he GOT HER all the time!"[3]

1. Absolutely GORGEOUS tall dark-haired white women, dressed sexy but conservative, standing in a doorway. An absolute 10!!!

2. Mark and Jill having sex (simulated of course)

3. Back to lunch room.

BARNS: "You mean, they had a sexual relationship?"

GALT: "All the time! [1] I mean, I wound-up sleeping in the living room half the time because Jill and Mark would be banging away in the bedroom like there was no tomorrow." [2]

1. Mark and Jill having sex in Mark's bed in the bedroom he shared with Galt, some nudity, simulated sex (of course).

2. Back to the lunch room.

RINGER: "But...wasn't Mark an active Mormon? A returned missionary? I thought Mormons weren't supposed to have sex--no kind of sex at all-- before getting married in a Mormon Temple?"

Galt smiles and shakes his head.

BARNS: "Mr. Galt, Detective Ringer didn't grow up in the Church nor in Utah, why don't you...take a moment to fill him in!"

GALT: "Sure, sure! You see, Mormons aren't supposed to have sex at all before marriage--nothing, not even, well, not even jacking-off. But....most Mormon guys--90% of them at least-- don't pay ANY attention to that! They don't pay any attention the no-sex-before-marriage thing! I mean, sure, with the gal you intend to marry--to take to the Temple--sure--you're moral and all with her. Mark dated Molly Gold--his future wife--for a few years. [1] He's take Molly to Church on Sunday, [2] and go out for icecream or a movie on Friday or Saturday night, but, on the other nights, [3] he had Jill Everhard for his fun girl." [4]

1. Mark in suit with Molly, in a sun-dress, at Church singing with hymn books.

2. Mark and Molly eating ice-cream at an ice-cream parlor.

3. Mark in his car with Jill in his lap with her head popping up and down (simulated oral sex)

4. Back to Galt living room.

RINGER (looks confused): "Fun girl?"

Barns shakes his head and smiles.

GALT: "Ok, your E.C. is your Eternal Companion. That is the girl you're gonna take to the Temple--the girl you're gonna marry. You stay moral with her, because--you have to be moral to get sealed in the Temple--and, to become a God in the eternities--you have to be sealed in a Mormon Temple."

RINGER: "What does SEALED me?"

GALT: "Ok, to be SEALED means that [1] this Mormon High Priest, called a SEALER--using his Priesthood authority he received from the Prophet--[2]he places his right hand on the head of the guy getting married, and he places his left hand on the head of the girl getting married, and pronounces some secret words, and that SEALS them to eternal marriage, meaning [3]IF they are faithful to the Church all their lives, they will be married in heaven, and become a God and Goddess, and create their own worlds, and have spirit-children to populate those worlds. That's what SEALING in the Temple means."

1. SF--old white man in all-white business suit.

2. SF--young white couple, in Temple Clothing (special clothing Mormons wear in Temples), kneeing at an altar, while the Sealer has his hands on thier heads pronouncing words.

3. Back to lunch room.

RINGER: "Ok, pretty strange. But, ok. So, Mark is banging this gal Jill, but why not Molly too. Why? Why not bang both of them?"

GALT: "No! No! That won't work! You see, you ALWAYS STAY MORAL with your E.C., you don't get sex from her. She's your Eternal Companion. She's the girl you're gonna go to the Temple with and get Sealed with. With HER, you gotta be moral! That's why you need a fun girl on the side---a girl to take care of your needs. You marry your E.C., but you have fun with your fun girl."

RINGER: "I see. So, Molly Gold was Mark's E.C. and Jill Everhard was his Fun Girl."

GALT: "Yeah, sure, but Mark brokes the rule." RINGER: "What rule?"

GALT: "The rule that says--don't fall in love with your fun girl."

RINGER: "And Mark fell in love with Jill Everhard?"

GALT: "OH YEAH! I mean, head over heels! I mean, she's stunningly beautiful! He fell in love and asked her to marry him--

Cut to car scene, night, Mark and Jill. Day. Mark has a wedding ring in his pocket (concealed). They are dressed in their Sunday best.

MARK: "Jill, you know I'm going to become a doctor, an M.D., a plastic surgeon. You know I'll be able to support us and our kids."

JILL: "Yes Mark, that's what attracted me to you Mark, your sense of ambition! Oh...a DOCTOR...won't that be FANTASTIC!"

Takes out ring. Jill is surprised!

MARK: "Jill, I want you to be my wife! I love you!"

Jill looks at ring, is amazed by it.

JILL: "OHHHHH! Mark..... Mark, what about Molly?"

MARK: "Oh, I don't love Molly! I...I date Molly because of my parents! I don't love her. I LOVE YOU! YOU are the only woman I love!"

They kiss passionately (lucky actor eh?)

MARK: "We can get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, and we can live...."

JILL: "Salt Lake Temple? Mark? WHAT? I don't want to get SEALED in ANY Mormon Temple!"

MARK: " parents expect me...."

JILL: "Mark, my mother is Mormon, that's the only reason why I go to this stupid Church. I HATE this Church. It's SO BORING....! I don't believe it! I don't believe those old farts in Salt Lake are Prophets! I gotta go this Church every Sunday or my mom will cut me off. I go just because of my mother is supporting me through school, that's all!"

MARK: (excited)"That's JUST IT Jill! I don't believe it either! I go just because of MY parents TOO!"

JILL: "Then...ok...we'll get married in Vegas or something, and we'll both leave the Church!"

MARK: "What? WHAT? NO! NO! I can't DO that! I....I can't DO that!"

JILL: "Why NOT don't believe in it right?"

MARK: "No! You don't understand. I have PLANS for the Church. I have things in the works that are going to CHANGE things--change the Church over time--to make it different, better!"

JILL: "Look, Mark! I don't want to change the Church ok! Let's just get married, you go to medical school, and we'll forget about religion altogether ok?"

MARK: "Jill no! NO! I've been working on things. I can't. I just can't! We gotta get sealed in the Temple. We gotta raise our kids in the Church. We gotta go every Sunday, and be very active in all our callings!"

JILL: "WHAT! WHAT FOR? Why? For how long?"

MARK: "Jill, forever! I can't, I can't explain to you the reason why now, but one day..."

Jill gives back Mark the wedding ring and says--

JILL: "If you can't be honest with me Mark, then I can't marry you! I can't spend the rest of my life in this BORING FUCKING CHURCH that I HATE!"

Jill opens his door and walks aways. Mark follows her but she won't listen.


Back to lunch room.

GALT: "That DESTROYED Mark! I mean, utterly destroyed him. I asked Mark WHY he just didn't marry Jill and leave the Church behind. He just kept saying 'I can't, I can't'. Later, he took the same ring he bought for Jill, and [1]gave it to Molly Gold. They were later sealed the Salt Lake Temple."[2]

1. SF--Mark giving ring to Molly who is overjoyed.

2. Back to lunch room.

RINGER: "Do you know how we can contact Jill Everhard?"

John Galt takes a sip of soda, bulges his eyes, and shakes his head up and down like 'Yeah, oh boy DO I know!'.

The Strip-Club Sequence

4 Minutes.

Cut to strip-club--Jill is a dancer at a Utah strip club (where pasties and g-strings are mandatory). Show Jill finishing her last song in front of 5 or 6 customers who are throwing dollars bills at her. The song comes to an end, the DJ says: STRIP-CLUB DJ: " Wow!!! Honey! Everybody give it up for HONEY....yeah!(men start clapping)! give her your MUN-NEE and she'll give you some HUN-NEE! Don't be sad guys, because Honey will be right back after the very next set. Now, for your viewing enjoyment please again welcome on the stage for the first time tonight the one, the OWN-LEE... DA-KO-TA....."

The DJ starts another song and another stripper (Dakota) comes out in bikini tops and bottom and starts twirling on the pole as the new song starts. A few of the men throw dollar bills at her.

As the DJ is talking (above) Jill picks up all the dollar bills, her bikini thong and top, and then walks in a hurry toward the into the back room where two Salt Lake Police detectives are waiting for her.

NOTE: During the conversation that Jill has with the two detectives in the back room of the strip club, Jill must do the following things and talk at the same time:

*Take a key from her stripper purse and open a locker.
*Put all her bills into the locker.
*Lock the locker with her key.
*Put her key back into her stripper purse.
*Sit down on a chair and put her bikini thong and top back on (she is only wearing pasties and a G-string)
*Brush her hair.
*Put on some more make-up (if time allows)

JILL: "Sorry guys I can't speak long, I'm on again in about 5 minutes. Sorry you guys had to meet me at work, but the guy I'm living with now is a biker, a one-percenter, and he absolutely HATES cops!"

RINGER: "That's ok! No problem!"

BARNS: "Just a few questions Jill--won't take long."

JILL (smiles): " name here is Honey. I can't use my real name here--rules you know!"

BARNS: "Ok...Honey (Pause) You dated Mark Hoffmann for several years?"

JILL: "Yeah, poor guy! I heard about that bomb! Oh my God! I thought about visiting him in the hospital, but I was afraid that I might run into Molly there. His wife! Wouldn't look good! Are you still looking for the guy who tried to kill him?"

RINGER: "Yes, we are."

BARNS: "Honey, did you and Mark have a sexual relationship during the time he and Molly Gold were also dating?"

JILL: (Pause) "Yeah! So? Guys have needs. Mormon guys are supposed to ignore their needs before marriage. You know. I was having sex with Mark and several other Mormon boys at the time. We had fun. Molly never found out. Molly was my roommate while I was at Utah State. She never found out about us."

RINGER: "Mark wanted to marry you, but you turned him down."

JILL: "Yes...HEY! What does this have to do with finding the guy who tried to kill Mark anyway?"

The detectives briefly look at each other.

BARNS: "Honey--Did Mark EVER contact you AFTER he and Molly got married?"

JILL: "Let me think....yes! Yeah! Every time Molly got pregnant Mark called me up [1] and asked me to hook up with him, that he couldn't stand to have sex with Molly while she was pregnant. I turned him down. That's just....that's just not my thing. [2] He told me he didn't love Molly, never loved her, only loved me. Ah...I didn't buy it! Heard that shit from too many guys before...just looking for some know. Besides, he NEVER became a doctor like he told me. He dropped out of college after he started finding those old letters and stuff. Ahhh...what a WASTE!"

1. Mark on the telephone pleading (this is silent) to Jill with a pregnant Molly in the far background. Jill standing in a kitchen with a rough biker drinking a beer watching tv on her couch, shaking her head in the negative.

2. Back to strip club back room.

RINGER: "Honey, please tell us. Did Mark EVER talk to you about forgery, or forging documents?"

JILL: "WHAT????"

Jill then starts to think hard.

JILL: "Forging documents? I don't....wait.....wait...he __DID__ once tell me about some book he read, about this guy who forged stuff, and that he wished he could be like the guy in the book--you know--forge something about Joseph Smith in order to fool the old farts that run the Mormon Church. You know, as some big fucking practical joke or something. I told him to just forget it. He'd be arrested and his medical career would be in the shitter! I told him to stick with his plans, go to medical school--become a plastic surgeon-- and just FORGET about the old farts in Salt Lake City!"

The detectives bulge their eyes and look at each other like "WOW!"

BARNS: "Jill--SORRY...sorry..I meant HONEY!! Would you be willing to testify to that conversation in court?"

JILL: (looks shocked) "WHAT? Why? WHY?????? Look! I don't know anything ok? I don't want to do anything to hurt Mark. He was a sweet guy. A little confused, but sweet. Look, I gotta go ok, I'm up again! You guys should spend your time looking for the bomber, not trying to pin something on Mark. I gotta go!"

RINGER: "We COULD subpoena you, get a court order, force you to testify?"

JILL: "OF WHAT? Look...I DON'T __KNOW___ ANYTHING! What I told you before, well, I __NEVER___SAID IT, OK?! Mark is a sweet guy! He's got a wife, and he's got children! I won't do anything to hurt him or them! Molly was my friend too! Don't you understand? Get the fucking bomber...forget this other shit! I gotta go, one of the girls didn't show up for work and I gotta fill in for her. Sorry guys, I can't help you!"

Jill gets up in a hurry and and leaves the room. The detectives shrug like 'Oh well'.

Ringer's mobile phone rings. He answers.. As Ringer speaks with the anonymous tipper, Barns goes over to the door to look at the stripper, then comes back.

RINGER: "This is Ringer. What? Who is this?.......ok.....Mark Hofmann investigation correct!.....ok..$185,000 you say.....ok.....Beehive State paper......why did the Church get him this loan?.......ok......McLellin Collection?.....ok.......ok.........ok....Hey, you know, why don't you and I meet somewhere you know...out of the way....HELLO? He hung up!"

BARNS: "Whuduyu got?"

RINGER: "My anonymous tipper."

BARNS: "Stripper?"

RINGER: "No! TIPPER! TIPPER! He told me that the Church arranged a secret paperless loan for $185,000 from Beehive State Bank to buy this McLellin Collection--some documents the Mormon Church wanted to get from Hofmann in order to hide it in some vault. Said he'll call me again later with more information."

BARNS: "Well....things are looking up after all. Next stop--Beehive State Bank!"

Both men swifly walk out of the room.

The Beehive State Bank Sequence

2 Minutes.

Characters: Det. Ringer, Det. Bars, Mr. William Granger, a Mormon high priest and President of Beehive State Bank (fictional bank based upon First Interstate Bank).

Location: Office of William Granger in Beehive State Bank. Plush, but not overly so. Painting of older (about 60 or 70) distinguished Greek-looking man behind large desk.

Detectives Ringer and Barns are sitting on chairs in front of the desk in the office of Mr. William Granger, president of the Beehive State Bank of Utah, who is sitting behind his desk. Granger is a man about 60, very expensive suit, conservative look and dress. Very "bankish". The office is plush and nice. A painting of the Chaiman of the Board is behind him, a Mr. P.H. Ecclesia, a distinguished Greek man of about 60 or 70.

RINGER: "Mr. Granger, thank you for meeting with us today."

GRANGER (smiling): "Beehive State Bank is always happy to co-operate with law enforcement. How may we help you?"

BARNS: "Mr. Granger, we have information that you authorized a paperless loan for Mark Hofmann for $185,000, by way of Elder Pinnacle Hughes...."

Granger puts his right hand up as if to say 'stop it now'.

GRANGER: "I CAN ASSURE you--officers--that your information is quite incorrect. Neither myself NOR any of my employees at Beehive State has authorized ANY so-called paperless loans--for the Church or for anyone else. I'm sorry--you heard WRONG! May I ask, who told you that?"

RINGER: " was an anonymous tip."

Granger throws up his arms to the sides.

GRANGER: "Well---there you go!"

BARNS: "Mr. Granger, may I ask, are you a Mormon?"

GRANGER: "Why yes. I'm a high priest in the Church, although I fail to see the relevance or your question."

BARNS: "Mr. Granger, if the Church leaders told you--COUNSELED you--to hush-up regarding the paperless loan to Hofmann, or anybody else, would you obey them?"

GRANGER: (chuckles while shaking his head-- he leans back in his chair and brings his fingers together on both hands--touching--in front of his chin): "Now detectives--the Church leaders would NEVER--and I mean NEVER--ask me nor anyone else to do such a thing--that would be unethical. And the Brethren counsel us every week to be totally honest with our fellow men in all situations! Now, is there any else I can help you gentlemen with?"

RINGER: "Mr. Granger, before we came here today, we spoke in person with Mr. Ecclesia--the Chairman of Beehive State Bank--who is I believe is Greek..."

BARNS: "Greek Othodox"

RINGER: "Thanks...Greek Orthodox. He's not a Mormon. We told Mr. Ecclesia our concerns, and he promised to call you today about this time. He should be calling you any minute now on your private line (telephone rings) we speak."

Granger looks shocked, but picks up the line.

GRANGER: "Ye, Mr. Ecclesia, how may we.....(Granger looks up at the painting of Mr. Ecclesia...the voice on the phone is quite angry) how?..... Yes! Yes! YES! No! YES! I understand! I understand! Yes! Alright! Thank you Mr. Ecclesia. Good bye!"

Granger is in a state of shock as he slowly puts down the receiver.

BARNS: "Now, Mr. Granger, lets try this again. Did you authorize a paperless loan for Mark Hofmann for $185,000, based upon a request from Elder Pinnacle Hughes of the Mormon Church?"

Granger, still in shock, looks at Det. Barns and slowly nods his head up and down.

Cops Interview Mormon Leaders Sequence

4 minutes

Characters: Det. Ringer, Det. Barns, Elder Oatfield, President Stinkley, Elder Hughes. Female stenographer with machine. Two large burly Church Security Officers.

Location: Interior. Office of President Stinkley.

Cut to office of President Stinkley, behind huge desk Stinkley sits, flanked by Elder Oatfield on his right and Elder Hughes on his left, Detectives Ringer and Barns are sitting in chairs in front of them. At one corner on the large desk is a female stenographer with stenography machine. Two large burly Church Security guards are standing on either side and behind of the two detectives, who are sitting in chairs in front of the large desk.

HUGHES (smiling): "Detectives, you've GO THE WRONG MAN! Brother Hoffmann is COMPLETELY innocent! He's a victim here, not the bomber!"

BARNS: "Gentlemen, we DO have our reasons for strongly suspecting that Hoffmann is the bomber."

President Stinkley jumps out of his chair and points his finger at Det. Barns.

STINKLEY: "MARK IS INNOCENT! HE IS INNOCENT! (pauses and begins to SLOWLY sit down again).....but, if he has something to do with this...its to his own detriment."

HUGHES: "Detectives, I don't think you understand. These two Men of God to my right are Prophets-Seers-Revelators--if Hofmann was trying to deceive them, THEY would have been discerned him IMMEDIATELY--in an INSTANT--like this (snaps his fingers)."

RINGER: "All we know, gentlemen, is that we have good reason to suspect Hofmann is the bomber. We'll do an investigation, and it will either clear him or convict him. But we're here to ask you what dealings he has had with the Church..."

OATFIELD: "Officers, as you probably know, I served on the Supreme Court of this state for a number of years. You should know that any communication between a congregant and their religious leader or leaders is confidential and protected."

BARNS: "Elder Oatfield, we're not concerned if Hofmann cheats on his wife or masturbates to porn (three Church leaders look uncomfortable), we are ONLY concerned with crimes committed in relation to his document dealings, and he's had quite a few with the Church we understand."

STINKLEY: "Oh, not really! I mean, I've met with Hofmann maybe once or twice over the last five years. I don't really know him."

RINGER: "According to our sources, Hofmann has called you hundreds of times, met with you at least 50 to 60 times in the last five years." (all three Church leaders begin to laugh)

HUGHES (still laughing and shaking his head no): "Detective Ringer, you must understand that Members of the Church who meet President Stinkley often exaggerate. You know, like a person who meets Elvis Presley one time, then boasts he and Elvis are good friends. Hoffmann has done the same thing. I know for a fact that President Stinkley BARELY KNOWS Mark Hoffmann, perhaps one meeting, perhaps two. Nothing important."

BARNS: "Gentlemen, we're going to have to see your schedules, the schedule of President Stinkley over the past few months, to see how many times he met with Hoffmann."

OATFIELD: "OUT OF THE QUESTION! That information is confidential and protected!"

BARNS: "Then we'll have to get a court order, and, believe me, we can get it."

RINGER: "Look, we don't want to hassle anybody! We just want to know the FULL STORY of what Hofmann was doing with the Church. His document dealings with the Church and President Stinkley. We know about the illegal loan with Beehive State Bank."

OATFIELD: "The Church NEVER authorized such a loan, nor was the Church involved in any way with such a loan nor with the so-called McLellin Collection." (looks at Hughes)

HUGHES: "That's right! It was me...on my own time...I had arranged a loan for Mark Hofmann for a wealthy Mormon collector friend of mine...not Church business at all...he wanted the McLellin Collection, Hofmann said he had it, and I wanted to help Hofmann buy it from a man in Texas. The Church had nothing to do with it...nothing! I used my office phone, sure, but I call my wife all the time on that phone too asking her what's for dinner! You wouldn't call THAT official Church business would you?"

BARNS: "That's NOT what Beehive State Bank told us! We were over there earlier today. They told us that the Church arranges paperless loans all the time--for special purposes--and that you, Elder Hughes, told them that the loan was for the Church!"

HUGHES: "Oh...c'mon! Please! Did Bill Granger tell you that? I may have....I may have said it was Church related, but what I REALLY MEANT was that it was Church HISTORY related! That's all! It had to do with Church HISTORY---not the Church itself! Nobody in the Church told me to get such a loan. I had a friend over there. I told him that I'd shore up the loan myself, you know, it was a word-of-mouth contract. Happens all the time. It has NOTHING...absolutely NOTHING to do with the Church."

The detectives look at each other.

ELDER OATFIELD: "Let the record show that Church authorities cooperated fully with the Salt Lake Police detectives, and that the detectives were fully satisfied with the answers given."

The detectives look at each other like 'What the fuuuuuuhhhh?'! Two very large and burly Church Security officers stand in front of each detective and offer them their right hands.

ELDER OATFIELD: "Thank you detectives, these security officers will show your way out."

Very large and menacing Church Security officers, dressed in all black suits with black ties, white shirts, white gloves on their hands, with ear-pieces, motion to the detectives and escort them out the door of the office. The two detectives shrug, get up, and are escorted by the two burly security officers out the door. Det. Ringer stops before out the door and says:

RINGER: "We're not done here gentlemen. We'll be back."

A burly Church Security officer grabs Ringer and forces him out. As the burly LDS Security men take the two officers down the hallway (the Security men are MASSIVE--6'5" or over--BIG--not just tall--dressed in all black suist, white shirts, black ties, and white gloves on their hands--with ear-pieces), they have the detectives by the arms, are somewhat forcing the detectives along down the hall--forcing to walk abit faster than they wish to walk. The camera is in the hall, behind the group of four men as they walk (are escorted) down the hall. As the four men go down the hallway Ringer is speaking:

RINGER: "HEY! Watch the suit! Watch the suit there pal! Grab me like that again and I'll arrest you for assaulting a police officer!"

Cut to exterior, day, the security officers escort the two detectives outside the building. Detectives are fixing their suits, which were ruffled by burly security men.

RINGER: "Why don't we go back in there and arrest those assholes?"

BARNS: "The security men?"

RINGER: "No...those fucking Church leaders! They're LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!"

BARNS: "Of course they're lying...their lips were moving! But we can't do that!"

RINGER: "Why not?"

BARNS: "This is Utah! They're the leaders of the Mormon Church. In case you don't know, the chief of police is a Mormon. The D.A. is a Mormon. Almost EVERY judge in Utah is a Mormon...DO THE MATH!"

RINGER: "Ok, so what now?"

BARNS: "We do it by the book! We KNOW this guy Hofmann is guilty as hell. Now...we just gotta figure out the WHY!"

RINGER: "Well..we know it ain't CFS related. Hofmann didn't lose any money with CFS, and I don't think he's a mob hit man!"

BARNS: "Nope! Your Deep Throat is right on! Hofmann's been forging these documents--selling them to the Church for bookoo bucks!"

RINGER: "Ok, how do we prove it?"

Both look and smile and say at exactly the same time:


RINGER: "He's the BEST document examiner in the State!"

BARNS: "In the State the WORLD! I know a non-mormon judge. He HATES the Church!! Let's go see him. He'll give us a court order to get a few of Hofmann's forgeries he sold to the Church, and we'll have George do his VOODOO!"

RINGER: "Sounds good!"

The two men walk off briskly (as if to their vehicle).

Back to Restaurant Sequence 16

1 Minute.

ERIC: "So, the detectives finally get the Church to hand over a few of Hofmann's documents [1]they bought to George Mortensen, a dState ocument examiner, and George did a LOT of tests, and discovered that the INK on Hofmann's documents was CRACKED when he looked at it under a microscrope--he discovered it contained ammonia--something that INK from the early 1800s would NOT contain. Hofmann used ammonia to artificial age the ink--to make it appear old."[2]

1. George Mortensen in lab doing tests on document.

2. Back to Producer.

PRODUCER: "Proving the documents were phoney!"

ERIC: "Exactly! Police also interviewed a number of investors who gave Hofmann money, and they all told them that Hofmann had told them of a BIG DEAL he was closing soon--a 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR deal called the OATH OF A FREEMAN."

PRODUCER: "What's that?"

ERIC: "The OATH OF A FREEMAN was the first document printed in North America in the English language. It was printed by the pilgrims at Plymouth about 1620 or so. It was the HOLY GRAIL for collectors of early Americana. The last OATH was lost about 50 years ago, but several old American history books had photographs of the OATH. But all copies were lost. If someone found a copy...they would get 1.5 MILLION dollars for it!"

PRODUCER: "Let me guess...Hofmann claimed he found it in some old book right?"

ERIC: "EXACTLY! He claims [1] he was in a used bookstore in New York City, and he bought this old book, was looking through it, and noticed the OATH OF A FREEMAN in between two pages."[2]

1. Hofmann (about 1985) in old used bookstore looking through old book, finding OATH OF A FREEMAN (not folded) between two pages.

2. Back to Producer.

PRODUCER: "Just like how he found the Anton Transcript in 1980!"

ERIC: "Correct! Anyway, this 'anonymous tipper' told the detectives that Hofmann was trying to sell the OATH OF THE FREEMAN he 'found' to the Library of Congress, who was offering him 1.5 million for it on CONDITION that it passed rigerous tests for authenticity. But Hofmann couldn't FORGE it like the others. This was not a hand-written letter, but a PRINTED document. So, he had to have a printing PLATE made for it. So,he cut out the photocopy of the OATH from an old history book, photocopied the cut-out, took the photocopy to this Danish printer in Salt Lake City, and said-"


10 seconds.

Mark in a printing shop speaking to a Danish printer. Mark has a photocopy of the OATH OF A FREEMAN, gives it to the printer, who is looking at it.

MARK: "Hi, my name is Mike Hansen! I'd like to have a printing plate for this made! (hands him the photocopy of the OATH).

PRINTER: "Yah, we can doo dis!"

Restaurant Sequence 17

0.30 Minutes.

ERIC: "So, Hofmann uses 17th century paper, his artificially aged ink, and prints a new OATH OF A FREEMAN in his basement. Goes to a used bookstore in New York City, slips the OATH he printed in an old book, buys the old book for 12 dollars, opens it--with the clerk looking--and finds the OATH. Then, offers the OATH to the Library of Congress for 1.5 million dollars.

PRODUCER: "But--the police know the OATH is phoney thanks to the Deep Throat guy--the anonymous tipper."

ERIC: "Correct! Police find a photo of the OATH in an old book, photocopy it, and go see the Danish Printer."

Cops-Printer Sequence

0.30 Minutes.

Interior day--printing establishment--old Danish printer, two police detectives showing him a photocopy of Oath of a Freeman.

PRINTER- "Yah, yah, dis is our verk! I remember dis! We did dis for Mistoor Hansen, Mike Hansen."

Detective Ringer shows the printer a card with photos of 6 men, one of them is the driver's license photo of Mark Hoffmann--

RINGER: "Mr. Andersen. I have hear photos of six men. Please look over it carefully. Take your time. Are any of the six men you know as MIKE HENSEN in any of these photos?"

The printer puts on his glasses and scans the photos quickly and points at one of them.

PRINTER: "Oh, yah, yah! Dis is Mistoor Hansen! Yah! I remember heem very well. He wanted us to make a plate for heem, de teim ting dat you guys showed me."

DET. BARNS: "The Oath of a Freeman photo?"

PRINTER: "Yah...YES! We made a plate from a photo just like dis...Owt ub ey Free-Mawn". Same ting! Very same ting! Yes!"

The detectives glance a each other and grin.

Restaurant Sequence 18

0.40 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "I guess that was the end of Hoffmann's 1.5 million dollar Oath of a Freeman deal with the Library of Congress!"

ERIC: (Drings a soda a shakes head yes) "Things went down hill for Hoffmann FAST after the bombings. Salt Lake Police discovered [1] a fingerprint on one of the Mike Hansen Radio Shack receipts for a Mercury Switch, the same kind used for all three bombs. It was Mark Hoffmann's fingerprint."

1. George Mortensen dusting a piece of pink paper (Radio Shack receipt) and watches as fingerprint appears on Mike Hansen receipt.

PRODUCER: "So, Hofmann was pretty much TOAST by this time. Tell me about the trial."

ERIC: "Well, in Utah--they have preliminary hearings--sort of like mini-trials--to see if the evidence is strong enough for conviction in a real trial. So, they arrested Mark for murder and many counts of theft-by-deception. He immediately bailed out--his parents put up their own home as collateral--Mark's Dad--Charles Hofmann--claimed he received a REVELATION FROM GOD that his son Mark was innocent (shakes head like 'what an idiot)! So, Hofmann goes back home to await his pre-liminary hearing. According to rumors, before his pre-lim Mark met with his two best friends and former employees, Jake Lindy and Patrick O'Shannahan, know...get everybody on the same page."


3.40 Minutes.

Mark Hofmann at home (interior day), sitting at his dinner table, in casual clothing. He has crutches nearby, but is no longer in a cast. He has band-aids on three of his right fingers (they are healed but he is embarassed that he has no fingertips on on three fingers of right hand). His is dressed casually. At the table (sitting next to each other) are Jake Lindy (in "colorful" clothes--and earing) and Patrick O'Shannahan (in a white shirt and tie).

MARK: "I called you guys over today because we need to talk. We can talk freely. Molly and the kids are at her's mother's for a few days. As you guys know, the Preliminary hearing is coming up in a few days, so...we need to get on the same page about things...we need to get our stories straight on who found what when..."

JAKE: "Mark, Rambo and I have made our OWN plans."

MARK: "What are you talking about?"

JAKE: "Rambo and I...have decided...we need to part ways with you Mark. We've dicussed it, and our decision is final."

MARK: "WHAT???? After ALL these years? After all we've been through together?"

JAKE: "Mark, fooling the 'Prophets/Seers/Revelators' at Church headquarters was fun---it was a BLAST--and...making some cash on the side wasn't bad either--but...what you did afterwards..."

MARK (starting to shake uncontrollably): "HEY! I DO ___NOT___ WANT TO DISCUSS THAT TODAY! We're NOT here for that today!"

JAKE: "Well, we DO want to discuss it."

MARK: "Well...I DON"T!!!"

PATRICK: "Mark, the cops know about the Uzi we bought. They knkow about how we modified it to automatic. They told that's a FELONY Mark! I could GO TO PRISON!!!"

MARK: "Rambo, they're just trying to scare you ok? They're bluffing!"

PATRICK: "But what about the PIPES Mark??? What if they find out I helped you make those pipes? I'll GO TO JAIL!! I just CAN'T GO TO JAIL!!! THEY GOT HOMOSEXUALS IN JAIL!!!"

Jake gives Patrick a bad look and Patrick looks at Jake quickly:

PATRICK: "Well....THEY DO!!!"

MARK: "Don't fall for it--they're just trying to scare you!"

PATRICK (looking at Mark): "Well...THEY HAVE!!!"

JAKE: "all we can say Mark, is that....that, we can't stand by you anymore. We've talked about it. Patrick and I have decided that...we can't come over here anymore. We can't call you, or receive calls from you. It's over. And our decision is final."

MARK: "Look, CAN'T dessert me like this ok? You're the LAST FRIENDS I got on earth! Look....I did it for all of us! I did it for YOU guys! C'mon!!!"

Jake motions to Patrick and they both get up and walk toward the front door and open it and start to head out.


JAKE (looking back at Mark): "Well Mark, if you did it for us then you should have ASKED US first. You didn't. You did it for yourself, as usually. It's always been about __YOU__! From day one!"

MARK: "Jake, Patrick, I swear, if you guys jump ship...I'm...I'm gonna tell 'em it was you guys who set the bombs! I MEAN IT!"

JAKE: "Mark, who do you think called Larry Larter at the Herald to tell him about the letterman's jacket a few hours after you killed Scott? Who do you think told police about the Beehive State Bank loan and the Danish Printer?"

Mark looks like he is in shock.


JAKE: "Yeah Mark! But YOU betrayed US FIRST ! After Scott was killed and it was on the TV news, [1] Patrick called me and told me he gave you the pipes.",[2]

1. Patrick speaking to Jake on the phone--very upset. Jake is shocked.

2. Back to Mark.

MARK (shaking his head): " told the cops everything-- about the pipes too!"


JAKE: "No! Because THAT would have made Patrick an accessory before the fact. We told the cops that we knew NOTHING about the bombings. That's true...mostly. You never told us what you were going to do with the pipes! You never told us that you were planning to kill three innocent people. Had we KNOWN that beforehand, we would have stopped you...somehow."

MARK: "I thought you guys would understand."

JAKE: "That's just it Mark...we DO understand! We stood by you for awhile because we thought you were crazy. But you're NOT crazy're just....EVIL!"

MARK: "But....but...we were the THREE MUSKETEERS guys! We were the THREE STOOGES!"

JAKE: "Well Mark...I guess there's... only ONE stooge left..........let's go Patrick."

Jake the Patrick walk out and close the door behind them.

Mark sitting at his table looking like a totally defeated man.

Back to Restaurant Sequence 19

1.20 Minutes.

PRODUCER: " everybody's jumping off the Mark Hofmann ship. How did the Preliminary Hearing go?"

ERIC: "It was devastating! They had [1] Aaron Tippetts testify that he saw Mark Hofmann's van on the morning of the Katie Shears bombing in front of the Shears drively--he remembered the license plate number--the kid had a photographic memory. [2] They had the two janitors--a father and son--testify that they rode an elevator in the Judge Building with Hofmann--in his green letterman's jacket with no letter--[3] George Mortensen--the forensic's expert who studied the ink on Hofmann's letters--testified that the ink contained ammonia--something REAL old ink never contained thus identifying MOST of Hofmann's documents as BOGUS--[4] Gary Naylor from ATF testified that Mark's story on how the bomb went off could NOT POSSIBLY be true --[5] they had testimony from the Danish printer--testifying that Mark Hofmann was Mike Hansen--the one who brought them the Oath of a Freeman to make a printing plate for--[6]Detective Ringer testified about a fingerprint for a Mercury Switch--one used for one of the bombs--signed 'Mike Hansen' with Mark Hofmann's fingerprint on it....[7]"

1. Aaron Tippets on witness stand testifying.

2. The two janitors (one at a time) testifying.

3. George Mortensen testifying holding one of the documents (in a page protector).

4. Gary Naylor testifying holding a re-production of one of the pipebombs and pointing to it like he is explaining something.

5. Danish Printer testifying...holding Oath of a Freeman in a page-protector and pointing to Mark Hofmann.

6. Detective Ringer testifying holding Mike Hofmann Radio Shack receipt in his hand in a page-protector pointing at a fingerprint.

Restaurant Sequence 20

PRODUCER: "In a nutsell...Mark Hofmann was TOAST!"

ERIC: "Correct! The Salt Lake Cops did a bang up job! They did their work! So did George Mortensen--the documents expert. So did Gary Naylor from ATF. The witnesses couldn't be shaken! It was ALL over!"

PRODUCER: "Ok, so tell me about the trial."

ERIC: "There was no trial."

PRODUCER: "What? So...Hofmann pleaded guilty right?"

ERIC: "He did!"

PRODUCER: "What did he get? Live without parole I guess."

ERIC: "Hofmann was given 15 years to life WITH the possibility of parole."

PRODUCER: "WHAT? You've GOT to be kidding me! HOW THE HELL is a guy who killed two innocent people--unprovoked--pre-meditated murder--given 15 to life with possibility of parole?"

ERIC: "Well, Mark Hofmann's attorney wanted to get President Stinkley on the witness stand--to ask him about paperless loans and vaults. That is something the Church did NOT want to happen! So....they called in the 'Acting' District Attorney who was...of course...a Mormon."

District Attorney Sequence

2 minutes.

The District Attorney (Roger Stoddard--fictional name), a white man about 40 to 50, in a business suit, sits in a chair in the office of President Stinkley. Behind the desk sits Elder Oatfield, President Stinkley, and Elder Hughes. There is nobody else in the room. Interior day.

OATFIELD: "Brother Stoddard, we wish to thank you for coming to see us today."

STODDARD: "My pleasure Brethren, I'm highly honored to be in this room with such humble Men of God."

OATFIELD: "Brother Stoddard, we understand that your evidence against Mark Hofmann is overwhelming, and that you are SURE of a conviction in this case."

STODDARD: "Yes, Elder Oatfield, the Preliminary Hearing is going quite well! I'm sure that once we go to trial it will go equally well. We're going for the death penalty of course, and I'm SURE we will get it."

OATFIELD: "Brother Stoddard....President Stinkley does NOT want to testify in this case...not at the Pre-Lim nor the trial. In fact, we think that a trial would be....unnecessary."

STODDARD: "Well, Hofmann DID sell hundreds of bogus documents to the Church---that's fraud-by-deception-- of course you know that...Elder Oatfield."

STINKLEY: "Just let the whole thing drop!"

STODDARD (looks shocked): "Wha.....what?"

OATFIELD: "He means, Brother Stoddard, that we don't want to press charges against Mark Hofmann for theft-by-deception. We want all charges against Hofmann in relation to the Church to be dropped. President Stinkley DOES NOT WANT to testify!"

STODDARD: "Well...ok....but, if the DEFENSE wants to put President Stinkley on the stand....there's nothing 'I' can do about that. If they call him as a material witness...."

STINKLEY: "I'm NOT going to testify! Period!"

STODDARD: "But...if they subpoena you....there is..."

OATFIELD: "Brother Stoddard, President Stinkley WILL NOT testify in this case--neither in the Pre-Lim nor a trial. Your priesthood-leaders COUNSEL make a plea agreement with Hofmann--immediately--before the Pre-Lim is over, so that President Stinkley or Elder Hughes, or myself, are NOT called by the defence. Will you OBEY this counsel?"

STODDARD: "Hmmmmm...I don't think Hofmann would take a deal--life without possiblity of parole--he may prefer DEATH to that!"

OATFIELD: "Then, Brother Stoddard, offer him something he WILL take!" (Oatfield then looks at Elder Hughes)

ELDER HUGHES (nervous) "Ahhhh.....Brother Stoddard, we understand that you were appointed as ACTING District Attorney?"

STODDARD: "That's right, the D.A., as you probably already know, is up on charges on sexual harrassment and had to resign, so, I'm a temporary until the next election."

ELDER HUGHES: "Well, if you think you'd LIKE to be the District Attorney--the elected one--for the next few terms--I have a few wealthy friends--all good Church Members--who may want to help you in this endeavor."

STODDARD: "I see."

ELDER HUGHES: "PLEASE understand, this offer is NOT Church related in any way! I do this on my own authority, on my own time, of course!"

STODDARD: "Of course."

ELDER HUGHES: "Of course, Brother Stoddard, if President Stinkley is forced to testify in this wealthy Mormon friends may want to help the other guy who runs for the get my drift."

STODDARD "I do.....(thinks for 3 seconds)...Well...I guess we COULD offer Hofmann 15 years to life WITH the possiblity of parole...that should keep him off the street for the next 20 or 30 years."

OATFIELD: "Very good Brother Stoddard. I can see that you're political future looks very bright in Utah! You WILL...of course...keep our little discussion here today COMPLETELY confidential?"

STODDARD: "Of course Brethren! You have my word as a man and a High Priest in the Church!"

The three Church leaders look at each other and nod their heads up and down.

Restaurant Sequence 21

0.05 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Wow! The Church gives Hofmann a DEAL! Un...believable!"

ERIC: "Believe it! It's Utah! So, before even the Preliminary Hearing was over, Hofmann stands up and says:"

Hofmann-Judge Sequence

1 Minute.

Hofmann in dark suit, standing next to attorney in court. Mormon judge in black robes sitting behind the bench, Court Stenographer sitting below and in front of him. No others need be seen.

HOFMANN: "'re honor!"

Cut to Judge.

JUDGE: "Mr. Hofmann, before I sentence you, I want to make a comment. From before I could walk, I was taught that the Brethren--the leaders of the Church--were Prophets~Seer~Revelators. As a right of office, they had the Spirit of Discernment--to try to lie to them is like...trying to lie to God Himself! I was taught that these Men of God simply CANNOT BE FOOLED! FOOLED them...for FIVE YEARS! Well, that threw me! But, I said to myself....there is only ONE BEING in the Universe that can fool these men of God....LUCIFER...the Son of the Morning. Mark Hofmann, I sincerely believe that you are the incarnation of Lucifer....the Liar who was cast out in the War in Heaven! (Pause) is with a heavy hand that I sign this sentence. I regret that I must sentence you to 15 years to life. I had WISHED to sentence you to death--to a firing squad--but, the Prosecution has offered a deal, and your attorney has accepted it. My hands are tied. Mr. Hofmann, I sentence you to 15 years to life in the Utah State Prison, with the possibility of parole. Mr. Hofmann--do you have any last statement for the Court?"

Note: Yes, the Mormon Judge really said this!

Cut to Mark with his attorney, who pats him on the back, and Mark (smiling and releaved) says:

Hofmann: "Yes I do! I just want to say...Thank you...your honor!"

Restaurant Sequence 22

0.20 Minutes.

ERIC: "He's given 15 to life, WITH the possiblity of parole--because President Stinkley didn't want to answer questions UNDER OATH about paperless loans, hush funds, and Church vaults."

PRODUCER: "Amazing! ABSOLUTELY amazing! So, I guess that's the end of the Mark Hofmann Story."

ERIC: "Not quite. A few days after Hofmann plead guilty, President Stinkley held a news-conference inside his office at Church headquarters--to dispell 'negative rumors against the Church' he said."


4 Minutes.

Cut to Press Conference, President Stinkley's office. Behind the large desk sit (left to right) Elder Oatfield (apostle), President Stinkley (acting president of the Church), and Elder Hughes (assistant to Elder Oatfield). The room has about 7 or 8 reporters, including Larry Larter and Don Race.

Elder Oaks, Pres. Hinckley, Elder Pinnock at the real Press Conference in 1986

STINKLEY: "On behalf of the Church I would like to welcome the members of the Media. The Church has decided to hold this press conference because of the many false rumors that have been circulating in the local and national press about the Mark Hoffmann affair. We'd like to spend a few minutes, no more than a few because we are very busy men, to clear up a few misconceptions and false rumors. Before questions, I'll make a brief statement. You'll all be handed copies of this statement after the conference is over.

Stinkley begins to read a statement:

"Since the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in a little log cabin in upstate New York in 1830, when it consisted of six members, the Church has been under a Divine Mandate to keep its history. Since that time, the Church has endeavored to keep and secure its history. That is why the Church occassionally acquires old Mormon journals, letters, and other documents; because we have been commanded to keep our history. We do NOT fear our history. We do NOT hide our history. Our history is open for all to see. The Church publishes it history. We are going to dedicate a new History Library soon--in about 30 minutes in fact-- and I hope all of you will be there to cover that event. In regards to Mr. Hoffmann and his victims. The Church cries with the families of the victims. Scott Christian and Katie Shears were good and noble members of the Church. We know that their reward in in Heaven with their Heavenly Father. We sympathize deeply with their families and friends. Mr. Hoffmann has confessed to the crimes he was charged with, and he has been sentenced. He now sits in Utah State Prison. We hope too that one day he repents, and that the families of his victims can--one day--offer him forgiveness.

It is true that Mr. Hoffmann sold a few items to the Church. This was not done in secret, but opennly. I met with Mr. Hoffmann only a few times, in relation to the first items he sold the Church. At no time, did the Church do anything secretively or dishonestly in relation to these matters. The Church was always open and honest in all its dealings, and with the police investigation. If that is all, we can take a few minutes for questions."

DON RACE: "President Stinkley, this is Don Race with the Salt Lake Herald. My question is for Elder Hughes. Elder Hughes, did you know that a paperless loan from First State Bank of Utah was in fact illegal?"

ELDER HUGHES: "Well....I....No! I'm sorry, but I must claim ignorance here! I made that loan as a favor for a friend--on a Church phone yes--but it was totally a non-church related matter. I just---didn't KNOW any better! But now I do!"

Larry Larter whispers to Don Race.

Larry Larter: "Didn't this guy get an MBA from Harvard?"

Don Race nods affirmatively.

LARTER: "Hi, I'm Larry Larter with the Herald. My question is for President Stinkley...President Stinkley, the family of Scott Christian claims that you did, in fact, appoint him to authenticate the documents that the Church purchased from Mark Hofmann, is this accurate?"

STINKLEY: "I met Scott Christian only one time, at a banquet. We had an informal chat, but that's all. I can assure you and everyone else Scott was not appointed to do anything in this church but to be a Bishop, and I'm told, he was an excellent one! Our sympathies go out to his family and friends."

STOCKMAN: "Hi, I'm Patti Stockman for Moonstone magazine. My question is for President Stinkley. Dear President Stinkley, Church leaders claim to have the Spirit of Discernment, to be able to discern if anyone is lying to them or trying to deceive them. Mormons are taught from birth that the Brethren--Church leaders--simply cannot be fooled, to try to fool them is like trying to fool God Himself! So, why couldn't any of the Church leaders here today--who met with Hofmann off and on for 5 years--use their Spirit of Discernent to DISCERN that Mark Hoffmann was in fact deceiving them?"

The three leaders look nervous and look at each other, and then Elder Oatfield says:

OATFIELD: "I'd like to answer that one! OF COURSE we have the Spirit of Discernment! But, to do day-to-day business, we have to SHUT-OFF our Spirit of Discernment during normal business hours-- in order to do the daily business of the Church! Otherwise, we'd be suspicious of everybody! And you just can't do business like that!"

The reporters shakes their heads and look confused by his answer.

PATTI STOCKMAN: "One final question for President Stinkley. Dear President, can you address the rumors that exist, and have existed for some time, that the Church buys old Mormon letters, diaries, and other documents in order to stash them away in the Church's Vault, never to see the light of day, because the Church is afraid that rank-and-file Mormons will discover the true history of Joseph Smith and the true origins of the Church, which may be something different from what they're raised to believe in? In other words, is the Church deliberately trying to cover-up and HIDE skeletons in its past?"

The three men look upset and President Stinkley scoots back and lifts out of his chair, and points his finger toward the reporters (as Stinkley talks, the camera closes in for a closeup to him, then his face, and finally on his mouth--the volume goes up):

STINKLEY: "Let me say categorically, and without the slightest equivocation! Let me be very, very clear! All of these rumors that are ciculating--created by the enemies of the Church both from without and within-- are FALSE, and the person or persons who have created them will have to speedily repent or face ETERNAL DAMNATION! The Church has NEVER lied! The Church has NEVER equivocated! The Church would NEVER try to hide or cover-up its history! It's simply NOT DONE! Not now. Not ever. (close-up on Stinkley's mouth) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints---the Kingdom of God on Earth-- the ONLY TRUE CHURCH on the face of the entire Earth--(volume increases and echos) HAS ABSOLUTELY ___NOTHING___ TO HIDE!!!"

Cut to scene of two men in black suits and white gloves (i.e. Church security) closing the door to the Vault, and locking it. Large sound of BOOM when the Vault is finally closed. Then sounds of it being locked. Both of them go to either side of the Vault and stand like they are guarding it. Both have black suits, white gloves, and ear-communication-pieces like the Secret Service does. Both are standing on either side of the Vault, and they fold their hands in front of their groin area.

Restaurant Sequence 23

0.30 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Un...believable! The ARROGANCE of that guy! Anyway, so, how'd Mark Hofmann like prison life? Was he able to hang on to his soap?"

ERIC: "He didn't take to it much at first. He was given anti-depressants in prison--he'd pretend to shallow them but hide them in his mouth. He collected 20 of them, then took them all one night--to kill himself."

PRODUCER: "Did it work? I hope!"

ERIC: "Nope! All it did was knock him out cold for a long time! [1] His body cut off the circulation of of right hand, which caused it to wither away and become useless."[2]

1. Hofmann in his cell, with mouth foaming, and lying on his bunk with his body over his right arm.

2. Cut to Eric-Voice Flashback.


0.05 Minutes.

Eric in a chair in Elder Hughes office, head tilted back, eyes rolled back saying in a strange voice:

ERIC: "The right hand of the deceiver shall whither like a dead leaf."

Restaurant Sequence 24 0.35 Minutes.

PRODUCER: "Wow! What a trip! What a trip! (Pause) Well....ok Eric! I like it! Let's do the film!"

ERIC: "Ok...great!"

Both men shake hands over the table.

PRODUCER: "Just one thing though. I want to change the title from 'The Mark Hofmann Story' to something that's a little more... catchy."

ERIC: "Ok, that's fine. What did you have in mind?"

PRODUCER: "You mentioned before how Mormons are taught from birth to believe that the leaders of the Mormon Church are Prophets/Seers/Revelators, and that they have this 'Spirit of Discernment'--in other words, to try to FOOL THEM is trying to FOOL God Himself--it just CAN'T HAPPEN...right?"

ERIC: "Right."

PRODUCER: "How about THIS for a new title: 'THE MAN WHO FOOLED GOD'! .....Eh??? Whud duh yuh think?"

ERIC: "Hmmm. Very catchy. But there's only one problem with it."

PRODUCER: "What's that?"

ERIC: "Mark Hofmann never fooled God. GOD fooled Mark Hofmann!"

End of restaurant sequence.

Hofmann Prison Cell Scene

5 minutes.

Prison cell interior day. Mark Hofmann in his prison garb, with graying hair and beard, lying on his back looking skyward, in his cell, with a withered useless right arm--shruken--skin and bone--lying useless across his chest. His good left hand on his stomach. Daytime interior, with 'prison' sounds in the background. Hofmann stares up toward the camera (ceiling):

Pause for 4 seconds, then Hofmann speaks.

HOFMANN: "I know what you're thinking! Mark Hofmann got what he DESERVED...right? Ok, I made a few mistakes. Like wearing my letterman's jacket in the Judge Building. Taking Oath of a Freeman to that stupid Danish printer. Ok! I admit it! Why? I guess....I guess I was tempting fate. Maybe...deep inside...I WANTED to get caught! Who knows! Sure, I killed two people but...HAY...there's no god...there's no afterlife. They're NOT suffering! Life is suffering. Death is painless. You might say...I did 'em a FAVOR! I RELEASED THEM from this cruel fucking world! (Pause)

Was it worth it? Well....let me tell you...I had ONE HELL of a ride! Man! I had Church leaders BY THE BALLS for five years! I made over a MILLION dollars! Those frequent trips to New York--half were for business--the other half--pleasure! New York has some GREAT looking call girls...lemma tell ya! And those high-class ho's DON'T COME CHEAP (covers his mouth with his left hand) pun intended! Especially when you order two at once. Where do you THINK all that money went? But...I had a good time! (Pause)

Anyway, above all...I PROVED to the WORLD that those old farts at 47 South Temple Street didn't have any 'Spirit of Discernment' like they tell their dupes--like they brainwash young Mormon kids to believe every from birth! They PREACH honesty....but practice deception! What HYPOCRITES!!! I FOOLED 'em though! Mormons look at those men they're GOD! I guess yo can say...I __FOOLED__ GOD! (Pause)

Oh, Ok... true, I had to become a hypocrite expose THEIR hypocrisy! It was a necessary evil. I saw myself as a spy fighting the evil empire. You know...James Bond lies and kills people to fight some Evil Scientist petting some fucking white cat in his lap-- trying to take over the world...right? pick up language in here. Anyway.. to ME, the Mormon Church WAS the Evil Empire--and Church leaders WERE the evil scientists trying to take over the world, and I was James Bond...007...doing what I HAD TO DO to save the world for king and country! Bond killed didn't he? Bond slept with hot chicks right? Bond LIED! OHHHH, but...THAT'S OK...HE'S a __HERO__! Right? So...why not ME TOO? (Pause)

You might say, I see myself like kind of a martyr really. Kind of like....Ghandi or Martin Luther King! I made the ultimate sacrifice, to prove to the world that those old farts that run the Mormon Church are as Inspired of God AM___. I PROVED that! But...who cares...right? Nobody cares! I mean...what did I PROVE? When I got here the Mormon Church million Members. NOW it has 15 Million (shakes head). I mean...JEESH! Doesn't ANYBODY out there HAVE A FUCKIN' CLUE?


I'm quite famous you know? I was voted the GREATEST FORGER of all time by the National Association of Document Examiners! Six books written about me, and MORE on the way! A MAJOR television network was going to be a miniseries about me--7 hours--but Church lawyers had met with them IN PRIVATE and convinced the network to CANCEL the miniseries. That's TRUE! (pause)

Oh, you right arm. Sure, my right arm is all screwed up...but HEY...I learned to write with my left! I can write with my left better that YOU can write your own name...I promise you that. I've had time to practice in here. And I do a few other things in here with my left hand too (chuckles)! Nope...I ain't droppin' any soap around here anytime soon! (Pause)

True, I miss my kids, but....whatduyugunudo? They're being raised in the Church...which is what I wanted. My ex-wife Molly took her maiden name back...Gold...and she changed my sons names to Gold too. Oh well. Whuduyugunudoo? One of my sons even served a full-time mission for the Church. Elder Gold...I'm DAMN pround of that kid! (Pause)

Yeah, Molly was a good woman. Honest. Obedient. Subservient. Moral. Faithful. Like a puppy. But...most days, and nights, I think about Jill Everhard. I mean..wouldn't YOU? Jill was RIGHT...should have taken her advice. Left the Church. Marry her in Vegas, and gone to medical school...(shakes head). Oh well, life is full of choices...ain't it? And you CAN'T take most of 'em back.

(Pause) Oh...I know what you're thiking! You think it's OVER don't you? You think this is 'the end'? This is 'The End' of Mark Hofmann? (smiles and shakes his head 'no'). Just fade to black and forget about me? (chucking) NO WAY JOSE! It ain't over! I'm gonna parole out of here one fine day! I got the Church to thank for that! The D.A. was planning to put me in front of a firing squad, but Stinkley didn't want my lawyer asking him questions under oath about vaults and paperless loans. (waves left hand toward camera)Hey...thanks 'Stink'...whereever you are baby--nobody's EVER done a nicer thing for me! (smiles) Oh...I'm not fading away! Not by a LONG shot! That's right! [camera slowly goes for a close up of Hofmann's face] I'll be back--with a VENGEANCE!(Pause)

One day, I'm gonna be on the street again. Maybe YOUR city! Maybe YOUR street! Who know? So, if you ever see me on the street, ask for my autograph. [camera close-up stops] Or, better yet, ask me for ___YOUR___ autograph!" (Hofmann starts to laugh..laugh becomes loader and more evil)

As the screen SLOWLY fades to black, Hofmann's laughter is getting louder and more evil--even maniacal, similar in sound-effect to the scene in Predator where the Alien is injured and dying and is about to blow himself up and laughs while Arnold Schwarzeneggar runs away to try to avoid the massive explosion. Hofmann's eyes turn red--very...very EVIL looking. Red eyes and evil echoing laugher then BOOM!

Black screen for 4 seconds, sound of prison door closing.


Black screen. Caption:

This film is dedicated to the victims.
Always missed...but NEVER forgotten!
Maintain for 8 seconds.

Fade to black.

Credits and music in background (suggested song: "FAKE IT"):

Who's to know if your soul will fade at all?
The one you sold to fool the world
You lost your self esteem along the way, yeah

Good god, you're coming up with reasons
Good god, you're dragging it out
Good god, it's the changing of the seasons
I feel so raped, so follow me down

Just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a fucking hypocrite

You should know that the lies won't hide your flaws
No sense in hiding all of yours
You gave up on your dreams along the way, yeah

Good god, you're coming up with reasons
Good god, you're dragging it out
Good god, it's the changing of the seasons
I feel so raped, so follow me down

Just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a fucking hypocrite

Whoa, whoa, whoa
(guitar solo)

I can fake with the best of anyone
I can fake with the best of them all
I can fake with the best of anyone
I can fake it all

Who's to know if your soul will fade at all
The one you sold to fool the world
You lost your self esteem along the way

Good god, you're coming up with reasons
Good god, you're dragging it out
Good god, it's the changing of the seasons
I feel so raped, man, follow me down

Just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a fucking hypocrite

Fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a fucking hypocrite

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