Can the LDS Church help "save" the 80,000 Homeless Afrikaners and their children?

The President of South Africa sings "Machine Gun the Whites" at his political rallies (below). Other black political leaders sing "Bill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" (Boers are white farmers) at their political rallies. Over 68,000 white South Africans have been murdered by non-whites since 1994. Many times that raped. There are anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 Homeless white Afrikaners (South Africans of Dutch ancestry) living in tent-cities all throughout the country: without schools, nor hospitals, nor clinics, nor clean water, nor jobs, nor any hope of "any of the above".


How to Convert Many Thousands of homeless Afrikaners in South Africa to the Church, and, at the same time, provide them and their children a future.

TO: The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
FROM: "Aenon E. Moss"
DATE: 28 June 2017

Dear Brethren,

Question: Why did the Church baptize many thousands of British in the 1840s to 1869s, but in the next generation of missionaries (after 1869), a Mormon missionary was lucky to baptize one person on their mission to England?

Standard Answer:: Because the earlier missionaries worked harder.

True Answer: Incentive. Because the Church offered British investigators FREE LAND a new life in America, if they joined the Church.

In my mission (California San Jose 1983-1985) our missionaries baptized only the following types of people:

1) Young men who wanted to date or marry an attractive young Mormon women.
2) the husbands of attractive young Mormon women, who wanted to placate their Mormon wives
3) eccentric people with no friends, and the Mormon missionaries were their only friends.
4) street people looking for Church welfare
5) "undocumented workers" who believed that being Mormon would make them Americans, and thus make them "successful and prosperous" like white Americans.

That was it. Notice that each convert to the Church had an "incentive"; either a young attractive woman, a young attractive wife, "friendship" (Mormon missionaries), Church welfare, or the lure of being a successful and prosperous American. In each and every case, the "key" to conversion was "incentives".

Church missionaries baptized thousands in England at the time the Church was giving away free land in the Intermountain West. Once the free land was gone, the converts stop coming. The "key" to mass conversion, is INCENTIVES.

Free Land Era: missionaries baptized thousands each. The Missionaries offered them The Book of Mormon, Church on Sunday, and free land and a new life in America.

No Free Land Era: missionaries in England would often have no baptisms. All they could offer the British investigators was The Book of Mormon, Church on Sunday (in England), and a 10% reduction in their income.


The South African government (African National Congress) has passed "Black Economic Empowerment" laws, which state that all companies operating in South Africa must have at least 80% "native" (i.e. black) employees and at least 20% "native" ownership. This move means hundreds of thousands of white workers have been tossed out of their jobs. These are skilled workers, many who worked at their jobs for decades. Skilled workers. We are not talking about drug addicts or alcoholics. We are not talking about the mentally ill. We are talking about working/skilled white South Africans of Dutch ancestry (Afrikaners), who are married, have children, and have worked at their jobs faithfully for years or decades, who are thrown out of their jobs, and later their homes, simply because they are "white".

Most of these white workers are not able to find new jobs. Any new jobs go to "native" South Africans (i.e. blacks). These white workers eventually lose their homes, and they are forced to become homeless. Again...these are NOT drug addicts/alcoholics/mentally ill: as are most of the homeless in North America. The Homeless Afrikaners in South Africa are skilled working men and women, with children, who were tossed out of their jobs, and later out of their homes they paid for, by the anti-Afrikaner "laws" of the South African government.

The Homeless Afrikaners have NO HOPE in South Africa. They have no hope of schools. No hope of college. No hope of trade schools for their children. No hope of getting jobs in the future. The economy of South Africa is getting worse, and will continue to get worse. If any new job is created, it goes to a "native" and not to a white person. The African National Congress has a "death wish" for the Afrikaner (whites of Dutch ancestry), because the Afrikaners overwhelmingly supported Apartheid in South Africa; which exploited the cheap labor of the black masses for the enrichment of the white South African elite (a very small percentage of the white South African population). In other words, these skilled white workers, and their children, who had nothing to do with Apartheid, are being punished by the South African government (African National Congress) for Apartheid.

The Afrikaners in South Africa are being raped and murdered at "war-time" rates. Yet, the United Nations and the European Union are refusing them "Refugee" status: which would allow them to return to Europe, where they could get jobs (they are skilled), have schools for their children, clean water, medical care, and futures. They have NO FUTURE in South Africa: only disease, death, rape, and murder.

These people cannot "use" copies of The Book of Mormon. They'd use them only to help heat their tents or shacks at night. These people need "new lives" in America. That is where the Church can help them.


Waste areas of Detroit, Michigan, is now wasteland and abandoned. Not just entire city blocks, but, in a few cases, entire square miles are vacant of inhabitants. Why? The reasons are:

*With the increase of the black population in Detroit, whites "fled" to the suburbs.
*The car companies laid off hundreds of thousands of workers, and relocated to Mexico and so other locations that had cheaper labor costs.
*Owners of the homes stopped paying property taxes, because they could no longer afford the "upkeep" and repairs on the homes, after the City and the State stopped paying for the repairs on these damaged homes.
*The City of Detroit became the new owners of the homes, but the city went bankrupt because Detroit's small tax-payer base could no longer afford to "carry" the City's MASSIVE non-working welfare population.
*Private housing companies do NOT want to build in Detroit, because people who work do not want to move there: because of the violence in the schools and on the streets.
*The Federal government under President Obama decided to stop building Federal Housing Projects for the permanently-unemployed-welfare-supported- population (a.k.a. "Ghetto Dwellers") but instead has decided to "relocate" these (mostly black) women and their children to formerly mostly white middle and lower-middle class neighborhoods all around the country.

Vast areas of Detroit are now devoid of any population at all. Thousands upon thousands of homes are left abandoned. Entire city blocks, which once contained homes and/or businesses, are now vacant grasslands, or a damaged empty houses and building. The City of Detroit is now offering to sell these homes to anyone willing to buy them, for as little as ONE DOLLAR per home, "if" the buyer promises to built or restore homes, and pay property taxes after the homes/apartments/businesses have been built and occupied.

One abandoned area of Detroit

The Church could go in, and purchase vast areas of Detroit, for next to nothing. The Church could call retired LDS men as "Welfare Missionaries" for one year, or two years, to help rebuild vast sections of the city, in which to place the Homeless Afrikaners. Carpenters. Electricians. Contractors.

How would the Church do this? My recommendations are:

*Meet with the Mayor of Detroit, and tell you want to "restore" many areas of Detroit, and build homes and schools.
*Buy up square miles of Detroit abandoned areas.
*Ask for "Service Missionaries" (retired men) with skills in home building, carpentry, electricians, to go to Detroit and make these thousands of abandoned homes liveable again, or tear down the abandoned homes and replace them with row houses.
*Built high walls around these areas of Detroit which the Church will own.
*Build chapels, and Church run schools in these areas of Detroit: DO NOT allow Mormon children go attend Detroit public schools! That would be an absolutely disaster!
*Name these "villages" in Detroit after various Mormon presidents or apostles.
*Send missionaries to the Homeless Afrikaner Tent Cities in South Africa, and promise them homes and new lives in America.
*The desperate homeless Afrikaners will join the Church EN MASSE (by the thousands or even tens of thousands), but only with the "incentive" of homes, schools, and free job training in America.
*Arrange for the visas and transportation of the homeless Afrikaners to their new homes in Detroit. Most of them of course will not be "true" converts, but their children will be in Mormon schools and raised "Mormon". Most of these male children will later serve missions and go to BYU.
*The men and women (parents) speak English, and they are skilled workers with many years of skilled work experience. They won't have too much trouble finding jobs after they are here for six months.
*Offer free rent for one year on the homes for the homeless Afrikaners.
*Apply to Michigan State welfare agencies, to get these "refugees" from South Africa state food stamps and medical care.
*Their children MUST go to a Mormon elementary/middle/high school: that is the only way to guarantee that most of the children of these Afrikaners will remain active in the Church, go on missions, and marry in a Temple.
*DO NOT allow these children to attend Detroit public schools. They will be beaten, harassed, or join gangs for protection. Mormon run schools must be provided for them!
*Total cost of all this would be at least one billion dollars: taken from the "interest" on tithing payments for two years.

There are many square miles of Detroit Michigan, that are abandoned. I mean not only complete blocks, but many square miles of homes that are abandoned. One can purchase these homes for as little as "one dollar" from the City of Detroit, "if" one promises to fix them up and rent out the properties.

"The Detroit Plan" will offer the "incentive" needed to convert many thousands of white homeless Afrikaners in South Africa: who are skilled workers who have been tossed out of their jobs, and homes, by a vengeful South African government.

Other cities that have been largely abandoned are Camden New Jersey, and St. Louis Missouri. Again, large sections of these cities have no population anymore. The city now owns the buildings and land. They are willing to sell the land and buildings for next to nothing as long as:

1. The buildings are cleaned away or renovated.
2. The renovated or new buildings are sold or rented.
3. Property taxes are paid

Detroit is/was mainly individual homes; built at a time the Detroit economy was the strongest in the nation. It is preferable to clear these old abandoned homes away, and build "row houses" like they have in England. This is the best use of the available land, and will get the greatest amount of Afrikaners into the new "Mormon Village" sections of town.

Row Houses (United Kingdom)

Red brick is expensive. Wood is not as expensive, but subject to fire, rot, termites, and mold and water damage. Cement block and concrete is less expensive. What is least expensive (cheapest) by far is Aircrete Blocks. Aircrete is a combination of concrete and "air" bubbles in the concrete. It is light, cheap, "good" building material. It is used in Europe everywhere. The Church should consider establishing, in an already build abandoned factory in Detroit, an Aircrete Block factory: employing first Welfare Missionaries, and then, eventually, Afrikaner men with wives and children.

Aircrete is light, cheap, fire proof, rat-proof, termite proof, mold-proof, and excellent building material. It can be cut or molded anyway you wish.

How many "units" need to be built? I suggest 5,000 family units in row houses that contain anywhere from 20 units (2 bedrooms) to 14 units (3 bedrooms). An additional 2500 "single units" which consists of renovated hotel and motel rooms. The "single units" would consists of one room, with two twin beds, a TV, small refrigerator, microwave, bathroom with shower, desk, and chair. The "single units" would be for Arikaner couples without children, or without children living with them, as well as single men and single women. The "single units" can house two single men or two single women per room, as well as couples without children, for a total of 5,000 people in "single units". In all, the PLAN would prepare domiciles for about 20,000. There are about 80,000 Homeless Afrikaners in South Africa.

Solar panels should be placed on all the roofs of these row houses. At one end of each block should be a general laundry room, and within every 8 block area should be a walled park, with places for children to play, with full-time security guards (also Afrikaners). The general laundry room would be important for the women to socialize with each other. The "Block Laundry Room" would include a play room for young children, a big screen TV, and soda machines.

Option A: It would be wasteful to give each of these thousands of Afrikaners cars. Rather than that, start a "car service" like Uber or Lift; specifically for the Afrikaners. Not for the Detroit Public (many of the drivers would be robbed and shot). For "Members of the Mormon Village" only. A van and car service, owned and operated by the Church (or "Foundation"), with trained Afrikaner drivers. The row houses would not have garages. Residents would call the "Car Service" and use that service for their transportation needs.

Option B: Another option is to purchase a huge number of Smart Cars. If bought in bulk, then the number would be much lower than if bought singly. In fact, it would be advantageous to go directly to the manufacturer of Smart Cars, and buy them at the wholesale rate.

A Smart Car

NOTE: No, I do NOT work for Smart Car! I have no investment in that company; nor do any of my relatives.

Option C: Wall off the Mormon Villages, and give all the families a heated golf cart. This is allowed on "private" roads. You can get the City Council of Detroit to agree with this as part of the "package" you offer the City of Detroit.

Heated (for Winters) Golf Carts

If heated golf carts are used, then each Mormon Village must have its own grocery store. The Church (or Foundation) can establish its own grocery stores in each Mormon Village; stores that do not sell liquor or cigarettes.

Vehicle insurance is VERY expensive in Detroit, because almost none of the black population of Detroit has car insurance, so the rates for those who do pay for it is sky-high. This is another reason why the Mormon Villages should be walled off, and use heated golf carts, or, if this cannot be done, have access to a car/van service owned and operated by the "Foundation" that the Church creates.


Most of the Afrikaners will not want to join the Church. They've been told since birth that the Dutch Reformed Church is the "Only True Church" upon the face of the whole Earth. They believe what they were raised to believe. Yet, they must agree to the "Covenant" with the Church:

1) After they are trained and start working, they must pay the Church (or Foundation) 10% of their income for one year.

2) To live in the "Foundation Homes" (row house units), their children must attend the LDS Church every Sunday, as long as they live in the units.

Afrikaners who accept this "Covenant", who do not join the Church, will be known as "Covenant- Keepers". About half of their children will get baptized at the age of 18, and most of those males who are baptized will serve missions. Most of the Afrikaner adult converts will not stay active in the Church past one year. However, about "half" of their children will stay active at least long enough to serve missions.


All the Afrikaners would apply for Michigan State food stamps and medicare; until the time at least one member of the family is trained in trucking or CNA nursing, and has worked for at least a few months. Thus, most of the food and medical burden will be taken up by the State of Michigan, not the Church (or Foundation); until such time the Afrikaners are working and they can pay for their own health insurance.

NOTE: The Afrikaners are a very hard working people, and have a very strong "work ethic". They are homeless NOT because they are Welfare Leeches, but because they were thrown out of their jobs by BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) laws passed by the African National Congress (ANC) Party; who see the Afrikaners like Jews "see" Nazis. But these Homeless Afrikaners had NOTHING to do with Apartheid. Not them, nor their children. Yet, they are being "punished" for Apartheid!

Very, very few Afrikaner will become "Welfare Leeches". Just about all of them will get jobs (if they receive free training first), and their children will work hard in school, and most will go on to university. In South Africa, their children will never step inside a real school, and they will never set foot on the campus of any college or university.

Once the Afrikaners start working, you can begin to charge them rent on the "units". Many of the Afrikaners, once they begin working, will want to move out of the row houses and find their own apartments, outside of the city.


Single Afrikaner males and females, who do not live with their parents, and are 18 or older, do not need a "unit" but can live in a large "converted" hotel; in their own "single" room with a bed, bathroom, desk and chair, shower, TV, and microwave. A cafeteria can be built in the renovated hotel. There are many large abandoned hotels in Detroit that "sell" for next to nothing. But they must be renovated; not as hotels, but as "hostels" for single Afrikaners and single black Mormons in Detroit. These don't need to be "fancy"; just livable.

A Church "Dance Club" should be built inside the Hostel (renovated hotel), or at the "Mormon Center" where the businesses are located. This Dance Club CANNOT allow locals in! Only Church Members (black and white), and Afrikaners. It should be a "club" that only allows in Members of the "club" (Foundations). Otherwise, black gang members will come into the Dance Club, with weapons, and bad attitudes.

Abandoned Detroit Hotels can be bought for next to nothing, refurbished by "Service Missionaries", and made to house single Afrikaner Mormons and Covenant-Keepers, aged 18 and over.


Every "Mormon Village" would contain row houses, grocery stores, Block Laundry Rooms, a park where children can play (fenced off with security), a car/van service, one or more buses (to take the children to the Detroit Mormon School. There should be only one Detroit Mormon School that houses pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, a trades school, and that also offers BYU classes in computers and nursing (high demand areas).

It is important that these "Mormon Villages" are separated from the other parts of Detroit. This can be accomplished in one of the following ways:

1. Create a BYU-Detroit (even if it is a very small school), and include the Mormon Villages as part of the "BYU Campus" and thus can have its own "BYU Police" and have the ability to "control" these areas. If you donate money to the City, the Mayor and City Council may "grant" BYU campus status for the Mormon Village areas.

2. Wall off these villages and make them "gated" communities with private "Mormon Village" security guards and patrolmen.

The Church (or "Foundation") would build one large Supermarket for the Afrikaners, plus other shops such as barber, salon, clothing store, dentist, clinic, for the "Members of the Mormon Village". It is vitally important to keep the Afrikaners and black Mormons and their children SEPARATE from the local NON-LDS population. Yes, black Mormons in the Detroit area would also be invited to live in these Mormon Villages and attend the Detroit Mormon School.

Buses would take the Afrikaner children, and the local black Mormon children, to the Detroit Mormon School: a combination pre-school, elementary school, high school, trade school, that also offers BYU classes in CNA, RN, and computer courses: all in one large building or "center".


When the other Afrikaners (3.5 million) "see" what the Mormon Church has done for the Homeless Afrikaners, many of them will be "open" to the missionaries in South Africa. 99.99.99% of Afrikaners today are not "open" to the message of the Restored Gospel. They believe the Dutch Reformed Church is the "Only True Church" on the face of the whole Earth, and the Afrikaners are the "Elect" of God. The Detroit Plan will "open" many Afrikaners to the LDS missionaries.

"The Detroit Plan" will work as a "Domino Effect" in that, many of the relatives of these Homeless Afrikaners, who still have jobs in South Africa, will let the Mormon missionaries into their homes; seeing how the Church "saved" their relatives.

The Dutch Reformed Church does very little for the Homeless Afrikaners. That Church provides free tents, free blankets, first aid kits, and old clothing. Nothing else.

"The Detroit Plan" will work. The "key" is getting the homeless Afrikaners and their children to America, into homes, and later into jobs. They have no future in South Africa. Things will only get worse for them over time. More murders. More rapes. No schools. No hospitals. No clinics. Building them homes in South Africa is useless; because they will have no jobs there in the future. Build those walled villages in Detroit, using "serving missionaries" to do so. Buy up not just square blocks, but square miles of "abandoned" parts of Detroit. Build one large "school" that houses elementary, middle, high school, and offers trades: for the homeless Afrikaners. DO NOT let their children attend Detroit Public Schools! That would be an ABSOLUTE disaster!


There is a massive shortage of long-haul truck drivers in the U.S. A shortage of about 30,000 per year. Why is this? This is true simply because of the following:

1. Long-haul truck drivers are "on the road" 28 out of every 30 days. Few Americans want that sort of job.

2. Americans who do want to go into trucking, are usually unskilled or underskilled, and these people often cannot afford the 6,000 dollar to 10,000 dollar price tag to get a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) especially since the U.S. Federal government offers no loans nor grants to such students.

Could many of these Afrikaner men, relocated to Detroit under "The Detroit Plan", be trained as long-haul truck drivers? Yes. The Church would have to establish a truck driving school for these men. With bunk rooms like in the Army. The CDL school would be one month in duration. These men cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for CDL school. All their money has been spent on rent and food, after they were tossed out of their jobs by the South African government; when their jobs were given to ANC supporters.

A "good" Trucking School trains drivers in about forty days.

The Church, or some "Company" that the Church establishes to help these men and families, would have to tell the men: "We will train you as truck drivers, and help you get jobs at long-haul trucking companies, on the following conditions:

1. You pay tithing (if you are/become LDS) for one year after you are hired by a trucking company, or if you are not LDS you pay 10% of your income to the local Welfare Bishop.

2. You keep your children enrolled at the Mormon school in Detroit, for at least five years. Neither you nor your family will be charged tuition as long as your children attend the Mormon school.

The Church (or some Foundation) must establish a trucking school, hire instructors, at some location in Detroit: preferably in an industrial area. Rents are next to nothing at this time in Detroit.

Long-haul truck drivers in the U.S. make about 30K to start (first year), so tithing/offering would be 3K per man as for the first year, if he is not fired, quits, or has an accident. These men would be hired by one of thousands of trucking companies in the U.S.; especially if they are trained well.

Again, there is a shortfall of 30,000 truck driving positions (long-haul) in the U.S. every year. All of these driving positions can be filled by relocated Afrikaner men, and some unmarried Afrikaner women.

There is a MASSIVE need for CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) in the greater Detroit area; not so much in the city, but in the suburbs of Detroit. Afrikaner women speak English. CNA training only takes about 40 days. The Church can establish a CNA School in Detroit, perhaps at or near the same location as the trucking school, Train these women in CNA, with the understanding that they must pay tithing for one year after the Church (or the Foundation) gets them jobs. The CNA School must have a good employment office. Many of these women will need vehicles to get to work, or a very cheap van service; since most CNA work at nursing homes and hospices, and not in hospitals.

The women must be told that in exchange for the Church (or Foundation) getting them a CNA and finding them a job, and providing them a free or low cost van service for one year, the women must pay an offering to the Foundation, or the local Welfare Bishop, or one year, and/or keep their children in the Detroit Mormon School (pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, trade school, BYU classes, in one large building or center) for at least five years. Of course, not everyone will keep this promise, but most will.

Afrikaner children will not be required to be baptized into the Church, but these Afrikaner children will be offered free tuition at the Detroit Mormon School, and also they become involved in the local Church sponsored Boy Scouts (or whatever Church organization succeeds the Boy Scouts), and Mormon sponsored baseball little league.

Because the Church (or Foundation) trucking school, and the CNA school, most of the Afrikaner men, and the women without young children, may get gainful employment.

The Afrikaners would also need a supermarket, barber shop, car repair shop, etc., specifically for "them" so they need not mix with the Detroit community; which would NOT go well.

It is further suggested that the Relief Society be put in charge of these projects, working closely with the Presiding Bishopric.

NOTE: Do NOT allow the Afrikaner children to attend Detroit Public Schools! This would result in ___ABSOLUTE DISASTER___! I a white, but I attended a black majority school in Los Angeles for one Semester. The few white students were beaten, harassed, robbed, on a daily, sometimes an hourly basis. There is massive "anti-White" feeling in the black Ghetto communities. The Afrikaner children will be beaten and terrorized daily, unless they join a black gang for protection. If Afrikaner children are forced to go to Detroit Public Schools, the young men must join black gangs, and sell drugs, or face daily beatings, and the young women must give themselves sexually on demand, or face daily beatings and harassment. This is NO "exaggeration". A Detroit Mormon School must be established that included pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, a small trade school, and some BYU classes in high-demand job areas such as computers and nursing.

Also NOTE: Do not bring black South Africans to the U.S. They have a bright future in South Africa. The universities there have opened up to them. Things will only get better for them in South Africa. However, whites have a dark future in South Africa. The Homeless Afrikaners are desperate, like the poor working British in the late 19th century who, when promised free land in the Intermountain West to farm, joined the LDS Church by the thousands, and by the tens of thousands. Blacks South Africans are NOT homeless, and NOT in danger of genocide as are the white Afrikaners in South Africa.

Please refer to this plan as "The Detroit Plan". I have sent this to the homes of four Apostles: because I do not trust the C.O.B. staff to forward this letter to you. Please consider it prayerfully. Saving the lives of thousands, and providing their children a future, is more valuable than City Creek Mall: in my humble opinion.

No, I don't own any property in Detroit. The City of Detroit owns these abandoned areas. No, I won't make any money from The Detroit Plan. I am NOT doing this to make money. I am doing this to "save" the lives of thousands of homeless Afrikaners, and their children, who face murder, rape, disease (from drinking dirty water), and possible genocide, if they stay in South Africa. I want to help provide for them and their children a real future.

If you do this, many thousands of Afrikaners that you help will join the Church, and their children will go to a Mormon school, and half of these Afrikaner children will later serve missions, go to BYU, and raise their families in the Church. A free home for one year, school for their children, training in long-haul trucking or CNA nursing, is the "incentive" that the Homeless Afrikaners need, and many, if not most, will accept. Why? Because they are desperate; the same as the poor British workers in the 1840s through 1850s who joined the Church and got a a free farm in Utah, or Idaho, or Nevada, or Arizona.

Please remember, the Homeless Afrikaners are not drugs addicts, nor alcoholics, nor mentally ill, like the homeless in America. They are working men and women, with children (often young children), who were tossed out of their jobs by the vengeful South African government (aka African National Congress). These are "skilled" workers who speak English.

The Church is building several cities in Florida, on the Deseret Ranch Property. That's a good investment. But, can that "wait" for a year or two, in order to use the money for The Detroit Project? The Homeless Afrikaners are in a horrible situation, and their government does NOT wish to help them, but to "harm" them. Can the cities in Florida "wait" a year or two? That's all I'm asking.

If the Homeless Afrikaners remain in South Africa, they face only despair, hopelessness, rape, murder, disease, and possibly genocide in the future: like the Armenians did in Turkey in 1915-1918. Please help them.

No, I will not have anything to do with The Detroit Project. I will not ask you for a job, nor a "dime". You already have all the experts you need now, in retired LDS men. You have the accountants, and the carpenters, and the electricians, the architects, and the contractors. More than enough. You should also ask male BYU students to "volunteer" for a Summer, for no pay, but for room and board as they help build these row houses and the Detroit Mormon School, etc. Many will volunteer: even if they get no salary, but are "Welfare Missionaries" for 7 weeks one Summer. Ask them. Many will volunteer. You don't need to hire construction workers or electricians or accountants. You have them already: in retired LDS men (one or two year "Welfare Mission") and BYU students (during the Summer months).


Why not enroll the Afrikaner children into Detroit Public Schools, and let the State cover the cost of education? Here are the reasons:

*The school system is corrupt, and school officials commonly "rip off" the system yearly in the turn of tens of millions of dollars.
*The Black Gangs will TERRORIZE the Afrikaner kids: beating the males, and forcing the females into "servicing" the gang members (not all black kids in Detroit are gang members, but there are black gangs in every school)
*The Afrikaner males will be forced to join gangs or be beaten, and the females will be forced to "service" the gang members sexually or be beaten.

Many Tongan Mormons came to the U.S., and because they were poorly educated, they moved into "ghetto" areas, and attended ghetto public schools. These Tongan Mormon youth did not "convert" the black gangs to Mormonism. Rather, the black gangs "converted" the Mormon Tongan Youth to "gangsterism". Many of the families of the Mormon "gang" meembers moved to Utah, and now Salt Lake Valley has a MASSIVE Tongan gang problem. All of these Tongan gang members are LDS. The same thing would happen to the Afrikaner children, unless they went to the Detroit Mormon School.

Mormon Tongan gang members (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The black Mormon youth also must be taken out of Detroit Public Schools, and placed into the Detroit Mormon School, or, they too will become like the Tongan "Mormon" gang members in Utah and California and Seattle.


Get active LDS Afrikaners in South Africa to go around to Afrikaner "tent cities" and "squatter camps" and say the following:

"We are Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our Church is offering to take you to America, give you a nice home for a year, and school your children for free though college or trade school. All we ask in return, is that you allow us to take your children to our Church on Sundays, until they are 18 years old. At that time, they can choose to either join our Church, or not. But, until then, they must attend our Church on Sunday. Naturally, we would like them to become Mormons. But we won't force or unduly pressure them. In return for a nice home, food, car service, laundry, and free job training in trucking or nursing, our Church will transport you and your family to America, and give you free top tier medical care, and schooling, and clothing, and food, for one year. After that one year, you can get a job in trucking or nursing, or you can choose to go on State sponsored welfare. Either way, you can stay in the homes we will provide for you, and pay rent, but for the first year, the rent is free. Should you refuse the job training, or should you take your child out of the private school we provide, or should you take your child out of going to our Church on Sunday, then we will withdraw our offer, and you can then ask the state government for assistance, or, if you are by then working, you can go your own way. If you cannot work due to valid medical reasons, then you will not be forced to take the free job training. If you accept our free job training, and get a job after that, then you must agree to pay us back 10% of your wage for two years after you start working. If you are interested in this agreement, in this covenant, then you must fill out our application that we shall provide to you now. We shall provide you pens. Before we give you the pencils and applications, do you have any questions regarding this covenant?"

Of course, the free medical care will come from the State of Michigan; as well as the Food Stamps. The Church will provide one year of free rent, plus free job training in trucking or nursing (both take 40 days), plus the Detroit Mormon School, for all Afrikaner children, whose parents agree to "keep the covenant" with the Church. Also, the Church will provide a car and van service with missionaries providing the driving. Later, Afrikaners can be hired as drivers. Those parents who do not "Keep the Covenant" with the Church, will be asked to leave the Mormon Village they live in, and to ask the State of Michigan for free housing (if they are still not working).

The LDS Wards should be Afrikaans speaking! If that means bringing over a series of Afrikaner LDS Bishops, to serve in Detroit for a few years, and then be sent home: that would be best. The more "Afrikaner" the LDS Meetinghouses seem, the more comfortable the Afrikaners will be going to Church and staying there. The more "British" or American the Wards seem, the less comfortable they will be. That is simply human nature.

Children of Afrikaners who keep the covenant (called "Covenant Keepers") will not be baptized unless the parents request it (perhaps 20% of these parents will join the Church), or until the child reaches the age of 18 and then requests baptism. The parents must "covenant" to keep their children attending the Afrikaans-speaking LDS Wards in Detroit (or wherever), as long as they live in LDS-housing. Their food and medical care will come from the State. Their clothing can and furniture an come from donations by Members throughout the U.S.


*Mormon missionaries in England in the 1840s-1850s converted hundreds or even thousands NOT because they worked hard, but because of the INCENTIVE of free farm land in Utah/Idaho/Arizona/Nevada for poor British workers who owned no land and had dismal futures in England.
*80,000+ homeless Afrikaners (white South Africans of Dutch descent) living in over 800 tent cities.
*White South Africans are being murdered/raped at war-time rates (Liberal Media ignores this)
*President of South Africa (Jacob Zuma) sings "Machine Gun the Whites" at his political rallies.
*Other major black politicians in South Africa lead their supporters in singing "Kill the Boer/Kill the Farmers" at their political rallies.
*Thousands of Afrikaners will join the Church, or at least allow their children to attend the Detroit Mormon School, and attend Church on Sunday, "IF" the Church promises to take them out of South Africa, give them free rent for one year, and job training in the U.S.
*Mormon "Villages" in now-abandoned sections of Detroit (and perhaps also abandoned sections of Camden New Jersey, New Orleans LA, and St. Louis, MO).
*"Service Missionaries" (retired LDS men and BYU students)
*Detroit Mormon School (elementary/middle/high/trade/BYU classes)
*BYU-Detroit "campus" areas.
*Row houses (like in the U.K.)
*Aircrete for row houses (fire proof, rat proof, termite proof, light-weight, cheap)
*Long-haul Trucking School
*CNA nursing school
*Donations to Detroit mayor and City Council re-election campaigns
*"Block Laundry Room" at the end of every block or several blocks (no laundry room in the individual row houses).
*"Mormon Village" or "BYU-Detroit" car and van service.
*"Mormon Center" (supermarket, others stores, cinema, dentist, clinic, bowling alley, game room for children and youth, dance club for youth and young adults)
*Walled or gated "villages".
*Mormon and Afrikaner children _CANNOT_ attend Detroit Public Schools!!!
*Aircrete block factory.
*Solar panels on the roofs of the row houses.

Brethren, people are more important than shopping malls, and high rise buildings, in my humble opinion. People are more important than cattle ranches and cities for affluent retirees in Florida: in my humble opinion. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about taking care of the orphan, and the widow, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and afflicted, and doing good towards all, in my humble opinion.


Will many call the Church "racist" if you implement THE DETROIT PLAN? Yes, the African National Congress wants you to GIVE THEM the 1 billion dollars; most of it will go into the Swiss Bank Accounts of the ANC leaders. Little or NONE of it will go to benefit the black masses of South Africa. So, yes, they will call the Church "racist". 97% of Black South African converts to the Church will never pay tithing. White Afrikaner converts to the Church will always pay tithing: if they are active. That's "how" it is, and always will be.

The South African government (ANC) will ask for MASSIVE BRIBES for the Church to "take" their Homeless Afrikaenrs (whom they do not give a DAMN about nor a DIME to!). You'll have to think of a way to handle that. You know how black governments operate better than I do.

Some Liberals in the U.S. who find out will call the Church "racist" for not spending an equal amount on blacks in Africa. The Church can point out all the money it has sent to black Africa in the last 30 years.

The poor blacks of South Africa are NOT homeless. They have homes with electricity, and running clean water on every block. They have real schools, real clinics, real police protection, and the real possibility of university "if" they do well in school. They also have the "chance" for real jobs and careers; "if" they only study and do well in school. The Homeless Afrikaners have NONE OF THESE THINGS: not now, and not in the future. The ANC is punishing these people, and their children, for Apartheid, which NONE of these people (especially not the children) had ANYTHING to do with! To the ANC...that is irrelevant! They are white. They are Afrikaners. Those are the only two "reasons" the ANC "needs".

Brethren, don't let the Homeless Afrikaners be raped, murdered, and go into despair, suicide, drugs, and prostitution (most of the girls who become prostitutes will get AIDS), because YOU ARE AFRAID of how the WORLD perceives the Church! Do what is right, and let the consequences follow.


1. If the Church launches THE DETROIT PLAN, or even THE BOUNTIFUL PLAN, many thousands of innocent men, women, and children will be "saved" from murder (by black Communist gangs), rape, forced prostitution, drugs (that always result from idleness and hopelessness), suicide, AIDS (many white Afrikaner girls have become or will become FORCED prostitutes by the black gangs and get AIDS before they are 19, and died of AIDS--they are given no AIDS meds by the government and they cannot afford any--and die of AIDS).

2. If you make a "Covenant" with the AFrikaners you bring to Detroit, or to the Afrikaner Refugee City of Bountiful, South Africa (in Western Cape or Northern Cape Province....near the ocean to keep it cool in the Summer), that forces them to keep their children going to an LDS Church (where Afrikaans is the language), as long as they dwell in a Detroit "Mormon village" or the City of Bountiful, South Africa, then I would guess that HALF of those Afrikaner children will choose to be baptized when they turn 18, and many of the males, is not most of them, will go ton mission to South Africa, to work among the 3.5 million Afrikaner people, speaking Afrikaans as their first language, and telling Afrikaners how the Mormon Church literally "SAVED" them and their parents! What do you think will be the IMPACT of that will be among the 3.5 million Afrikaners?

3. You are building an entire generation of Afrikaner Mormons: hard working, tithe-paying, moral, honest people. Their descendants built South Africa.

Yes, the Church would make money if the Church went with OPTION "A" (THE STATUS QUO): more shopping malls, more temples, expand BYU, more high-rise apartments, more retirements cities in Florida, more cattle ranches in Nebraska. But...CAN THESE THINGS "WAIT" for a year or two? If they can wait....then you will be literally saving THOUSANDS of innocent lives, and giving these hard-working covenant-keeping people a FUTURE for themselves and their children. They have NO FUTURE in South Africa, except for more disease, death, rape, AIDS, forced prostitution, and absolute despair.

The choice is yours. If you do not "choose" any of the above, it means you are choosing THE STATUS QUO (OPTION "A") Please consider this Plan carefully and prayerfully.


The Homeless Afrikaners (est. number: at least 80,000) have no future in South Africa: only more death, disease, rape, beatings, assaults. Their children will never study in a real school. They will never set foot on a college or university campus. They will spend their lives as beggars, living in dirty tents and shacks, with no hope for any long-term job or career in South Africa. They will die of diseases, or by being murdered by black South Africans "angry" at Apartheid. Many of the young Afrikaner girls will become prostitutes and die of AIDS. You can change this, Brethren, right now! You can give them and their children a future. Please help them.

The President of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma, sings "Machine Gun the Whites" at his political rallies. That would be like President Trump sining "Machine Gun the Blacks" at his political rallies. The Liberal Media (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC) "ignore" this, and do not cover it.

White Afrikaners make up 8% of the population of South Africa, but they make up 40% of the murder victims, and 50% of the rape victims. This will only increase over time. The Liberal Media refuses to report on any of this!

The Homeless Afrikaners have no "one" charity or organization that represents them. The South African Government (i.e. African National Congress) sees views the Afrikaners like the Jews view the Nazis. The ANC will not help them, but wants them HARMED! You must understand that. The only non-extremist white Afrikaner organization that I know of, which is large (tens of thousands of members), and would be of help to the Church, would be SUIDLANDERS (Afrikaans="Southlanders"). The Head of Office of SUIDLANDERS is Simon Roche. He is now on speaking/radio tour in the U.S. You may contact Simon Roche at the following email address:

I am NOT suggesting that you give Simon Roche or SUIDLANDERS "any" money at all, but they are the largest organization of non-extremist Afrikaners in South Africa. They can help the Church in South Africa, should the Church decide to implement THE DETROIT PLAN. They will help the Church without being paid a "dime" if they believe the Homeless Afrikaners will be helped by THE DETROIT PLAN.

Year One of the PLAN would be:

*Purchasing the "lots" from the City of Detroit.
*Get "BYU Campus" status for the "Mormon Villages or decide to "wall" the village.
*Gathering the army of volunteer workers from retired LDS men (carpenters, attorneys, accountants, contractors, Solar energy experts, and volunteer BYU students.
*Renovate a large abandoned hotel, to house the workers.
*Start an Aircrete Block Factory in the city.
*Gather the building materials.
*Clear the blocks of existing abandoned buildings.
*Build high walls around the "Villages"
*Build the Detroit Mormon School.
*Build Village chapels (in "Kingdom Hall" style which is very cheap and basically pre-fabricated and much smaller than an LDS Meetinghouse).
*Create parks with baseball diamonds (no basketball courts...gang members will use them) and play areas for children, and fence them off.
*Build block-size row houses consisting of 20 "units" of 2 bedrooms and some blocks would be 14 units of 3 bedrooms.
*Block Laundry Room at one end of every block.
*Build a Mormon Center with a cinema, barber shop, beauty salon, supermarket, clothing store, dentist, clinic, etc. Like COSTCO, only members of the "Foundation" can shop at this center. The local Detroit population would not be Members of the Foundation.
*At least 5,000 "units" in total for families in row houses, and at least 5,000 "rooms" in renovated hotels for singles.
*Do the same thing in St. Louis MO and Camden NJ if there is a need for it, or if the City of Detroit does not cooperate.

Year Two of the PLAN:

*Work with SUIDLANDERS to get to Afrikaner "tent cities" and offer them the PROPOSAL (in Afrikaans).
*Work with the governments of South Africa and the U.S. to get visas for these families; promising to house and job train the Afrikaner men and single women (without young children) in long-haul trucking and CNA nursing.
*Everyone who converts to the LDS Church, from these camps, and everyone who agrees to the "Covenant" with the LDS Church (those who do not wish to join but will agree to the conditions of the "Afrikaner and Mormon Covenant") will be transported to the U.S. by plane flight, and driven to a reception center, and finally assigned to a family "unit" in a row house or a single "unit" in a Hostel.
*Also give black Mormon singles and black Mormon women without supporting husbands in the greater Detroit area the "option" of moving into a Mormon Village, and allowing their children to attend the Detroit Mormon School.

The "Deseret Trucking School" and the "Deseret CNA Nursing School", the "Detroit Mormon School", the "Mormon Center", the Hostels for singles, and the Mormon Villages, could be completed in one year and a Summer "if" there is enough money and personnel for the PLAN. Most of the workers on the Plan will be "Service Missionaries" (retired LDS men and BYU students over the Summers). You have all the experts you need already, in retired LDS men.

The 5,000 Family Units should house about 20,000 people. The 5,000 Single Units would house 5,000 to 7,000 people: single Afrikaners, single black Mormons in the area, Afrikaner couples with no children, and elderly Afrikaners who do not live with their grown children.

NOTE: I am willing to "volunteer" for one year at the Trucking School. No pay. No salary. Just give me a single room, one hot meal a day, and transportation to the School and back every day. I am no longer LDS, but I don't smoke or drink. I have 2 and 1/2 years experience in long-haul trucking. If the Church (or Foundation) ever creates a trucking school, to train the Afrikaner men (and some women), I'll contact you and offer my services.

You are at a crossroads, Brethren, and your choice today is:

a) spent 1 billion dollars on cattle ranches, high-rise housing for retired and affluent people who don't need housing, build a city in Florida for retired and upscale earners who also do not need housing. Make good profits to put back into Church businesses and investments.

b) spend 1 billion on the Homeless Afrikaners, convert their children to the Church (half of them will be converted, over time), and save their lives and the lives of their children. "SAVE" many of them from a life of disease, despair, hopelessness, suicide, drug use, prostitution, being murdered, and AIDS. Because all thee ills are coming to them, because they have no hope for the future. They have no "future" to give to their children.

c) If you cannot do "B" then consider helping the Homeless Afrikaners "in" South Africa, with clean water, homes made of Aircrete, real schools with real teachers, clinics with real doctors and nurses, a real security force that protects the Afrikaners, with real factories for the men, in their own Afrikaner communities, in the provinces of Western Cape, and Northern Cape, away from the major cities, near or on the ocean, where the Afrikaners will not have to be afraid of roving black gangs who attack them and force their daughters to become prostitutes for the gangs. Help the Homeless Afrikaners get "Refugee" status so they can be relocated to Germany and Sweden and other countries which accept Refugees. So far, the UN and EU has DENIED the homeless Afrikaners "Refugee" status. Only black Africans and Muslims are given such status; even though they live better in their native countries than the Homeless Afrikaners do. Help get them Refugee status, and then transportation to Europe or other countries which accept Refugees.

Choose one Brethren. Choose now. "A" or "B" or "C" Don't wait! Please have a meeting concerning this, and choose one. If you do nothing, that means you've chosen "A". The only way to guarantee "jobs" and "university" for the Afrikaner children is if you choose "B". Option "C" won't get them jobs, nor careers for their children. Only "B" will give their children a "future". They have no future in South Africa.

Brethren, shopping malls and high-rise condos and large cattle farms do not save innocent lives. THE DETROIT PLAN will save thousands of innocent lives. Sorry to bother you, Brethren, with all these letters. I know you are busy men. You have never taken my advice before. Why should you now? But THE DETROIT PLAN is important, convert many Afrikaners to the Church (especially their children who will attend the Mormon schools), open many Afrikaner doors in South Africa to the missionaries, and will save many innocent lives.

These Homeless Afrikaners are not drug-addicts (not yet anyway), very few are alcoholics. Very few have mental health issues. In the U.S., 80% of the homeless are addicts/alcoholics and/or mentally ill. Not so the homeless Afrikaners. These are hard-working people, who worked at jobs for many years. They were tossed out of their jobs by the African National Congress (ANC); who gave their jobs to ANC members. Afrikaners are known as hard workers, and promise-keepers. Most of them would make excellent Latter-day Saints. Those who do not wish to join the Church, or those parents who are smokers, can become Covenant-Keepers, and agree that their children go to Church every Sunday as long as they live in the Mormon Villages.

Please do not send missionaries into the tent cities, with copies of The Book of Mormon, asking the Afrikaners to take the Discussions and be baptized. They have no jobs. They have no money. They can't pay tithing. They can't "receive the blessings of Tithing" because THEY HAVE NO MONEY. They have no jobs, NOT because they are "lazy" or "don't want to work" but because of the ANC and its B.E.E. laws! Implement THE DETROIT PLAN, including the free training for 40 days in long-haul trucking or 40 days in CNA nursing, help them get jobs in both, and THEN they will be capable of paying tithing, or giving monthly "offerings" to the "Foundation". The Afrikaners need new LIVES before they can become good productive Members of the Church.

Please do not give money to the Red Cross and say "Help the Homeless Afrikaners". The Red Cross in South Africa is operated by ANC members, who will take that money, and put it into their bank accounts. What is left will go to black Africans who already have homes/schools/futures. Very little, if any of it, will go to the Homeless Afrikaners or their children. Remember, the ANC views all Afrikaners like Jews view "Nazis".

As long as the Homeless Afrikaners remain in South Africa, they and their children have no schools, no college, no careers, no "jobs"; not now, not in the future. They have only idleness, bone-crushing poverty, rape, murder, disease, AIDS, and possible Race War to look forward. They must escape from South Africa.

Please DO NOT allow some Church Committee to distort this workable PLAN into something that is completely useless and UNworkable! All the elements of THE DETROIT PLAN work in tandem with each other element. You get rid of some of them, then it all falls down. Either use the Plan as written, or don't use it at all.


A. THE STATUS QUO. Spend a billion in tithing interest, on retirement cities in Florida, high-rise apartments in big cities in the U.S.; on more cattle ranches and shopping malls. If you make no decision on the Homeless Afrikaners, then you are choosing "A".

B. THE DETROIT PLAN (cost: about one billion total)

C. THE BOUNTIFUL PLAN (cost: about 30 million): build a refugee city in South Africa, in North Cape Province, or Western Cape Province (if you build it in eastern South Africa, the natives will overrun it). Simple buildings made of Aircrete. Drill wells and build a plant for clean water. Establish schools for the children. Establish farms and low-energy factories (like candle factories, etc.). Work with Geert Wilders of the Nederlands to try to get the Nederlands to accept the Homeless Afrikaners as "Refugees". Work with the "Alternative for Germany" Party in Germany, to try to get the Homeless Afrikaners to Germany as refugees. Establish a hospital in the City of Bountinful. Arrange for the transportation of the Homeless Afrikaners to the "Refugee Countries" that accept them. Send former Mormon missionaries who speak fluent German or Dutch or Spanish or Russian, to "train" the refugees in a specific new language, should Germany, the Nederlands, Russia, Argentina, and other countries agree to accept them as Refugees. North Cape Province or Western Cape Province only; or the city will be overrun. Call the City of Refuge "BOUNTIFUL".

Please help the Homeless Afrikaners. They have no "future" in South Africa. Please SAVE them!

If you are reading this, and agree with THE DETROIT PLAN or THE BOUNTIFUL PLAN, then please write a short letter to the First Presidency saying; "Brethren, I have read THE DETROIT PLAN and I agree with it. Please consider implementing the Plan." If you can "volunteer" on the Plan, with your skills (NOT your money), then please let the Brethren know that you have skills and would be willing to "volunteer" for a few weeks, a few months, or a year, should the Church implement the Plan. Keep the letter one page, and write to:

Church Office Bldg.
50 East North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

No...we (The Committee to Save the Homeless Afrikaners) CANNOT accept any donations! DO NOT send any money to any Go Fund Me account or any other account, that "claims" to be us or working to help the Homeless Afrikaners. It is probably a scam. The Homeless Afrikaners don't need another blanket, or another tent, or another flashlight. They need NEW LIVES in America or Europe! That is the only thing that will SAVE them. If you agree with the Plan, then write a letter to The First Presidency! That is how "you" can help!

If you have any questions, or comments, email us below, but we CANNOT accept any donations. Write to the Brethren instead. You can also donate to the Red Cross, but very, very little of that will ever reach the Homeless Afrikaners. Write that letter! Offer to volunteer as a Service Missionary, should the Brethren implement this Plan. Thank you for your time.