Latter Days Post-Pilot Episodes and Characters

Episode Two

This episode begins with a replaying of the Scott Christian bombing.

Eric has a dream where he is looking over Salt Lake City, it is night, and the camera pans over the Mormon Temple up toward Ensign Peak. Standing on Ensign Peak is an evil demonic shadow being, who screams a horrible unearthly scream, which wakes Eric up in a cold sweat. Eric goes to get a glass a water, it is still dark. He passes Leland's room, and hears him having sex with a woman. Eric shakes his head and walks on.

The official Spokesman for the Public Affairs Office of the Church of Christ of Latter Days is Oliver Granger Jr. We saw him in pilot delivering "Official Declaration Three" in which the Church "disavows" the Curse of Cain Doctrine, calling it "speculation and personal opinion" of the past. Oliver Granger Sr., called "Gramps", is an "old school" Mormon, and very upset at Official Declaration Three. Over Granger family dinner, Gramps complains to his son "Junior" of OC3, and "Junior" basically says that he did not author it, and that "The brethren want this" ("The Brethren" is a Mormon term meaning the top 15 Church leaders).

In this episode two Salt Lake City detectives are assigned to investigate the shooting of the two Tongans in the alley, and also the bombing/murder of Scott Christian. Oliver Granger Sr. tries to convince his son, Oliver Jr., that Church President Jordan V. Huntley is "leading the Church astray". Oliver Jr. basically says he was just following orders. He works for the Church. Oliver Sr. (Gramps) goes to his best friend, a Mormon apostle named Ffloyd J. Backman, the next in line to become the President of the Church, that "something has to be done about Jordan V. Huntley" (hint, hint). Backman replies, "Olie, you've been my best friend since the first grade. You married my sister. Because of that, I'll forget what you said here today!" But, Backman eventually comes around, and agrees that Huntley "has to go" in a later episode. Many older conservative Mormons are upset with Huntley's denying past Mormon doctrines and lying in Press interviews (shown in later episodes). The son of Oliver Granger Jr. is Peter Granger, the friend/lover of Chris Romney.

Chris Romney tells his bishop that he wants to go on a mission. The bishops asks the standard question (asked of all potential Mormon missionaries) "Do you have homosexual feelings or fantasies or thoughts?" Chris is a honest kid, and admits he has them. The bishop tells him that the Church can't send homosexual men on mission. Chris says he must go. The bishop says that if he wants to go on a mission, he must go to Aversion Therapy, which is sponsored by the Church, but it must be kept secret. If Chris passes this therapy, he can be called on a mission (all young Mormon men are expected to go on two year full-time missions away from home at the age of 18 or 19). In a later episode, Chris goes to the clinic. They take him into a room, he is told to undress completely. He is strapped into a chair, with electrodes in parts of his body. He is shown gay porn, while he watches he is shocked, and given "vomit" drink (and vomits over the side of the chair). Then he is shown straight porn, told to masturbate. A sexy woman strokes his hair as he masturbates to straight porn, and says: "You are a man. You love women. You desire women." While he watches gay porn, a large angry man in a white clinic coat says: "You're a faggot! You make me SICK! You're a pervert! You're disgusting!" He is forced to drink vomit drink. He is shocked. Then, the straight porn is shown, a woman in an open white coat (she is wearing sexy undergarments) strokes his hair again, tells him to keep masterbating, that he is a handsome man, a great lover, etc. This process continues. This Aversion Therapy was carried out, sponsored by the Church, for years (1965-1970). It was a closely kept secret for years.

Leland Huntley takes Eric Stevenson to meet with Church President Jordan V. Huntley. While they are in the waiting room, Mark Hansen comes out, with his head down, carring a briefcase. Mark and Eric accidently run into each other, and the briefcase falls to the floor, open, with papers going everywhere. Eric reaches down and grabs a handful of papers. Eric then gets "flashes" of a man forging a document in a basement, and of Mark laughing in an evil way. Mark says: "Don't touch those!" and quickly gathers them up, and leaves in a hurry. He is upset. Leland introduces Eric to his grandfather, Jordan V. Huntley, the President of the Church. He is about 75. Jordan V. Huntley thanks for "saving the life of my favorite grandson in Santa Cruz". Huntley asks Eric "Young man, is there anything I can do for YOU?" Eric says, "Yes, President Huntley. When I joined the Church I was taught that blacks were the children of Cain, under the Curse of Cain. I was told they were less valiant in the War in Heaven, before this Earth was made. I didn't agree with it at first, but, I was told I had to, because it was a doctrine of the Church. Now....I don't know what to believe, with this Official Declaration Three!" Huntley says: "Young man, you keep believing that! I'll testify you that this doctrine is as true as any other doctrine in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But....we live in a new world. The Curse of Cain Doctrine is now too sacred for profane ears. The Gentiles are...well....UNWORTHY of hearing it! If we try to teach it to them, well, it just brings upon us more perseuction. So, if a Gentile asks you, do you believe that darkies are the children of Cain? Say, "No, of course not!" Leave it at that." Eric says, "But...President Huntley...isn't that lying?" Huntley says: "My good young man...lying is a sin! You can never lie to your parents. Never lie to your priesthood leaders. But, let me as YOU a question. Is there any sin is NOT casting pearls before swine? Is there?" Eric shakes his head no. "Good! There is no sin in NOT casting this pearl before Non-Mormons. There is sin in lying, BUT... is no sin in lying for the Lord! Now, I'll got a LOT of work to do! Thank you again for saving my grandson. Leland is a good boy! I want him around for many years to come! May the Lord richly bless you!" Huntley shakes his hand and leads them out the door. "Leland, call your mother more often! She's worried about you eating right!" Leland: "Okay Grandpa, I will!" Leland: "See...what's he THE COOLEST GUY EVER???" Eric: "Yea, I guess so."

Episode Two introduces two Salt Lake City detectives, a Black Detective ("Tyrone 'Ty' Eddington") and a White Detective (Orson Pratt Faulring). Eddington was a detective with the Detroit police department for many years, and retired. But, on a trip to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, with one of his kids by a previous marriage, he met a white Mormon woman, also divorced with children, and they married. She did not like Detroit, so they moved to Salt Lake City. Both have grown children by previous marriages. They have a young child, about 8. He joined the SLCPD, and became a detective. He was baptized into the Church, not because he believes it, but because he wanted to make his wife Mormon wife happy. He and his wife are active in the "Jaredite Society"; a fellowship organization of Black Mormons patterned on the real Black Mormon fellowship organization: "Genesis Group". See: . Eddington doesn't really believe in religion of any sort, but plays along with it to please his wife. He also thinks Salt Lake City and the Church is an excellent environment to raise their child. The two detectives discuss their respective backgrounds while they are driving away from the bombing scene. In this episode, Eddington calls an Italian friend in Detroit, and asks him to "ask around" to find out if any of his friends (mobsters) in Las Vegas knows anything about the bombing of Scott Christian in Salt Lake City. The Italian man, who owns a pizzeria in Detroit, says: "Okay, let me ask around. I'll get back to you!"

The White Detective, born Orson Pratt Bartholomew, is a former "Lost Boy" who was born in "Short Creek"; a polygamist compound on the border of southern Utah and northern Arizona. At the age of 14 he was "cast out" of Short Creek for kissing a 13 year old girl, who was engaged to a Short Creek polygamist leader, who was 78 years old. He was arrested stealing food from a grocery store in Salt Lake City, and given a Public Defender, an attorney named Joseph F. Faulring. The attorney felt sorry from the homeless boy, and took him back to his own home, and later legally adopting him. Joseph F. becomes a respected attorney in Salt Lake Valley. He has a daughter named Patricia, who was 4 when Orson moves in as part of the family. Orson loved Patricia, and saw her as his little sister. When Patricia was 15, she met Leland Huntley, the grandson of Church President Jordan V. Huntley. Leland got Patricia pregnant, and then dumped her. She told her father what happened. Joseph F. went to President Huntley, who did nothing against Leland, but, rather, threatened to have both Patricia and Joseph F. excommunicated if they didn't stop telling people that Leland raped her (which he did). Patricia was shunned by others, and the other Mormon kids at her school and her Ward (congregation) began to call her a "slut". Finally, she commits suicide. Joseph F. begins to drink, and, over the years, the drinking got so bad that he lost his career, his house, and eventually became a homeless drunk. It was Joseph F. who saw Milton Rossey shoot the two Tongan thugs in the alley in the Pilot.

Orson becomes a police officer because of his demand for justice. From the age of 14 to 25 he was a good active Mormon. He served a two year Mormon mission to Argentina. However, when Patricia got pregnant from Leland Huntley, and President Huntley covered it all up, and Patricia killed herself, he became very anti-Mormon. He wants revenge against President Huntley, Leland Huntley, and the Mormon Church in general. Orson eventually discovers that he is the son of the new "Prophet" of the Short Creek Polygamist clan, a Warren Jeffs like character, who is a combination of Warren Jeffs and Ervil LeBaron (google: "Ervil LeBaron"). This man, who is now in his 60's, is pure evil! He tries to get rival polygamist groups to pay him "tithing" (10% of everything they own), but when they refuse, he sends some of his wives (some teenagers) to kill them.

Linda Christian is frantic, and doesn't know where her husband Scott is. She calls Liz Shears, the wife of Elliot Shears, the President of Confederated Financial Services (CFS). Liz Shears is the sister of Clara Rossey. Scott Christian was the Vice President of CFS. But, some bad financial decisions, bad investments, caused CFS to lose its investor's money. Elliot Shears and Scott Christian also lost their investments as well. This is why Scott told Mark Hansen he had to sell his book collection (30,000 books). Elliot is about 50, and is a friend and (former) major contributor to the Presidential campaign of Milton Rossey, his brother-in-law. Liz Sears is addicted to prescription medications. She gets them from various doctors in Salt Lake Valley. Before, they were worth 200 million dollars. Now, they have next to nothing. Liz meets with Clara to borrow some money. She asks for $50,000 dollars. Clara writes her a check for $20,000. Liz says: "Clara, when your husband was running for President, we helped him. We helped all the time. And you can only spare $20,000? In our time of need?" Clara says: "Liz, we'll help you all we can. That's all I can give you now, but I can get more later!" Liz starts to cry, and says: "My God! What happened to us? We had everything! Everything! Now we have nothing! I can't even afford my medicine any more!" Clara tells Liz she needs to go to rehab, but Liz tells her "We can't even buy a modest house, and you're talking about rehab? If YOU were going through the things I'VE been'd be a pill head too!" They are in a restaurant. They notice the someone turning up the TV news, announcing that there's been an explosion at the Judge Building the night before, and "the victim is not being named pending notification of next of kid, but NEWS 5 has learned that the deceased worked at one time for Confederated Financial Services.....CFS was in the next months ago when they closed doors after losing investors hundreds of millions of dollars..." Both women are speechless. Liz quickly gets her cellphone out and calls Elliot, who answers:

Liz: "Elliot! Oh my God! Are you okay??"

Elliot: "Yea, I'm fine. Why?"

Liz: "Have you seen the news? There's been a bombing in the Judge Building. They said it was CFS related."

Elliot: "What? I don't know....wait...wait a minute....Scott opened his new offices in the Judge Building!"

Liz: "Oh my God!'s Scott! Scott Christian!"

They look at the TV, and show a body being carried out. The dead body is covered, but his arm falls out, revealing a very large distinctive ring.

Liz: "Oh my God! That's the rig we gave Scott three years ago when he married Linda!"

Liz calls Linda.

Linda: "Hello"

Liz: "Linda. Honey. This is Liz. Honey, I'm so sorry! Honey, I'm SO SORRY!"

Linda: "What? What are you talking about!"

Liz: "Linda. Haven't you heard? There's been a bombing, at the Judge Building.'s Scott. They brought him out. I saw the ring. Honey....he's dead. Scott is dead! They killed him! I'm so sorry honey! I'm so sorry!..."

Linda screams!

Todd Grundy takes a Mormon girl out on a date, they drive up to overlook Salt Lake City. It is night. The girl tells Grundy that she feels special, because so many of the girls in the Ward want to date them. They talk. Eventually, Todd asks her: "Can you do me a favor?" The girl says, "Sure, anything?" Todd says, "Can you....slop my knob?" The girl is shocked, but then says: "What? I'm a GOOD Mormon girl. I don't do least...not on the first date!" Todd moves over to her, and embraces her, and kisses her. They kiss. Todd says lovingly and rubs her nose with his very softly and lovingly saying, "You Mormon girls are all whores aren't you?" The girl is offended, and tries to get out of the car, Todd prevents her, and starts to strangle her. During the strangling, Eric has "convulsions" like an epileptic fit. Todd kills the girl, and buries her in a shallow grave.

In a later episode, Jenny Rossey, who is by then 16, lies about her age and goes to a Mormon Young Adult Dance, saying she is 18. There, she meets Todd Grundy. He takes her into the mountains, to rape and kill her. She recognizes the place as a campsite her family often goes to in the Summers. She tries to seduce her. She resists. Flashes of Eagle-Feather seducing her comes back. She fights. She gets out and runs. He follows her, and catcher her, and starts to strangle her. She escapes again, and calls Milton saying that Todd Grundy is trying to kill her, and she's at the campsite. Milton tries calling police, but they aren't fast enough. He gets into his car and races to the campsite. Grundy has a large knife, and is chasing her. She hides, and he goes past her. But she gets up and runs into the large demontic shadow figure, and she SCREAMS. Todd is alerted, and he finally captures her again. He takes her over to a tree, and puts the blade to her throat, and says he's going to cut her throat, but then Milton's car appears, with lights on, and he says, "Get away from him baby! Get away!" She kicks him in the crotch and runs. He gets up and holds the knife up saying, "IF YOU LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR CUT HER THROAT" and just then Milton crashes his car into Todd Grundy, and a large issue of blood covers the windshield. He is dead. He gets out, and rushes to Jenny, and embraces her. She is crying. He says, "You're okay honey. I love you. Daddy is here for you!" End of episode.

In a later episode, police begin to close in on Mark Hansen as the bomber/forger. He knows this, and decides to kill Elliot Shears, to throw suspicion off himself and back onto "mob" investors of CFS. He leaves a package bomb for Elliot, but Liz Shears picks it up by mistake. Boom. She is killed. Elliot is shattered and is send to a mental hospital. Andrew the Musician moves in with the Rosseys.


Mark Hansen does not get the million dollars from Huntley. Huntley told Mark he needs to find another "expert in Mormon documents" before he pays Mark a million dollars for the McLellin Collection. Mark is desperate, and goes to Reno to meet with his estranged father, Hugh Hansen, to try to get some money. Mark Hansen owes many people money, Mormon investors. He also owns Bradley, who works for Mark collecting old books (Mark has an excellent book collection), old Mormon coins, etc. Bradley does not know Mark is a forger, and bomber. Bradley has a wife and a young child.

Mark shows up at the front door, and rings the bell. Anderson (the dwarf) opens the door slightly:

Anderson: "Mark, I know what you're gonna say. Don't bother. He doesn't want you here!"

Mark charges into the mansion and runs up the stairs towards his father's door. Anderson follows him.

Mark charges into his father's room. Hugh Hansen is behind a desk writing a letter.

Hugh: "Oh, you're back again."

Mark: "I need some money!"

Hugh laughs.

Hugh: "What? No.....nice to see you again father? Nice to see you're still alive. Nice to see you're not in prison like I tried to put you in?"

Mark: "I'm sorry. I told you that. I was angry. I made a mistake!"

Hugh: "A mistake? A....mistake? So, you want money. I thought you got rich off those old Mormon documents you were discovering all over the place?"

Mark: "I had expenses. I bought a house. I bought an old book collection. I had a lot of investors I had to pay back. I have a wife and four children. I need some money."

Hugh: "And that whore you keep? She's a honey isn't she? What's her name? Annette?"

Mark: "Janette, and she's NOT a whore! I love her! I should have known you'd be spying on me."

Hugh: "Does your sweet little Mormon wife know about your whore, Janette, Mark? How you bought her a house, and two cars? One was what, a porche? And the other one? I forget!"

Mark: "A jang. Molly doesn't know about her, and that's the way its gonna be."

Hugh: "I see Mark. You can have YOUR whores, and a good Mormon wife, but I can't have MY WHORES, with no wife. Can you SEE the hypocrisy in that Mark? Can you SMELL it?"

Mark: "I told you a MILLION times! I AM SORRY! I'm SORRY I wrote to President Huntley about your..... little Thai girls. I was upset. I was angry. I was angry at how you used to treat Mom. Okay? I'm tired of apologizing. I'm your son. I need money. Your only son needs money. Can you help me?"

Hugh: "I see. Okay. You need money. How much MONEY do you need?"

Mark: "I need, well, I need at least a million dollars. That should cover everything."

Hugh: "I see. A million dollars. Okay. Will that suffice. Or, should we say, TWO million dollars?"

Mark: "Well, alright, two million then. I need it. Your grandchildren need it."

Hugh: "Okay Mark. I'll give TWO MILLION DOLLARS, but on one condition. That get down on your knees, and BEG my forgiveness!"

Mark: "Father, please...."

Hugh: "DOWN ON YOUR KNEES MARK! BEG ME, and you'll get your two million dollars. Here. Today. NOW!"

Mark gets on his knees and bows his head.

Mark: "Father. I am sorry for sending that letter to President Huntley. It was a mistake. I...I BEG you to help me, your only son, and to help your four grandchildren. Please father, I beg you!"




Mark begins to cry.


Mark falls on his face and cries.

Hugh: "Mark. You're NOT my son! My son would NEVER do the things you've done to me! You're never getting a DIME from me again."

Mark looks up in shock.

Mark: "But...I'M YOUR SON! I'M YOUR ONLY SON!!!"

Hugh: "Oh, I've got a hundred sons, and they're more my sons than YOU ever were! Anderson, through this PIECE OF SHIT out! I'm getting tired of looking at him!"

Anderson goes over to Mark and grabs his arm.

Anderson: "Sorry Mark, you have to go, Now!"

Mark shrugs him off forcefully. Anderson goes over and hits an alarm.

Mark points at his father.

Mark: "YOU! YOU! YOU treated my mother like shit! You treat your Thai whores better than you ever treated her, or me!"

Hugh: "I treated her like shit....because SHE WAS A PIECE OF SHIT, and so are you! Get out of here and don't come back!"

A number of people come into the room. Most of them are dwarfs. A few of them are very young Thai women. One of them is pregnant. Another is holding a young half-white Thai child. A very very large GIANT of a man comes in. He is wearing a chef's outfit.

Mark charges Hugh, but Anderson grabs his legs. The other dwarfs go over and grab Mark, but he fights them off. Anderson gets into a Karate stance.

Anderson: "Don't make me hurt you Mark. You know I'm a 5th degree black belt!"

Mark bunches Anderson in the face, and Anderson falls backwards.

The other dwarfs charge him, and Mark fights them off. The giant approaches Mark.

Mark: "Stay away from me Henry!"

Mark kicks Henry (the giant) in the crotch, and Henry falls like a sack of potatoes.

Hugh goes to his drawer and takes out a gun and shows it to Mark.

Mark points at his father saying:

Mark: "I'm going to DESTROY YOU! I'm going to DESTROY ALL OF YOU!"

Mark runs out of the room, down the stairs, crying, and out to his car. The dwarfs follow. Mark gets it and drives off. There are young Thai girls in the hallway. A few of them are pregnant. A few of them holding young children.

As Mark drives away Anderson runs after him screaming....

Anderson: "I'm sorry Mark. Don't come back! He'll only hurt you. Don't come back Mark! Don't come back!!!"

After he returns to Salt Lake City, Mark Hansen stops by the house (he bought) of his mistress, Janette. She is young and beautiful, and former stripper. Mark met her at a strip club. She smokes, but Mark hates that. He goes over to the house:

Janette: "Where have you been Mark? I've got bills to pay! You've got bills to pay!"

Mark: "Look. I'm sorry. I'm trying my best. I'm...having a little bit of a problem right now selling a few things. But, don't worry, I'll have the money soon!"

Janette lights up a cigarette.

Mark: "Hey! Put that away. You KNOW I HATE IT when you smoke! It's so Disgusting!"

Janette: "Well, Mark, sorry about that, but I smoke when I'm nervous, and you're making me REAL nervous these days."

Mark: "How?"

Janette: "How? How Mark? The mortgage if late. The payment on the jag is late. Look, you promised me that if I got together with you you'd take care of all these things!"

Mark: "And I will! I have...haven't I? For what...three years now? Why are you doubting me now?"

Janette: "I think I need to start dancing again."

Mark: "No, No! I don't want you doing that again!"

Janette: "That's where we met Mark. Don't you remember. You used to come in and watch me dance all the time, for years."

Mark: "I don't care. I don't want you dancing again. I said I'll take care of everything."

Janette: "Pay the bills Mark. You promised, that was the deal."

Mark: "I know that. I WILL pay the bills."

Janette: "When Mark, when?"

Mark: "I just need to sell some more documents, that's all."

Janette: "Mark, you've been saying that for three months. I can't wait any longer. I got bills. I'm going back to THE DOLL HOUSE. Pay my bills, and I'll stop."

Mark: "I don't want other men looking at your naked."

Janette: "Not up to you Mark. Pay my bills, and I'll stop."

Mark goes over and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Janette: "Not tonight Mark. I've got a headache. I'm not in the mood!"

Mark goes for the front door and opens it.

Mark: "I'll get the money."

Janette: "You do that Mark. You do that."

Mark leaves. He gets into his car. Beats his head against the steering wheel. He takes out his cellphone and calls a number.

Rossey: "Hello"

Mark: "Uncle Milton. I need to talk to you. Tonight!"

Mark goes over to Milton Rossey's house, and you see Mark talking, his head down. Rossey is listening.

Mark: "Then, my father took out a gun and threatened to shoot me if I didn't get out. So, I left. That's after he called mother a piece of shit."

Milton: "I'm sorry Mark. I've very sorry. He's always treated you bad. I know that. Everybody knows that."

Mark: "Uncle Rossey. I need money. A LOT of money. I have Mormon investors I have to pay back. I've got a house, four kids, a wife. I feel horrible to ask you, but, I don't have anyone else to turn to."

Milton: "How much Mark? How much do you need?"

Mark: "Well, I need, well, a million dollars. If I can sell some more documents, I'll pay you back with interest. It's only a matter of time......"

Milton puts his hand up, and walks into the next room. He comes back with the suitcase, and hands it to Mark.

Milton: "Mark, don't tell a SOUL that I gave you this. You pay me back when you can, if you can. Don't tell Molly I gave you this. Tell her, you sold some more documents to the Church."

Mark opens the suitcase, and sees the money. His eyes bulge, and he almost cries.

Mark: "Uncle Milton...I don't know what to say!"

Milton: "Then, don't say anything Mark. I know how hard it was for you all those years. I watched you grow up. You were like an older brother to my son Chris. Pay me back when you can, as much as you can, but, your family comes first. Family always comes first!"

Mark: "Thank you Uncle Milton. I won't forget this!"

The two men raise and hug, and Mark takes the suitcase, and Milton sees him to the door.

Mark: "Ill pay you back Uncle Milton, I promise!"

Milton: "Mark, tell you what. I don't think this old Mormon documents business is really panning out for you. I'll make a deal with you. You take this money, and go back to medical school. Become an M.D. If you do, you don't owe me a dime. What do you say?"

Mark: "Okay, okay. I'll do that. I'll just close a few more deals in the works, and, yes, I'll go back to medical school!"

Milton: "Good deal Mark. Good deal! Don't tell your father about this...ever!"

Mark: "Don't worry, I don't think me and my father will ever speak again. Thanks again Uncle Milton!"

Milton: "You're welcome Mark. Say hello to Molly for me. Tell her we love her and the kids."


In Episode Three two new characters are introduced: Emma Dorman and Andrew Shears. Emma is a very attractive good Mormon girl. She wants to become a singer. Writes lyrics for songs. Andrew Shears is the son of Elliot and Liz. He plays the guitar. His dream is to start a rock band. They meet at a Church Young Adult Dance. They have a romance (no sex...because Emma is a good Mormon girl). They fall in love. A true romance. Andrew changes his name is "Andy Fury" and gets into an Alternative Rock Band, and slowly becomes "seduced" with the rocker lifestyle. They have a falling out when Emma decides to throw Andrew a surprise birthday party, but discovers Andrew having sex with a groopy. She is devastated. Emma goes to Hollywood to become a singer. She meets a record executive who promises to make her famous. The record executive invites her over to his house for dinner. She accepts, and brings her notebook of lyrics. After dinner, the exec invites her into his jaccuzzi. She says, "But I didn't bring my bathing suit". He reaches into a draw and takes out a string bikini, and throws it at her. She takes a look at the two piece and says, "Ahhhh, I can't wear this. I'm a Mormon. We can only wear one-piece bathing suits!" The exec says: "Okay, so just wear the bottoms!" She relunctantly gets into the two piece, and into the jaccuzzi. She is nervous. He comes in and turns on a TV, which has porn on it. The TV is close to the Jacuzzi. She says: "Oh no. I can't watch that!" He takes off a robe, and is nude, and gets into the Jacuzzi. He tries to seduce her. She resists. He says: "Look Honey. Do you want a record contract of not?" She says: "No, not like this!" She tries to get out, and he grabs her and pulls her back. He tries to rape her. Finally, she gets away from him, and while she is getting out she grabs the TV to help her out, but when she gets out the TV falls into the Jacuzzi, and electrocutes and kills the exec. She screams. She changes and runs out. Only thing, she forgot his notebook of lyrics, and she forgot her panties. Later, police would come to Utah to ask her if she was with him the day of his death. She denies it. They show her the notebook, and the panties. A detective says: "We found a little blood on the crotch of the panties, menstrual blood we think. If we tested this blood, would it be yours by any chance?" Eventually, in later episodes, she is arrested for her murder. Andrew (Andy Fury) quits the band and goes to L.A. to try to help her. Eventually, he goes to the house, now empty, and find a secret wall, and behind the wall are tapes. He's taped his sexual conquests of young women in the Jacuzzi via secret camera. And, yes, the night in question was taped, and shows him trying to rape her, and that the TV in the Jacuzzi was an accident. He tells the police about the tapes, and she is freed.

Bradley and Janet

Bradley works for Mark Hansen. Bradley finds old books for Mark Hansen, who is avid collector of Hemmingways, Twains, etc. Also, Bradley finds Old Mormon coins, and other old Mormon items that Mark also sells to collectors. After the Scott Christian bombing Bradley thinks, like everything else, that Scott Christian was killed by angry investors, probably Las Vegas mob related. However, he begins to suspect that Mark Hansen is the bomber. In a later episode, Bradley confronts Mark, and Mark tells him that he (Bradley) is crazy. Bradley tells Mark that he can't work for him anymore. Bradley tells Mark: "Look, Mark, I know you had something to do with Scott Christian being killed, but, don't worry, I won't say anything to anyone." Later, Bradley is feeding the baby in their kitchen, and his wife brings in a package, looking just like the one that killed Scott Christian.

Janet: "Look Bradley. Look at what I found on our doorstep this morning."

Bradley looks over and sees Janet opening the package, as he feeds the baby.

Bradley: "JANET...DON'T OPEN THAT!!!!"

BOOM! Massive explosion. Windows of house blow out. Then Bradley wakes up in his bed a cold sweat screaming "JANET". Janet wakes up and says "What's wrong? Had a nightmare?" Bradley says: "Janet, we're leaving Utah tomorrow. We're going to San Diego where I grew up." Janet: "But...why?" Bradley: "We're just going! Tomorrow! Before we leave, don't pick up any packages in or around the house, or the car! DO NOT PICK UP ANY PACKAGES" Janet looks at him and says, "OKAY! OKAY!", and he rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Elder Eagle-Feather is a Navajo Indian, and also a Seventy in the Church. A Seventy is a Church office just under Apostle. He and Milton Rossey were missionary companions in West Germany in the early 1970s, and they sometimes speak German to each other. Eagle-Feather is married to a white Mormon woman, the daughter of President Huntley (which is one reason why Eagle-Feather became a Seventy). They have two children. The Eagle-Feather and Rossey families are very close. However, Eagle-Feather has a secret. He has been molesting Jenny Rossey since she was 11 years old. For the past year, they have had a number of secret sexual encounters. He tells her that she is his "spiritual wife" and God approves of it. He got her pregnant last year, which is why she had an abortion last year. She thought she was pregnant again, but she wasn't. She had "hysterical pregnancy". In Episode Two or Three the Eagle-Feathers and Rossey's have dinner, and Eagle-Feather tells the story of them tracting (going door to door) in Dusseldorf, and they run into a man with three German Shepards, and the man sicks the dogs after Milton, who then takes off running. Eagle-Feather: "The last thing I saw was Elder Rossey high-tailing it over the horizon, with three German Shepherds nipping him on the butt!" Everyone laughs. Later, Eagle-Father gets alone with Jenny, and tells her how much he loves her, and asks her to meet him later. She refuses. In a later episode, Milton catches them in bed together, and Eagle-Feather and Milton have a long dragged out fight, that leads to the kitchen. Finally, Eagle-Feather is chocking Rossey, who is losing consciousness, telling him (in German): "She is mine Rossey. She is mine. I won't let you take her away from me!" Seeing her father dying, Jenny stabs Eagle-Feather in the back with a butcher knife. He falls dead. Andrew sees it all, and he and Milton take the body and bury it in the Salt Flats west of Salt Lake City. Later, kids out riding dune buggies, and one buddie gets stuck in the salt. Others go and dig out the wheel, only to find Eagle-Feather's body.