The Book of Testimonies

The Miracle-Working Prophet of Lebanon

Left: Doctor Dahesh (c. 1952)
Excerpts from Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism by Dr. Ghazi Brax
Dear Seeker of Truth, this booklet is either about the greatest magician of all time, or about a Prophet of God Who worked thousands of supernatural miracles and taught His disciples the truth about the Cosmic Laws, Heaven, Hell, and how to gain Eternal Life. His disciples believe He was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ for the 20th century.

N THE YEAR 1909 a man-child was born, and He would become the most prolific worker of supernatural miracles of all time. He would become known as "DOCTOR DAHESH". His followers, known as "Daheshists", believe that He was the "return" of the Sayyal (Soul) Jesus for the 20th century. He founded a new religion in 1943. He wrote 150 books, including 5 books of revelation. He became a collector of books and art, and the Dahesh Museum of Art is still located in New York City, near the Holland Tunnel in Manhatten. The name "Doctor Dahesh" is well-known in Lebanon, and, to a lesser extant, in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His name is practically unknown outside of those countries. This brief article will introduce you to Doctor Dahesh, and will quote some of His followers as to the supernatural miracles they witnessed Him performing.

In the year 1908, Moosa and Shnoomeh Aleshiyah, two Assyrians (Iraqi Christians) living in Mosul, Iraq, immigrated to Palestine; at that time a Turkish province. The Aleshiyah clan claimed direct descent from the Prophet Elisha. Moosa Aleshiyah, once he moved to Jerusalem, took the Arabic last name of "Achi" (awshee/"cook"). On June 1st, 1909, Shmooneh Achi gave birth to a son, who was named Saleem Moosa El-Achi ("Peaceful Moses Elisha"). He would later in life become known as "Doctor Dahesh".

The child Salim was sickly, and, at the age of one year, became deathly ill. Shnoomeh took the child to the Presbyterian Mission Hospital in Jerusalem. At that time, Halley's Comet was passing the Earth very closely, and the planet was passing through the giant "tail" of the comet. Some people considered it the end of the world, or a "sign" of the Second Coming of Christ. The American missionary doctor said in Arabic, "I don't know what's wrong with the child. I don't know what medicine to give him." Then the child spoke from the cradle in English saying: "Give the child such-and-such medicine, and he will recover!" Both the doctor and Shmoonedh was shocked, but the doctor did as the Voice directed, and gave the child the asked-for medicine, and young Salim recovered.

Young Saliem started working supernatural miracles at the age of 5. At that time, a Christian Evangelist from India, Sundar Singh, a man quite famous in the early 20th century, visited the Holy Land. He came to Bethlehem to visit the birthplace of Jesus. He was promised in a vision that he would live to see the face of Jesus in the flesh. But, at that time, Palestinians did not speak English. Sundar Singh spoke Hindi and several other East Indian languages, and also English. He tried to ask the crowd in English where the Church of the Nativity was, but they could not answer him. At that time, Palestine was part of the Turkish empire. The British did not conquer the area until 1920. Palestinians did not speak English in 1914. But, as Sundar was pleading with the crowd in English, young Salim stepped forward and answered him in English. Salim's aunt said, "What did that strange man want, and what did you tell him?" Salim said, "He wanted to know directions to the Church of the Nativity, and I told him!" His aunt said, "How did you know his strange language, and how did you know the way to that Church?" Salim said: "I am the Way. I am the Guide."

He would perform many more supernatural miracles as a child.

At age 17 He performed a miracle of walking upon water in front of a large group of Assyrian school teachers who were visiting Bethlehem during the Summer. When the Assyrians discovered that the large pool that Saleem was walking upon had no planks or supports, and that His shoes were completely dry, they cried "DAHESH! DAHESH!" which in Assyrian means "WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL!" or "ASTOUNDING!" or "UNBELIEVABLE!" or "INCREDIBLE!" or "OH MY GOD!" or "WOW!" After that time, Saleem Ameer MoosaAchi became known as "Dahesh" ("da" as in "dad" and "hesh" rhymes with "mesh").

Dahesh became quite famous in Lebanon (and Egypt and Palestine) as a worker of supernatural miracles. Some believed He was a "God Sent" but others an evil man who healed the sick, raised the dead, and performed other miracles via black magick. To His followers He is known as "Our Beloved Guiding Prophet".

In 1930, the International Psychic Society of Paris awarded Dahesh an honorary doctorate in psychic studies; based upon His reputation as a worker of miracles, and His hundreds of amazing prophecies (at the time Lebanon was a Protectorate of France). After that time, His followers referred to Him as "Doctor Dahesh". But He was not a physician. In fact, He had only three months of formal education.

The recorded miracles of Doctor Dahesh are in the thousands. The greatest number of them are recorded in The Daheshist Chronicles by Halim Dammous; a series of thirty volumes with over 300 pages each in the Arabic language. These are miracles that Halim Dammous personally witnessed during the several decades He knew Dahesh. There are also hundreds of newspaper articles with first-hand accounts of His miracles from Lebanese and Egyptian journalists. There are also hundreds of first-hand accounts from people who have witnessed one or more of His supernatural miracles written in books, pamphlets, in newspaper accounts, etc.

Who was Dr. Dahesh?

Daheshists believe that Dr. Dahesh was the 20th of 24 Sinless Prophets who would appear on Earth; from the 1st century to the 24th century. All these 24 Sinless Prophes would be the incarnations of the 24 "Sayyals" (Arabic: "Spiritual Fluids") of Christ. Each of Them would perform supernatural miracles, and teach Their followers "The Way" to the Heavenly Planets. These 24 Sinless Prophets are the "four and twenty Elders" that John saw in his vision that is recorded in the Book of Revelation (Apocalyse):

The 24 Elders

Jesus said "I am the Alpha and the Omega". In Greek, there are 24 letters. The first letter in the Greek alphabet is ALPHA ("A"). The last letter in the Greek alphabet is OMEGA ("O"). By saying "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last" Jesus was saying that He was to be the first and the last among the 24 Sinless Prophets. He would be "Sinless Prophet #1" who would appear in the 1st century and "Sinless Prophet #24" who would appear in the 24th century.

Daheshists believe that the Christ-Spirit, the WORD of God, is composed of many "Sayyals" (spiritual fluids), and that all of the Prophets and Messengers and Divine Guides are incarnations of one or more of these "Sayyals". Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and even Mahatma Ghandi, were incarnations of one or more Sayyal of Christ. Jesus was the incarnation of the Highest Sayyal of Christ.

Dr. Dahesh was the 20th incarnation of the Christ-Spirit on Earth. He was number 20 among the 24 Elders that John saw in vision in the Book of Revelations.

Dr. Dahesh is quite famous in Lebanon, and well-known in Egypt and Palestine as a Man of Miracles. He is almost totally unknown in the rest of the world.

Dr. Dahesh performed thousands of miracles no magician or illusionist could perform. He was able to do this because he was the Christ-Spirit incarnate for the 20th century. He left many writings, including 5 books of divine revelation. This article will reveal just a few of his more well-known miracles.

You are about to read dozens of accounts of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh; most of them are first-hand eye-witness accounts of his astonishing miracles.

DR. DAHESH is believed by his followers (Daheshists) to be a Prophet, and more than a Prophet. We believe he was in fact the 20th incarnation of the Christ~Spirit on Earth.


IN 1942 Dr. Dahesh founded his own religion, DAHESHISM.

Daheshism teaches that we are fallen angels, condemned to spend 6,000 lifetimes on the Hell-planets where the Sun burns our skin; where we age, suffer pain and injustice, and die. It also teaches that we are judged by our actions (karma) in life, and not by what church or religion or caste we belong to. All of us shall be "judged" equally, according to our "works" (thoughts/deeds/words), and rewarded or punished in the next life accordingly.

Daheshism teaches that organized religion is not necessary to be a good person and to lead a good life, but religion can be helpful for us to become better people, and the more good we do in this life, the greater our reward in the next.

The Miracles of Dr. Dahesh

THE miracles of Dr. Dahesh run into the thousands. The recorded published miracles of Dr. Dahesh run into the many hundreds. Published books of first-hand accounts of dozens upon dozens of miracles by Dr. Dahesh have been published by Mary Hadad, Elia Hajjar, Nicolas Daher, Loutfi Radwan (former chief editor of the Egyptian magazine Al-Mousawar), Yusuph El-Hajj, Najwa Brax, Ghazi Brax, Hami Dammous, Melhim Karam, Antoine Touma, Zeina Hadad, Khalil Zaatar, Basil Daqqaq, Majed Mehdi, Salim Onbargi, Antonie Issa, Pierra Roufaiil, Shiekh Abdallah el-Alaily, Dr. Fareed Suleiman, and many others. All of these people were first-hand witnesses of the miracles they write about.

WE will over cover a few of Dr. Dahesh's more noteable miracles in this article.

Speaking Another Foreign Language Without Study

SOME elderly people who lived before World War I in the Musaitbeh neighborhood of Beirut—and Mr. Antoine Barood testified that while they were standing and chatting in the neighborhood, a strangely-dressed man from India passed by and asked them a question in they did not understand (perhaps Hindi). People crowded around the stranger attempting to communicate with him to no avail. All of a sudden, a child around five years of age passed through the crowd and approached the man wearing the unusual attire and speaking a different language and began talking to him in his same language with fluency. Signs of happiness appeared on the face of the stranger, thanked the child, and passed on his way. The crowd is amazed and asked the child how he was able to communicate with the stranger and in what language? He answered them: “He is an Indian who lost his way, so I gave him directions.” They were puzzled and said to him: “How were you able to give him directions and you are still a young child that doesn’t know the roads and you can’t even speak Arabic with fluency.” He answered them saying: “I am the Way, and I am the Guide.” The puzzled crowd asked each other about the name of the child and they were told it is Saleem El-Ashi (Dahesh).

The Prophet Elijah Holiday Miracle

IN 1920, at the Musaiby district, in Beirut, where Dahesh was living with his mother, the Christians were celebrating the holiday of the prophet Elijah. A child, riding his bicycle, was criss-crossing the street back and forth amidst the people; suddenly he had an accident. He fell to the ground, was injured,and his bike was completely twisted. The child started crying loudly.

People gathered around him in order to try to help him, but his crying grew louder and louder. The 11 year old Dahesh forced his way through the swarming crowds up to the injured child, and laying his hand upon him said,

"Get up and go home in peace. Your injuries have been healed by God's permission."
And his injuries were healed immediately. Then, Dahesh laid his other hand upon the bike, and at once the distorations and cracks disappeared. The twisted metal untwisted itself and appeared as if the bike was brand new.

This miracle was not the first that Dahesh had performed in his childhood, however, it was the first of his miracles performed in public. And for a long time, the inhabitants of that distict in Beirut kept recounting it. They were baffled and perplexed by the miraculous power of child Dahesh. Among the many witnesses to this miracle are some members of the Baroud and el-Ashquar families, whose descendants today still relate the incident to their children.

The Miracle of the Re-Creation of a Book from Ashes

THE child Dahesh mastered reading on his own, and became passionately fond of knowledge. The economic condition of his family did not allow him to buy books, so he used to borrow them for pay from bookstores, and stay late into the night reading them.

IN 1925, the 15 year old Dahesh was the guest of his maternal aunt in Jerusalem. One night, he stayed up late reading on of the Holy Books. It did not take his illiterate aunt long to put out the kerosenes lamb in a rush, prodding him to go to bed in order to preserve his heath and the lighting fuel as well, since kerosene was very expensive and the family was poor.

THE young obeyed her wish. However, a part of the night had not yet been over, when the aunt work up, and saw a gleam light up the corner of the room (the family was poor and could afford only one sleeping room for everyone). There, the youth was sitting reading. She got up angrily to put out the lamp and hid it away, and she awakened her husband so that they may together discipline their disobedient nephew, who obviously had re-lit the kerosene lamp after promising not to.

THEY suddenly stood riveted to the ground, baffled and terrorized, for the lamb was not lit, but a strange shining beat of light was raditating out of the eyes of the 15 year old Dahesh; illuminating the book in the dark so he could read it!

THEY did not understand what was happening, and reaped nothing but fear. In the morning, they contacted few Christian clergymen, and explained to them what had occurred. The clergymen ascertained to them that the youth must be afflicted by "demonic madness", and that the book itself embodied an evil spirit.

THE woman and her husband came back home during the absense of the youth Dahesh, and they immediately fetched the book, and set it to fire in oneof the house's corners.

HOWEVER, no sooner had the youth returned than he requested the book from them. They denied any knowledge of it. He went striagh to where the ashes were, and striking upon them with his hand, the ashes became the same book they had burned to ashes earlier.

THIS miracle of creation had been witnessed by Dahesh's neighbors, the Murad family, who happened to be visiting his aunt at the time of the miracle. Its news spread out in the vincinity, showing fear of the young Dahesh in the minds of the ignorant and superstitious. This miralces was the first to draw the attention of the Christian clerics of Palestine, and caused them to conclude he was demon possessed.

The Miracle of Walking on Water Near Bethlehem

The Pools of Solomon just outside Bethlehem

THE following year (1926), Dahesh moved to Bethlehem. One day, on the banks of the Pools of Solomon (a system of small reservoirs built by the Romans), there was a crowd of Assyrians (Iraqi Christians) from Iraq who were visiting the birth-place of Jesus. Dahesh was curious and entered the crowd. One of the Assyrians mentioned Jesus walking on water, and that if Jesus was alive today He would walk on Lake Solomon. Dahesh suddenly said:

"What would you say about me, if I walked back and forth on the waters of the lake?"
THE Assyrians scoffed at Dahesh, laughed and shook their heads at the 16 year old youth.

NEVERTHELESS, Dahesh immediately began walking gradually on the surface of the lake, as if he were walking on the ground, until he had crossed the entire lake, and then turned back to teh starting point. The Assyrians started to shout "DAHESH! DAHESH!" ("AMAZING! AMAZING!"). From that day, Saleem's friends began to call him "DAHESH".

MANY baffled witnessed examined his shoes, and found them dry, so their astonishment grew even greater. And one of the witnesses, Mr. Kourieh Melky Abdallah, asked him, "How did that happen?" Dahesh replied, "I walk upon waters as I walk upon solid ground."

ON November 6, 1964, Mr. Kourieh Melky Abdallah gave an interview in the Beirut magazine Al-Liwa testifying to what he saw that day when Dahesh walked upon Lake Solomon, and Mr. Abdallah also gave the names of others who had seen the same thing that day in 1926, and would also testify to it.

The Miracle of the Raising of Najib Dammous

Dr. Dahesh in 1942

NAJIB Tamer Dammous was the cousin of a early Daheshist named Yousef El-Hajj. On June 18th, 1942, when Dahesh was aged 33, Najib fell off a horse-cart. The cart ran over his head, crushing it and killing Najib. His cousin went to Dr. Dahesh and pleaded with him to help. Dr. Dahesh wrote two Raamz (a "Raamz" is a Daheshist prayer-paper). Dahesh instructed the man to take the two Raamz and place them under the armpits of Najib; who was lying dead at the local hospital. This was done, and almost immediately Najib openned his eyes and started speaking clearly as if nothing had happened. His injuries soon healed completely.

The Miracles of the 72 Answers

MR. Edward Noon was an eminent lawyer in Beirut, and a former Lebanese government minister. He had been sent to Dr. Dahesh by the Lebanese ex-President, Besharar el-Khouri, in order to report back to him intelligence about teh man, and to look into the truthfulness or trickery regarding his miracles. The miracles he came to witness intrigued Mr. Noon greatly, and wishing to increase his spiritual knowledge, he wrote at home 72 questions relating to the history of humanity, its obscure origins, the intricate matters concerning man and religions which science has not yet decided upon their final truths. He distributed these questions over thirty typed pages, andleft an emptyspace between each of the questions allowed for answer to be written in.

MR. Noon then went to Dr. Dahesh's house in Beirut. Those present (Dahesh always had visitors during the day) were many, and they all went through Mr. Noon's questions. The pages were then put inside an envelope, and Dahesh conducted a Spiritual Session (i.e. writing and burning of a RAAMZ). Dahesh touched the burnt ashes of the RAAMZ, then touched the envelope containing the pages of the 72 questions saying, "You have your answers now!"

THE astonishment of those present was great when they immediately openned the envelope and found written between each of the typed questions 72 answers written in perfect penmenship.

WHAT took place with Edward Noon took place with me (Ghazi Brax) also, and with scores of those who used to visit Dr. Dahesh.

The Miracle of the Spiritual Messages

VERY often Dr. Dahesh used to request his visitors to pick up black sheets of paper, and to fold them inside their fists after having examining them on both sides and having signing their names on them. Then, at a glance of his eyes upon the their fists, these blank papers were immediately filled out with revelations containing counsels and clarifications, personal or general. The like of these miracles took place with hundreds of those who visited the Man of the Spirit.

The Miracle of the Post-Dated Newspaper

A certain Mr. Philip Hadshiti ("Hawd-sheetee") was a Paris-educated Lebanese man who was what we would call a "skeptic" and "debunker" and atheist. He would "debunk" (i.e. prove fraudulent) many of the physic-healers and spiritualists of Lebanon who prayed upon people's ignorance and superstition. Mr. Hadshiti had heard about the purported miracles of Dr. Dahesh, and, of course, wanted to do the same to Dahesh; to debunk him and prove him a charlatan. He contacted Dr. Dahesh, and was invited to the next Spiritual Session at the House of Dahesh in Beirut. Before getting to the House of Dahesh Mr. Hadshiti bought a morning newspaper, and while he read it he wrote some questions he wanted to ask Dr. Dahesh in the margins of the front page. He took the newspaper with him to the House of Dahesh, with the intention of asking Dr. Dahesh the questions he had written down on the margins of the newspaper.

MANY Daheshists were there at the House, and observed what happened.

AT the Spiritual Session Dr. Dahesh prepared a RAAMZ, then burned it with a prayer. Dr. Dahesh then asked Mr. Hadshiti if he believed in God or not. Mr. Hadshiti ("hawd-sheetee") replied:

"To tell you the truth I do not believe in God and I announced that frankly in Paris during my sojourn there."
Dr. Dahesh then asked:
"What do you want me to do to make you believe and show you that you are greatly mistaken?"
Mr. Hadshiti quickly said:
"A miracle!"
"Very well," Dr. Dahesh said, "Look at the newspaper you are holding!"

Mr. Hadshiti looked at the newspaper in his hand, and suddenly his voice shrieked in horror. The newspaper he bought and held was for the 28th of November, but the edition in his hand read "December 3" of the same year. The only problem was, it was November 28th, and December 3rd was still 5 days into the future. The entire newspaper was different. Different articles, different photos, different date. The only thing that was the same were the "Questions" that Mr. Hadshiti had written on the margins of the paper, questions he intended to ask Dr. Dahesh. The questions were still there, in Mr. Hadshiti's handwriting.

ON December 3rd, Mr. Hadshiti bought the morning issue, and compared it with the newspaper that appeared in his hands in the House of Dahesh, and they were the same; same articles, same photos, same everything.

Philip Hadshiti told hundreds of people what had happened including journalists and other skeptics.

The Miracle of the Incarnation of Nada

THIS miracle took place in 1943, and its witnessed were many; among them were Dr. George Khalsa, the renowned Lebanese dermatolgist and professor at the French Faculty of Medicine in Beirut. Mr. George Hadad, brother-in-law of the then Lebanese President, andhis wife the lady of letters, Mary Hadad.

WHILE they were meeting with Dr. Dahesh in a Spiritual Session, a pretty young girl suddely materialized out of thin air in front of them, in the full light of day, in Dahesh's parlor in Beirut. They were all overwhelmed with astonishment, and thought they were imagining things. However, the girls surprised them by saying,

"Do not think that you are being victims of your imaginations, for what you are seeing is a real truth. My name is Nada, and I have come to you from another material world."
BUT they could not believe their eyes, and rushed forward to touch her with their own hands, and found her to be flesh and blood just like other humans. Nevertheless, she was wearing a dress and carrying a handbag that were not in style in 1943.

NINETEEN years later, the same young girl visited Dr. dahesh; she had become by that time one of the inhabitants of the Earth. She was of the same age in which she had been incarnated 19 years earlier, and she was wearing the same dress, and carrying the same handbag. This was witnessed by those who had been at the Spiritual Session 19 years earlier. This was not communicating with the dead, because Nada had not yet been born on Earth when she appeared 19 years before.

The Miracle of the Bird in the Painting

Mary Haddad

ACCORDING to the Arabic Infancy Gospel of Jesus Christ, when Jesus was a small baby He could talk like a grown person. The Infancy Gospel also relates that when Jesus was a small child He made birds out of clay, and would say to the clay-birds "fly away" and the birds would come to life and fly away. The Arabic Infancy Gospel was never part of the Greek New Testament, but the Arab speaking Christians believed it was inspired and historical.

MRS. Mary Hadad was a writer and fine artist who has numerous paintings; one of which is exhibited at the Luxembourg Museum in Paris. A painting of hers shows a bird pirched on a tree. Once, prior to the great persecution, Dr. Dahesh was taken over by the Spirit, and, pointing at the painting, the colors stared moving in it. The bird in the painting became three dimensional, took flesh, blood, and feathers, and hopped into the lap of the painter, Mary Hadad. The bird's place in the painting however, remained blank. When Mary Hadad related this miracles to her sister (the wife of the Lebanese President) she and her husband concluded she had gone insane, and later have her committed to an insane asylum.

The Miracle of the Two Watermelons

WHILE Dr. George Khabsa was accompaning Dr. dahesh close to the Hamadeh Pharmacy in Beirut, the Man of Miracles suddenly was taken over by the Spirit, and, addressing his companion, said, "Look at that peddler." And right acorss form them , a few feet away, he saw a vendor standing by a cart of watermelons, trying to sell them. Dr. Dahesh made a hand signal, and immediately a watermelon rose up into the air, then fell to pieces on the ground. He repeated the signal, and another watermelon rose up and fell down to pieces.

Dr. Khabsa, who had seen such miracles many times before from Dr. Dahesh, asked him, "But, why did this happen? This vendor is poor, and this loss will cost him dearly!" The Holy Spirit answered him through Dr. Dahesh:

"I have done that before you, in order to show you that justice applied to all beings of all statuses. It takes effect in a natural way, without people recognizing the manner of its application. This vendor, for example, gained today more than he should have, and his impermissible profit, though little, was righfully lost by the crash of the two watermelons. And had I not shown you this by the miracles in order to draw your attention to the fact, the car would have anyway flid into a pit inadvertently, and the same two watermelons wouldhave rolled over and fallen to pieces."
Dr. Dahesh taught that everything that happens, literally everthing, good and bad, is the Law of Karma acting upon creation.

Mr. Edward Noon was not a Daheshist at the time. After the assassination Mr. Noon approached the Lebanese Press, and announced what Dr. Dahesh had done, and read to them the prophecy, and this was published in the newspaper Al-Jaridah on November 29, 1963.

The Healing of Miriam Mizrahi

MIRIAM Mizrahi, a woman from Palestine, was afflicated with leprosy in Jerusalem. She had been treated for a long time, but the horrible disease overcame her and reigned supreme over her body. Her fingers, nose, and parts of her kips and ears habe been putrified, and she reached a miserable state, and a horrifying appearance.

UPON hearing of the news of the miraculous healings of Dr. Dahesh, she set out to see him in Beirut, accompanied by her brother. A Spiritual Session was held for her, attended by more than 30 highly educated individuals, among whom were 5 physicians: Dr. Abdel Ahad, Dr. Khouri, Dr. Achi, Dr. Abu Suleiman, and Dr. George Khabsa (a dematologist), who had vertified that her form of leprosy was incurable.

THE Man of the Spirit had previously addressed an invitation to all the Lebanese physicians to attend the Spiritual Session. However, they were apprehensive to attend. During the Spiritual Session, Dr. Dahesh touched with his hand the body of the sick woman, and immediately new flesh appeared, the drevasses in the body and face filled out, and every diseased part was restored to good health, and the withering away body, which had been called upon by death, regained its freshness. All of the physicians present (several of whom were Daheshists but the rest were not) later testified to journalists and others what they had witnessed.

The Miracle of Noah's Dove

Mr. Halim Dammous

ON June 11, 1943, a Spiritual Session was held, attend by Joseph Hajjar and his wife, and Halim Dammous, the author of The Daheshist Chronicles.

AND as soon as Dr. dahesh was taken over by the Spirit, those present began to hear the fluttering of invisible wings. Immediately after that a snow white dove suddenly appeared out of thin air in the room; away from Dr. Dahesh, and away for any piece of furniture or wall. It landed upon the shoulder of Mrs. Hajjar, and in its beak was a green olive twig wet with water.

THE Holy Spirit explained, through Dr. Dahesh, that this dove was the same dove of Noah, and that its Sayyal (essence) ahd been preserved in a special world, after its death.

THE dove remained in the house of Dahesh for over 6 months, during which it used to fly from one room into another, and land upon the shoulders of visitors, and eat out of their hand peacefully. However, in the morning of December 27, 1943, those gathered in the House of Dahesh saw the dove suddenly soar around the head of the Man of Miracles. It kept soaring over him higher and higher, diminishing in size little by little until it became the size of a bee, yet preserving the shape of a dove, and it kept getting smaller to the degree when the eyes could not see it anymore. And that is how it went back tothe world from which it came.

The Miracle of the Jogging Crowd of Egyptians

IN 1971, Dr. Dahesh was in Egypt. One day, sitting in a car, in one of Cairo's broad streets, he was accompanied by a few friends among whom was Mrs. Zahid, a cultured lady of society. He was suddenly taken over by the Spirit and said: "Look over there!" All of a sudden, hundreds of Egyptians that were walking in teh street began to run. All of them, with no exception, old and young. men and women, were moving in teh exact same manner; like they were all jogging in unison.

THIS surprising strange scene brought laughter to those who were watching, as much as it filled them with astonishment.

A few minutes later, Dr. Dahesh made a hand signal at the jogging crowd, and suddenly, all at once, the hundreds of them returned to their normal clam walking. For a second time, this scenes was repeated. Then, the Man of the Spirit holt his friends:

"I have shown you this to demonstate to you how people turn into what is similar to machines, if the Spirit wanted to inspired them into doing a certain act.l and the pwer that made hundreds move in teh exact same manner, can move hundreds of thousands and millsions as well by one idea that would lead them to war or to peace, according to their merit, and without realizing that behind their actions is a Spiritual non-human power. Adequate justificating reasons would then be introduced into their minds to do what they must do."
IN other words, it is in God's Power, if He wants, to unify minds and hearts and to conform us to His Will, but He gives us freedom in order to that we may justly deserve what we get.

Mrs. Zahid is still alive today and lives in Connecticut. Others too who witnessed this are still alive and will testify to what they saw.

The Miracle of the Duplicate Daheshes

ONE of the most astonishing of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh is what happened to Mrs. Mervat Zahid; a highly educated woman. Once, in 1966, from her home in Beirut, she called the home of Dr. Dahesh in order to speak to him about a certain matter. The call was answered by Miss Zeina Hadad, duaghter of Mrs. Mary Hadad, who said,

"Dr. Dahesh is in Tripoli [about 60 miles north of Beirut] visiting the Al-Mullah family. He went there yesterday, and spent the night at thier home. If you want to speak to him, herer is Al-Mullah's telephone number: _____________."
ZEINA gave Mrs. Zahid the Al-Mullah's number which begins with the digit "9" as dll all the numbers in the Tripoli region; whereas the telephone numbers in Beirut begin with different digits none of which are "9".

MRS. Zahid dialed the number which begins with "9". Dr. Dahesh answered her directly. She had a conversation with him, then hung up. She called back to the home of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut tothank Zeina for giving her the Tripoli number, and to tell her that she had actually spoken to Dr. Dahesh at the Al-Mullah home. And here the surprise was! For it was Dr. Dahesh himself who answered her call from his house in Beirut! She was greatly astonished, because, only a few moments before she was speaking with him, but he was in Tripoli, 60 miles north of Beirut.

SHE asked him,

"How could this be? A few moments ago I was speaking with you, and you were in Tripoli?"
DR. DAHESH answered,
"Never mind, never mind, you can call me at any number you wish, and you'll find me there."
MRS. Zahid could not believe what she heard, because it is beyond the limits of reason. She hung up, and again dialed a number, what was that of the home of one of her friends living in Hurj Beirut, situated about 4 miles from Dr. Dahesh's house which she had just called. Dr. Dahesh answere the phone at her friend's house in Hurj too! Mrs. Zahid could not utter one word from her surprise, yet, she controlled herself, and asked him in amazement and confusion:
"How could this be possible, while we are still subject to the natural laws of the Earth?
THE Man of Miracles answered her:
"Wherever you call me, there you will find me; for I will be everywhere you would look for me."
NO sooner had Mrs. Zahid hung up the phone with Dr. Dahesh that her doorbell rang. She hastened to the door and openned it, adn there she stoo face to face with Dr. Dahesh.

THE persons she had called at their homes swore to her that Dr. Dahesh was with them at the very minute had had called, thus affirming his simultaneous presence at four difference places far part from each other.

The Testimony of Tawfiq Haqaq

The following appeared in the Lebanese magazine Burooq Wa Ru'ood in 1968. It is the testimony of Tawfiq Haqaq Ph.D., and the miracles he witnessed. He wrote:

The Miracles of our Prophet:

As I go back in memory for twenty-five years, to a period in my youth where I was full of curiosity and searching for the truth. I remember my first meeting with the Great Beloved in his residence, in a Beirut neighborhood. During my visit, I found myself surrounded by an elite group of intellectuals: Halim Dammous, the poet; Youssef El-Hajj; Abdullah El-Alayli, the scholar; Professor Bishr Faris; the famous Dr. George Khabsa; Daniel Oliver, the British orientalist; Viscount Philip De Tarazi, the founder of the Beirut Public Library; and many other important people from Lebanese and Arabic circles. I was then very daring and bold. I would argue, examine things closely, and not accept what I see easily without referring back to my father, may God have mercy on his soul, and my mind. I would not accept any spiritual miracle at its face value, but rather, I would examine and study it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the miracles of Dr. Dahesh were far away from sleight of hand deceptions and are not related to any discipline not whatsoever. They are real miracles that human minds and powers can never reproduce no matter how capable they are. In this manner, I was like a person lost in the desert and seeing a mirage, however, soon after I have realized that what I am seeing is reality. What is astonishing to me was the modesty of Dr. Dahesh—no matter how great his accomplishments were in the eyes of his followers.

The Miracle of the Photograph

The first miracle that I have seen carries within it the meaning of great love that lives within the heart of this great human being. I will refrain from mentioning the name of the individual who is the object of this miracle in order to avoid any embarrassment: One night, I visited Dr. Dahesh at his house in Beirut while suffering from melancholy. Some people were the cause in my separation from a person that I love. All of a sudden, Dr. Dahesh was taken by the Spirit and said to me: “Tawfiq, you seem to be worried about your sweetheart because she is away from you and her parents refuse to allow you to marry her. What can I do to make you happy? Do you want me to bring her to you here in this room?” Halim Dammous, jumped up as if he has been electrified and before I had a chance to utter a single word in response to this offer and he said: “No Tawfiq, don’t do it, because you’ll cause so much trouble for yourself. Ask for something else…” I immediately responded by saying “at least, I would like to have her photo.” Dr. Dahesh smiled and said: “so be it, my friend. Give me your cigarette pack.” I cut up the white top of my cigarette pack, folded it, and wrote down my request from the Spirit. In a blink of an eye, the photo of my sweetheart appeared on the paper from the cigarette pack. The pose was that of my sweetheart standing in front of her house. All the people present were astonished and Halim Dammous proceeded to document this miracle in the “Daheshist Chronicles."

That night, as usual, I was full of doubts and questions. My father’s attitude made things worse, because he refused to believe that this miracle took place and went on to accuse me of having some sort of a hidden interest that ties me to Dr. Dahesh. The next day, when I visited the Great Beloved, he was taken by the Spirit and said to me: “Give me the photo.” Although he didn’t say it, but I read in his eyes him saying: “do you doubt what you saw?” He took the photo and stroked it with his fingers and the paper turned white. He stroked it again and a photo of my sweetheart in a different pose appeared. She is now holding a cat in her hand. I kept that photo for over twenty years until the time my wife, may God forgive her, tore it out of jealousy.

The Miracles of the Orphanage

I would never forget an amazing miracle that took place and witnessed by the individuals I mentioned earlier. Dr. Daniel Oliver was the overseer of an orphanage in a remote Lebanese mountain location. Because of the war, Dr. Oliver did not receive the fund transfer he is due—after all, it was 1942. The orphans were in dire need for help and no one available to help. He was very worried and wondered what should be done to get some funds in order to keep things going at the orphanage. A Spiritual Session took place while we were together, where Dr. Dahesh was taken by the Spirit and in a matter of seconds; the pockets of Dr. Oliver became full of money. He couldn’t believe what he saw and started to touch the huge sum of money to make sure it is real—a sum that amounted to 23,000 Lebanese Pounds, which is the amount of fund transfer that he was expecting. What was so strange about this miracle is the completion of this transaction through wire transfers to the Bank of Lebanon and Syria in a Spiritual way. Dr. Oliver and his friends confirmed that the bank transaction took place. This miracle occurred in the presence of twenty-three persons. Among the witnesses were Dr. Tawfik Rizq, the owner of the famous Rizq Hospital in Beirut and Edward Noon, the ex-minister of parliament and lawyer.

The Miracle of the Rare Arabic Script

Among the miracles that I have witnessed and attended by most of the people I mentioned and centered on Viscount Philip De Tarazi, who declared that he doesn’t believe in miracles or anything that has to do with the Spirit. Dr. Dahesh told him while sitting next to him “Tell me, what would you like?” So, Philip thought for a few seconds and said: “I have an expensive, rare, and ancient Arabic script that I keep in my residence. Bring it to me and I’ll believe in the existence of the Spirit.” Dr. Dahesh was taken by the Spirit, leaned towards him, and held his hand saying: “Take it, here it is.” We all were astonished to see the ancient script, with its black cover, present in their hands, while poor Philip started to shake and then reached to his pockets and pulled out a ring of old keys that included the key to his metal safe where he kept the rare and expensive scripts.”

The Miracles of Water Changing to Wine

Once, we were sitting at the dining table having the most delicious of foods and Dr. Dahesh was sitting at its head eating vegetables. Dr. Dahesh was taken by the Spirit and asked us if we would like to have a tasty Spiritual drink. When we did not answer, he smiled and he looked at the water pitcher and we did as well. All of a sudden, the transparent water has turned into a sweet red wine. We all tasted it, however, doubt got the most out of me and I thought that I am under the power of suggestion, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face several times and then returned after five minutes or so only to see the wine still in the pitcher with its luscious taste and unusual aroma. It is worthy to note here that Daheshists do not favor drinking, most of them follow a vegetarian diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, and most Daheshists do not smoke.

The Miracles of the Resurrected Birds

Another miracle took place during the transmutation of water into wine that left a lasting impression on us: While we were having food at the table, Youssef El-Hajj walked in carrying a birdcage containing two nightingale birds. He said that he just brought them from the village and he cares for them so much, because they keep his company. Dr. Dahesh asked him to put them in the kitchen. In a matter of minutes, the Dr. addressed Youssef wondering why the birds are quiet. Youssef went to the kitchen and came back with marks on his face that reflected the sadness of his heart and said briefly: “the birds are dead.” We all stood up except for Dr. Dahesh and rushed to the kitchen to see the birds lying motionless on their back at the base of the birdcage. We returned to the table and continued our meal, this time in silence to be respectful of Youssef’s feelings, who had his head down and took to food in such a way as to compensate for his sadness. The loving heart of Dr. Dahesh comforted him saying: “Don’t be sad my brother. Go to the kitchen and you’ll see the birds singing.” So it was.

The Miracle of the Rock of Chebaniyeh

It is only appropriate to mention one last miracle that took place during one of the Spiritual Sessions: While we were gathered in a closed room, a huge rock began to slowly descend into the room in a Spiritual way and in front of many believers. What is so strange about this was that all windows and the door were locked and with security metal bars that would prevent a rock this size to pass through. Beforehand a group of Daheshists had visited the village of Chebaniyah and in the park was a this huge rock which some of us sat upon. Once we returned to Dr. Dahesh's residence, one of our party mentioned how nice it was to sick upon the rock together as friends. Dr. Dahesh then had a Spiritual Session, and the very same rock that we sat upon descended slowly from the ceiling into the center of the room. The ceiling was not touched, but the rock passed through the ceiling as it descended like a balloon slowly loosing air. We were absolutely speechless. It later took workman many hours to remove the rock from the house with hammer and chisel; one small piece at a time.

Aside from these miracles, I have witnessed many since I have returned to the Spiritual path only days since my return to Lebanon from the United States. If I had a chance to elaborate further, I would have. Since our knowledge in science and Spirituality is limited, and since the Spirit is by order of my God, I would leave the explanation of such miracles to those who are knowledgeable, for they know their content and importance for this materialistic world that is about to destroy itself. They would have to decide if such miracles act as a warning to those who follow materialism or as good news to those who are spiritual.
(Barooq Qa Ru'ood, issue #2, 1968)

The Testimony of Salim Onbargi

SALIM was a Palestinian Muslim living in Lebanon who had the good fortune of getting a university education in the United States. He married an American woman, and worked as an engineer and salesman in the U.S. and the Middle-East. His younger brother Ali told him about Dr. Dahesh, but Salim was agnostic and did not believe that anyone could perform supernatural acts, until he saw with his own eyes his brother Ali instantly healed his own wife's face of burns and scars by using the ash from a burnt Raamz.

Ali decided he would bring his wife and children to Lebanon for a Summer vacation, and it was cheaper to take a merchant vessal than a plane. Before he flew to America to pick up his wife and children, he decided to stop buy and meet Dr. Dahesh.

The following appeared in Al-Lewa magazine, issue 85, August 12, 1964.

Salim Ongargi with Dr. Dahesh

As I sat across from Dr. Dahesh, he clipped a small piece of white paper from a large sheet and asked me to write my name on it then hold it in my fist. I did what he told me to do and the small white paper had immediately transformed into a single Lebanese Pound with my name in the same exact location. At that point, he asked me to fold it in the form of an amulet, place it in my wallet, and not to open it. I did exactly what he told me to do.

Months later, my parents had insisted that my wife and children, who resided in Chicago for over 10 years, accompany me to Lebanon so that they all can enjoy the visit. The idea of traveling with me appealed to my family and in February of 1964, we all boarded the ship “Troutenfels,” departing from New York City and heading towards Beirut. However, on the way, we were caught into a powerful storm that threatened the ship and the lives of its passengers. The ship had to change its course, first to Bermuda and then to Cuba.

I wished to contact Dr. Dahesh upon our arrival to Beirut, so I called him on the phone. As soon as he heard my voice he said to me: “do you still have the folded Lebanese Pound?” I said: “of course.” He said: “You can open it now and you’ll see a very bizarre prophecy.” When I unfolded the Lebanese Pound, I was surprised to the point that I couldn’t believe my own eyes! On the Lebanese Pound was written: “Brother Salim Onbargi will arrive at midday on February 22, 1964, coming from the United States in order to spend the summer vacation in Lebanon. His ship had to change course towards Bermuda and Cuba due to high seas, however, will arrive safely to Beirut along with his family—his wife and two daughters." I was shocked to see that the note he gave me before I left for America had a prophesy that was fulfilled in every detail. I would witness hundreds of more of his astoning miracles during the time I knew him and traveled with him to many different countries. Who can deny that he was truly God's Prophet?

Salim Onbargi later wrote a book in English titled Born Again with Dr. Dahesh.

The Testimony of Atifa Hawa Kumbargi

A young woman had horribly burned her face soon after her wedding, and feared she would be scarred for life. But Dr. Dahesh performed a Spiritual Session for her, and, using the ash of a burnt RAAMZ, healed her.

She testified:

After I had married, we lived in a small apartment in Beirut. About a month into the marriage, I was deep-frying when all of a sudden, hot oil splashed all over my chest and the right side of my face. I immediately washed my face with water and that made things worse and my face has become deformed. At that time, we were not financially able to afford the care of a physician, so I asked my mother for guidance and as a result, she had me accompany her to the pharmacy. The pharmacist at the Al-Sha’ar pharmacy told us that the burns are very serious and that he is skeptical about giving us any medication for it without first consulting a physician. After my mother had insisted, he gave us some medication. I also had asked my nephew, who worked at the fire department of Beirut, to give me burn medication, however, after he had a chance to see the extent of my burns, told me that my face will most likely remain deformed for the rest of my life. I returned home and remained locked-in, self-conscious that someone may see my deformed face.

Three days after this unfortunate incident took place, I heard someone knocking on the door. My husband had asked me to open the door and as I did, I was face-to-face with Dr. Farid Abou-Suleiman, the Beloved Prophet [Dr. Dahesh], and two others Daheshists. I was very surprised to see them and welcomed them into my home. The Beloved Prophet congratulated us on our wedding and then after few minutes asked me to show him the other room. When we had entered the room, he began writing the Daheshist prayer [Raamz] for my sake and then after he had burnt it, he drew with his finger the Daheshist pentagram on my forehead. I don’t know exactly what happened, but the miracle happened and the burns began to subside little by little and then completely disappeared. By the next day, there were no traces of burns on my face, as if nothing had happened to me!

The Testimony of Chafiq Mukaddam

THIS appeared in the August 21st edition of Al-Lewa magazine (Beirut):

On Monday, August 7, 1964, I was present at the residence of Dr. Dahesh along with my wife, Rabab and also present was Dr. Farid Abu-Suleiman, when we all noticed Dr. Dahesh to be in a “Spiritual state.” Dr. Dahesh asked Dr. Farid Abu-Suleiman to write for me the Holy Raamz and have me sign it. In the Raamz he was asked to write down a request to have the horrific car accident, that I am expected to be involved with, be lifted. When he finished writing it, he passed it on to me so that I can sign it…we both signed it. No, doubt, I was afraid that an accident would happen to me.

I was returning from Al-Nabatiyeh, in Southern Lebanon, around 11:30PM on Thursday night when I noticed a disabled truck in the middle of the road with a muddy spot in front of it. I was driving at a speed of about 130 kph around the curve and couldn’t control the vehicle. I was face to face with an imminent horrific accident and imagined death awaiting me. I remembered the accident that Dr. Dahesh had prophesied and his promise to save me from it. Both, my family and I screamed… How we were saved and ended up on the other side of the road without any harm to my family or to myself is beyond me…I just don’t know!

All that I know, a hidden Power took the car that I was driving from one point and placed it somewhere else! I then became certain that a Spiritual Assistance took place—as was promised to me—and saved my family and I from imminent death.

The Testimony of Nicholas Daher

Helen and Nicholas Daher were man and wife, both seekers of truth, who came upon the Man of Miracles, Dr. Dahesh. They both witnessed many miracles, and Nicholar relates here two of them:

Helen and Nicholar Daher

One day Dr. Dahesh and I were in a car driving toward his residence. He asked me for a match or a lighter to burn a Raamz he had in his hand. When I told him that I didn't have any, he extended his right arm through the car window, while the car was stopped, and pulled a lighter from the air. He used the lighter to burn the Raamz then he threw the lighter out from the window and it immediately disappeared. I was so surprised that the people gathered near the car did not notice any of this.

We arrived at the residence of Dr. Dahesh and I was so puzzled to see another Dr. Dahesh laying down on a bed reading, with Dr. Farid Abu-Suleiman sitting next to him. I looked at the Dr. Dahesh that entered the house with me in astonishment, the Dr. Dahesh who came with me in the car then extended his arm to shake my hand and as soon as I touched his hand he vanished into thin air.

I sensed in Dr. Dahesh the pure truth that I was searching for. I owe him for my enlightenment and for directing me towards the right path—the path to decency and righteousness and the avoidance of evil.

The Testimony of Hilda Murad Nassib

Hilda M. Nassib was a 23 year old Palestinian woman from Jerusalem, whose husband had recently died. She went to Saudi Arabia to take a job, and met a cousin of Dr. Dahesh who told her about him. She had heard of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh while living in Jerusalem, but didn't think much of it then. But after meeting Dr. Dahesh's cousin she became intrigued, and she moved to Beirut to see for herself if Dr. Dahesh was a Man of Miracles. She met Dr. Dahesh and saw him almost daily for the next 15 years. She became his secretary whose job it was to help him collect works of art from all over the world. She relates 11 miracles she personally witnessed.

1. I saw several miracles soon after I was introduced to Dr. Dahesh. The one miracle that shocked me most took place as follows: He gave me a staff and told me to write my name on it and to draw the Daheshist insignia (i.e., a pentagram) in different positions. After I wrote my name and drew the insignia, he asked me to throw the staff in the air and when it landed in his hand it had transformed, in a split-second, into a picture frame holding the picture of my late husband—a picture that I had never seen before. Dr. Dahesh, who lived in Beirut, never knew my husband, who lived in Jerusalem. Although my husband heard of Dr. Dahesh, he never met him. Dr. Dahesh told me: “Your husband had reincarnated as an adult on another material world and if you desire, I can have your husband re-materialize here on Earth, where you can talk to him face-to-face.” I refused his offer, because I knew I would lose my mind if he had talked to me from beyond the grave. Dr. Dahesh then said to me: “Keep the picture then.”

2. Once I got to know Dr. Dahesh, I wanted to visit him just about everyday and for the remainder of my stay in Beirut. Every time I entered his house, fellow Daheshists would lead me to a small but cozy room, near the entrance, then either Dr. Dahesh or a fellow Daheshist would lead me through a hallway to the grand living room. That room was so nicely decorated with art masterpieces, water fountains, oriental carpets, figurines, oil paintings, Egyptian curtains, etc…

One day, I was in the grand living room enjoying the décor when certain questions crossed my mind: “ Who cleans his home? Who hangs the paintings so high on the walls of this very high-ceiling room?” These and many other questions were running through my mind silently when suddenly I look around and the entire décor in that room had changed on me from floor to ceiling, with different paintings, carpets, wall colors…I mean everything…I was SO SCARED, so I started to run out of the room when the room décor changed completely again. I stopped at the exit door, trying to rationalize what is happening here, when the décor changed again. I tried to calm myself and to build my courage to see through this. After few more changes in the décor, I saw Dr. Dahesh coming from the adjacent room with a smile on his face. I cannot explain the extent of my happiness to see him. He welcomed me and then I told him what had just happened to me and he answered me saying: “There are many things that take place that I am not aware of their happening, unless I am told by the Holy Spirit, or by the person witnessing them" and that he is very happy that the Holy Spirit had answered my questions.

3. On another day, I visited Dr. Dahesh, who at the time of my arrival was eating in the kitchen. He told me that one of the six birds in the cage I brought had died and asked me to take it out of the cage and toss it out of the window overlooking the backyard. I said to him: “No way Doctor, I cannot do it!” But he asked me whether I wouldn’t prefer to see the bird alive. So, I opened the cage door with my trembling hands, picked up the stiff bird with a napkin, ran to the window in order to toss it out, but as soon as I opened my hand, it had returned to life and flew out of my hand and landed on a branch of a large tree. Dr. Dahesh had insisted that I do it so that I can witness such a heavenly miracle, where the dead is returned to life.

4. On another visit, I had my daughter Suzie with me, who at that time was about three years old. My daughter saw the paintings and art masterpieces of birds, butterflies, lions, leopards, etc… and wondered why he doesn’t have cats! Suddenly, Dr. Dahesh stretched his hand into the thin air and grabbed a tiny plastic yellow-colored cat (picutred below) that whistles when squeezed and gave it to Suzie while telling her: “Here, this cat is for you.”

5. On another occasion, Dr. Dahesh, Suzie, and myself were in the grand living room when Dr. Dahesh said that we should join the others who are seated in the big hallway, where it was set to accommodate many visitors. He was singing to Suzie while walking and she was very happy. Dr. Dahesh was even happier just to see her happy and told her: “Suzie, I want to bring you candy from another world!” So, he placed his two hands on the purple collar of the outfit that I was wearing and collected round-shaped pastel-colored candy, with chocolate filing and delicious flavor. His hands were so full that many pieces of candy dropped on the floor. Others, who were sitting in the hallway, jumped in and assisted in picking up the candy.

6. After I had left my job in Saudi Arabia, I lived in Beirut for a while and then moved to the United States. I then returned back to Beirut and assisted Dr. Dahesh in importing art objects, paintings, masterpieces, jewelry, and many other items to add to his collection. He was curious as to what is available in the world from the East, Far East, Europe, and the United States. We received catalogs from all over the world. One day after the mail had come, he was looking through the catalogs that he had just received from Germany, France, and Italy, while singing to Suzie. I heard him singing with words like “I love you so much, you are a special and pretty girl, and I want to get you something nice.” He then drew a star on a photo in one of the catalogs of a very expensive ring with diamonds and an amethyst stone and immediately the ring had materialized out of the German catalog leaving a hole in its place. I screamed in astonishment and touched it to examine it and to admire its beauty. I asked Dr. Dahesh if we could keep the ring, he looked at Suzie and said: “I cannot give you the ring now, however, I will give it to you in the distant future in another reincarnation.”

7. A similar miracle had happened to me once, but in a different period. While flipping through the pages of a Chinese catalog of beautiful butterflies, a butterfly came to life out of the catalog and then returned back to it. Dr. Dahesh wrote on the picture of the butterfly in Arabic “Hilda the butterfly” and gave it to me. I still have that beautiful butterfly picture with my name written on it with his handwriting.

8. During the period where I was assisting Dr. Dahesh, Ramzi, my son, who was at that time six or seven years old, came to me saying: “Mommy…Mommy,” with a trembling voice, fast heart beat, and scared, “I saw three Dr. Dahesh…I saw three Dr. Dahesh.” I found out later that he saw three of Dr. Dahesh’s Personalities, one next to the other wearing different clothing. This miracle had happened with me on more than one occasion. One day, while Dr. Dahesh, Zeina Haddad, and myself were sitting in the hallway talking, Dr. Dahesh asked Zeina if she had ice cream for me. While having ice cream, I almost choked when I saw five Personalities of Dr. Dahesh appear in a matter of seconds and spread throughout the hallway. I found out later that the one that was sitting next to me, who ordered the ice cream, was Personality #6. Another Personality next to the door leading to the bedrooms; one at the door leading to the kitchen, etc…they were all looking at me and smiling without saying a word—except for Personality #6. I was even more amazed to realize that Personality #6 was with me all the time, while Dr. Dahesh was sleeping in his bedroom and disappeared when he was awakened. Dr. Dahesh had a fever and was not feeling well. You can tell from his eyes and face that he was in a deep sleep. I showed him the spots where the Personalities were standing and was amazed by the place Personality #4 was standing, because It was in a very tight opening by the entrance door and the big refrigerator. After examining the area, it was impossible for anybody—not even a child—to stand were It was standing. It broke through the wall from one side and the refrigerator from the other. It was the One that looked at me from afar and would hide Its head for few seconds and then look at me and smile.

9. As I mentioned earlier, in the early 1970’s, I worked for a while in the United States for an embassy. On a very busy day, I heard a knock on the door of my office, so I said: “come in.” The door opened and Dr. Dahesh entered. I was very surprised to see him and we talked for about an hour. After that, Dr. Dahesh said to me that he had come to visit me and that I shouldn’t bother escorting him out, however, it felt odd that I would let him leave without escorting him out, so I ran after him down the stairs to the reception area, but I couldn’t see him anywhere, so I asked the receptionist if she had seen anyone coming down the stairs and she said no. I was very suspicious of his visit, in particular because no one could see any embassy official without being identified or having prior permission; so I picked up the phone and called the home of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut and to my surprise, Dr. Dahesh was there. I talked to him about what just happened to me and I learned from him that it was Personality #6 that visited me.

10. In 1975, at the beginning of the Lebanese civil war, I left Lebanon to the United States with my children and been here ever since. Between 1976 and 1984, Dr. Dahesh had visited us in Virginia several times and his visits sometimes would last several days. On June 17, 1977, he visited us accompanied by Zeina Hadad. During the late afternoon hours, Dr. Dahesh, Zeina, and I were sitting alone, when Dr. Dahesh said: “Do you wish to know how God’s wrath is administered on Earth?” Zeina answered him with a “yes.” He said, “I see the angel of the Lord descending from Heaven to administer His wrath and holding a sword of fire.” In a matter of seconds, the sunny skies had changed to dark skies, strong winds had gusted and we had a downpour of rain with hale. My apartment was on the 25th floor of a very nice luxury building with big windows and large balconies. Despite the tight structure of the building, the rain was so heavy that water started to seep into my apartment through the balcony door and through the windows in a very scary way. I started to mop the water and couldn’t keep up, so I gave up. The hail was like golf balls and was hitting the glass fiercely. Dr. Dahesh looked at me and said: “Neither heights nor water-tight windows and doors will help when God administers His wrath.” We prayed and pleaded with Dr. Dahesh to stop the storm and he did.

11. On another occasion, while Dr. Dahesh was visiting us for several days, he called a Daheshist sister in the State of Connecticut. During their conversation, he asked her to come down to Virginia, so she accepted his invitation and flew down. After she had arrived, Dr. Dahesh said to me: “I need to make a phone call.” I was surprised from his question, because he knows he is welcome to use anything in my home and it was common for him to pick up the phone whenever he needed to use it. I guess I didn’t understand his question, so I said to him: “Are you asking me to make the call for you.” He said: “No! I need to make a call from the lower lobby of the building by the elevators.” There was a pay phone there and I was puzzled, nonetheless, I said to him, fine, let’s go. So, we went down to the lower lobby, where we had a convenience store, a dental clinic, a hair salon, and other small shops. I asked him to give me the number he wishes to dial so that I’ll dial it for him, however, at that moment, I saw the side door open and a beautiful young blond woman accompanied by a tall and handsome blond gentleman come through. They were looking directly at Dr. Dahesh with a smile on their face and then I saw them nod, they turned left and started to walk towards the garage. I was surprised from their behavior, so I said to Dr. Dahesh: “They seem to know you!” Dr. Dahesh replied: “Yes, they know me. They have descended from another world to see if I needed help.” I can see them walking through the long hallway, and as soon as I heard what Dr. Dahesh had said, I ran after them, but suddenly, they vanished into thin air in front of my eyes. After that, we went up to my apartment and informed the visiting Daheshist sister with what had happened. Later on, I understood that the purpose of the materialization was the refusal of a Daheshist to help Dr. Dahesh with something. Although the refusal was only in the thoughts of this individual, the materialization took place to show that individual that entities from other worlds can always descend to help him.

These were only a few of the miracles that I had witnessed myself during a period of 15 years with Dr. Dahesh. All I can say that he had a very positive influence on my life and I cannot repay him enough for all that he did for me. Can I repay Christ, my Redeemer?

The Testimony of Rabab Badreddine

One day I visited the Beloved Prophet, and Dr. Dahesh was sifting through the mail he had received the morning of my visit. Among the piles of mail, I pulled a catalogue that I liked. This catalogue was full of pictures from a large Spanish company displaying its product line. I liked the photo of a beautiful envelope opener with a caption below it “Made in Spain.” Dr. Dahesh looked at me while smiling and asked me: “Do you like this envelope opener?” I said to him: yes. He then said: “Put your finger on the picture,” and I did, and all of a sudden, the picture materialized and transformed into a metallic piece resembling the envelope opener and on it the inscription “Made in Spain.” Dr. Dahesh smiled and said to me: “Take it as a gift.”

In another visit, I picked up an photo-album to look through, however, I found that all the pages are blank! I said to Dr. Dahesh: It seems that you have not glued any photos on it yet. He said: “Yes, it is true.” After few seconds he said to me: “Look again,” so I did only to find the album full of butterflies of beautiful colors, however, they were preserved [dead and dried]. Dr. Dahesh touched the album and all of a sudden the butterflies that filled the album began to move and transformed into living butterflies that flew from the album into the room!

The Testiomny of Najwa Brax

NAJWA Salam Brax is the wife of Dr. Ghazi Brax, and an author in her own right. She explains here a few miracles she witnessed:

One day in 1970, I was at the house of Dr. Dahesh talking to other Daheshist sisters in faith about certain matters when a lady named Leila came. Dr. Dahesh asked her where she has been? She said: “At the Tawileh Market at a boutique for women where I purchased a brooch.” After Dr. Dahesh had seen the brooch, he asked Leila about its price and she told him how much she paid for it. Dr. Dahesh said: “You were charged more than the brooch is worth,” then he looked at us and said: “Because the merchant charged more than what he is entitled to, I will bring three items from his boutique…” Dr. Dahesh looked at me—I was wearing a blue dress that day—and asked me: “What would you like?” I answered him: a blue brooch in the form of a peacock…He took a yellow paper and drew on it a brooch of a circular shape and placed blue ink dots on it. He then took the yellow paper and rubbed it between his hands and the drawing vanished from the paper and materialized in the form of a blue brooch with the shape of a peacock. Then he brought to my sisters, who were also present, a pair of earrings and a necklace.

I saw once a handbag that I liked very much and it was by chance that soon after I visited Dr. Dahesh at his house. This took place in 1969…I always thought of buying a handbag in the form of the one I saw, because at that time I was not used to carrying handbags…I sat facing Dr. Dahesh at his house when he asked me to request any one item from him…I thought at that time about the handbag that I saw earlier…I said to him: I like to have a handbag and described to him the size, color, and shape that I wanted…At that point, he pulled from his pocket 25 LL and placed them under the pillow behind him. He looked at me and said: “I will bring you the handbag that you have requested, however, it is located at a tourism boat at sea.” He was taken by the Spirit and said to me: “I must add 10 LL on top of the 25 LL, because the handbag is worth 35 LL…” Then he asked me to place my hand under the pillow where he placed the money and I did only to find the handbag that I have requested in every detail that I had given him. As to the money, it had disappeared from under the pillow.

On April 6, 1973, I visited Dr. Dahesh accompanied by one of my sisters. While we were sitting with Dr. Dahesh, my sister looked at the bracelet on my wrist and Dr. Dahesh noticed that she was looking at it, so he asked her: “Do you like this bracelet?” She said: “Yes, I like it.” He said to her: “Do you want to have one just like it?” She said: “I wish…” Dr. Dahesh stood up and touched the bracelet that I was wearing and I sensed that another bracelet was created from my bracelet, so I looked and saw two bracelets…I took off one and gave it to my sister.

The Testimony of Majid Mehdi

MAJID Mehdi was a Muslim Lebanese student studying medicine in France when he became a Daheshist there and started telling other Lebanese students about Dr. Dahesh. When his father heard of his conversion, he demanded that Majid return to Lebanon and renounce Daheshism and even become an Anti-Daheshist lecturer as a way to restore family honor. To have a son become a Daheshist was for Muslim families in Lebanon the worse disgrace possible.

Majid's father was the owner of a private school. He was intensely Anti-Daheshist, and would spend hours every night screaming at Majid to renounce Dr. Dahesh, and at the same time throwing chairs around in anger, cursing and cussing when Majid refused.

Majid then asks some leading Daheshist brothers to come to his home and speak with his father to try to calm him down. Instead, his father made plans to make his private school (closed in the Summer) a "Summer School" to train Anti-Daheshist Muslim clergymen; to train them in Anti-Daheshist arguments and strategies. Ultimately, his father repeatedly demands from Dahesh a "sign" and Dahesh gives him exactly what he asked for.

Majid Mehdi writes:

Majid Mehdi

I returned to Lebanon on July 18, 1971 and I spent the first few days back home in peace and tranquility. I visited Dr. Dahesh on Sunday, July 25, 1971 and here are the details: As I was leaving the house of the Guiding and Beloved Prophet, he accompanied me, as he normally does with his visitors, to the edge of the staircase leading to the exit door. He addressed me saying: “keep me abreast,” then he repeated it several times. As I was heading back home to Riyaq, I passed by the village where relatives informed me of the bad news at home. It seems that my father was upset with me going out, thinking that I have gone to meet with Dr. Dahesh and Daheshists, so he took his frustration on my siblings by beating them up and then he started to throw furniture into the roadway. My relatives advised me not to return home and that I should stay with them, so I accepted their offer and spent the entire night wandering aimlessly in the middle of the harvested fields and contemplating the stars and beseeching Divine Mercy to release me to freedom from the horrible shackles of bondage. What would wisdom dictate that I do in this situation? Is it possible for an adult—who is able to distinguish between right and wrong—to remain “driven to tantrums” like a child?

The following morning I decided to contact Dr. Dahesh to inform him about what happened to me to “keeping him abreast,” as he requested. However, I delayed the call until the evening of the same day. As soon as I picked up the receiver, I heard Zeina Hadad, who lives at the house of Dr. Dahesh saying: “Dr. Dahesh has been waiting on your phone call since morning and now he is not here.” I called again after an hour and I told Dr. Dahesh what had happened and he said to me: “Be wise like serpents and be meek like doves…war is a deception…resort to secrecy in taking care of your business.” I answered the Guiding and Beloved Prophet saying: “Should I tell them that I am going to remain a Daheshist—even if I was thrown out of the home?” For saying the truth was a venue to rid myself of this painful situation. However, the Holy Spirit responded to me through the Beloved Prophet in formal Arabic and in his distinct Holy tone, the exact opposite of what I have expected: “No, don’t say anything until it is time.”

Neither I, nor any of the other brothers in faith (who were aware of my situation) understood the meaning of this answer, so I returned home and had to put up with all kinds of insults and pressures. The following day and the day after that, the Guiding and Beloved Prophet would ask me when I visit him “what is your father’s age?” I would respond each time with “fifty years.” This made me wonder why he is repeating the same question within such a short time. During this time, Dr. Ghazi Brax visited us accompanied with some Daheshists to tell my father about Daheshism, on a hope that he would change his adversarial attitude towards me and peace can return to a house where living in it has become a living hell.

The relationship an individual has with his Maker is a relationship that takes place through the conscience and as a result, it is a personal relationship that should not be forced on others or interfered with. Didn’t the Holy Qu’ran say: “There is no compulsion in religion.” Sura 2:256 (Al-Baqara, the cow).

Dr. Brax tried to convey to my father that I am not a child and that I am studying medicine in the universities of France with competence to make personal choices in the matters of religion and life; that his behavior with me does not correspond to my age and intellect. In addition, Dr. Brax made it clear to my father that his fears and paranoia were not justified at all. He tried to make him understand that Daheshism has come to bring human beings back to their inspired religions. Daheshism returns the Muslim to true Islaam and to the Qur’an and returns the Christian to true Christianity and to the teachings of the Bible. They told him that Daheshism came to remove the barriers between human beings and religions, so that everyone on Earth lives in a brotherly fashion under the shadow of one Lord and one God, the Creator of Heavens and the earth.<> Dr. Brax warned my father that persecution will not dissuade a Daheshist, because this faith is built on a solid rock foundation that even the “gates of hell cannot defeat.” He drew parallels to the life experiences of some of the great Daheshists, like Dr. George Khabsa, the author Marie Hadad, Halim Dammous, the great poet, Dr. Farid Abu-Suleiman, and many others. Persecution heated up their faith instead of cooling it off and the arrows of persecution that Bechara El-Khouri, the tyrant, aimed towards Daheshism were deflected back at him to overthrow him from power and to brand him along with his thugs with a stamp of eternal shame.

Dr. Brax made clear to my father that Daheshism is like: a bright sun in the face of a night bat; a fire that burns those who attack it; high mountains in front of wrestlers; that its banner has spread and attracted those who are aware and faithful from all over the world; that its enemies are destined to disappear.

The visit ended peacefully, however, I did not escape its consequences. As soon as the Daheshist brothers departed from our house, that all hell broke loose and my father started to shower them with cuss words and threatened me with severe consequences if I am to continue with my faith. In the evening of the same day, the quarrel deepened and included my father on one side and my brothers and some relatives on the other side. All the explanation given to him had gone to waste, all the warnings given to him did not detract him, and all reasoning with him had failed. Now, all I can do is leave it up to divine Providence.

After few days, my father wanted me, against my will, to give an anti-Daheshism lecture and to write several articles in Lebanese magazines and newspapers. I was puzzled about the matter and I contacted the Guiding and Beloved Prophet by phone to inform him with what has transpired. He told me: “Does he want to do what Bechara El-Khouri did? He will come to an end…he will come to an end…” I thought he meant that my father's injustice toward me will come to an end.

After few days, both parties were ready: one for an attack and the other for a defense. At the start of the battle, I would bear the insults and bring down the chairs as they are raised in anger, then the relatives would interfere and things would calm down. My persecution reached its peak after an intense quarrel on August 5, 1971, when my father yelled many times, “If Dahesh truly has powers, let him make me die…” On August 6, 1971, my father was preparing for a big Anti-Daheshist meeting with the Muslim clergy that he had invited from Baalbeck and Beirut and also a supreme clergy in Lebanon to refute Daheshism and to fight it on Saturday, August 7, however, destiny rendered their planning obsolete…My father died at 6 PM on August 6. As soon as I contacted Dr. Dahesh to inform him of his death, he asked me to open the paper [the “Raamz”] he had given me a long time ago and told me not to open or read until he told me to. When I did, it was a written prophecy saying that my father will die on August 6 and on the same day the clergy were due to arrive to refute Daheshism.

In fact, the clergy came to the meeting only to be faced with his death. They were shocked and immensely afraid. At that point, I realized without a doubt, that it was time and that injustice will come to an end; that the sharp sword of divine Providence had put an end to his oppression and realized that the Divine Spirit that came down on the Guiding and Beloved Prophet knows what we don’t know and made foretelling of future events available to him—something that is only given to the prophets and elect messengers. The school that was fighting Daheshism became a center for the Holy [Daheshist] Mission.

The Testimony of Tanius Majdalani

TANIUS Majdalani was a local barber who had a small shop close to the house of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut. He would shave Dr. Dahesh almost every day for many decades. He relates to a few incidents; his testimony appeared in Al-Lewa magazine, February 19, 1965:

This event took place in early 1944, when on one morning, the great writer Iskandar Riashi visited Dr. Dahesh accompanied by Mounir Taqey Eddine, our current Ambassador to Sudan and both witnessed supernatural events. At that time, Dr. Dahesh used to live in the Mazra’a neighborhood of Beirut. Based on the things she heard from her husband, the wife of Iskandar Riashi visited Dr. Dahesh accompanied by a relative. At that time, I was giving Dr. Dahesh a haircut in his study in the presence of Halim Dammous, Youssef El-Hajj, Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman, and Khalil Toubya. While waiting for Dr. Dahesh to finish his haircut, talk about him and his miracles took place. She heard Khalil say, while pointing to the rosary he was holding in his hand, that the rosary was brought to him by the Spirit through Dr. Dahesh. Mrs. Riashi was bewildered by what she had heard and said to Dr. Dahesh after he finished his haircut that she doesn’t believe any of the things she heard and that she doesn’t believe in any of these stories unless she sees what goes on with her own eyes. Dr. Dahesh asked her what she would like to see and she told him that she would like a precious necklace like Khalil’s rosary. Dr. Dahesh moved his hand towards her and a beautiful necklace immediately appeared in his palm and presented it to her. She was taken by fear and didn’t know what to say.

It appears that Mrs. Riashi was not convinced and she asked him to have another necklace appear in her house as soon as she goes home. Dr. Dahesh fulfilled her request and asked her to go home and take the necklace from her closet. She and her relative said their goodbye to Dr. Dahesh and while they were driving away to go home, she looked towards the house of Dr. Dahesh and saw him waving a necklace.

She arrived home and when she opened her closet, she was so puzzled to see the same necklace Dr. Dahesh was waving from his house.

Up to the year 1950, I had three girls and no sons. My wife became pregnant, so I made a vow and appealed to God several times to provide me with a baby boy. I had not seen Dr. Dahesh since 1944, when he left the country in the aftermath of his well-known persecution by the late, Bechara El-Khoury. However, every once in a while, I would run into Halim Dammous.

One day, Halim asked me:

"How many girls do you have?"
I answered him saying:
"Three girls and my wife is pregnant…"
He interrupted me while smiling and said:
"Abu Gibran (meaning 'the father of Gibran'...which was odd since I had no sons at that time), you will have a baby boy this time."
Two weeks later, my wife had a dream and told me about it in the morning. In her dream, she had given birth to a baby boy and when she tried to lift the cover from his face, she was blinded by the intensity of the light shining from his face. So it was that my wife delivered a baby boy according to her vision and to the prophecy of Dr. Dahesh as relayed to me by the poet, Halim Dammous. In order to be optimistic about the vision, we named the child Gibran.

Many years passed by when I visited Dr. Dahesh after his return to Lebanon and accompanied by my six-year-old son, Gibran. While Dr. Dahesh was playing with him, he suddenly looked at me and said with interest: “Tanius, do you know that your son will have a bright future? Make sure to take care of his education in the best way possible.”

I remembered the vision my wife had before my son’s birth and I was curious about the hidden meaning of the shining light emitting from his face and told Dr. Dahesh about it. Mr. Halim Dammous asked me about the date of this vision and I told him I don’t recall the date nor do I recall the date of the birth. Dr. Dahesh instructed me to pull a book from one of the shelves of his study where I will find a piece of paper inside the book and that I should pull it and read it. I pulled a book, found the paper, opened it, and I read the complete story of the dream, its date, and the birth date of Gibran. Dr. Dahesh was out of the country in 1951, the time of the dream and the birth of my son.

One day, I was giving Dr. Dahesh a shave and we were alone in his house. I was busy shaving his beard and there was a glass of water placed on the table across from me. All of a sudden, the glass lifted up from the table on its own to a certain level, tilted slightly for an invisible person to drink from it, and then returned back to its place. I fell back in fear and asked Dr. Dahesh about this phenomenon and he said calmly not to worry, for this is a supernatural event!

Prof. Gibran Majdalani is now a professor at Columbia University, New York City

The Testimony of Elias Rubaiz

ELIAS Rubaiz was the grandfather of Elie Maalouf, a young child that went insane and became paralyzed with seizures. Elie was living with his grandfather while his mother was working at a job in Saudi Arabia. The following appeared in the Lebanese magazine Al-Usboo' Al-Arabi on May 17, 1965:

The grandfather of young Elie, Mr. Elias Rubaiz, told us the following:

"On one morning, the child woke up and went to school even though he was not feeling well and walked with heavy steps. He came home in the afternoon and went straight to bed without talking to anyone and without having anything to eat. He remained in this condition until the morning of the following day. We didn’t think much about it and we thought his sickness was just the beginning of a cold that will soon subside and the child would be up and about. However, we were surprised in the early morning hours of the third day, when Elie sat in his bed and requested a glass of water. His aunt brought him a glass of water and as soon as she approached the bed that the glass fell from her hand and she produced a scream that summoned everyone in the house.

It was a horrible scene…the child was lying down on the bed with his body as stiff as a statue, his eyes wide open, his mouth twisted, and his hair stood up like nails. I then tried to lay his head down on the pillow with difficulty. It was hard to believe that a single vein in his body remained unfrozen—as if it is a piece of meat in a freezer. I picked him up and took him to the clinic of Dr. Jameel Malek and from there to St. Theresa’s hospital in the Al-Haddath neighborhood. Examination and analysis results indicated some sort of a condition in the head and must be placed in the care of a specialist. He was transferred to the Hotel Dieu hospital where a specialist treated him for two weeks. The child was in his white gown receiving medicine either from the mouth or intravenously at a cost of hundreds of Lebanese Pounds and without showing any signs of improvement. Since the medical treatment had failed, we had no choice but to take him home.

Elie would open his mouth, scream hysterically, move his hands in the air as if he is trying to fend off an attack, then he becomes quiet and undergoes a deep sleep.

Message was sent to his mother requesting her return from Saudi Arabia. She had no idea the extent of his condition and couldn’t believe that he is experiencing seizures, during which he goes through a fictitious fight with an invisible foe—this is the son she left behind in good health, energetic, and active."

The Child's Mother, Nawa Rubaiz Maalouf, told us:

I wept as soon as I saw him. I would lie down next to him and stare into his face fearful and not knowing what to do. Even if I wanted to do something, I couldn’t, because I was drained out of energy and a black cloud seems to block my vision. I tried to hug him in order to calm him down and to comfort his heart, however, my attempt increased the extent of his seizure, to the point of him biting me—as if he is a rabid dog. He then started to moan—as if he is being lashed—lost consciousness, and then slept—as if he is dead. It seems that Siham, his school teacher, was hard on him and everyone became a Siham in his view—even myself. His situation continued to deteriorate and reached a dangerous level. He couldn’t stand on his feet and during his seizures he can only move his hands—as if life has left his lower body and remains only in his arms in preparation for the final departure.” His grandfather continues the conversation: “When we lost hope in the possibility of finding a cure through medicine, we resorted to an alternative treatment—although I didn’t believe in it, however, we had no choice. It is just like a drowning person looking for a straw to hold on to. We carried him to the caves of charlatans [psychic-healers] thinking that he is “possessed by the devil” and that his problem is not stemming from a medical condition. The first charlatan (psychic) failed, so did the second, and the third claimed to read through water and is able of telling the cause of his ailment and the method of treatment needed and that he can also perform exorcism…however, exorcism failed and the child was not healed. The fourth charlatan [psychic] said: I will give you a prescription that casts away the evil spirits and purify your home from all kinds of blue and red jinn, male and female alike, however, you must head to the market immediately—addressing the child’s mother—to look for the largest porcelain dish you can find and avoid haggling with the merchant—even if he asked for it 1,000 LL [Lebanese Liras].

The child’s mother brought the porcelain dish to the charlatan in accordance to the dimensions and the description that he had indicated for her. I wrote on the dish certain phrases and asked her to throw it in the sea in a particular place and time that he had set for her [so that he can furtively pick it up later]. He assured her that her child’s healing will happen through him and that the writing he had placed on the plate will shake the evil spirits and defeat all the jinn [jinn=evil spirit].

I executed the orders of the charlatan and threw away the plate in the sea in the specified place and time and then returned home waiting for the transformation in the jinn kingdom to take place and anxiously awaiting the healing of the child through the work of the agents of the devil who communicated through the language of incense, spices, and perfumes. However, nothing happened and whatever effort we spent in time and money went to waste…We remained with the child, who got caught up in a worsening spiral for many days and where had visited death several times.

All of a sudden, it occurred to me to bring the child to Dahesh on a hope that he can help us. I carried him on a day where his situation was at its worst and stopped by the church of Saint Elias [Elijah] to pray for him before Dr. Dahesh sees him. I felt compelled to enter the church carrying the child on my arms and I shouted as loud as possible 'Please, St. Elias, show your miracles, because we are entitled to them.' I then couldn’t control myself and I broke down crying.

From the church, I headed directly to the residence of Dr. Dahesh along with my daughter—the mother of the child—and we knew that Dr. Dahesh will refuse to see us, so we waited near the door hoping for a visitor to come and we can enter right behind him. What we thought would happen did happen and when the red metallic door opened, we pushed through our way to the inside carrying the child wrapped in a blanket and we requested a meeting with Dr. Dahesh—who had no choice but to see us due to our insistence. After seeing the child and hearing the story of his ailment, Dr. Dahesh stood up and walked to the adjacent room where he brought a yellow piece of paper [Raamz] that he burned with its smoke rising to the face of the child.

We returned home in disbelief that smoke from a piece of paper will bring back life to a body after the soul had started to leave it, however, in a matter of hours, the miracle took place and the child regained his consciousness, stood on his feet, walked through the room, laughing and playing as if nothing had happened.”

Elie Maalouf and his mother (photos taken a few weeks after the miracle and published in Al-Usboo' Al-Arabi magazine, May 17, 1965)

The Testimony of Kourieh Melke Abdullah

This testimonial appeared in Al-Lewa’ Magazine (Lebanese magazine), issue 97, January 6, 1964. Kourieh Melke Abdullah is a Syrian who lived as a teen-ger in Bethlehem at the same time as did Dahesh. Mr. Abdullah was a Syrian Orthodox Christian. He never became a Daheshist. Yet, he shared his testimony of what he saw. He writes of two miracles he saw that Dr. Dahesh manifested.

The ponds of the prophet Solomon are located near the city of Bethlehem and are frequented by people for pastime and picnicking—especially on Sundays and holidays. I was at the ponds one day and the place was crowded with people. My Syrian friends living in Bethlehem and Jerusalem were also with me. They were: Dimo Himo, Aziz Issa, Youssef Shashan, and Youssef Hanno. Dr. Dahesh, then 17 yearsold, after we have exchanged greetings with him, told us “I wish to walk on water.” Indeed, we saw him begin his walk slowly until he crossed the pond. When he reached the other bank, he turned and walked back on the surface of the pond until he reached his starting point. I was so surprised to see his shoes totally dry and when I asked him about the reason, he said: “I walk on water the same way I walk on land.”

I accompanied Dr. Dahesh to the Syrian monastery of Saint Mark, in Jerusalem, in order to complete important applications needed for his travel plans to Syria. In the monastery, we ran into the friar Boutrous (Peter) who addressed Dr. Dahesh in a very arrogant and sarcastically-defiant tone, saying: “Can you perform in my presence what you have been performing for other people?” Dr. Dahesh took a piece of rope, which was on the ground and told him: “hold the end of this rope and pray as much as you want.” The rope was immediately transformed into a snake that curled around the neck of the friar. He started to scream and call for help until the head of the monastery and all the friars gathered around him watching the signs of fear, horror, and panic on his face. They all asked Dr. Dahesh to put a stop to this so that his life is not threatened, and so it was that the snake transformed back to a rope as if nothing has happened.

The Testimony of Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman

DR. Fareed Abu-Suleiman was a Paris trained physician in Beirut in 1942, working at a local hospital. While in Paris he had become Agnostic. A family friend, Yousef el-Hajj, introduced him to Dr. Dahesh. One day Dr. Dahesh came into the hospital and invited Dr. Abu-Suleiman to his (Dahesh's) home. Dr. Fareed agreed, and that began a lifelong friendship between the two. Dr. Fareed would become Dr. Dahesh's greatest friend and disciple.

Fareed Abu-Suleiman M.D. (c. 1970)

DR. Abu-Suleiman wrote an article for Al-Hadaf newspaper, and this article was published on December 13, 1965. He wrote:

I have been in close contact with Dr. Dahesh since then [1942]—the only mediator between the Spiritual World and our dark materialistic world. The Holy Spirit descends on him to perform amazing miracles. Such miracles are hard to believe in unless the person witnesses them. When Dr. Dahesh is taken by the Spirit, he can perform all kinds of miracles. If I am to describe all the miracles that I have witnessed, I would need to write many volumes…However, I will mention only a few:

The first Lebanese disciple of Dr. Dahesh is Youssef El-Hajj of the Chebaniyeh village near Hammana. One day he was attending a Spiritual Session in the company of six or seven individuals, including Dr. Khabsa, Halim Dammous, George Ibrahim Hadad, and myself. The Spirit addressed Youssef El-Hajj saying: “I will bring to you the rock in your village that you and Dr. Dahesh sat on several days ago.” All of a sudden, we saw a huge rock descend slowly from the ceiling in front of our eyes. We were frightened to the point that we didn’t make a move. The rock continued to descend until it settled on the floor of the room. Its size way exceeds the size of the door and later on we had to call construction workers to crush it so that it can be removed. This rock was relocated through the Spirit and its place in the Chebaniyeh village remains clear.

I was among a number of people gathered around Dr. Dahesh in the smaller reception area of his house. Hanging on the wall was an oil painting of two roses: one white and one red. The painting was framed and below it was a crystal board. Dr. Dahesh approached the painting while stretching his hand to the red rose. The rose came to life and dropped into his hand. It was dripping with dew and its sweet aroma filled the room. Its place in the painting remained blank until this day. The rose eventually died and was left to dry inside one of the books.

We witnessed another similar baffling miracle where Dr. Dahesh approached an oil painting of a bird resting on a tree branch. Dr. Dahesh pointed to the bird and all of a sudden, the bird came to life, flew from the painting, and rested on the shoulder of one of the Daheshists present in the room. This person held the bird with his hand and then the bird was placed in a cage and lived for six years. Its place in the painting remained blank as with the red rose.

One day, I accompanied Dr. Dahesh in a car ride to visit a friend. As we approached the house of this friend, we were puzzled to see him at the door saying goodbye to another Dr. Dahesh. This was another heavenly Personality of Dr. Dahesh.

Dr. Dahesh has six heavenly Personalities that you can see in one place or in six different places at the same time or at different times. If you find yourself with Dr. Dahesh and his Personalities, you will not be able to distinguish between them. In most cases, the Personalities would be wearing different clothing so that some distinction can be made. In some cases the beard of one Personality may not be shaven while the others have shaven beards. So it was that when Dr. Dahesh was executed in Azerbaidjan in 1947 and the newspapers photographed and published his execution and later on, the Iranian authorities confirmed his death, it was not Dr. Dahesh, but rather, it was one of his Personalities, because Dr. Dahesh has not left Lebanon since 1944. The heavenly Personality resurrected from the dead.

Many witnessed these Personalities, including the former Lebanese minister, Mr. Edward Noon—who was baffled by this miracle and told the story to hundreds of people.

I would like to repeat here what I said earlier that I need volumes to describe all the miracles that I have witnessed, however, it will suffice here to just mention their types:

• Water transmuted into wine, iron to gold, crystal to platinum.

• A pigeon slaughtered and birds that died and then they all returned to life.

• Things got doubled then quadrupled in a miraculous way.

• Things became smaller or larger.

• A losing lottery ticket was transformed into a winning ticket—as it occurred with Judge Mahmoud Al-Biqa’i.

• Things that did not exist in an earthly reality would materialize and remain in existence.

• Knowledge of the past and predicting the future. • Prophesies that specify accurately the details including the day, hour, and minute of certain occurrences.

• The sudden and miraculous transfer of written words of a notebook page to a blank page of the same notebook.

• Answers to hundreds of questions that appeared suddenly and in the different languages the questions are posed.

These miracles did not take place through Dr. Dahesh only to satisfy the curiosity of people, but rather to prove to them the existence of the Holy Spirit and its Powers. It is through the Spirit that we gain knowledge about our immortality and the Day of Judgment—the administration of reward and punishment that form the basis of all inspired religions. Miracles also take place to urge materialistic individuals to return to the essence of inspired religions and to live among people as real brothers in order to earn their place in Heavens.

I consider Dr. Dahesh to be the greatest phenomenon of the 20th Century, because humanity has not seen anything like him since Christ. He carries within himself the torch that will bring light to the entire world. He has come to drive people towards true spirituality. On this occasion, I would like to say that we live at a time where atheism is widespread and true faith has left the hearts of people and in its place blasphemy filled the void. For this reason, it is unlikely for this generation to believe in all the miracles I mentioned and all I have to say to them is: “In their hearts is a sickness, so God has increased their sickness… Those are the people who traded away guidance for error; but their trade made no gains and they have not found the right way… Deaf, dumb, blind; they shall never return.” (Qur'an: Sura 20)

Dr. Dahesh and Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman (c.1971)

Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman would go on to write In the Company of the Beloved Prophet, a book in Arabic of over 600 pages, what one day will be translated into English and into all of the world's major languages.

The Testimony of Darrick Evenson

Darrick Evenson was a young Mormon preparting to go on a mission for his Church when he had a vision wherein he was told that Jesus was living in New York City in 1983. This eventually led him to Daheshism. He writes:

I never knew Doctor Dahesh, but I think I once met him. In 1983 I was preparing to go on a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (i.e. "The Mormon Church"). I was fasting and praying, trying to prepare myself spiritually for the event where young men (and women) spend two years of their lives, full-time, knocking on doors and trying to make converts for the Mormon Church. At the time, I had read alot of Anti-Mormon literature, which confused me horribly. I prayed ernestly to know of the Second Coming of Christ on numerous occassions. One night, while fasting and praying, I fell asleep. In my dream I left my body and began to fly over my city and then towards the Moon. Suddenly I was jerked away and started to "fall" towards the Sun--which became larger and larger. I was getting close to the Sun, and I became quite fearful of it. Finally, I fell into the Sun, but I didn't feel anything. I emerged on the other side and was in some sort of blue sky, but there was one central white sun with other suns revolving around it, and I fell toward the central sun. As I approached the white sun a being of light stood in my way. His hair was white and combed qutie conservatively. He had no beard. His eyes were like flames of fire. He glowed, but his white robe glowed more. He looked about twenty years old. He had no beard. He began to open his mouth, and it sounded like men from a thousand choirs speaking at once. I could not understand the words, and I said, "I don't understand you!" but just as I said that a Voice in my head said, "He is in New York City!" I asked this being "When will Christ return?" and the being of light openned his mouth again and again strange words came out but in my head I heard "He is in New York City!" and then I awoke in my room in a cold sweat. I said, "Wow! That is the strangest dream I've EVER had!" I remember saying to myself a number of times, "Jesus is in New York City? How absurd! What an absurd dream!" But, I had to admit to myself that the dream appeared to be very vivid and very real.

I later served a mission, which was 18 months (shortened by the Church at that time in their attempt to draw more young Mormon men on missions--an attempt which failed). I came home, and I slowly drifted away from the Church. I had come to get to know the Mormons. I found 90% of them very materialistic, superstitious, and not particularly moral nor honest. Most Mormons see the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a "gospel of gain"; as a way to become materially successful in life as well as heavenly blessings of Godhood, many wives for men, glorious palaces and servants for the women, and the right to create and populate planets. The Mormons in California did not impress me with their spirituality. Rather, they impressed me with their love of money, their worship of success and material things, their false humility, their arrogance, their dishonesty, their immorality, their loathing of the poor and destitute, and their materialism. Most of the missionaries I served with had not a clue why they were on missions other than somebody told them they had to go. There were exceptions to this rule, but not many. I discovered Mormon leaders to be uninspired and without the spirit of discernment as they claimed.

On my mission there was a very popular Anti-Mormon film being shown called "The God Makers" by J. Edward Decker; a former Mormon who wrote a book by that title. The book sold about 400,000 copies, and the film was shown to about 12 million. It was full of lies, half-truths, mocking cartoons; mingled with truths. It was meant to anger and enrage Evangelicals against Mormons, and it succeeded. On my mission we were attacked constantly by good "Christians". Doors slammed in our faces. Spit upon. Some tried to force our bikes into the curb. A few tried to run is over. Several missionaries were beaten, many threatened with death; all from good Bible-believing "Christians". When we were spit upon, or threated, or assaulted, I would say: "Did not Jesus say to do unto others as ye would have them do unto you?" and the large angry "Christian" men would scream! "DON'T QUOTE THE BIBLE TO ME! That applies only to fellow Christians, and YOU ARE __NOT__ A CHRISTIAN!"

When I returned home I wrote a defense of the Mormon Church against anti-Mormon attacks called "The Gainsayers"; a book that was not published until three and one-half years later. I tried to get reactivated into the Mormon Church, but I couldn't. I saw too many contradictions in Mormonism. The "Mormonism" that Mormons believed in contradicted what The Book of Mormon taught. The leaders of the Mormon Church claim to be Prophets/Seers/Revelators, but they don't prophesy/see/revelate. They claim to have the "spirit of discernment" whereby they know the "intents of the hearts" of all they come into contact with, but a Mormon named Mark Hofmann (a secret Atheist and forger and later double-murderer) fooled them for years with his forged documents; many which he sold directly to the acting President of the Church at that time (Gordon B. Hinckley).

Mark Hofmann offering his first forgery to Mormon Church leaders (April, 1980) Hofmann would later sell dozens of forged documents to Gordon B. Hinckley (pointing), the acting President of the Church during the early to mid 1980s. Hinckley bought the documents secretly to hide them from the public and Members of the Church.

"The Brethren" (top 15 Mormon leaders) never "discerned" Hofmann! Not once! They bought his forged documents for hundreds of thousands of dollars that made Joseph Smith look bad, and hid them away in their "Vault". Then Hofmann would "leak" a photocopy of the document to the Media, and the Media would ask the Church "Do you have such-and-such a document?" and the Church would say, "Why! No!" when in fact they did. The Brethren could not "discern" Mark Hofmann, but I could. In fact, when I first saw a photo of Mark Hofmann in a Church News article in 1980, a Voice said: "He is a liar, and an Atheist!" I tried to warn Church leaders about Hofmann, but I was dismissed as a "nut". Mark Hofmann sold hundreds of forged documents to people--including directly to President Gordon B. Hinckley. Later, he killed two innocent people with pipe-bombs as a way to hide his fraud. You can read all about this in the book The Mormon Murders by Steven Neifeh and Gregory White Smith, which you can find in most public libraries in the U.S. or on or via most bookstores.

The Mormon Church was full of contradictions. Mormon prophets did not prophesy. Mormon leaders preach honesty all the time, but don't practice what they preach. The Mormon Church taught that everyone had to be completely honest, but at the same time Mormon leaders were directing the Church's PR department to lie about the Church's prior racist teachings (The Curse of Cain Doctrine). For 130 years (1848-1978) Mormon leaders taught that "Negroes" were the "cursed children of Cain" and all "Negroes" and even whites with "one drop of Negro blood" in them were banned from the Mormon priesthood (which every Mormon male over age 12 is supposed to hold) and they were also banned from the Higher Ordinances of Mormon Temples (upon which the Mormon hope of Godhood is based). This was taught as "a doctrine of the Church" for 130 yeras. Yet, by the early 1990s, the Church's Public Affairs Department was telling people, "Nope! The Church NEVER taught that black people were EVER cursed in any way!" When people asked, "Then why did the Church ban blacks from its priesthood and temples for 130 years?" the PR Department (acting on orders of Church leaders) would say, "Golly, we just don't KNOW what the reason for that was!" All lies! Lying in the name of Lord...every single day! I knew that was not of God!

The Book of Mormon teaches there is only One God, but the Church teaches there are trillions of Gods and Goddesses. The Book of Mormon teaches that all men and women must be "born again" to become the sons and daughters of God, but the Church teaches that all humans already are the sons and daughters of God. The Church teaches that in order to become a God or Goddess in the eternities, one has to be "morally clean"; absolutely no sex of any kind before marriage or outside of marriage. Yet, most of the single Mormon men I knew had sex all the time before marriage, and thought I was "weird" because I thought what they were doing was wrong. I was in a very small minority of single Mormon males who did not have sex. Most Mormons thought I was "weird". I thought most Mormons were "hypocrites". It was a fair trade. Many of the older Mormon men believed that when they became Gods, and got many wives, they would be creating and populating planets. Saviors would be needed for those planets, and these men believed they would have the "privilege" of going down and having sex with their most beautiful spirit-daughters in order to produce saviors for their fallen planets. This disgusted me to no end! This "Heavenly Incest" doctrine is no longer taught openly by the Mormon Church, but most older Mormon men, who were taught it growing up, believe it is one of the most noble and beautiful doctrines of the Church. I thought it absolute blasphemy that no "Man of God" could have possible taught. Mormon leaders have not taught the Heavenly-incest Doctrine openly since 1972.

From 1987 until 1989 I had a roommate, a Brigham Young University graduate, who had married a "Miss Utah". He was divorced. Over the next two years he would seduce dozens upon dozens of young Mormon girls, while at the same time he had an underage live-in girlfriend he slept with every night. He got five marriage proposals from Mormon women--some up to 18 years younger than he was. Two of them former missionaries. When I tried to tell the Mormon bishop of the young adult ward (congregation) what my roommate was doing, I was called a "liar". Anyway, a new bishop came into the ward, and tried to do the right thing by holding Church courts and telling my roommate not to come back. My roommate went to another young adult ward and did the same thing. I tried to warn other bishops of other nearby young adult wards, but I was told that "Mormon girls would never do what you are saying they did!". Two of these bishops mocked me by BULDING their eyes (I have very large eyes) and wagging their heads. I was basically called a "liar" and told that Mormon women aren't cabable of lying or in having sex in any form outside of marriage (i.e. they were sinless). I knew that was not true. The bishop who tried to clean things up was "released" after only 5 months (he was fired), and the bishop who replaced the good bishop cancelled all the Church Courts and covered-up the scandal, was promoted to the Stake (Diocese) Presidency. Every time I tried to attend Church on Sunday after that I became physically ill. I stopped going to Church.

I was under the illusion that I could "fix" the Mormon Church. I thought that I could "reform" the Church from within by writing books that would be sold in Mormon bookstores. I thought I could teach Mormons that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about getting things like sex, or cars, or good jobs, or protection in travel (as is the belief in all pagan religions), but that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was about how we treated others! It was about helping the widows, and orphans, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked--what the Salvation Army does. The Gospel was about "The Golden Rule" not about "how much gold can I get?" Most Mormons couldn't "see" that. They thought me quite "weird" even "insane" for thinking that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was solely about building treasures in heaven and not "earthly blessings" like marrying a beautiful women, or marrying a wealthy man, or getting a better job, promotions, or protection in travel. I thought that I could "teach" the Mormons over time, by writings books and having these books sold in Mormon bookstores. But, eventually, I concluded that for me to try to "reform" the Mormon Church from within would be like one small ant trying to move Mount Everest by himself. Utterly impossible! So, I gave up.

I am a Seeker of Truth. I studied all the religions on Earth I could find. I discovered that only about 1 in every 1000 or 10,000 people are Seekers of Truth. Most men are Seekers of Sex and Wealth. Most women are Seekers of Men who have or seek wealth. This is especially true of Mormon men and women. They are no different than "most men" and "most women" on this planet. Not one in 1000 of religious people are "Seekers of Truth". But, I was.

I continued to study various religions, and eventually became a Baha'i. The Baha'i Religion has alot of outstanding principles. I was a Baha'i for several years. Although that religion has many good qualities, I left the Baha'i Faith too. The Baha'is don't believe Jesus arose from the dead. He died, was buried, and that was the end of Him. Baha'is believe that although Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and a virgin, Jesus performed no literal miracles, and when Jesus died He died and was never raised, and that the Gospels accounts of His resurrection are "mere parables" that never "really" happened. I couldn't accept that. So, I left.

I continued to study the various religions of the world. In the back of my mind I "knew" that Christ was somewhere on Earth, and that He was a man who worked miracles. Don't ask me how I "knew" that, but I just did. In the year 2005 I came across a reference to Daheshism at a public library, under "Dahesh Heritage" in the "Unclassified Religions" section of the American Encyclopedia of American Religions by J. Gordon Melton. I read of the miracles of Doctor Dahesh. I read that Dahesh moved to New York City in 1975, and that He died there in 1984. In 1983, Dr. Dahesh was alive and well living in New York City. Then, I remembered the dream I had in 1983, when the being of light told me "He is in New York City!" I was floored!

I contacted the Daheshists in America, and they sent me information. Later, I prayed that Dahesh would appear to me, like Jesus appeared to the doubting Thomas. I wanted proof. Nothing happened for three weeks. Then, one afternoon, I was lying in my bed reading during a thunder and lightening storm. Somebody with heavy boots was walking on the roof of my duplex! Odd! Then I heard nothing. Then the boots was walking across my living room, then down my hallway; like a man who weighed 400 pounds with big heavy boots. The door to my room began to open. I turned toward the wall and pretended I was sleeping. I was terrified, petrified. The man sat on the corner of my bed. If he said a word, I was going to kick him as hard as I could and run out. I was extremely afraid. Finally, after what seemed like an hour (but was perhaps alot less time), I turned over and noticed nobody there! I sighed in relief, but gasped when I noticed that the corner of my bed was still way way down as if a very heavy man was still sitting on it, but nobody was there! Suddenly, the corner of my bed slowly lifted itself to its level position, and I heard the heavy boots walking, and I saw my door open by itself and then gently close! I suddenly got extremely dizzy. I almost fainted. I heard the heavy boots walk down my hallway and then across my living room and then out my front door.

All this was in the afternoon. I was fully awake, and had been awake since 8 am that morning. My room was very light. I was not ill nor injured. I have never used illegal drugs. I was on no medications. I do not drink or smoke. The invisible entity said nothing to me, and made no sound other than the sound of heavy boots. If this was not Dahesh--coming to me in answer to my prayer--who else could it be?

I don't know why Dahesh did not appear visibly to me. I don't know why He did not say anything to me. But, this is what happened to me. I realize that my "dream" in 1983 was a vision, and that the being of light was real, and that Jesus was truly alive and well and living in New York City in 1983. My only regret is that I did not go to that city and find Him and meet Him in 1983. I should have listened to that being of light. But, eventually, I think I met Him in my room in 2005. My 25-year search for Truth was over.

Conclusion and Invitation

THESE testimonies are not 1/100th of the published testimonies of those who have personally witnessed the miracles of Dr. Dahesh, and they do not constitute 1/1000th of the actual miracles of the Man of the Spirit. The most full account of his miracles is found in The Daheshist Chronicles; a series of twenty volumes, in Arabic. One day, this massive work too will be available in English and other major world languages.

WAS Dr. Dahesh the most accomplished magician of all time? If so, he was a liar, because he did not claim he was an illusionist, but that the Holy Spirit was performing supernatural acts through him.

WAS the devil performing miracles through Dr. Dahesh? That is what the Maronite Catholic clergy and the Muslim clergy in Lebanon claimed; because they could not deny he could perform miracles that no magician could perform.

WAS Dr. Dahesh simply telling the TRUTH, that he was working true divine miracles via the Holy Spirit? If so, if Dr. Dahesh was telling the TRUTH, then everything he said about God, about the purpose of life, about salvation, about religion, about morality, about the Paradise-planets, about the Hell-planets, about the Cosmic civilizations, about the afterlife and about himself is also TRUE and the greatest Message for mankind today!

DR. Dahesh authored a ritual called the "Raamz" by which His disciples could perform supernatural miracles of healing. The Raamz includes the writing of a star on a piece of yellow paper, accompanied by prayers and supplications in Arabic. The paper is then folded in a very specific way, then burned in a plate while a prayer in Arabic is offered. The ashes are then used to perform the miraculous healing requested. Many hundreds have testified that miracles of healing have occurred due to the Raamz.

THE Raamz rite is not easy to learn, and it must be performed precisely in order to achieve its effect. It is only taught to Believers.

Left: A Raamz (Daheshist prayer sheet)

DAHESHISTS have no "churches". They have been invited to worship in UNITY Churches. UNITY was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in 1891 as "The Unity School of Practical Christianity". Today it is known simply as "UNITY". There are about 70,000 members of UNITY in North America; in about 300 churches. Charles Fillmore "may" have prepared the way for Dahesh. In June of 1909 he wrote:

Something is happening. All along the line is evidence of the birth of the Prince of Peace.
(Talks on Truth 11:4)
Fillmore's "Talk on Truth" were later published several years later as a book.

DAHESH's full birth-name was Saleem Ameer Moosa El-Achi (Arabic: "Prince of Peace Moses The Brother"). He was born on June 1st, 1909, in Jerusalem.

TO find a UNITY Church near you just go online to or check in the yellow pages under "Churches" then "UNITY Churches". Most cities with a population over 50,000 have a UNITY Church or group.

DAHESH wrote 150 books of prose, poetry, social commentary, and "parables". He also wrote 5 books of Holy Scripture including:

*The Gospel of Love
*My Testament
*The Inferno
*The Book of the Divine Guide

These Five Holy Books are in Arabic, but, one day, they will be translated into English and other major world languages.

Dr. Dahesh taught reincarnation, which most of the Christian world today rejects; because The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament says: "It is appointed unto men to die once, then the judgment." (Heb. 9:12). But The Book of Hebrews was NOT written by the Apostle Paul. In fact, Bible scholars don't know "who" wrote it! They know Paul didn't write it, and it was not part of the New Testament until the 4th century. The Bible that the earliest Christians used included the book "The Wisdom of Solomon" which does teach reincarnation. That book is still in all Catholic and Orthodox Bibles, but was removed from Protestant Bibles in the 16th century. The ancient Christians taught and believed in reincarnation under the term "Pre-Existence of Souls" but it this doctrine was eventually "voted" to be "heretical" (false) at a Catholic Council in the 4th century.

In His book PARADISE Dr. Dahesh describes in detail what life is like on a Heavenly-planet where the mind of an Immortal controls matter, and whatsoever the mind can imagine and when the Immortal says "Be!" what is imagined is created for them. There are 150 "degrees" (levels) of Paradise-planets--the higher the degree, the better the planet. Lower Paradise-planets resemble Earth, but are more advanced technologically. On the higher Paradise-planets the mind of an Immortal can control matter, and actual "create" their own surroundings. Only those who reach a soul-tone of "6" will resurrect on a Paradise-planet where the mind controls matter. To be "saved" means to avoid returning to the Hell-planets where the Sun burns and ages the skin; this is the meaning of "Hell-fire" in the Bible and Qu'ran. Our planet (Earth) is the highest type of Hell-planet. There are 149 "degrees" of Hell-planets where are lower than Earth, each degree worse then the one above it. Dr. Dahesh did not believe that the nude human body was inherently evil, and this is why nude paintings do appear on some of His books.

The Inferno describes in detail what life is like on fifty of the lower Hell-planets. Most people who die on this planet will reincarnate on this planet. However, some will reincarnate on the "lower Hell worlds". On these planets people live in more primitive cultures such as the dark ages, or as cave men fighting wild beasts, or yet lower planets were humans are used by intelligent soul-less beings in the same way we humans use cows, or fish, or chickens on Earth. On even lower Hell-planets human souls incarnate as animals or even lower forms of life. But no "Hell-planet" is eternal in duration. Life on a Hell-planet is a form of punishment, but it is corrective punishment. We are sent to Hell-planets in order to "correct" our thinking and behavior. The Wheel of Reincarnation is not eternal. All souls will eventually reach Nirvana; which is Union with God. Once a soul reaches Nirvana they become a "Holy Spirit". The collective "Divine Mind" of the Holy Spirits is calle "ALLAH" ("God"). This is why "God" in the Bible says "Let US make man in OUR image after OUR likeness" and this is why Allah in the Qu'ran says, "We" and "US" and "OUR". ALLAH is the Divine Mind that all the Holy Spirits share. Each human being has a Holy Spirit who hears their prayers, records their deeds, and sometimes acts as supernatural protectors on their behalf. Our Holy Spirit is also our "Angel of Death" who meets us on the other side.

ONLY two books by Dr. Dahesh Himself have thus far been translated into English:

Memoirs of a Dinar (a parable about how destructive to humanity is their worship of money). Most of the 150 books that Dr. Dahesh wrote are "parables" like the parables of Jesus in the Gospel, but much longer. Memoris of a Dinar (a Lebanese "dime" is called a "dinar"), the dinar gives us a narrative from when it is formed until the world is finally destroyed via a nuclear holocaust, because people loved it (i.e. the Dinar) more than they did God or their fellow humans. There is a prophesy in the book which states that an Anti-Christ will appear in Germany "1995 years" after Jesus first proclaimed His mission (about 30 A.D.) which will eventually lead to World World III and a nuclear holocaust. This Anti-Christ will be nicked named "the Son of Hitler" because he will resemble Hitler closely. There is a "hint" in the book that if humanity accepts the Divine Message (i.e. Daheshism) then this nuclear holocaust can be avoided. Dr. Dahesh claimed that "Daheshism" is not a new religion, but rather the Unity of the Religions of God.

Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth (Volume One). This is volume one of the autobiography of Jesus--written in the first person as if "Jesus" wrote it Himself. In the book Jesus is recalling His life from the age of 12 years to 30 years. It contains some accounts of miracles by Jesus that are not contained in the Gospels. It recounts some travels of Jesus and some of His studies among the Essenes and others. The book will be published in three volumes, and only the first volume has been published in English. There is a prophesy in the book that Jesus will return to Nazareth (i.e. be born of a woman in Nazareth) "twenty centuries" after He first came to that village (i.e. He will be born of a woman in Nazareth in the 21st century) and that He will again work miracles and gather disciples and one of His disciples will be persecuted and buried in that city. All three volumes are available in Arabic, but only volume one has thus far been translated into English.

THE BOOK OF DAHESHISM is not yet published in English. Once it is published it will be offered via Dahesh Heritage Fine Books of New York City. Email me and I'll put you on a list, and you'll be notified when the book is published.

THERE are over 50 books about Dahesh by various Daheshists, but these books are in Arabic (a few in French and one in German) and have not yet been translated into English. One of them is In the Company of the Beloved Prophet by Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman, which is in Arabic and over 600 pages. Hopefully, that book will be published into English soon. It is destined to become a Daheshist classic. Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman was a famous Lebanese dermatologist, and was the closest friend and companion of Dr. Dahesh for over 30 years.

DAHESHISM includes six holy days, and six holy rites. There will one day be Daheshist Temples and Daheshist priests. Today, Daheshism is not yet organized, but someday it will be.

DAHESHISTS have plans to recount the life and miracles of Dr. Dahesh in a dramatized film (and perhaps also a documentary). But these are just plans at this point. Such a film would certainly expose Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism to tens of millions around the world, and be shown in cinemas as well as over cable television stations. Daheshists only await a wealthy benefactor who wishes to finance such a film project. We know that God will eventually provide one. God will touch his/her heart, and he/she will contact us when the time is right.

I bear you my testimony that Jesus is the Son of God, the Redeemer, the Lord of the Visible and Invisible, the Lord of all created beings, and that He has come again, born of a woman, in the 20th century as "The Prince of Peace" (Saleem Ameer) and "the Wonderful Counselor" (Duktur Dahesh). He will come again to this world in the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and finally in the 24th century when He will come as King of kings and Lord of lords and defeat al-Dajjal ("The Liar") and establish His Kingdom upon this planet. And I say this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

In closing I will quote from Khalil Gibran, the great Lebanese-American poet, who wrote THE PROPHET; the best-selling book of poetry of all time (100 million copies sold). Few people know that THE PROPHET was about Doctor Dahesh! Gibran heard and read about Dahesh from his Lebanese friends and relatives. Gibran quotes "THE PROPHET" (whose name in the book is Al-Mustafa--"The Chosen One") as saying:

"Brief were my days among you, and briefer still the words I have spoken. But should my voice fade in your ears, and my love vanish in your memory, then I will come again, and with a richer heart and lips more yielding to the spirit will I speak. Yes, I shall return with the time, and though death may hide me and the greater silence enfold me, yet again will I seek your understanding… Know, therefore, that from the greater silence I shall return. Forget not that I shall come back to you… A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me." (from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran)
THE Daheshists have no "churches". But the Association of UNITY Churches International has invited Daheshists to worship in UNITY Churches. To find a UNITY church go to and click on "Find a Unity Church Near You" and go to the Yellow Pages and look under "Churches" then "Unity Churches". Do not confuse UNITY with the "Unitarian-Universalist" churches. UNITY has no association with the "UU" Churches. Daheshists may become UNITY licensed teachers and even UNITY ministers if they choose.

To learn the Raamz rite one must become a Believer (Daheshist). To become a Daheshist one must send a Letter of Declaration to Dr. Ghazi Brax, 1775 Broadway Suite 533, New York, NY 10019 or email online.

Dr. Ghazi Brax is a former professor of literature and psychology at the University of Beirut. He has been promoting Daheshism in Lebanon and the U.S. since the mid-1960s. Before His death in 1984, Dr. Dahesh gave Dr. Brax a blank sheet of paper and told him to take it home and place it on his table. Dr. Brax did so, and saw writing on the blank sheet, in perfect Arabic, begin to appear as if written by an unseen hand, telling Dr. Brax he was the one to promote Daheshism worldwide. Dr. Brax is the "Establisher" of Daheshism as the Apostle Paul was the "Establisher" of Christianity. He is the President of the Daheshist Publishing Company and the author of Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism. You can order a copy of Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism (54 pages soft-cover) by sending an email to or by writing to the "Dahesh Heritage" at the address above. The cost would be from $7 to $10 in U.S. funds for the book plus shipping and handling. Contact them first for details.

Dr. Dahesh wrote:

"I was ordered by my Father to descend to this ungrateful world, and so I did. Not a single person is good--indeed, no one does good but God, Blessed be His Name! As for me, I have pledged myself to walk the Path of Truth, the Path of Divine Love, the Path of Divine Light. No matter what tribulations and calamities come my way, no matter how much I am persecuted, no matter how much I am tormented, no matter how much I suffer and weep, no matter what befalls me of afflictions and calamities, my right hand shall never yield the torch of Truth imparted to me by my Heavenly Father to bring light into the regions of this world of extreme darkness." (Dahesh--Memoirs 1:20-22)
Thank you for your time. Go in Peace!

How to Become a Daheshist

To become a Daheshist all one must do is "believe" that Doctor Dahesh was a true Prophet of God. One still may call oneself a Jew, or a Christian, or a Muslim, and still be a Daheshist. Muslims believe that Muhammad (Peace Be Unto Him) is the "Seal" of the Prophets. Yet, they also believe that the Prophet Isa (Jesus) will "return". Muslims really believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is the "Seal of the Prophet" except for the Return of the Prophet Isa. Doctor Dahesh was a "return" of the Prophet Isa. Not the body of Isa, but the Soul of Isa. But Doctor Dahesh is not the "final" return of Isa. The Soul of Jesus will return four more times.

There will be no "Daheshist Church". The Noble Spiritual Faith will be divided into "Missions" in every country where there is freedom of religion, to promote the Dahesh Message. Also, Daheshists will have the option of meeting one evening a month for Fellowship. There will Daheshists priests called "Fathers" and "Mothers" who will perform the Six Holy Rites of Daheshism. But, there will be no required weekly meetings. Daheshists may create Sunday Schools for children, and Summer Camps for Youth, if they wish, but this is not required. The Book of Daheshism will be the book of guidance for Daheshists worldwide.

The Noble Spiritual Faith of Daheshism is not yet organized. It cannot be organized until a film about Dr. Dahesh is made and shown. It cannot be organized until The Book of Daheshism is published by Dr. Ghazi Brax, the Apostle of Doctor Dahesh. We hope the book will be published before 2018 A.D. We do not know when the Dahesh movie will be made.

DAHESH (The Movie)

Daheshism is not yet organized. Daheshism cannot be organized until there is a dramatic film made about Doctor Dahesh which includes an overview of His life, His teachings, and His greatest supernatural miracles. Daheshists await the coming of "The Benefactor" who will make such a film, or finance the making of such a film. At that time, when the film is made, edited, and ready to be distributed, then Daheshism will be formally organized. It will consist of a seven-member Supreme Council, elected by the Daheshists, who will be the governing body of the Missions worldwide. Each country will have a Dahesh Mission. The Supreme Council will appoint a 10-member Advisory Council. Daheshist priests will be called and trained. Dahesh Temples will be established in every city where there are at least 500 Daheshists. Until a Dahesh Temple is established in your area, you are encouraged (but not required) to become a member of your local UNITY Church. Go to and click on "Find a UNITY Church Near You". Daheshists are encouraged to join their local UNITY Church, and even become licensed UNITY teachers or even UNITY ministers.

Please remember, that Doctor Dahesh taught that the Atheist who does more good works than the Christian or Muslim, will receive a greater reward than they will in the Afterlife. All souls are "judged" solely according to their actions in life, and nothing else! Organized religion is not necessary for salvation, but "spirituality" is! Believers are not required to join any church. They are not required to even join a Dahesh Temple once one is established in their area. However, all Believers are required to keep the 15 Commandments, and to practice Zikr, as long as they call themselves a "Daheshist".

The Five Principles of Daheshism

*THERE IS ONE GOD Who is called ALLÁH~the Divine Mind of the Cosmos
*THE LAW OF KARMA is operative upon all things, animate and inanimate
*REINCANRATION is the cosmic law for all sentient beings until they reach Nirvana (i.e. become Holy Spirits)
*THE HOLY SPIRITS hear our prayers, and sometimes heal us or protect us from danger.
*THE CHRIST-SPIRIT will incarnate upon this planet 24 times as 24 Sinless Prophets Who teach us THE WAY to the Heavenly Planets.

Left: Jesus (based on the image on the Shroud of Turin) Right: Dr. Dahesh

Dahesh at age 20...........At age 30

At age 40...........At age 50

At age 60...........At age 70


Works Published Already in Arabic

1. Repose of Death
Original prose version in Arabic
Poetic version by Mutlaq Abd el-Khaleq
2. Words of Dr. Dahesh
3. The Song of Songs
Translation into French by Marie Hadad
Translation into English by Marion D. Perret & A. Watani
Translation into German by Gisela Hajjar & revision by W. D. Fischer
4. The Six Goddesses
Translation into French by Dr. Georges Khabsa
5. Astarte & Adonis
Translation into French by Marie Hadad
6. The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh (volume 1)
7. Lightnings & Thunders
8. Memoirs of a Dinar
Translation into French by Marie Hadad
Translation into German by Gisela Hajjar & revision by W. D. Fischer & Sylva Brunner
Translation into Spanish by Carmen Ruiz Bravo Villasante
9. LoveSong
10. Anthology of Dr. Dahesh's Works
11. Emotions & Commotions
12. Arrows & Spears
13. Winged Imagination or The Life of the Moon Dwellers
Translation into French
14. Strange Stories & Wonderful Tales (4 volumes)
Translation of volume 1 into German by Gisela Hajjar & revision by W. D. Fischer
15. My Ruined Hand
16. River of Tears
17. Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth (volume 1)
Translation into English by A. Watani & Fares Zaatar & English editing by Dr. Marion D. Perret.
Translation into French by Marie Hadad
18. The Secrets of the Gods (2 volumes)
19. The Lyre of the Gods (2 volumes)
20. The Correspondence between Dr. Dahesh & Dr. Mohammad
Hussein Haykal
21. The Knell of Sorrows or the Lamentations of Jeremiah
22. Humble Supplications
23. A Writer of Prose & a Writer of Poetry (3 volumes)
Original prose by Dr. Dahesh & poetic version by Halim Dammous
24. The Broken Heart
25. The Hell of Memories
26. The Lyre of Orpheus
27. The Enchantment of Poetic Prose
28. My Songs
29. Fleeting Mirages
30. The Lyre of Sorrows or Soul Weeping
31. The Sharp Sword

Gardens of the Gods Adorned with Roses of Paradise
(10 volumes)
32. Recollections
33. Joys & sorrows
34. Songs of a Lover
35. A Wanderer in Life's Wilderness
36. River of Pleasures
37. Dust & Mirage
38. Spirit Singing
39. Winged Poems
40. The Lyre of Love
41. Songs of a Worshipper

Paradises of the Goddesses Set with Sacred Lotus
(10 volumes)
42. Lover of Nymphs
43. Illusory Hopes
44. Spring of Happiness
45. A Poet's Melodies
46. Lake Songs
47. Mountain of Pleasures
48. The Wood of Violets
49. The Singing Nightingale
50. Spring Songs
51. The Chants of Cupid

Dr. Dahesh's Journeys Around the World

52. First Travel - From the East to the West with Dr. Georges Khabsa. 1969
53. Second Travel - The Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Italy (Rome), Malta, Libya, Cyprus & Africa. 1970
54. Third Travel - Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Italy (Rome). 1971
55. Fourth Travel - Greece (Athens), Libya and Egypt. 1971
56. Fifth Travel - Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Rumania, Austria, Spain and Italy. 1971
57. Sixth Travel - Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, West Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Austria and Greece. 1972
58. Seventh Travel - Russia. 1972
59. Eighth Travel - Bulgaria, Rumania and Poland. 1972
60. Ninth Travel - France. 1973; France and Italy. 1974
61. Tenth Travel - U.S.A. (New York & Boston). 1976
62. Eleventh Travel - Morocco, Canada (Montreal), U.S.A. (Disney World and Cape Kennedy, Florida). 1976
63. Twelfth Travel - U.S.A. (California, Nevada and Arizona). 1977
64. Thirteenth Travel - Canada (Quebec), U.S.A. (Virginia). 1978
65. Fourteenth Travel - France. 1978
66. Fifteenth Travel - Twice to Greece. 1979 & 1980; Egypt (Cairo). 1980
67. Sixteenth Travel - Saudi Arabia, U.S.A. (Boston). 1980
68. Seventeenth Travel - France, Italy, Egypt, U.S.A.(Virginia) and Canada. 1981
69. Eighteenth Travel - France and Austria. 1981-1982
70. Nineteenth Travel - England (London), Italy, France (Paris), Canada, U.S.A. (Virginia). 1982
71. Twentieth Travel - England, India, France, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. 1983 (3 volumes)

Works to be Published

72. Innocent in Chains,
or The Diary of a Prisoner of Treachery & Treason (2 volumes)
73. My Testament (*Holy Book)
74. The Gospel of Love (*Holy Book)
75. Labyrinths
76. Inspiration from the Woods
77. Writings Inspired by Imprisonment, Denationalization, Exile & Displacement
78. Diary of the Founder of Daheshism (1945-1946)
79. Thick Darkness
80. Paradise (*Holy Book)
81. The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh (*Holy Book)
82. The Book of the Divine Guide (*Holy Book)
83. Differences between Catholicism & Daheshism
84. Secrets of Death
85. My Secrets
86. Memoirs of a Porter
87. The Depravities of the Debased Castaway Abd el-Rahim el-Sharif el-Khalili
88. How I Cast Out the Treacherous Depraved Abd el-Rahim the Dishonorable (el-Ghair Sharif)
89. Bread of Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ages or The Dead Preach and Advise the Living
90. An Anthology of Proverbs compiled by Dr. Dahesh in 6 volumes)
91. Works Exposing Charlatanism & Conjuring
92. Disclosing the Frauds & Revealing the Charlatanism of Dr. Salomon
93. Exposing the Deception Trickery of the Charlatan & Magician Nour-el-Deen el-Jawi
94. Unveiling the Chicanery of the Imposter Tahra
95. Secrets of Hypnotism
96. Exposing the Charlatan Hypnotists & Uncovering Their Deception

THE BOOK OF TESTIMONIES ABOUT DR. DAHESH is not copyrighted. Anybody can reprint it or republish it in any form, for free or profit, in whole or part, edited or unedited, under any name. You already have our permission.


In the name of God,
The Beloved and Guiding Prophet,
The Six Personalities, and
The Twentieth Spiritual Fluid

We pledge to live according to the teachings of the Beloved and Guiding Prophet, and to have his faith as our faith.

We pledge to struggle and be martyred for the sake of the Holy Daheshist Message.

We pledge to unite our wills and hearts and make all efforts that can be made for the sake of spreading the noble teachings of Daheshism.

We pledge to love each other in the same way the Beloved and Guiding Prophet loved us and who sacrificed everything for the sake of our guidance.

We pledge not to allow any personal greed and materialistic temptations block the path of our holy struggle.

God: we implore You to inspire us, so that we can act in accordance with the bright truth that Daheshism calls for.

God: we raise to You our hands and souls in total humility and awe, so that You can forgive our sins. These sins were the cause of all the pain and suffering that the Beloved and Guiding Prophet had to put up with so that we can be saved.

God: we call on You fervently to answer our prayer, be a witness to this pledge, and give us strength so that we can fulfill all that need be done with respect to our Holy Message and in the best possible way.

God: we ask You to accept our thanks for Your Guidance and to help us spread the spiritual truth.

Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet: we beseech you not to veil from us your bright face, and to forgive us for all the things that we have committed - you know better than us what they were. Include us under the umbrella of your guidance, mercy, love, and forgiveness. Always remember us from your Holy bright world until God allows us to meet again and be reunited eternally with you.Amen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Was Doctor Dahesh the reincarnation of Jesus?

A. We believe that the Christ-Spirit, also called the WORD of God, "overshadowed" the Man called Jesus of Nazareth. In other words, the Christ-Spirit entered and "possessed the body" of Jesus of Nazareth. When that happened, Jesus became "Christ". The Nafs, or Soul, of Jesus is separate from the Christ-Spirit. This same Christ-Spirit "possessed the bodies" of other Men, one time per century, until the Twentieth Century, when the Christ-Spirit "possessed the body" of Salim Moosa Awshee; Who became known as "Doctor Dahesh". The Individuality, or "Nafs", of Jesus and Salim are different. Their Souls are different, but the Christ-Spirit dwelt in both of Them. The Christ-Spirit is not a man but the Creative WORD of God; the Cosmic Principle of Creation.

Q. Did Dahesh ever say "I am Christ"?

A. No. We believe He was "Jesus returned" for the Twentieth century because of comments He made, because He wrote "Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth" in the first person, and for other reasons, such as His command over the elements. But Dahesh never once said "I am Christ" or "I am Jesus". Only a false Christ would say that. Jesus said that a false Christ will say "I am Christ". That is how you recognize a false Christ.

Q. If Jesus saved me on the Cross, why do I need this Dahesh?

A. The shed blood of Jesus on the Cross saved all Adamic souls from eternal death in the Spirit-World. However, salvation from the Wheel of Rebirth in the Hell-worlds come from following THE WAY. The Christ-Spirit has been sent to this planet repeatedly to show mankind THE WAY back to the Kingdom of Heaven, and how to follow THE WAY, how to walk in THE WAY, and to rebuke the false teachers who blindly lead men and women away from THE WAY. Reading the Bible or Quran alone is not sufficient to follow THE WAY. There must be a Way-Shower we must follow. Christians who think they are following THE WAY by reading the Bible or listening to popes or preachers are only fooling themselves. They are being misled by blind guides.

Q. Did not Jesus say "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by me?"

A. Yes, and Jesus has come again in the Twentieth century, and He will come again four more times to show us THE WAY and to correct errors in religion which uninspired men and women cause.

Q. Is not salvation by grace and not by works, lest any man should boast?

A. Salvation from soul-death, the second death, is completely by grace alone. However, salvation from Gehenna, meaning the Wheel of Rebirth in the Lake of Fire, which means the Material Realm where the rays of the Sun "burns" and wares out our skins, comes via the Grace of God and "fear and trembling"; meaning following THE WAY to the Heavenly Planets. IT means to walk the Straight and Narrow Path, which is very difficult and few who walk it will reach the End.

Q. Does Dahesh fulfill expectations of the Second Coming?

A. The Christ-Spirit will "return" to this world twenty-three times after Jesus. Dahesh was Number Twenty. The final descent of the Christ-Spirit will be in the Twenty-Forth Century. Some may consider that to be "the Second Coming". The day, month, week, and hour we don't know, but we do know it will be sometime in the Twenty-Fourth Century.

Q. How does one follow THE WAY?

A. That is outlined in the book "THE BOOK OF THE DIVINE GUIDE" excerpts which will be punished in "The Book of Daheshism" by Dr. Ghazi Brax. The release date is unknown.

Q. Is there a Daheshist Church?

A. There is no Daheshist "Church" but a Dahesh Mission will be established, as well as Dahesh Temples. There will also be a Dahesh Priesthood composed of Fathers and Mothers, and a Dahesh Relief organization that will build orphanages and homes for widows in areas where the government does not provide such services. We do not know when these institutions will be established. Only God knows. However, in the meantime, UNITY has invited Daheshists to join a UNITY church. UNITY is not to be confused with "Unitarian" churches. They are not the same. Daheshism has no compulsive Sunday meetings. Dahesh Temples will be places for marriage, divorce, memorial, healing, and baptism. There will be no "Sunday" or Saturday congregational meetings in them. Daheshists may form Sunday Schools for children. Saturday or Sunday, or Friday in Muslim countries, should be a DAY OF REST and not a DAY OF STRESS. Daheshists are encouraged to meet one evening a month for Fellowship where a meal is served, and the singing of a hymn and reading from the Holy Books. Before Dahesh Temples are established, Believers are encouraged to join a UNITY church "if" they desire to do that. It is not mandatory they do. There are no mandatory meetings in the Noble Spiritual Faith other than the for baptism, marriage, divorce, healing, and memorial/funeral. Doctor Dahesh taught that "religion" should be about how we practice our everyday lives, and not about rites and meetings. There are no "mandatory" meetings, and our holy rites are minimal.

Q. When is THE BOOK OF DAHESHISM going to be published?

A. We don't know. Send me an email and I'll put you on a waiting list, and you'll be emailed back when the book becomes available.

Q. What did Doctor Dahesh teach about homosexuality?

A. For that, we must wait for THE BOOK OF DAHESHISM to be published.

Q. When will In the Company of the Beloved Prophet be published in English?

A. Unknown. Before the Dahesh Mission can be established, a film about Doctor Dahesh must be made and shown to millions. At that time, tens of thousands of people, perhaps more, will become Believers. At that time, the Dahesh Mission will be established. A Benefactor will arise and make the film. We don't know when that will happen. God will "inspire' the Benefactor.

Q. When will the next Sinless Prophet come?

A. In the book Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth Dr. Dahesh wrote that "Christ" will come to Nazareth "twenty centuries" from His first appearing there and proclaimed His message, and that one of His disciples there will be martyred and buried there. Jesus first "proclaimed" He was the Messiah at a synagogue in Nazareth, scholars believe, anywhere from Twenty-Two to Thirty A.D. So, twenty centuries after that, would be the years Twenty Twenty-Two to Twenty Thirty. At that time, we believe, a Worker of Miracles will appear in Nazareth, Israel, and begin to preach His Message. We don't know His name or race or nationality. It may be, He will be from Nazareth. Maybe not. We don't know. But, we are confident that within those years, He will "arise" in Nazareth. So, look for Him then.

Official Daheshist Websites (English) (Arabic)

NOTE: "Daheshville" is not an official Daheshist website, and "The Dahesh Society of America" is not in any way recognized as an official Daheshist organization. The Dahesh Mission has not yet been organized.

The House of Dahesh (Beirut, Lebanon)

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